OLTL Update Thursday 6/9/11

One Life to Live Update Thursday 6/9/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Viki goes to St. Anne’s to see Jessica’s doctor who tells her they might have to take drastic action if they want to get Jessica back. Inside, Tess declares that it will not happen. She is there to stay. But right then, Bess appears and asks her why she wants to remain in control. Is it due to her wanting Robert Ford?

Robert is at home, pumping iron obviously with something (or someone) on his mind.

Jack Manning and his friend are sending Shane instant messages on my face disguising themselves as a girl Shane might be interested in. Shane responds and indicates that Jack will not fool him. Gigi then enters and demands to know what her son is doing on the computer. While Jack is posting messages, Starr enters and demands to know the same from her brother.

Nate tells Deanna that he is very worried that he is responsible for Matthew’s fatal injury and doesn’t know what to do.

Nora and Bo enter Matthew’s hospital room while their son is still unconscious and it looks grim. The doctor confirms that she has the test results from the previous night. But although Nora asks and assumes it must show that Matthew has more brain activity than the previous night, the doctor tells her that there have been no changes. Although the surgery was days ago and Nora notices her son looks good, the doctor tells her there are no changes. Destiny then enters unseen and listens at the door while Nora tells the doctor she(the doctor) does not know her son. Matthew is a fighter and strives to have a quality life. The doctor then tells Bo and Nora that she believes that their son deserves a better quality of life than this, so maybe they need to “make some decisions”.

When Starr confronts Jack about harassing Shane Morasco, he tells her that Shane dropped a weight on his foot and injured him. Yet, his sister reminds him, he has not told her what he is doing online. He replies he is doing homework while she does not buy that.

Rex and Gigi tell Shane that they need to talk about their wedding plans. And they inform him that it’s off.

When Starr attempts to grab Jack’s computer in order to find out what he is doing, Dani enters and tells them she has some news. It’s not good. Starr and Jack assume it’s something involving their mutual dad. She tells them it’s not about Todd. Dani tells them it’s Matthew. Jack could care less but Starr is concerned.

Robert admits to James that his brother is right. He is falling in love with Tess.

Tess argues with Bess telling her she doesn’t know what she is talking about to allege that Tess is in love with Robert Ford. But Bess tells Tess she knows what she is feeling every time she sees or thinks of Robert.
Outside the padded room, Viki asks the doctor just what type of “drastic action” he proposes for her daughter. He replies convulsive shock therapy.

Shane asks his parents if they are calling off the wedding just because of the bullying. Rex then clarifies that they will still have a wedding. It’s not called off. But they decided, with Matthew so sick and Natalie still in the hospital, they don’t want to have anything big. They will just have something small at city hall. Gigi then tells her son if he does not mind taking a break from studying, they would like to do it today. Shane then smiles and Gigi hugs him and tells him it’s so great to see him smile.

Viki protests that she is not about to have her daughter undergo shock therapy. And she thought that he would never resort to anything like that. Jessica’s doctor tells her that he sees it as something similar to “rebooting” the brain. But Viki remembers all too well what happened when Mitch Laurence subjected her daughter to convulsive shock therapy. She regressed to being a teenager. The doctor tells Viki that this will be different He knows that there may be side effects and temporary memory loss. But it may be their only option and maybe Viki should discuss this with Jessica’s father. They then overhear Tess yelling in the other room and he tells Viki he’s worried that she may be a danger to herself. Viki asks if there are other options. He replies they could move her to another unit of their hospital. But it may prevent them from ever seeing Jessica again.

Robert protests to James that yes, he put himself at risk going to St. Anne’s under false pretenses and attempting to help Tess to escape. But, he knows his brother do the same thing if it were Starr. James tells his brother he understands Robert’s feelings. But what are the odds that this will work out in Robert’s favor? He needs to know that she is mentally ill. Robert remarks that she is “crazy like a fox”. James asks if he thinks he knows better than her shrink. Robert tells his brother that he thinks that she has opened up to him. But James tells him he needs to be careful knowing if she persuades him to spring her from St. Anne’s and he got caught, he would get in serious trouble and she’d have no more use for him quicker than you could say alter ego.

Nate admits to Deanna that when Dani told him what happened to Matthew she remarked what a great boyfriend he is to be concerned about a kid he doesn’t even like. He tells her that he blames himself for what happened to Mathew and must fix this. But she asks what he can do to change what has happened.

Nora tells the doctor it appears she wants to give up on Matthew. The doctor protests that she is not saying that. But their only options are to either move him to a long term care facility. Or else they can take him off life support and let him go. Right then, Destiny bursts through the door and tells her no. They cannot let Matthew die. The doctor tells Bo and Nora that she has done everything to keep his brain waves working. Nora does not want to give up and demands she makes her son better. But the doctor tells them that it’s her responsibility to tell them that they can make a noble contribution by donating Matthew’s organs. Nora tells her she will not sacrifice her son. She is not going to let Matthew die or donate his organs because of a bump on the head. The doctor then asks Bo if that is how he feels. Bo cannot answer.

