OLTL Update Monday 6/20/11

One Life to Live Update Monday 6/20/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Starr and James meet in the student union where he informs her that he is auditing some classes. They confirm that they can see each other as much as they want. But, he reminds her, that her daughter hates his guts.

Robert Ford returns home looking for Tess assuming they will have the future together that they both want but cannot find her. Little does he know.

Jessica is back and goes to the house to take Ryder home But Aubrey doesn’t want to let her. Brody reminds her that Aubrey and Joey have temporary guardianship of Ryder. She tells him that’s great. But right now, she wants to hold her son. She tells them she has to find her mother. Brody then informs her that Viki is at the hospital. She asks why. He informs her, for the first time, it’s because of her father.

In Clint’s hospital room, Joey tells his dad that he knows that he could get a transplant tonight. He knows for a fact that there is a heart out there and once “the fiancé” authorizes it, it’s a done deal. Right then, Viki enters and Joey can see that his mom is upset about something. She tells him it’s Gigi. He asks her what happened. She informs him that Rex and Bo informed her that Gigi is in a terrible accident. Joey asks what is wrong.

Outside Gigi’s room, Natalie tells Rex that she’s heard that “some woman” has the perfect match for Clint’s heart and this “organ donor” could save their dad’s life. He needs to see the possibility even if he is not fond of Clint. But he informs her that the “organ donor” is Gigi.

At the student union, Starr tells James he must know that Hope does not hate him. He tells her he knows that she dislikes him and whenever she sees him, she cries and throws a fit knowing that he is seeing her mommy. She tells him that the three of them need to spend more time together so she suggests going to the zoo. He then gets a call from Robert telling him he needs James’ help. Tess is gone.

Jessica finds out for the first time that her father is dying and needs a new heart. Brody tells her hopefully they can find a new donor. Aubrey protectively holds baby Ryder. Jessica tells Brody she does not want him in her home. He needs to pack his bags because she does not want to catch him and Natalie in bed together again. She leaves. Alone in the room with Brody, Aubrey asks if Jessica is correct that he slept with Natalie.

After Rex informs Natalie, for the first time, that Gigi is on life support and people are talking about donating her heart to save Clint’s life, she tells him she cannot believe that. She asks what happened. Rex replies that Jack Manning set a trap for Shane. Only Gigi found out and went in his place and got locked in a basement with a carbon monoxide leak. She is now brain dead. He tells her that his son is with his mom and he cannot let Shane see him lose it. He and Gigi were going to get married. Shane was going to be the best man. It was the happiest he’s seen his son in a long time. And now he has to tell Shane that he could lose his mother forever. He has no choice except to keep it together for Shane because the one person Shane has had for his entire life is gone.

Viki tells Joey that Gigi has been like a daughter to her. He asks what happened to her. She tells she heard it was carbon monoxide poisoning. Joey then puts two and two together and concludes that Gigi must be the woman with the heart they want to donate to Clint. Clint then concludes that the fiancé who has to authorize must be Rex who wants to dance on Clint’s grave.

Blair is then spying upon Tomás .

While in Dorian’s backyard, original Todd runs into a man who points a gun on him and wants to take him back to prison. The man tells original Todd that if he is not going to talk and give them what they want, either way he is “disposable”. But, original Todd tells him, he can give them what they want.

While Blair spies upon Tomás unseen in Paris, she gets a call and hides. It’s Dorian. Blair demands to know what her aunt wants. She tells her she cannot talk. She needs to follow Tomás and find out what is going on. It could be “dangerous”. She tells her that is what “that fishy Frenchman” told her. Right then, Tomás’ friend, Claude, enters, overhears the conversation and tells her that he knows what she is doing.

Brody tells Aubrey that it’s great for Jessica to come back and take Ryder back. But things are not great between the two of them. And she reveals that she might not want to give Ryder up.

In Clint’s hospital room, Viki, Clint and Joey find out that “Tess” has escaped from St. Anne’s. They are worried what could happen. Right then, “she” enters. They assume it’s Tess. But she assures her family she is back. They believe her knowing that Tess would never come by to visit Clint. She tells them she is so happy to see her two children. Viki asks her daughter if Brody knows she is back. She replies yes and so does Natalie.

