OLTL Update Thursday 6/23/11

One Life to Live Update Thursday 6/23/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

When Bo is with Matthew by his hospital bed, David comes by to greet his dad and tell him he is there for Matthew.

At the high school graduation, Deanna finds Nate and tells him she has heard that Matthew is going to be ok. So why does he not look happy? He tells her he’s worried that it’s just a matter of time before Matthew awakens and is able to tell everybody that Nate is the one who put him in his hospital bed.

James is in the hallway on the phone to Starr ready to meet her at the ceremony and remembering when he was there with her only a year ago at her high school graduation. Robert then appears and does not look happy. James asks his brother what has happened since he’s been out trying to find Tess. Is she gone? Robert replies that Jessica is back and wants nothing to do with him he tells James that he guesses it’s accurate to say that James “told him so”.

Tomás brings his son to Téa’s home when Dani is rushing down the stairs.

At the police station, Todd tells John he needs to let his son go. He only has suspicions and circumstantial evidence.

Right then, original Todd is staying at The Minuteman and orders some food that he realizes he has paid for with the money of Agent Kent whom he sadly had to kill the previous night.

In Gigi’s hospital room, Echo tells Rex that she is worried that Rex could just get himself put in jail for falsifying Gigi’s signature. She reminds her son that her grandson has already lost his mother and she won’t let him lose his father too.

John tells Jack he believes that he lured Shane to that basement with the carbon monoxide leak. He tells Jack he realizes he may not have known about the deadly gasses but did want to get back at Shane.

Dani asks her cousin, Tomás’ son to fill her in on the details of his life and relationship with his father. The son then notices that his father is silent.

Starr and James are ready to see their friends graduate.

Matthew is still in his hospital room when Bo tells David that his (David) younger brother appears to be ok but they are still not entirely certain what will happen. David then firmly tells his dad that they have to find out who did this to Matthew. He will make that “yellow bellied sap sucker” pay.

Deanna tells Nate that this should be one of the happiest days of his life. He is suddenly free to go to college, work and become an adult. He tell s her he appreciates her encouragement. But as soon as she is alone, the “porn producer” whom she met at the Minuteman is watching her and still wants her to be in his film.

In Gigi’s hospital room, Echo discovers that Rex is ready to forge Gigi’s to falsely make it appear as though she did authorize being an organ donor. And she warns her son that he could go to prison for that.

At the police station, Jack is ready to answer John’s question although Téa urges him not to.

Original Todd talks silently about how he notices there is “another” Todd Manning. Yet he is not afraid of anybody trying to kill him or prevent him from doing what he intends to do. He is there to stay, he affirms.

At the hospital, David tells Bo that they are going to find the varmint who did this to Matthew. They are going to hunt them down and string them up by their privates. Bo tells his son they are still not certain of how this happened to Matthew. But, he tells David he may go and talk to his younger brother when he awakens.

At the high school auditorium, the porn producer tells Deanna that he thinks he can be a better “career counselor” for the graduating seniors than the people who encourage them to go to school. If they attend college, they will have no money for 4 years and be in debt up to their eye balls paying off their student loans or depending upon their parents. If they star in his types of films, they will have all the money they need. She tells him she does not want him “trolling” minors and believes what he is doing his illegal. He does not listen but she is ready to call security and have him removed.

Starr finds that her mom seems to be interested in Tomás after investigating him in Paris. She is concerned and tells her mom she must know that Tomás is a snake. But Blair indicates to her daughter that she is growing fond of Tomás. Starr tells her mom she thinks it’s pretty slimy that Tomás is married yet has not told her. Blair protests that Tomás IS not the guilty party there. His ex wife has been holding something over his head.

Tomás is having the same conversation with his son. Sebastian tells his dad that he believes that Llanview is a hick town and Tomás should not put down roots there over a woman like Blair whom he can clearly tell he is falling for.

Starr assesses that Tomás has a son and has not told Blair until now. Blair explains that his ex has been stalling with the divorce papers and threatening to take his son away from him. Blair tells her daughter she likes Tomás. She has met his son, Sebastian. And she doesn’t really care for him however. She thinks that this kid is just like his mother; arrogant, snotty and sarcastic but might grow up. And she offered to take him with her to Llanview and maybe Téa or Dani or even Starr herself could straighten him out. And, she tells Starr, she would like for her to meet Sebastian.

