OLTL Update Tuesday 6/21/11

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 6/21/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Jessica puts baby Ryder to sleep in his crib but is stunned and sidetracked when Robert Ford enters thorough the door looking for Tess.

While Starr is talking to Langston on her cell phone and being overheard by a strange guy, it appears that he has taken her mp3 player and is putting new music on it.

While Blair is in Paris secretly spying upon Tomás, she runs into a woman who informs her that Tomás is married.

At the police station, Téa represents Jack and she and Todd attempt to protect him from legal consequences. But, she warns her stepson, Gigi Morasco is brain dead because of what he did. And he could get charged with attempted murder.

Clint tells Rex that he (Rex) must know that he cannot prevent Clint from having Gigi’s heart. Rex is not her husband nor next of kin and has no legal say in the matter.

When Robert calls to Tess, Jessica affirms that he must know that Tess is gone.

The woman whom Blair runs into in Paris tells her she is Tomás’ wife and that Blair must know that Tomás has lied. Her husband has had this picture of Blair that she does not like. And if Blair does not believe that Tomás is married, she may ask him herself.

The strange guy whom Starr meets at the student union tells her that he can restore her mp3 player to its depressing state of mediocrity.. Under one condition.

At the police station, John tells Todd that they are going to have a little chat about Todd’s son.

While Gigi remains unconscious, Natalie tells her mom that she does not want to lose Gigi and knows how Rex cannot let anybody have her heart. But it could save Clint’s life. She tells her mom she knows that Rex is devastated. Viki then asks her daughter to go and find Rex while she stays with Gigi.

Rex protests to Clint that he and Gigi were ready to get married and the courts will see it that way. But, Clint tells him, he has no legal merit with that and should not spend Gigi’s final moments arguing about that. He needs to sit by Gigi’s bedside, take her hand and tell her he loves her. But Rex has another plan.

Robert asks Jessica (assuming she’s Tess) if the Buchanan’s got to her and brainwashed her. And if so, they can fix that. He protests that Cutter has given her up and they can be together. But the real Jessica tells him he better get his hands off of her. She is not interested in him nor in Cutter. He then concludes that she really is Jessica and that Tess is not coming back.

Viki tells unconscious Gigi that she will never forget when they first met when Viki came to a “crossroads” in her life and they both waitressed in Paris, TX. She tells Gigi she is now there for her and will never give up on her.

Rex tells Clint that if he thinks for a moment that he will give Clint Gigi’s heart, he has another thing coming. But Clint reminds Rex that he could get charged with murder. They get into an argument and Natalie walks in to see what looks like it could be Rex attempting to murder Clint on his deathbed. And she demands to know what Rex is doing.

When John asks Jack and his parents some questions, Téa tells him that Jack has never before gotten in trouble nor disciplined by the school. But John knows better and tells them he knows the reason why Gigi Morasco is brain-dead is because of a trap that Jack set for Shane that she went to find instead.

Starr argues with the guy who has appeared to replace the music from her mp3 player. It appears that he wants her to try “new” things. She asks if he thinks that his music will enable her to broaden her horizons and take a chance as he says. He tells her if she hates it, she may call security to get him to leave her alone and get his new music removed. She asks if she will be able to tell him how presumptuous and snotty he is. He replies yes.

Blair goes to find Tomás and confronts him for having found out that he is married. He confirms that he is in fact married. But he can explain. At that point, she slaps him and tells him he’s a bastard.

Starr listens to the music that the guy has put on her mp3 player and tells him she is not really impressed. But she’s heard worse. He tells her he writes the music.

When Tomás’ wife tells Blair what she wants her to know, Tomás tells her that he and Yvette are husband and wife on paper but do not have a real marriage. She asks why then, they have not divorced. He tells her that Yvette has had the divorce papers for a long time but refuses to sign them. Blair demands that he tells her why he never told her. He tells her that his marriage makes no difference to him. She tells him that it makes a difference to her that he is married.

John tells Jack, Téa and Todd that he has evidence, fingerprints and hair samples that prove that Gigi was in that basement where he and his friends were although Todd protests that John merely wants to get him in trouble, cannot and so he wants to go after Todd’s son and Téa tells John it does not appear he has much to go on.

Rex asks Natalie how she can even consider giving Gigi’s heart to Clint. She tells both Rex and Clint that she wants them both to know that they are all under a little stress right now. He tells her that Clint will have to get up out of his hospital bed and murder Rex before Rex will let Clint have the heart of the woman Rex loves.

Viki tells unconscious Gigi that she wants to talk about the rent that Gigi insisted upon paying her for when she and Shane lived in the carriage house. She tells Gigi she knows how stubborn Gigi was about paying her own way and informs her that she has kept the money to put it toward Shane’s college fund. She promises Gigi that she will be there to give Shane everything he needs.