A doctor approaches Rex while he talks to Natalie and tells him that Ms. Morasco’s heart is a perfect match to save Mr. Buchanan’s life and she has authorized being an organ donor. Hearing that, Rex furiously tells him he knows and will never let that happen and demands that the doctor gets out of there and leaves him alone. The doctor protests that Gigi clearly authorized that in the event of her death or incapacitation, she would want to donate her organs in order to save another patient’s life. Rex tells him it won’t happen for Clint Buchanan. Natalie then informs the doctor that she is Clint’s daughter and asks if he knows, off hand, how long her father has. He tells her that without a compatible heart, which is hard to find, it may not be long. Alone with Rex, Natalie cries and tells her brother she understands how he feels but her father is dying. He tells her that she may tell her father if he thinks for a moment he will have Gigi’s heart, it will be over Rex’s dead body.

Jessica tells Viki and Joey that when she returned home, both Brody and Natalie were surprised to see her. But she does not tell her mom and brother any further details regarding that

James goes to find Robert who informs his brother that he and Tess are ready to commit to being together. He helped her escape from St. Anne’s and asked her to wait while he goes to see Cutter to get him to divorce her so that they can be together. James tells his brother he believes that Tess has played him. He warns Robert he may be mistaken to believe that Tess loves him. She probably used him to escape and lied to him and now has no use for him.

Right then, Jessica talks to her father who tells her he has given up on finding a heart transplant donor and tells him she will not let him give up.

At the student union, Starr talks on her cell phone to Langston. A guy can overhear her conversation where she talks to her friend about Markko and Dorian and shares with Langston that she and James are moving forward.

When Claude finds Blair at the hotel, he asks her what she is doing there, she tells him that she just wanted to surprise Tomás. But he knows that she is spying on him, distrusting him and that Tomás has no reason to trust her.

The guy from the institution or prison holds the gun on original Todd and demands he tells him what he needs to know. Original Todd only has an old photo of himself and Blair years ago when they first married. And right then, he notices Sam watching him. Todd demands to know what the guy is doing there. Sam observes and asks if that is a real gun. Original Todd replies yes. It was a real gun but the guy is not going to use it. He protests to the guy that Sam is just a kid and acts protective. Right then, a shot fires while original Todd and the guy wrestle with the gun. Original Todd is then determined not to let the man endanger the little boy.

Robert protest to James that he knows his brother believes Tess is using him. But she would never do that. He knows she loves him and something must have happened. James then agrees not to argue about that. But, he tells Robert, if he takes a look around, it does not look as though someone dragged her out of there. Robert tells James he just needs for “someone” to go into St. Anne’s to see what is going on and make sure that Tess is all right. He (Robert) cannot do that since St. Anne’s staff “know” him. James then asks his brother if he wants James to sneak into a mental hospital. Robert protests to his brother that he would not be asking him for this favor if it were not an emergency.

At the hospital, Jessica tells Joey she really appreciates him and Aubrey taking care of her baby while she’s been away. He is completely ok to let his sister take baby Ryder back and has no “incentive” not to let that happen as soon as possible.

Aubrey, however, has other plans. Brody watches her changing the baby’s diapers and looking as though she is bonding with him and tells her she’s “good” at that. He tells her he knows that Ryder is simply her only ticket to Joey. She tells Brody she knows that they all believe she has no feelings for anyone or anything. But she loves Joey. That does not disappear. She knows he must understand that if his feelings for Jessica have not disappeared. Yet, she knows, there is Natalie. So, she asks him, what does one do?

Natalie enters to see Jessica telling her parents and Joey that she will be ok. She hears Clint telling Joey he needs to “take out the trash” and asks her dad what he is talking about. Jessica and Joey then go out the door to let Natalie talks to her parents alone. Viki asks her daughter if she does not want to be with Rex. She tells her mom that Rex is angry at her regarding “something”. The doctor then enters and Viki tells him he must know that this is a very complicated situation for them because they all know and love Gigi.