Starr asks Dani if there is nothing they can do for Matthew. Dani tells her that is what she has heard. Starr cries and reflects how Matthew was such a sweet little kid when they first met. He used to follow her around like a puppy. Dani remembers how she first met Matthew when he got shipped to the same boarding school she was at. He was in a wheelchair and they escaped and boarded a flight together. Starr laughs remembering when she and Matthew got stuck in a prison van together as children. Jack listens to them bored and tells them all he wants is to go on my face. In response to that, Starr declares to her brother that he is a genius. They could all go on my face and start a page for Matthew. She then opens up Jack’s laptop and is surprised to see that Jack has created a screen name for himself called “comicgur15” and asks her brother who that is.

Gigi tells her son she thinks he needs to put as much distance as he can between himself and Jack Manning. But he assures her he will be ok. And it’s not like his parents have not been through a lot also. He remembers his aunt Stacy and his dad finding out that Clint is his real dad. Rex tells his son they are the lucky ones. They get to go to city hall and make it official. Nobody will take that away from them. Not Stacy. Not Clint. And not Jack Manning.

When Starr and Dani notice “comicgurl15” on Jack’s computer, they ask if he has a secret girlfriend. He tells them no. And can they refrain from telling his mom anything? Starr tells her brother sure. As long as he’s not harassing Shane Morasco, it’s fine with her. She then gets on the computer and is ready to put pictures of Matthew on the site and will talk to all his friends as well as Bo and Nora. Dani tells her that she has to get somewhere now. She has to see Nate who is upset about Matthew. Hearing that, Starr finds it odd knowing the two of them do not get along. Dani tells her she knows but Nate appeared devastated and told her he would not wish that on his worst enemy. Dani goes out the door. And Starr concludes that you gotta love those Ford boys.

Robert protests that Tess is a major handful and he feels like he’s met his match. James reminds him that she is an alter ego. Robert protests she is not just some fragment. She is a real person. James adds with a lot of real problems. Robert tells his brother nobody is perfect. He really cares about her and she really cares about him. James tells his brother even if that’s true, she’s at St. Anne’s and he is bound to lose her. James then gets a call and has to leave.

Tess tells Bess she is wrong. Robert may have taken advantage of Jessica that one night but he has changed. He cares about her and knows she is not just an alter and is a real person. But Bess reminds her that she is not a real person and only comes out when Jessica cannot cope. She needs to know it’s just a matter of time before she will be gone and Robert will be looking for a real woman who is not strapped to a straight jacket. And Tess must know she will be destroyed. Hearing that, Tess yells that she hates Bess and demands Bess gets out of there and leaves her alone. Bess then disappears.

In the other room, Viki tells the doctor she needs to know why Tess has to stay in control and what her need is. The doctor admits he does not know but if they do not take drastic action, they could lose Jessica for good. She then goes into Tess’s room. Tess tells her she needs to leave her alone. Viki tells her she will. But she needs to tell her that either she gives Viki her daughter back. Or they will have to resort to convulsive electro shock therapy.

Shane gets on his computer when he is alone and leaves a message to Jack pretending he believes he is speaking to comicgurl. Jack notices that and believes he will make a fool out of Shane.

Rex tells Gigi he loves her so much and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. They declare for better or for worst, richer or poorer until death to them part.

The doctor tells Bo and Nora she is so sorry and if she thought there was any hope. Nora asks Bo why, when she asked him what he thought, he could not say anything. He admits he has no words. He tells her that Matthew is “not there” anymore. But she tells him of course he is there. Where else would he be? Their son has just had a rough time in the last few years and just needs more time. He is coming back to them. She knows it. Se cries.

In Matthew’s room, Destiny takes his hand crying and tells him he mustn’t listen to that doctor who does not know him. She(herself) knows him like his mom knows him. She knows he will come out of this. She cannot lose him. Not now. Not after he declared that it meant something to him when they were together. Right then, Starr enters

