OLTL Update Tuesday 6/28/11

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 6/28/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Téa goes to the docks alone, crying she admits that she is furious with Todd. Not far away, the original Todd observes her unseen.

At the house, when Todd demands that Jack tells him what he was doing listening in on his conversation with Téa, Jack knows how to “say the right thing” to his dad and tells him he’s sorry that they had an argument for which he was the reason. Todd reminds his son that he did what he had to do in order to save Jack’s sorry ass.

Echo is determined to get revenge upon Dorian. So she calls a woman to go over to the house and seduce David right in front of Dorian.

Viki comes face to face with Echo at the hospital and does not look happy.  She seems to know that Echo must be up to no good.

At Clint’s home, Rama and Cutter are continuing to make themselves at home when Nigel tells them that since his “master” is dying, he is in no mood to be given orders by them. Right then, the doorbell rings. Cutter answers it and sees Aubrey. He demands to know what the hell she is doing at “his home”. Inside the living room, while Rama continues to falsify to her husband that she is pregnant, Vimal tells her he knows she is lying.

Rex goes to see Clint and tells him that he has reconsidered. Clint may have Gigi’s heart under one condition. Hearing that, Clint remarks that he had to know that a scheming low life con artist like Rex always has conditions and he asks Rex what it is.

Outside Gigi’s room, Viki asks Echo what she is “hiding” now.

Right then, the strange woman goes to kiss David and infuriates Dorian while she wants to be alone with David where Dorian is nowhere nearby.

Aubrey informs Cutter that Joey kicked her out and she has nowhere else to go. But he tells her that is not his problem.

Vimal tells Rama he knows it’s obvious that she is trying to protect him. He knows she wants to protect him from knowing her “issues” regarding Cristian Vega.

While Téa is alone at the docks and spied upon by the original Todd, she does not see him but Shaun does. Shaun goes after him but he disappears. Shaun asks if she did not “see that guy”. She tells him she saw no one and really doesn’t care if she did. As long as it’s not Todd Manning.

Todd reminds his son that he must know how fortunate he is that his family’s money and power can enable him to escape the consequences of attempted murder.

Rex reminds Clint that he knows that Clint has looked down his nose upon him since day one. And Clint must now know that his life is in Rex’s hands. Clint then asks Rex what he wants Clint to say to him. Does he want Clint to say that he has misjudged him and to apologize. Rex replies not even close. Clint does not need to apologize and continue to believe that Rex is a con artist, Rex tells him. He could care less he tells him. And he tells Clint he just wants his money. Clint then tells Rex he should have known that this would all come down to cold hard cash. So, he tells Rex, his check book is right over there in the drawer. Rex then asks Clint if he thinks it’s as simple as writing a check in order to have Gigi’s heart. And he tells Clint sorry. It’s not as simple as that.

Outside Gigi’s hospital room, Viki tells Echo she knows she has been on the phone having a private conversation. Echo asks her if she assumes that she was talking to Charlie. Viki tells Echo she knows that Echo was not talking to Charlie because Charlie is done with her.. Echo tells Viki she is truly sorry about Clint and asks if there is any hope. Viki replies no. Rex has the power of attorney to decide about Gigi’s medical decisions and has refused to let Clint have a heart transplant. Echo tells Viki that is a shame. But, she asks Viki for the first time if she is aware that Dorian is the person who is responsible for Clint being on death’s door.

While the strange woman, Ionia, is coming on to David and he protests that he dos not even know her and there is nothing going on between them, she tells him and tells Dorian that they have had a long history. Dorian knows she has seen photographs of them together and knows they must have come from somewhere. David protests that there are no photographs. But, the woman asks if someone might be “blackmailing” them be exposing their torrid affair.

Cutter tells Aubrey he no longer could care less about her. She betrayed him and dumped him for someone else. Inside, Vimal sounds like he has plans with Rama that sound a bit confusing.

Todd asks Jack if he has any idea how close he came to ruining his life with this stupid little prank. He wants his son to have a future. Jack says “thank you” in a rehearsed and insincere manner to his dad. Todd then yells at him to shut up and get a clue as to what he is trying to say to him.