John confirms to Todd and Jack that they do have incriminating evidence against him and it does not look good.

In Gigi’s hospital room, Echo tells Rex she realizes he does not want to consider giving Clint Gigi’s heart. But Gigi has signed off on being an organ donor. That is what she wanted. He must respect her wishes and cannot falsify that she has refused to be an organ donor. He cannot play God there, she tells him. He tells her it’s Clint Buchanan who is playing God there. How does she think that Clint got to the top of the list.? It’s his hospital and his town. And, Rex tells her, he’s surprised Clint does not have his thugs to drive Gigi out of the ER. He never tried to get to know Gigi or Shane and only accused Rex of wanting to take his money. He tells his mom that Clint is never going to get Gigi’s heart. He won’t let it happen. And if she is not with him on this one, she can get out. She then tells her son that she is with him and will always be and she can prove it to him.

At the high school, James shares with Robert that Star informed him that she has met some guy who took her mp3 player and erased all the music she had on it. He is concerned that this guy might spark Starr’s interest. Robert asks his brother if he believes that Starr is interested in this other guy and suggests that maybe they should beware that he could be another “player”.

Starr angrily tells her mom she is busy raising her baby, attending school and in a relationship with James. And her mom has the gall to ask her to babysit Tomás’ arrogant snotty son who is probably some rich spoiled punk from Paris who thinks he’s cool. In response to that, Blair tells her daughter she thinks it’s entirely possible that Starr would like Sebastian and believe he’s cool. She reminds Starr that his mother dumped him off on someone he doesn’t even know. So why doesn’t Starr give him a chance? She tells Starr she is going to do that. She just offered to let him set up his music and do some numbers at Capricorn. Hearing that, Starr tells her mom that’s funny. Blair asks her why that is. Starr tells her she just met a musician the other day. But it doesn’t matter. “He” doesn’t live there.

After Sebastian meets Dani, he asks if he has heard correctly that she has a sister who would be his other cousin. Dani tells her she is actually Dani’s half sister. She asks if he sings or composes, like his dad? She tells him she has not seen or heard Sebastian’s stuff but was really blown away by Tomás’ talent. She leaves her uncle and cousin alone to talk and catch up. But Sebastian does not want to talk to his dad and asks Dani to come with him to graduation.

At the graduation, the porn producers tells Deanna that she needs to know that Matthew’s daddy and rich family will want to go after the son of a bitch who hurt his son.

Right then, David tries and fails to talk to a non-responsive Matthew.

The porn producer tells Dani that she could do what he wants or he could report Nate to the police commissioner. If she wonders what he wants, she may take a wild guess. And he tells her he wants to make her a star.

Echo tells Rex that regarding what he does to Gigi’s will, although she does not agree with it, she is going to back him. She won’t let him go to jail. She knows she abandoned him when he was a child and needs to make it up to him. He asks what she plans to do. She then asks if he has anything in his home with Gigi’s signature on it that she could copy so that she can forge the organ donor authorization that Gigi signed.

After John tells Jack he might be going up the river, Téa assures her stepson that regardless of what it may sound like, he is innocent until proven guilty. He tells her that the cops appear to have something. Todd tells him the cops are bluffing. Right then, John comes out of his office with a document and tells Jack it’s his last chance to come clean. Todd backs his son, smirks at John and tells John it’s unfortunate that John does not have any children of his own, especially a son. And John must know that they listen to their fathers.

Todd hears the agent’s phone ring and picks it up telling the contact “he’s dead” and “there’s no reason to send anyone else”. But he’d like to find out about this guy who calls himself Todd Manning.

Echo attempts to forge Gigi’s signature and Rex seems to be impressed and confident she might help him pull it off. She then leaves and Bo enters and asks Rex what they were talking about.

