OLTL Update Tuesday 6/7/11

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 6/7/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Todd goes to see Marty off on her flight to be with Patrick. And he tells her he’s glad she is out of his life for good. Little does he know, however that “original” Todd is hiding and observing him. John appears and has gotten off the phone to have heard that Todd knows where Marty is. And he demands Todd tells him where she is.

Robert Ford goes to bring baby Ryder to St. Anne’s to attempt to visit Tess. A nun asks if she can “help” him. He tells her he would like to see Jessica Brennan. She asks who he is. He tells her he is her husband, Cutter Wentworth.

Cutter is making himself at home in the Buchanan Mansion walking into the living room with his skimpy trunks wet from the pool and disregarding Nigel’s requests that he enters through a different entrance. He notices a big bouquet of flowers and assumes it’s a delivery. But it’s Vimal who is there with flowers to surprise his wife.

John asks Todd where Marty went and what she told him. Todd then remembers Marty demanding that he tells John the truth about baby Liam. John knows that Todd knows something that he is not telling and asks again what he knows.

Brody and Natalie kiss in her hospital room after she’s confirmed to him that neither she nor “their” baby are going anywhere.

Cristian pulls away from Rama who has kissed him at the gym. She tells him she could not believe she did that. She threw herself at him. But he admits that he did not stop her and she is very beautiful. She admits she likes him but she realizes she is married. He tells her she need not feel bad since none of this would have happened if Vimal were here. Or would it?

When Vimal enters the Buchanan house, Nigel informs him that his wife is not there. Nor are Joey or any of the Buchanan’s. The new “owner” threw them out. Hearing that, Vimal asks whom the “new master” is. Cutter then enters wearing his skimpy trunks and replies that would be him.

Aubrey and Joey are wondering where Robert Ford could have gone with baby Ryder. She tells him she knows Robert could not have gone far since he has nowhere to go and no money.

When Robert goes to St. Anne’s, the nun notices him and remarks that she might know him. She then lets him go in to see Tess after signing in.

Tess remembers wondering if Bess might be correct that she is falling for Robert Ford. She tells herself that that is completely false. No way is she falling for that low life. Robert and Ryder enter and she turns her head to face them and stares in awe.

After Brody kisses Natalie, they both realize that they have to own up to their feelings for one another.

John tells Todd he knows that he was hiding Marty in his home although it cannot be proven and Todd knows John will not find her since she is gone. Original Todd hides and overhears the “current” Todd telling John he needs to let it go and if John does so, Todd can make it worth his while.

When Cutter sees Vimal at Clint’s home, he greets him in a flip manner. Vimal asks if he owns this house and how that has happened. Cutter replies that Clint traded it for his daughter, the “crazy one”.

Tess acts coy to Robert and tells him it appears he has used the information she gave him about Aubrey and Joey to get the kid back. She says “you’re welcome” and remarks that Ryder looks happy to be with him. She then asks why he is there since she’s given him the only thing he wants and couldn’t have any other “use” for her.

Joey tells Aubrey that he can keep Ryder out of foster care. But he first needs to keep Robert Ford from running. He goes to the police station and cops try to find Robert Ford.

At the Buchanan house, Vimal tells Cutter he never heard that Jessica married him. He has heard that she married Robert Ford. And he knows that since Cutter’s sister is married to Clint’s son Joey, they must be very upset that Clint has been thrown out of his house along with the rest of the family. But in response to that, Cutter clarifies that Aubrey is not his sister. She is his ex. And he asks Vimal if he would like him to write it down if it gets confusing.

Rama cannot pull herself away from Cristian.

John asks Todd if he intends to pay him in order to get John to stop asking about Marty. And he tells Todd he does not accept bribes but can arrest Todd if he does not tell him what he knows. Todd then “calmly” tells John that he saw Marty not long ago with the baby and tried to run after her. But before he could, she got on a private plane and left. John tells Todd he finds that hard to believe and asks how that could have happened. He tells Todd he knows that he (Todd) knows something and might have connections with the CIA in order to get Marty to escape as Todd says she has.

Téa then asks Tomás if he knows what Todd has done regarding Marty and why it’s a little too coincidental that he says he knows nothing about it yet he and Todd have a secret and Tomás was spotted with Liam right when the cops tried and failed to find Marty. She asks if he knows if Todd is with Marty. Although Tomás tells his sister he hasn’t a clue about that, Téa tells him it’s a bit too coincidental that the cops have spotted a woman who fits her description boarding a private plane and both he and Todd were nearby.

