OLTL Update Thursday 6/30/11

One Life to Live Update Thursday 6/30/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita


 John is alone and looking depressed at Rodi’s. He hears somebody enter and tells them he is closed and they must go away. Right then, Blair enters and tells him not until he tells her why he arrested her son and did not tell her. she tells him that she heard from Téa that her son was released and cleared of all charges. So that means he did nothing wrong. John tells her except for killing Gigi Morasco.

Right then, Jack is out at the pool alone. Starr finds her brother and asks him what is going on. It appears he looks like he may be crying. She asks him to talk to her. From not far away, original Todd overhears them unseen.

Tomás enters Téa’s home and asks her what is going on and why she is so upset. She tells him it should be obvious that it’s Todd.

Todd goes to Capricorn and tells a bartender he needs a drink. He notices Vimal and remembers that he is the one who switched Todd’s niece Jessica’s paternity test. Vimal tells Todd he can see that Todd is the one who cannot get along with his wife and remarks that he feels Todd’s pain.

Rama goes to see Cristian in the steam room and asks why he is angry at her. He tells her that her husband used a baby to destroy people’s lives.

At the station, Natalie remarks to Brody that she’s happy that Rex changed his mind about the transplant and her father will live. He tells her that Jessica informed him. Hearing that, she asks if he and Jessica may be reconciling. He tells her no. Jessica asked if he was sorry to have slept with Natalie. And he had to tell Jessica, honestly, that he was not.

Vimal asks Todd if he is still arguing with his wife. Todd smirks and asks when it will ever stop. Vimal informs Todd that his wife sold him down the river for money, lying about being pregnant and has gone too far. Todd tells him that he maybe shouldn’t’ be too hard on his wife for taking drastic measures for money. And he wishes that his wife would understand why he did what he had to do for a reason. We then see when Todd demanded that Téa not reveal what she knows about Jack and let him get away with it because she’s his lawyer. Tomás then observes the smashed glass and picture of Téa and Todd that she threw on the floor and tells her he knows she is a great mom and he knows she will be a great aunt. And he reveals to her for the first time that Sebastian is his son.

Sebastian talks to Dani who wonders if he has issues involving his dad. He tells her no. It’s Starr he is thinking about.

At the pool, original Todd overhears Jack informing Starr that Shane’s mom is going to die. Hearing that, she is shocked to find out that Gigi Morasco is going to die and demands to know what has happened.

At Rodi’s, John informs Blair for the first time that Jack and his friends lured Gigi to some abandoned place with a carbon monoxide leak and locked her in the basement after she went to meet them where they were hoping to set Shane up.

Jack protests to Starr that his friend, Brad went to prison for what happened to Gigi. He lured Shane from his computer and Gigi is going to die because of it.

John tells Blair whether she wants to believe it or not, Jack has gotten away with murder.

Brody tells Natalie that he and Jessica cannot go back to the way things were. Too many things have changed and will never be the same again. He admits that it includes the way he feels about her (Natalie).

In the steam room, Cristian tells Rama that her telling him she is “sorry” is empty. He was her shoulder to lean on. And all along, she was using and stringing her husband along and having him falsely stuck in prison.

Vimal tells Todd he knows that his marriage with Rama may have been arranged. But he really thought she has grown to love him. Todd tells him that he kind of wonders the same thing about his wife. Vimal tells whatever Todd’s wife did to make him miserable, at least she did not invent a baby and ruin all of his hopes and dreams. Vimal tells Todd that he envisioned a son who is perfect and innocent. In response to that, Todd tells Vimal he must not believe that a son will remain innocent.

Téa tells Tomás that he must’ believe that his relationship with Sebastian is hopeless. At first, Dani hated Todd and that turned around. But he tells her how stubborn and opinionated his son is about his music.

Dani informs Sebastian for the first time that Starr has a 2 year old daughter. He asks if it’s James’ child. She tells him no. He admits that when he first met Starr, he mistakenly thought she was just another shallow bubble headed American chick but learned otherwise. Dani tells him that that is true. But Sebastian must know that Starr is with James.

Starr tells Jack that even if he capable of doing some not very honorable things, he could not be responsible for a carbon monoxide leak that would kill someone. Right then, she gets a call from her mom and assesses that he mustn’t feel bad if his friend is in jail.

Blair tells John that even if this was an accident, she has a son who may be responsible for a woman’s death and an ex-husband who wants to cover it up. She cries and asks John what she is supposed to say or do and almost does not want to go home. She tells him she cannot believe Gigi is gone. She recalls that maybe the last time she spoke to her, she was defending Jack to her. John tells her he remembers the last time he spoke to Gigi he fired her from her job at Rodi’s for being a friend to Natalie and not telling him the truth about Liam.

Brody tells Natalie that he believes that they are growing closer and the last time they slept together wasn’t just about drunken grief. He believes that they have a future together. But she wonders if that is really true.

Téa tells Tomás that Sebastian is welcome to stay with them. He is family. She is not worried that Todd will object. Sebastian is Daniela’s cousin and Todd only has issues with young men who are potential “suitors” to his daughters.

Starr urges Jack to talk about how he may be afraid that he’s turning into their dad. She tells him they all make mistakes and screw up. All you have to do is learn from your mistakes and grow up. Hearing that, Jack asks if she calls that psych 101. She tells him no. She calls it Growing Up Manning. Original Todd overhears and listens intently.