Jessica tells Robert he needs to know that Tess is only a part of her. She is gone. He is mistaken to believe that even if Tess is there somewhere, that she could love him. Tess does now know how to love. All she knows about is sex, pain and revenge.. And Tess is gone, she tells him. And she will make him a one-time offer. If he gets out and never shows his face around her, she won’t press charges against him. He asks her what legal charges she could have. She tells him she does not know but her uncle Bo and aunt Nora could find something. She believes that he took advantage of her illness and the fact that he had sex with her once when she was unaware and took “her” baby from her. Hearing that, he protests that Ryder is “their” baby and he and Tess have a real relationship. But Jessica does not believe that.

Clint asks Natalie if she does not want her father to live. She tells him of course she does. But she can’t let this happen to Rex and Gigi. Rex runs into Viki outside of Gigi’s room. She hugs him and tells him he mustn’t give up hope. He tells Viki that that person in that room does not even look like the Gigi he knew. They were so close to having everything they’ve always wanted; a marriage and a real family and everything. But now it’s all gone. And how could this have happened?

Téa tells John that she and her client and his family will have no further contact with John until they have been able to talk privately. She and Jack go outside John’s office and John and Todd are alone in the office.

Starr asks the guy how he learns to lay tracks of music like that. He tells her he’s a DJ and music writer but is new in town without a lot of connections nor local fans. He asks her if she wants to be a “groupie”.

Blair asks Tomás that after just finding out for the first time about his secret wife, how could she even consider anything about their future?. Yvette asks Blair if American women have so little self-respect that they cannot see that a man is lying to them. He protests to her that Yvette has the mistaken idea that they are still married. But he will never forgive her after what she did. Hearing that, Blair asks him what Yvette did. He replies she cheated on him, had another man’s baby and lied to Tomás about it. Hearing that, Blair sounds sensitive to Tomás about how it must have hurt him to find out his wife had another man’s child. Yvette asks Blair how she can believe a word this loser says. Blair asks her if she believes he’s such a loser and lying about everything, why doesn’t she just grant him a divorce? She tells Blair the reason is she has something that Tomás wants and needs which is his son.

Starr tells her new acquaintance that she could possibly get him into some nightclubs. Her mom owns a place called Capricorn. But the crowd at that bar might not be suited for his musical taste. She knows of another place called Ultra Violent and she bets the clientele are similar to his music. She knows the owner of that place. His name is Rex Balsam.

Outside John’s office, Jack asks Téa if it’s not impossible that Gigi could get better so he won’t get charged with murder. Although she tells him it’s highly unlikely, he reminds her that that is what they mistakenly assumed about Matthew Buchanan.

Viki tells Rex she does not fault him for his choice to not let Clint have Gigi’s heart. Inside Clint’s hospital room, Natalie angrily tells her father that he had no right to talk that way to Rex about giving up on the love of his life. Rex informs Viki what Clint told him regarding the fact that Rex cannot legally prevent him from having Gigi’s heart since he’s not her husband that that Clint could get him charged with attempted murder. Hearing that, Viki is shocked and tells Rex that is cruel and despicable on Clint’s part and if Rex needs anything, she is there for him.

Robert tells Jessica he loves his son and would do anything for him. She asks him if he thinks that justifies him and Tess to pull all of the stunts that they have where they both only cared about what they wanted and did everything they could to hold her back. He tells her she may believe that that has happened. But while she was gone, he and Tess and Ryder developed a life together. She tells him that she is going to call the police and the next time he sees Ryder, if he sees him, will be from behind bars.

Todd goes outside John’s office with his wife and son and assures Jack he need not worry but he has to shut up and do what his dad says. Téa hears them and is not certain what to say or do.

Robert tells Jessica he will go. But this is not over. He loves Ryder and he loves Tess and he will not give up on them.

Yvette tells Blair she must know that Tomás is the liar and if she does not believe her, she may as their son.

Starr’s new acquaintance seems to be interested in exchanging ideas about their respective tastes and ideas about music.

Yvette wants to go and find hers’ and Tomás’ son but it appears he is gone. Blair dos not know what to say or do.

Starr finds out the new guy is named Bas. He tells her that is his name and his music. She will soon her a lot more of it and must get used to it.

Rex tells an unconscious Gigi he will do everything he can to protect her. Right then, Téa enters and tells him how sorry she is for what has happened and if there is anything she can do. He demands she gets out and asks if she thinks he will believe that she or her family could care less about him.

Viki informs Natalie that she is worried that Rex will never recover from this devastating loss. And, she reminds Clint, he did not help the situation any. He reminds her that Rex tried to kill him. And regardless of what anybody says, he feels terrible for that young woman and what it will do to Shane not to have his mother. But the loss does not have to be in vain. He can live and be with his family a little longer. And Rex has to accept it because he has no choice.

Rex then asks Téa if she is serious about helping him. If so, he needs her help in marrying Gigi.

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