OLTL Update Friday 6/10/11

One Life to Live Update Friday 6/10/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Kelly is ready to get out of the hospital and John is there to take her home. Natalie stares at them through the window not looking happy that John is not with her when she’s also ready to get out. Joey enters and is ready to take his sister home. But they are both concerned about their father.

Clint’s doctor tells him that he needs a new heart right now.

Bo tells Rex that if Clint is having difficulty getting a heart transplant with his rare B negative blood type, Matthew has that same blood type. Hearing that, Rex asks Bo if he is suggesting that they give Matthew’s heart to Clint.

While in Matthew’s hospital room, Destiny tells Starr she is going to be sick and has to run off to the bathroom to throw up.

While Jack Manning and his friend believe they have fooled Shane into believing he’s gotten messages from comicgurl15 and they will make a fool of Shane to have him say he’s attracted to someone who is really Jack, little do they know Shane is onto them.

When Gigi discovers that Jack is comicgurl15, she asks why he would do that. Shane replies that Jack wants to get revenge upon him for dropping the weight on Jack’s foot and injuring him. But he’s going to beat Jack at his own game.

Bo tells Rex that he has no idea if Matthew’s heart is a match for Clint. But all he knows is they have the same blood type. Hearing that, Nora enters and asks who does.

Sam Manning (Todd’s youngest) is sitting on a chair near the outdoor pool in the back hard of the house when he remembers he has to go back inside to get his soda. Right then, the original Todd appears and notices this unfamiliar little boy and stares at him.

Gigi asks her son how does he know that the person contacting him online is Jack Manning. He tells her he has a very good clue in what “she” seems to know about comics when he heard Jack talk about the same thing. And the timing is perfect right after he dropped the weight on Jack’s foot knowing Jack must have a trick up his sleeve to retaliate. Hearing that, Gigi concludes that he’s right, and tells her son “sold”. Shane then wonders why his mom is running off carrying his laptop. She tells him she is going to leave and go to kick Jack Manning’s butt.

In Dorian’s kitchen, Jack tells his friend he needs his help in finding a good way to fool Shane. They both realize that they could get in trouble and need to keep secrets from their parents. But they conclude that “wheezy is going down”. Sam then enters and asks the two older boys who is wheezy.

Destiny returns to Matthew’s hospital room and tells Starr she is so embarrassed that she almost puked right in front of her. Starr tells her she has nothing to feel embarrassed about. She could not help it if she got sick and it’s no big deal.

Nora demands that BO tells her what he and Rex are talking about. He replies that they both know Matthew’s blood type is B negative and so is Clint’s. She asks what that has to do with anything.

Clint’s doctor tells him he’s still at the top of the list for the transplant. But Clint doubts there’s much likelihood of finding a compatible heart with his rare blood type and asks his doctor how much time he has. The doctor replies it’s hard to say but he estimates weeks or days and tells Clint if he were him, he would get his affairs in order with his family and all that will be needed if the inevitable occurs. Right then, Natalie and Joey rush in to see their dad hopeful that he will be getting better. But his expression is grim.

John admits to Kelly that he is concerned that Marty escaped on a private jet and has not been found. He tells her that he has to give her police protection and believes it’s his fault that Marty came after her. She tells him that’s not true. Marty came after her because she’s a sick woman. It’s not John’s fault. She tells him she’s been doing some thinking about how the two of them have both gotten distracted while refusing to own up to the fact that they are both in love with other people. So maybe they should stop seeing each other.

Original Todd sits outside Dorian’s home eating food that was probably not meant for him and reading what “current Todd” has written in The Sun.

When Sam catches Jack on the computer knowing his big brother has violated his grounding with their mom, Jack asks Sam if he’s spying. Sam tells Jack that $10 says he did not see anything. Jack replies it will be 10 noogies if Sam says one word. Sam tells him they are on. Jack looks down at the tiny boy much smaller than himself and asks if he thinks he can outrun Jack. Sam then stomps on Jacks’ foot and Jack yells in pain that that is his bad foot while Sam gets away. Jack’s friend laughs.

When Gigi gets ready to go out the door and confront Jack, Shane tells his mom that he is handling things. But she is still worried.

In Clint’s hospital room, he asks Natalie how Liam is. She warmly tells her dad he’s great. Brody will be happy that he’s ok. And Bree made her grandpa a card. Joey turns his back and is less receptive than his sister. But Clint tells both of his kids that he needs for them to get their lives back on track and realize the people who were meant for them.