Rex declares to Clint that he wants his money. He wants all the power and profits of Buchanan Enterprises. He wants Clint’s home, all of his property, his cars and his horses and everything. Clint tells Rex he thought that Rex wanted to simply prevent him from having Gigi’s heart and wanted to let Clint die. Rex tells his “father” no. It’s not as simple as that. He wants Clint to live and have nothing. He wants Clint to be on the streets homeless, starving and begging and miserable for the rest of his life.

Echo asks Viki how else would Dorian have gotten her hands on the recording of Clint admitting that Rex was his son and that he lied about it. Viki reminds Echo that Dorian is a doctor and wouldn’t let Clint die even if she does not like him. Echo tells she must know that Dorian compromised Clint’s health until it was too late. It’s because of Dorian that Clint’s heart is badly damaged. If she had gotten medical care for him sooner, he wouldn’t be ready to die. Viki asks Echo why she is telling her this. Echo replies because it’s the God’s honest truth. So when Viki and her family mourn Clint’s death and want to blame someone, the person they may blame is Dorian, Echo tells her.

The strange woman tells David that the two of them have chemistry. He protests that he is not interested in her and Dorian must listen. But she tells Dorian she knows her intimately. She played Dorian in the movie. She knows that Dorian is a fighter, a realist and knows when to hold them and when to fold them. So she needs to know that it’s time to let David go.

Vimal and Rama are together when their hear Aubrey very loudly, outside telling Cutter of all of the scams he has pulled with all of the women he’s been with involving lying and taking their money and she wants everyone to know all about it. Vimal then enters and asks her to keep her voice down since Rama is pregnant. But she clarifies to him he needs to know that Rama is not pregnant.

Téa cries and tells Shaun that things are not working between her and Todd. He tells her that regardless of their problems, she and Todd would not have gotten married if it were not “real”. She asks Shaun when and how anything she had with Todd was real. The first time they got married, it was just for money.

At the house, Todd tells Jack that since Jack is his eldest son he wants Jack to someday run his company and own his paper. Jack tells his father that will be a hundred years from now and he does not want to talk about it. But Todd demands that they do talk about it.

After Rex tells Clint he wants everything, Clint tells him even if he was willing to comply with Rex’s terms, he cannot give him the house. Rex asks why not. Clint replies because it’s no longer his house. It now belongs that that low life gold digging idiot Cutter Wentworth. Hearing that, Rex tells him that’s surprising. But regardless Rex tells Clint, either he finds a way to give Rex the house or the deal is off. Clint will die and go to hell.

Téa informs Shaun that her first wedding to Todd was about money. He wanted to get custody of Starr so he offered her $5 million to marry him. He asks her if their second wedding was about love. She admits that it was. Original Todd overhears and listens in awe as she tells Shaun that they had a lavish honeymoon but Todd almost burned her in the cabana. Yet that does not even come close to all of the things that Todd Manning has done. Hearing that, Shaun concludes that they all hate the sin but can still love the sinner. She tells Shaun that thee is no law that requires her to stay married to Todd. This has gone too far.

Todd tells Jack that he is going to make him work at the Sun. No more summers idly spent with his little friends. Jack is going to work and have some responsibilities whether he likes it or not. He concludes to Jack he will not let him ruin his life like he (Todd) ruined his life.

Clint tells Rex that the transaction will take some time. Rex reminds Clint that he must know that he is running out of time.

Viki asks why if Echo has known all of this about Dorian has she not told her until now. Viki and Joey then enter Clint’s room and he informs them that Rex has changed his mind. They are very surprised to hear that. But he tells them he has to call Nigel. Nigel then gets his phone and is ready to rush to the hospital right away. Inside the living room, Aubrey admits to Vimal that she and Cutter put Rama up to lying about being pregnant so that he (Vimal) would take the fall for Clint. Vimal does not want to believe that but Aubrey tells him that she has kept her mouth shut about it all this while when she had something to lose but since Rama no longer has dirt on her and she’s been exposed and her marriage with Joey is over, she now has nothing to lose by telling the truth about Rama. Vimal then assesses that his wife has not only lied about being pregnant. She had him go to prison for something he did not do. She pleads with him not to think the worst. But he tells her they are through and she better get out of his sight.

