OLTL Update Friday 6/24/11

One Life to Live Update Friday 6/24/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Original Todd stands outside the door of Dorian’s home and observes Sam. He knock on the door and Sam notices him.

At the university, Starr introduces her new “friend” to Dani and finds out Dani already knows him as he is Tomás’ son.

Bo asks Matthew if he remembers what happened that caused him to go into a coma and almost die. Matthew replies he does remember.

At the high school graduation, Deanna informs Nate that the porn producer has overheard their conversation about Matthew and is ready to tell his parents that Nate is responsible for almost killing their son.

Echo is determined to help her son prevent Clint from having Gigi’s heart and prevent Jack Manning from getting away with what he did to Shane and to Gigi. John tells Téa, Todd and Jack he just got off the phone with a “witness” who can prove that Jack and his friend Brad tried to kill Gigi. And, he informs them, he is ready to call Brad and his father. Jack is worried at that point knowing that Brad was there and the house Gigi went to was Jack’s father’s property.

Natalie and Viki assure Clint that they will soon get him prepped for surgery so he can have a heart transplant. But Rex enters to inform them there has been a change of plans. Clint cannot have Gigi’s heart. He shows them what appears to be a proxy that Gigi drew up with her lawyer before they got married that authorized Rex power of attorney to decide what would be done in the event of her death or incapacitation. And he has decided that a miserable jerk like Clint will never get her heart. Clint remarks that it appears very “convenient” that this suddenly happened. Rex affirms that it’s the way it’s going to be and walks out the door.

Sam goes out to talk to original Todd and they are friendly to one another. Sam brings him some food concerned that he is hungry. Original Todd tells Sam he has a question regarding his dad, Todd Manning.

At the police station, John asks Jack if he thinks that his friends are going to back him or if he will have any friends when they all find out that he is a bully. Does he think that a judge or jury will look favorably upon a bully or give him the benefit of the doubt if he goes to trial for murder? Téa protests and tells John he is harassing her client. But John is confident that he will not have to let Jack get away with what he has done.

Rex tells Clint that he will not get Gigi’s heart. Rex boldly tells his “father” that he is not about to save his miserable life and kill the woman he loves. Natalie and Viki listen in awe not knowing what to say or do.

Starr is surprised to find out that her new friend is Tomás’ son.

Inside the auditorium before graduation, Nate is very worried that he will go to prison for whit he did to Matthew. He knows the DA and commissioner would like to nail him for what he did to their son. She tells him she knows it was a freak accident and he did not mean to put Matthew in a coma. And Rick (the porn producer) is threatening to disclose the secret because he “wants” something. Nate asks what Rick could possibly want. If it’s blackmail money, Nate tells her, he is broke. But she tells him it’s not money. It’ something else.

Matthew then remembers his confrontation with Nate where Nate assaulted him for letting Nate take the rap for shooting Eddie when Matthew did it. Matthew then tells his dad that Eddie “knew” something. Bo then asks his son what he is talking about. And right then, suddenly, Matthew goes into cardiac arrest. Nora rushes in and demands to know what has happened to her son. The nurse then asks them to wait outside while he examines Matthew. Nora then asks her husband if he is sure that Matthew was talking and appeared to remember what happened. Bo tells her that Matthew had to tell him something and confirmed that “someone” caused his injury. He said something about Eddie Ford. But they seem to know there is something else.

Dani tells Nate she has a graduation present for him and asks Deanna if she can talk to Nate alone. She can see that Nate is not ok. She reminds him it’s graduation and he has so much to be proud of. He tells her not really. She reminds him that he became president of the film club, made the honor roll and had to deal with the stuff involving his dad. But he has his doubts.

Starr talks to Sebastian telling him how coincidental that they randomly met a few days ago and now, all of a sudden, he is living at her dad’s home. She smiles and indicates that she is happy to see him again.

At the police station, tea and Todd ask John if they can talk to jack alone. She tells Jack she intends to defend him but first needs to know what Brad might say.

Clint tells Rex that Viki just told him when one gets a new heart, they never take anything for granted. He tells Rex he wishes there was more time to make things right for him. But Rex does not buy that Clint has any sincerity nor sees Rex as his son. He tells Clint he could care less about him and knows Clint has zero respect or regard for him or for Gigi and he walks out the door. Natalie then takes her brother aside, crying and tells him that she understand how he feels about her father. But he will die without the transplant. So if he can’t do it for Clint, can he do it for her? He tells her he refuses to let them cut open Gigi just to save Clint Buchanan. Natalie cries and tells her brother she is so sorry and wishes there was another way. But that person lying in that hospital bed unconscious is not the Gigi that they have always known. And letting their dad die is not going to bring her back.

Sebastian affirms to Starr that although he has put her music back on her mp3 player, he doesn’t believe that Justin Bieber is really her cup of tea. She tells him that she believes he is not sophisticated enough to appreciate her type of music. He then informs her that Dani informed him that she (Starr) used to sing. And he needs a back up vocalist. Hearing that, she is intrigued.

Bo and Nora admit that they are still baffled about what happened to Matthew but are rejoicing that he is coming back to them.

Viki tells Rex that this is not about Clint. She is thinking about Gigi and so should he.