John asks Kelly if she did not value what they had. She tells him that he was good to her and she cares for him. But they need to realize that they are not meant for each other.

When Natalie and Joey tell Clint they want him to be positive and realize he will be ok, he declares to them, for the first time that he is dying. Right then, Viki enters the room and asks what is going on. Clint replies nothing.

Nora tells Bo that she needs to know why he and Rex were talking about Clint and Matthew having the same blood type. And she figures out that Bo wants to give Matthew’s heart to his brother.

Jack and his friend Brad are determined to get revenge upon Shane.

Gigi asks Shane if he intends to do something to hurt himself. He tells her no and cannot admit to his mom what is going on. She tells him if he is not talking, she hopes he can talk to his new doctor. Is he upset about Dr. Buhari? He tells her that he is ok and she need not worry. She tells him if he’s upset that Jack is pulling this stunt and tells him if he ignores Jack, he will get bored and drop it. She asks him to promise to leave Jack Manning alone and drop it.

Jack tells Brad that he needs his help on total retaliation right now.

When Starr observes that Destiny has thrown up, she gets her some water and acts concerned. Destiny tells Starr it’s probably the cafeteria food. Starr tells her she doubts that and asks Destiny if she has a fever. Destiny replies no. Starr then realizes how emotional Destiny has become over Matthew and puts two and two together to conclude that Destiny has slept with Matthew. And she asks Destiny if she thinks there’s a possibility she could be pregnant. Destiny firmly tells her no.

Nora cries and tells Bo that she refuses to kill their son. He tells her that he and Rex just talked about organ donation just in case. Rex assures Nora that nobody has suggested that Matthew donates anything to Clint and that Clint can get his heart somewhere else.

Clint tells Natalie and Joey that his heart is failing and there is no way around it. Natalie then asks her dad if that is the reason why he confessed to everything he did. Why didn’t he tell them? He replies that he did not want his kids to worry when there is nothing they can do about it. But she protests that he cannot give up nor believe that. Joey asks his dad if Kevin and Cord are aware of this. He tells them that Kevin and Cord and doing what they should be doing by helping to keep B.E. afloat when he cannot. He tells them regarding his prognosis, so far nothing is working. Natalie tells him she refuses to give up and there must be a doctor somewhere who could do something. He tells her there is only one thing that could be done.

John tells Kelly he thinks she needs to go to Joey and make it happen. She tells him he married a woman who did not love him and had no idea. It takes time for them to get over it; both of them. She does not know what will happen next. Maybe they will get back together. Maybe they won’t. She tells John she put everything on the line for Joey and just wants to see what happened. She knows that John also needs to let it play out with Natalie.

Natalie and Joey tell their dad they will find him a heart. He tells them that he is not concerned about that but is on a mission for them. He wants them both to be with the people who will make them happy for the rest of their lives.

Nora tells Bo she is very sorry for what happened to Clint. But they cannot be concerned about him right now. They must focus on Matthew and saving his life. She tells Bo she does not want to hear any more talk about how their son cannot be saved.

Original Todd sits outside the house and reads The Sun asking who is this guy whom they say is Todd Manning. Right then, Sam enters and asks him who he is.

Rex tells Bo and Nora he knows what they are going through. He and Gigi were afraid they would lose Shane and needed a miracle and got it. He knows Matthew will too. He then tells Bo he is sorry for having to open up his big mouth and talk about Clint needing a heart. Bo tells him it’s ok and can see that Rex is ready to do something very important. Rex confirms that he is. He’s going to get married.

At the house, Gigi encourages Shane to go upstairs and shower and get into his best clothing so he can be their best man. He agrees to go up and get ready for their wedding. She tells him she will “keep this” and takes a hold of his laptop.

When Starr suggests to Destiny that she could be pregnant, Destiny tells her it could not be possible. Starr asks if they used protection.

Nora goes to see her unconscious son and tells him she’s back. And she promises she’s gonna look out for him. She then notices Matthew squeezing her hand and believes he will come back.

Bo congratulates Rex and tells him he wants him to have his happy occasion and give Gigi a big kiss for him and celebrate. Rex tells Bo he feels bad about leaving him. Bo tells him he mustn’t be. He needs to go. Rex hugs Bo and goes out the door.