The woman who goes to see David makes it look very convincing to Dorian that she has had a history with David. Dorian furiously dismisses her. When he’s alone with Dorian he asks her if she does not believe him that he has not had anything going on with that woman. Dorian walks away. While she looks at the pictures, David tells her she cannot believe that he is having an affair with that deranged woman. She tells him she does not want to believe that. But she sees these photographs of the woman throwing herself at him in his dressing room. He has not said a word of it until Dorian has seen it in the photographs. He tells Dorian she must know that it’s all a set up.

At Capricorn, the woman meets privately with Echo and tells her that it looks to her as though Dorian is starting to doubt David and is furious. Not far away, Rama goes to see Cristian and informs him that Vimal has found out she was not really pregnant and will never trust or forgive her again. He tells her he is really sorry, as he knows that Vimal sounds like a really nice guy. He then shows her a painting that his friend, Gigi started but will never have a chance to finish. Hearing that, she asks him if his friend has died. He tells her that she might as well have. So just like the painting, some lives are over and people who have another chance should be grateful and move on. He then tells her that maybe it’s just as well that her marriage is over. Maybe then the two of them can be together.

Back at the house, Vimal tells Cutter and Aubrey he does not trust either one of them.

In Clint’s hospital room, Kelly asks him if it’s true that Rex wanted money for Gigi’s heart. He confirms yes and much more. Joey is furious with Rex but Viki tells him he must realize that Rex is grieving. Right then, Nigel brings Clint all of his documents. Rex then appears while Clint tells him that he will do what he wants. Rex gloats and Joey is furious. Clint gets ready to sign and have Nigel witness his signature, give Rex the keys and acknowledges that a deal is a deal. But Rex asks what about Cutter. He wants him out when he gets there.

Cutter tells Vimal he wants both him and his wife out of his house.

Clint tells Rex that Cutter will not be a problem for him. Clint then tells Rex he may look inside a box and see all that he wants to see. Rex then observes Clint’s stock certificates and real estate and monetary documents. Rex then uncovers a ring and asks where it came from. Viki then recalls it belonged to Clint’s mother, Olivia.

At the docks, Shaun goes home with Téa. Original Todd then comes out as soon as they are gone and cannot see him.

David tells Dorian she must know that someone is messing with them. He does admit that somebody has to be responsible for those photographs. She asks who would do that. He tells her he bets it’s Clint Buchanan. She tells him it seems unlikely to be Clint since he is kind of “in dispose” right now. David tells her he has no clue who is behind this. But they have to trust it.

At Capricorn, Echo confirms with the strange woman that once they have destroyed Dorian’s marriage, there will be nothing left of her.

Rama admits to Cristian that she not only lied to Vimal about being pregnant, she lied to many other people about other things. She let Vimal go to prison and take the fall for Clint Buchanan so that she could become rich. Clint asks her if she is serious about that. She tells Cristian he may believe that she is a disgusting human being and she would understand why he would never want to see her again.

At Clint’s home, Cutter tells Nigel that Vimal, Rama and Aubrey are all homeless. This is his house. Nigel then informs Cutter so is he. This is not his house. He no longer owns it. Cutter then panics and tells Nigel he must be mistaken. But they hear a horn honk from the street. Nigel tells Cutter that is the movers ready to move all of his stuff and Cutter out. And, Nigel remarks, they are very impatient about “Stubborn tenants”. So, he tells Cutter, he better “make it snappy”.

Clint confirms to Viki, Joey and Kelly that he now has a chance to live.

Rex goes and tells Gigi he is so sorry. He does not want Clint’s money and does not want Clint to have her heart. But the money and power will enable him to destroy Todd and Jack. So he has no choice.

Todd then asks Jack if he wants to step up and be a man. Jack replies yes.

Rex then tells Gigi he promises that Todd and Jack will pay for what they have done to her and to Shane. But, he asks, how does he let her go?

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