OLTL Update Wednesday 6/8/11

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 6/8/11


Written by Raul
Pictures by Juanita

While holding baby Liam, Natalie assures him its okay and Daddy will be there soon. John enters Natalie’s hospital room to make sure she is okay. Natalie tells John how grateful she is and that she owes him so much. Natalie then asks John if Marty is in jail or St Ann’s, but John has to deliver the bad news that Marty escaped. Natalie cannot believe the news but John tries his best to assure her that he thinks she may have boarded a jet and is most likely very far away. John confides to Natalie that he feels responsible for Liam’s kidnapping. He should have known that Marty was still mentally ill. He blames his lack of judgment at the time for not seeing more clearly. Natalie wonders what Marty meant when she said she was responsible for breaking John and Natalie up. Natalie tells John about the tape she had which she believes revealed something important, but now she can’t remember what was on it. Natalie looks at John and says that in a different world this would be another moment in a different day of them taking care of their son. Natalie holds back the Téars. John looks on sadly as Brody walks in and asks how Liam is.

Gigi and Shane arrive home when Rex notices that something is wrong. Gigi informs him that Shane stood up against Jack and kind of busted Jack's foot! Rex is pleased that his son is standing up for himself, but Gigi worries that this will lead to more trouble for Shane. Before heading upstairs, Shane announces to Rex and Gigi that he has changed. He is now going to counseling and working out at the gym and he can handle Jack. Later Rex confides to Gigi that he feels guilty for how he treated Clint before he had a massive heart attack. Gigi suggests to Rex that maybe they should reschedule their wedding plans due to everything that is going on. Rex refuses and reminds Gigi that they need something positive in their life, so the wedding will go on.

Brad arrives at Jack’s house where he reveals that he has a great plan to get even with Shane. Jack calls it the perfect plan because it will leave no fingerprints. Shane receives an email in his MyFace account. Much to his surprise it is a female admirer who calls herself Comic Girl15. She reveals herself to be a big fan of Shane’s comic books. Shane peppers her with many questions regarding her interests, but it is revealed that comic girl15 is none other then Jack and Brad putting their perfect plan in action. Shane asks how she likes Y-Guys to which Comic Girl15 replies that she loves it. Shane breaks into a grin and says Y-Guys isn’t real and neither is Comic Girl15 because it’s Jack.

James is surprised to see Starr, knowing that her dad was just arrested in connection with the kidnapping of baby Liam. Hope explains to James that she can’t be concerned about Todd’s situation right now. Her concern is for Hope who threw a temper tantrum when she had to say goodbye to Cole at Statesville. James wonders out loud if Hope might think he is trying to replace Cole. James suggests that they spend more time together so that Hope can get to know him better. Starr is pleased with James’s idea and looks forward to the three of them spending more time together.

Téa warns Todd that they are going to be at the police station all night unless he starts to talk, Todd has a flashback of Marty telling him, “ I have to tell John that Liam is his.” Todd tells Téa it’s about that kid Liam, but at that moment Brody enters the room and asks “What about Liam”? Todd quickly replies that he was just saying that Liam is now back with his mother. Brody explains that they are both fine. He can't believe he almost lost them and that he is now back with both of his parents.. Todd can't help but comment under his breath that at least Liam is back with one of them. Brody becomes emotional as he confides that he doesn't know what he would have done if he had lost Liam. Liam is everything to him! Todd tries to convince Brody to let him go, but he responds it's “John's call.”

Blair surprises Tomás with a passionate kiss, calling him her hero! Blair credits him for bringing Liam back to Natalie. Tomás is feeling uncomfortable with Blair’s praises as he is riddled with guilt in his involvement with assisting Todd with Marty’s escape. Blair confides that she is very worried about her son Jack. She feels that Todd has not done enough to influence him in a positive way. Blair explains to Tomás what went down between Jack and Shane and how she is glad that Shane stood up to her son. Blair becomes emotional when she states that she loves her son but must admit that she cannot trust him. Tomás is moved by Blair’s rare vulnerability when she admits that she doesn’t cry in front of other people. While Blair steps out of the room Tomás receives a call that makes him angry and he replies that he will be there. Blair overhears part of the conversation and asks Tomás where he is going? He replies that he must meet Calmar in New York. While Blair wishes Tomás a good trip, she realizes that there is something very suspicions about this phone call.

John returns to the police station and announces to Todd that he will be spending the night in jail. Téa protests but to no avail, since she knows that Todd can be kept at the station for 48 hours without being charged.

Brody goes to see Natalie at the Hospital and informs her that Todd is being held for the connection to Marty’s disappearance. Natalie tells Brody that she talked to John about the tape. When Brody asks Natalie if she remembers what was on the tape, she replies sadly that she doesn’t remember, and with Marty gone now she may never know. Brody reminds her that now that Liam is back maybe it doesn’t matter anymore.

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