John tells Kelly whatever she wants, he hopes it comes true. He tells her that maybe they can talk. They joke but admit there is awkwardness about where their relationship should go or if they can be “friends” or what direction it will go in. She then gets a call and finds out that Dorian is not available to take her home. He tells her he can give her a ride. She tells him she can always call a cab. But he insists on driving her home.

Clint tells Natalie and Joey that he does not buy their telling him that they are fine. He knows they are both lost. And much of it is because of him. He wants them both to be happy the way he once was with their mother. He tells Natalie he is so sorry he stuck his nose into her business and ruined her relationship with John. She tells him he did not ruin her relationship. Joey protests he was an idiot about Aubrey all by himself. He tells Natalie that she belongs with John and knows it. Joey belongs with Kelly. And every minute they are not together is a minute they will never have again. So they need to promise their dad they will try again.

Sam asks original Todd who he is and original Todd asks him the same. Noticing that original Todd is eating his food, he asks if he is a homeless person. Original Todd admits he doesn’t really know where his home is and asks Sam is he is by himself. Sam replies no. His family is with him. Original Todd then asks Sam if he can ask him a question. He shows Sam a picture of the Todd we know and asks if he knows who this guy is. Sam replies it’s his dad, Todd Manning.

Clint asks his two kids if they want to spend the rest of their lives alone and tells them they may take it from him that it’s no fun to be alone. Although they argue, he demands that they make their old man happy and come back to him with good news. Outside the room, Joey asks Natalie if she needs a ride. She tells him no. She’s fine and will see him at the house. She then runs into Rex and tells him he will regret it if he does not go inside and make peace with their mutual father before he dies.

When Jack and Brad are in the kitchen on the laptop, John and Kelly enter. John asks Jack if he’s staying out of trouble. Jack replies he does not even know the meaning of the word. John asks him to welcome Kelly back. Jack and Brad repeat the words unresponsively and walk into the other room. She then remembers she left her laptop at the hospital. John offers to go back and get it for her.

Starr demands that Destiny tells her whether she and Matthew used protection. Destiny evades the question but replies yes just to drop the subject and tells Starr it cannot happen to her. She cannot be pregnant. Starr tells her that is exactly what she thought when it happened to her when she was younger than Destiny is now.

Back at the hospital, Rex informs Natalie that he and Gigi are getting married. She hugs her brother and tells him she is so happy for the two of them. And he needs to tell their dad protesting that Clint really likes Shane and will be encouraged. Rex is not about to do that but his sister urges him to know that she realizes Clint did terrible things to him. But deep inside he’s a good person and she knows he loves Rex. And if he doesn’t go inside and make things right between the two of them, he will regret it for the rest of his life. At that point, Rex walks over and looks at Clint through the window of his hospital room.

Shane gets into his suit and tie and reminds his mom the limo is ready. But she tells him she has yet to get on her makeup and her clothes. She tells him he needs to go on without her and she will be there later. She reminds him the next time they see each other, they will both be Balsams.

Jack and Brad continue to “brainstorm” about how Jack can sound “girlie” and flirt with Shane to make him think a girl is interested in him and get him to come out to attend a party. Right then, they see what appears to be Shane is asking “comicgurl15” where and when they will meet and assume that Shane is taking the bait and completely fooled. But it’s Gigi on her son’s computer ready to plan to meet Jack and “teach him to mess with her son”. She declares she will do that and make it to her wedding on time.

Joey goes to see Kelly. She stares not knowing what to say to him.

Natalie sees a message on her phone from John and is not certain what to do.

Rex stares at Clint through the window of his hospital bed and then walks off. But he turns around and tells Clint he has something to say to him.

Destiny sits alone remembering Starr telling her the very realistic possibility that she could be pregnant.

Nora tells the doctor they need to examine Matthew’s eyes and see that he’s coming back. But the doctor tells her that there is no point. Nora cries and is not going to accept that. The doctor tells her that she wishes she could give them better news although she can’t. And she tells them that Matthew’s heart could save Clint.

Kelly can sense that something is not ok with Joey. He tells her that his father is dying. She holds him and tells him she is so sorry.

Natalie wonders what she should do about her phone message from when John enters. They stare at each other.

Original Todd asks Sam if he heard correctly that Todd Manning is his dad. Sam confirms yes. Original Todd asks him who is mom is. Before Sam can answer that, original Todd hears a “familiar” voice calling to Sam. He then hides so that he cannot be seen and spies upon Starr who asks her little brother who he was talking to.

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