Todd tells Vimal he bets that Cristian Vega is moving in on Vimal's wife just like he did on Todd’s ex-wife, Blair.

In the steam room, Rama protests to Cristian that he doesn’t really know who she is or why she needed that money. He tells her in that case, she may tell him.

Blair tells John she sure hopes that he is wrong about all of this. But if he is not, she is not going to let Jack or Todd get away with what they are doing. She then asks what he is doing alone at the bar and thought that he would be with Kelly. He tells her no. She kicked him to the curb. She asks if he is now with Natalie.

Natalie assesses with Brody whether he should give up on Jessica. He tells her that Tess and Robert Ford and that maniac Cutter went too far. And even now that Jessica is back, she wants nothing more to do with him and blames him and Natalie for everything. He asks Natalie if maybe the two of them should stop feeling guilty and putting their lives on hold for all of the people who want to vilify them. He thinks that they should consider a future together with their son. But, he tells her, if she is not ready to move on because of Jessica or John or any other reason, he will understand and walk away and never ask her again. Right then, she kisses him. He asks her what that means. She replies it means that he’s right. She agrees that the two of them did not see it coming and did not set out to hurt anybody but should not run from their feelings and continue to feel guilty. She tells him that she agrees that they both have the right to be happy and give their son a good life. He tells her that she must know it will not be easy since many people will judge them. She tells him she has to deal with the fact that Jessica hates her guts. And John has no reason to object.

At Rodi's, John talks to Blair about his potential future with Natalie. He admits that he almost remembered and wanted to go back to the way things were before he found out about Liam, the last time he saw her. She tells him she knows that he feels betrayed because Natalie lied to him about Liam. Blair then asks John to tell her about Liam. He tells her that when he looks at Liam, it makes him want to be a better man. Yet nobody can change what happened. She tells him he must know that he is a good man. But he is a damn fool if he gives up his chance for happiness.

Cristian tells Rama that he has trust issues from a woman who lead him to believe that the two of them had a future but lied to him. She assesses that Vimal is a good man who did not deserve to be hurt.

At Capricorn, as they continue to drink, Vimal tells Todd that Cristian Vega can have Rama. He could care less about her. But Todd tells him he does not buy that. He believes that Vimal is in love with his wife. And Todd tells Vimal that he needs to stay out of jail and not to get falsely imprisoned. And maybe he needs to see Rama for who she really is. Vimal assesses he hopes his wife gets reincarnated as a mosquito. And he asks Todd if he’s going to be able to work things out with his wife. Todd is not certain and asks why she cannot understand that he did what all fathers would do.

Sebastian and Dani return home to Tomás and his dad introduces him to his aunt Téa. He tells his father if he did not know that he had a kid, what is his excuse for erasing his own sister from his life?. Hearing that, Sebastian assesses to Téa that she can see that his son is a “real charmer”.

Jack tells Starr that “growing up Manning” is a curse. She tells him that it make one stronger. He tells her that is easy for her to say. She is not an indentured servant forced to work at the Sun for the summer. She reminds him that being shipped off to Hawaii by their father is not very different. And we then Starr realizing that her brother may have set out to hurt people without a thought and his protesting that he did not mean to do it. And original Todd continues to listen intently.

Todd tells a somewhat agitated Vimal that instead of getting mad, he needs to “get even”. Hearing that, Vimal asks Todd if he is going to get even with his wife. Todd tells him no. But he plans to get even with John McBain.

Blair assesses to John that the two of them did not work. He and Kelly did not work. But he and Natalie did work. And he can’t give up. She then realizes she has to get home. He asks her where she was. She tells him she was in NY with Tomás. She knows that John does not trust him but she likes the guy and wants to give him a chance.

Sebastian asks his aunt Téa if he can be excused. She tells him yes and remarks that she looks forward to them getting to know each other. He leaves her alone with Tomás who admits he is going to have a real challenge on his hands.

Blair tells John that maybe she and Tomás will never connect. But she does not want to live with knowing she did not try. She does not want to live with regret. She gets ready to leave and John remarks that she is pretty smart.

Natalie and Brody mourn the loss of Gigi but affirm that they believe they are doing the right thing and this is going to be good. She leaves. Alone, he notices a call on his cell.

Cristian tells Rama he came there to be alone so if she does not mind. She then gets up to leave but tells him she came there to apologize to him. And she sincerely hopes that someday he accepts her apology and knows that she valued their friendship. But she can see that is the furthest thing from his mind.

When Starr is talking to Jack, she notices a text message from Sebastian. He asks if she should not get that. But she tells him it’s not as important as family. Nothing is as important as family. They leave together. Right then, Blair enters and stands alone by the pool looking lost. Original Todd hides and sees her.

Téa tells Tomás he must have faith and know that it will be all right. He asks her if she will be alright. She tells him that this fight she just had with Todd was a bad one. They will probably reconcile. But she wonders what kind of trouble Todd might be getting himself into now.

Todd tells Vimal that John McBain wants to send his (Todd’s) son down the river. And he reveals to Vimal that John McBain has a son he knows nothing about.

Natalie goes to find John and tells him she has something to tell him. He tells her he has something to tell her also.

Brody then notices the tape recorder where Marty confesses that Natalie did not have Brody’s baby. She had John’s.

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