John talks to Jack’s friend, Brad alone and asks if he’d like to tell him what happened when Gigi Morasco came to the house. Brad denies that the computer is his or that the place where Gigi went was his parents’ property. But John tells Brad that is not what Jack said. Téa tells Jack she won’t let him go to prison. But she is worried and so is Todd. Right then, jack observes his friend Brad’s dad walking through the hallway. John and the cops ask Mr. Kozinsky what is up. He tells them he has an important meeting that he is missing with the bankers involving the threat of having his house foreclosed. But he needs to find out what his son may be accused of involving the charges against Jack since it happened on his (Brad’s father’s) property.

The doctor informs Bo and Nora that Matthew wants to speak. But they do not want to push or frustrate him since every word he says tires him. She informs them she gave their son a sedative because she last noticed he was pretty agitated. He is now sleeping and they can attempt to talk to him later.

James goes to find Starr and she introduces him to Sebastian. James asks if he is the guy who wiped out all of Starr’s music. He appears a but suspicious and finds it odd that Sebastian is now informing them that he is going to live in town when he told Starr differently.

When John talks to Brad in the interrogation room, Todd talks to Brad’s father. telling him he realizes that both of their sons have done wrong and should maybe be grounded for a long time. But, Todd informs Mr. Kozinsky, the detective is a real jerk who wants to get their sons in big trouble. So they need to get their stories straight so that their sons don’t go up the river. And, Todd informs Mr. Kozinsky, he knows that it took place on his (Kozinsky) property. Mr. Kozinski is worried and tells Todd he has no money and cannot afford a lawyer.

Inside the other room, Téa asks Jack if all he is worried about is himself getting arrested. Jack replies if he goes to jail, his life is ruined. She asks him if he does not have any thoughts or feelings about the fact that Gigi Morasco is brain dead and could die because of him.

Viki tells Rex she knows Gigi pretty well and knows she is one of the most generous people she knows. She does know that Gigi signed an organ donor card and Rex should know that she would want to save another person’s life if she could. Rex replies that that does not apply to Clint. She asks Rex if he does not want to think about Gigi and who she is and to honor her wishes even if he does not forgive Clint. Viki assures Rex that she is not asking him to care about Clint. But he should think long and hard about what he is doing and how it can affect Gigi and his son. She leaves. Bo asks Rex if the doctors are going to go through with the surgery. Rex tells him no. And he informs him that he just got a health care proxy in the mail regarding Gigi’s will that she drew up with her lawyer. And he’s lucky that he got it in time. In response to that, Bo remarks that it’s true that it’s “lucky”.

James asks Sebastian why, all of a sudden he chooses to stay in Llanview if he hates it so much.

Nate is ready to graduate in his cap and gown. Dani departs. Deanna finds him and tells him she just talked to Rick. He asks her why Rick is doing this and what he needs in order to keep quiet.

Rex tells Bo that he knows that all of the Buchanan’s believe that Clint should get Gigi’s heart. Bo affirms to Rex that Clint is his brother but he knows how Rex feels. And he and Nora were very recently forced to make the very same decision regarding Matthew. Rex asks Bo how Matthew is doing by the way. Bo tells him that his son is getting better and tried to talk. Rex asks what Matthew said. Bo tells Rex his son was ready to tell him who put him in the coma. Rex tells Bo he hopes they nail the person who hurt Matthew. Just like he is ready to help the cops make that worthless little punk Jack Manning and his friends pay for what they did to Gigi.

Alone with Brad, John tells him that Jack implicated him. Brad tells John he knows that this is a trick where John talks to both of them privately to see if he can get each to rat on the other. John asks Brad if he knows what it’s like to go to jail and if he can tell the cops that Jack put him up to this so that he takes the rap for Jack. And he tells Brad that he can come clean right now so that he does not have to take the fall for something somebody else did. Brad then appears to be ready to tell John more. But right then, Brad’s father appears and urges his son not to talk. He tells them he has a lawyer named Morgan Guthrie who is now on his way and asks John if his son does not have the right to legal representation.

Téa then asks Todd what he did in his private conversation with Mr. Kozinsky.

Outside Dorian’s home, original Todd asks Sam if he can give him some information about Todd Manning if he no longer lives with Blair and her family and if he could have Todd’s address.

Bo goes to talk to Clint. Viki and Natalie leave him alone to talk to his brother. Clint asks Bo if Rex told him. Bo replies yes and he does not know what to say. He tells Clint that regardless of how things have gone down, he does not know what to say or do. Clint tells his brother he’s gotta love the “judgment day”. Clint then asks Bo how Matthew is doing and tells his brother he must know that his son is strong and good and deserves to not have to go to prison for the shooting of Eddie. He tells Bo if he wants to honor his brother’s dying wish,, he must do that for Matthew.

At the graduation, Starr goes with Nate and Dani. James seems to be suspicious of Sebastian.

At the station, Téa asks Todd why he is suddenly so confident that everything will go ok.

John asks Todd how much money he paid Mr. Kozinsky to sell his son down the river to take the rap for Jack. Todd asks him what he is talking about. John informs him that Brad confessed that he lured Gigi into the basement and Jack knew nothing about it. But before they can go out the door, Rex appears and informs them that he has the goods on Jack and he’s going to be charged with murder.

Natalie cries believing her father is going to die and tells him she knows that Rex is going to regret it.

Sam asks original Todd what he plans to do to Sam’s dad. Original Todd tells him he assures him that he won’t do anything to hurt Todd Manning. Sam asks original Todd if he’s going to see him again. Original Todd replies he sure hopes so. Sam leaves. And when original Todd is alone, he pulls out his gun.

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