Tess tells Viki she knows Viki is bluffing. She would never hurt a fly on her precious Jessica’s brain. Viki tells her that medical technology has come a long way. It will be a much easier and more effective procedure than it once was. Tess tells Viki that she is not going anywhere and asks Viki why she thinks she is better than Tess. Why does she think Jessica is better than Tess? Tess is good the way she is. She is happy wither life. Taking a hot shower, dancing to loud music and driving a fast care makes her feel better than Jessica or Viki have ever felt. Viki tells her it must not be fun to be in there. Tess tells her she won’t be there for long. Viki agrees she won’t. She(Tess) is going to cooperate and let Jessica come back. Tess asks why she would do that. What’s in it for her? Viki tells Tess she has no life and is a fragment. Jessica has a full life with a family who loves her and a career as a journalist. Tess tells Viki she is not about to let them take her away and cause her to lose everything. She protests that she is not a “part” or fragment of anything. She is herself. She is the reason Jessica created Ryder. She is Jessica’s wants and needs and her fighting spirit. Doesn’t Viki get that? If Viki gets rid of her, Tess tells her, she kills everything in Jessica. Viki tells her she will not lose her daughter. And unless Tess gives Jessica back to her, she will have to take her back by force so what will it be? Tess replies she chooses her life and to hell with Jessica. Viki goes into the other room crying. The doctor asks if she is all right. She tells him she misses Jessica and urges him to bring her back.

James goes to Nate’s home and can see that his brother does not look too good. Nate admits he’s bummed about Matthew Buchanan. James tells him he heard when Starr called and appeared to be upset. Deanna and James go out the door together. Alone, Nate looks worried and distraught.

In Matthew’s room, Destiny tells Starr he has to wake up. Starr tells Destiny when Matthew was younger, he had a crush on her. And she told him one day he would meet the right girl. She looks at Destiny and tells her it looks like he did. Destiny tells Starr they started out as just friends. But then it just happened. And what if he dies? She cannot lose him. Starr hugs her and she cries.

Nora tell Bo that they have been down this road before when the doctors said their son would never walk again. So they need to give him all the support he needs whether it’s a new doctor or anything because he is coming back to them. Right then, Rex enters and asks if he is interrupting. Nora leaves Bo and Rex to talk alone and tells Bo he needs to talk to Rex because he knows all about what it’s like to fight for his son.

Shane pretends that he is fooled by Jack and tells “him” he is “ a hot girl”. Right then, Gigi enters and demands her son tells her what he is doing on the computer.

Viki enters Robert Ford’s home. He is surprised to see her and asks if Tess is ok. She furiously tells him he better leave her doctor alone. Because of him, she is in a straight jacket in an institution. And because she will not get better, she (Viki) is forced to do something that she could never imagine doing. Hearing that, Robert demands to know what is going to be done to his wife. Viki assumes Robert could care less but she is not correct.

Tess is then alone in the room when she sees the doctor and orderlies enter and demands to know what they want. They tell her they are taking her in for treatment.

Dani goes to see Nate and remarks that he looks horrible. She asks if he is sick or something. He tells her he doesn’t know but feels horrible all the time. She suggests maybe he’s coming down with something.

Nora goes into Matthew’s room and tells Dani and Starr how much she appreciates their support and friendship to her son. And she tells him what all they need is to pray.

Rex asks Bo why they are considering donating Matthew’s organs so soon. Bo tells Rex that Nora refuses to give up. Rex asks if there is anything he can do. Bo tells Rex he’s really glad he has Rex there for him. He can’t understand why this has happened. Rex informs Bo that Clint has a set back and is hooked up to a device that will keep his heart going. He’s on a list for a heart transplant but it’s unlikely he’ll get a new heart with his rare blood type before it’s too late.

Gigi catches Shane on the computer and tells him she does not like his lying about doing homework when he’s online. And it leaves him wide open to Jack Manning or anything else. She then notices that he is talking to “comicgurl15” and asks her son if he has a new girlfriend. She asks where he’s met her. She hopes he’s really met her and knows she is legit. And when Shane cannot confirm ever having met this person, she tells him he must know that this could be anyone. It could be some sicko trolling around for kids. Shane then confirms to his mom yes. He is sick. She asks how he knows who it is. He tells her he knows it’s Jack Manning.

Nora takes her unconscious son’s hand and tells him as long as she has a breath in her body, he will. She will not let anybody give his organs to anybody.

Bo concludes to Rex that if his brother needs a heart transplant with a rare blood type, he knows that Matthew has the same blood type as Clint.

After Robert finds out from Viki that her next plan of action is to give Tess convulsive shock therapy, he tells her she cannot do that. He knows that that is Tess’s greatest fear. But she tells him they have no choice. She wants her daughter back. Robert protests to Viki that Tess is her daughter. She tells him that Tess is not real. She is a sickness and Robert does not understand this disease. He protests Viki like hell he does not and tells her she just wants Tess to disappear because she is not the daughter that Viki wants. She protests that Tess is a part of Jessica but only a part and she wants the whole person back. He asks if she would sacrifice Tess. Viki tells him yes. And he better stay away from her. With that, Viki goes out the door.

The doctors drag Tess away while she kicks and screams and fights them.

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