Rex tells unconscious Gigi that he needs to make sure that Shane does not skip his meals and he will not let their son lose hope. That doctor does not know them and has no idea who Clint is. The doctor does not know her like he and Shane and all the people who love her do. He tells her they tell him she is gone. But he looks at her and sees her face and she is so beautiful. She is still there with him. He does not care what anybody else says or wants. Her heart stays with him, he tells her. Right then, a nurse enters and tells Rex she needs to change Gigi's IV. He then tells her he will be back in a minute. There is something he needs to take care of first.

Viki asks the doctor if she would be able to see Gigi. He tells her as long as it’s all right with the family, it’s all right with her. She asks Natalie to come with her and asks Clint if it’s ok. He tells them they may go. It’s fine with him. He then asks the doctor if he can get some information. The doctor tells Clint he’s sorry but he cannot discuss Ms. Morasco’s condition. Clint tells the doctor that’s not what he’s asking. He needs to know something else. Outside the room, Viki asks Natalie what is going on between herself, Jessica and Brody and asks just what Jessica meant when she said that she “surprised” Natalie and Brody. She asks Natalie just what Jessica walked in on. Natalie admits to her mom that her sister walked in on her and Brody in bed together. Hearing that, Viki is not angry with her daughter but knows that that is enough to push Jessica over the edge. Natalie protests that she and Brody cannot hide or apologize for how they feel about one another. Viki tells her daughter, she believes Natalie deserves to be happy and maybe she can be with Brody.

Joey returns to Clint’s home to see Aubrey and tells her he does not trust her and knows all she wants is his family’s money. And it’s all over now. Jessica is back and Ryder is going with her. But she tells him they must all wait to find out what the judge will say and not assume that Jessica can care for her child. But he tells her he knows that the judge will say that Jessica is all right and her family can help her raise her son and it’s a family that does not include Aubrey. She tells him it could. But he tells her it’s done. So she must get her stuff and get the hell out.

James returns to Robert and tells him he went to St. Anne’s and noticed that “somebody” put a nun in a straight jacket. He tells Robert he might be getting into a lot of trouble with Tess. But Robert wants him to go and see Jessica/Tess’s family and make sure she is ok.

Starr is alone in the student union after James is gone, talking on the phone to Langston telling her she is worried that moving on with James might be a problem for baby Hope.

Blair is then continuing to spy upon Tomás and overhears him telling “somebody” if they think they are going to blackmail him, they will not get away with this.

It appears that original Todd has managed to shoot the man dead. Sam asks if the man is dead. And he tells original Todd he should not shoot people. Original Todd tells Sam they need to get out of there. And this guy was a ‘bad man”. Sam asks original Todd if he too is a “bad man”. Original Todd admits he is not really certain.

Blair gets another call from Dorian while she spies upon Tomás.

Joey tells Aubrey he does not know what she is going to do in the middle of the night after he’s thrown her out on the street. But he’s sure she will think of something.

Starr gets off the phone with Langston while at the student union and gets another call from James. She asks if Ford is ok. He tells her as far as he knows. But he will not be able to make it back to school for a while. She tells him that is no problem and she will pick up his books for him. But right then, she notices that the guy sitting nearby her looks like he is spying or overhearing her conversation.

Jessica holds baby Ryder and tells him that tomorrow, the two of them and his big sister will make up for lost time. And his mommy will never, ever, ever leave him again. But right then, she remembers kissing Robert Ford. And at that point, Robert enters and calls to Tess.

Viki and Natalie go into Gigi’s hospital room and are devastated.

Rex goes to confront Clint who asks what he wants. Rex tells Clint if he thinks for one moment that he will let Clint have Gigi’s heart, he’s got another thing coming. But Clint reminds Rex that they do not need Rex’s permission since Rex is not Gigi’s husband and has no legal rights.

Blair runs into a chamber maid who appears to know Tomás Delgado.

Original Todd picks up Sam and carries him. Sam tells him he knows that he is a good man. He saved Sam’s life and Sam asks if he should call 911. Original Todd tells him maybe not. Maybe they should keep it “just between us guys”. And it seems the two of them are bonding.

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