David urges Matthew to come back and talk to him. He reminds him of the time when Matthew was terribly depressed after Dani dumped him. And he arranged for them to meet some hot women and they had a good time and bonded. He has the women on speed dial. He knows that Bo has urged him not to push Matthew on this. But sometimes women need to be “pushed” in order to motivate a guy. That’s what he had to do with Dorian. So he gives Matthew his phone and tells him he may pound to speed dial the woman of his choice. Matthew then says David. He tells Matthew he knows that he is coming back but hopefully he will not tell their pa. He tells Matthew that he mustn’t ever tell Dorian. But he (Matthew) is his best friend.

At the high school, when it appears that the porn star wants to threaten Deanna, James and Robert come and are ready to escort him out of there. He views James and tells him that he is no longer Deanna’s boyfriend and can’t get involved in this.

Sebastian tells Tomás that there is nothing for them to talk about.

Starr and Blair talk about whether Blair should continue to see Tomás and if Starr should meet his son.

Dani and Sebastian go off to graduation together. As soon as Tomás is alone in the house, he gets a call from Blair who asks him how things are going with Sebastian. He replies fantastic. His son couldn’t get away from him fast enough.

Bo finds Rex and tells him he is terribly sorry that Rex does not have the legal authority to prevent Clint from having Gigi’s heart. He wishes he could do something about it. But, Rex needs to realize, Gigi authorized being an organ donor.. Rex turns away from Bo and tells him maybe she did not. Hearing that, Bo asks Rex what he is talking about.

John uncovers evidence that Jack was on his computer in a chat room using the screen name of comicgurl15. He contacted Shane, posing as a girl, flirted with him and invited Shane to a party at the very address where Gigi’s was found unconscious. Téa hears that and asks how he plans to prove this. He tells them he knows that the account was opened on Jack’s computer by Jack. So he asks Jack if he’s ready to tell them what really happened. Jack is silent.

Original Todd is then on the murdered guy’s phone and asks about this guy who calls himself Todd Manning. What is the story? He seems to have heard the answer and is determined not to back off with carrying out his plan.

Jack tells John he’s sorry to disappoint him, but the computer in question is not even his. And he calls John “Mc Pain”. Téa then tells him the detective is a lieutenant and he will refer to him as such. Jack tells John that although the laptop was found in his backpack, it’s not his. His mom took his so he could not continue to contact Shane. If they don’t believe him, they may ask her.

Bo tells Rex that he is always on his side and Rex can talk to him. Right then, David rushes out to interrupt their conversation and tells his dad that he must come quick. Mathew is back. And he tells Bo he must no longer carry on his friendship with the likes of Rex Balsam.

After finding out that the computer in question is not Jack’s, John goes to ask the detective who confiscated it if he merely assumed not knowing.

At the high school, James confronts the guy who wants to blackmail Deanna into starring in a porn flick. Robert tells him they will call the cops and he and James drag him away. Deanna watches silently. Nate comes out and asks her what is going on.

Bo goes to see Matthew who acknowledges his dad.

Rex sits beside an unconscious Gigi when the doctor tells him he’s sorry but they will have to take Ms. Morasco to the O.R. now.

Bo tells Matthew that if he does not recall, he is in the hospital. He had a serious brain injury. But he’s now out of the woods and going to be ok. He tells Matthew he must have hit his head and asks his son if he remembers what happened and how he hit his head. Matthew replies yes. He remembers.

Deanna informs Nate that that guy has overhead their conversation about what happened to Matthew Buchanan and threatened to go to the cops. Outside, while James and Robert confront the guy, he tells them they might be able to make a living as porn stars.

Right when the doctors are ready to take Gigi away, it appears that Echo enters to confirm that Gigi has not authorized to have her heart donated to anyone. She privately tells her son she would do anything for him. She then informs him that she just heard that the cops have gotten Jack Manning for what he did. And she will make certain he does not get away with it.

Téa and Todd are confident that the cops have nothing on Jack and they can take him home. But gets off the phone and informs them jack is not going anywhere.

Rex confidently tells Gigi that they did it. They will not let Clint have her heart. She is going to be ok. And Clint can go straight to hell.

John then tells Todd, Téa and Jack that they now have a witness who saw exactly what Jack and his friends did to Gigi. They all wonder where that would have come from.

Original Todd is then ready to reclaim his life and seems to know how to “track” the Todd Manning whom we know.

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