John reminds Todd that Marty killed a doctor, stabbed Kelly and pushed Natalie off a roof. Todd agrees that she is a psychopath. But whom do we have to blame for that? It might be John. He drove her crazy then let her out of St. Anne’s and could be held responsible for driving her to do everything she did.

At the hospital, Brody tells Natalie he cannot forget what has happened between them and asks her if they can explore the truth. Hearing that, she asks about what. He tells her regarding what he feels about her.

Blair talks to Cristian at the gym telling him she can see that he has Rama on the brain.

Vimal believes that his wife is pregnant. But Cutter clarifies that she is not.

At St. Anne’s, Robert informs Tess that Joey and Aubrey are their only hope for Ryder not having to go to foster care. She tells him she does not want to talk to him unless he has something to say. He tells her he does have something to say.

Brody tells Natalie that he feels as though something has changed and asks if he is the only one who feels that way. She tells him that she has feelings for him too and she does not know how to describe it. He tells her good. And now that they have that out in the open, what now?

John tells Todd he knows that Todd has ruined Marty’s life starting when he raped her in college. And now Todd couldn’t even get her the help she needs when she snapped. Todd asks John if he does not believe it’s better for Marty to get away from this place and all these bad memories. John tells Todd he must know that Marty cannot run away from her problems. She’s homicidal. Could Todd live with himself if Marty killed somebody else because he helped her escape? Todd smiles and tells John he doubts Marty will want to kill anybody once she gets away from people like him. John then asks what if she kidnaps another child. What if it were Todd’s child? Todd then tells John he has something to tell him.

At the gym, Blair tells Cristian that he does not think that his having an affair in a gym is a good idea. Although he denies that he is having an affair with a married woman when it was just a kiss, she tells him that she just needs to warn him to watch it since Rama’s husband has Téa as a lawyer.

Tomás asks Téa why it was that she defended him right and left to the cops yet doesn’t appear to trust him either. She tells him she wants to trust him. But, last night, she wanted to go out to the pool house. She now finds out that is where Marty was staying with the baby allegedly unknown to both Todd and to him yet where the cops found him alone with the baby. And when Todd found out she was going to the pool house yesterday, he would not let her near there. It might be explained by the same answer for why he and Todd appear to be best buds at a time like this and are keeping a secret between them regarding Marty and the baby.

Rama returns to the Buchanan house and reunites with Vimal. He tells her she need not stay in this place any longer. He tells her he does not believe Cutter for a moment that she is not pregnant. He knows she would never lie about anything like this.

Natalie confirms to Brody that there is no reason to mess things up between the two of them. She tells him no matter what he may feel right now, she knows he is in love with her sister. Jessica is now in St. Anne’s getting better and soon he and Jessica will be able to get their lives back together. But, Brody admits to Natalie, that he is not certain that he and Jessica have a life together anymore.

Robert tells Tess that after he left there the previous time he visited and beforehand, also, he was “feeling” something. But before they can continue their conversation about that, , Joey and Aubrey enter with the cops ready to take baby Ryder home.

Brody tells Natalie that maybe they have hurt Jessica so bad she doesn’t want to come back to them. She tells him she knows her sister is angry and she has become ill. But she will get better and come back to him and he cannot give up on her. He then tells Natalie he will not give up on Jessica if she (Natalie) does not give up on John.

John places Todd under arrest for aiding and abetting a fugitive although Todd is not worried. Original Todd watches and asks what is going on.

At St. Anne’s, it appears that Jessica has come back to tell Joey and Aubrey she is so grateful to them for taking care of their baby when she cannot. He tells her that he wants her to come home and asks her if she remembers the “Joey special”. She does not remember her brother’s favorite food so Joey suspects that she is still Tess pretending to be Jessica.

Brody tells Natalie he wants her to be happy. She tells him she is not entirely certain what to do and knows that they should not vilify John since he brought their son back.

Tomás asks Téa why she thinks that Todd would want to help Marty. And why would he since he’s never even met the woman and it would make no sense? She agrees that may be true but that does not mean that what she suspects is not true. She gets a call from Todd who informs her that he has been arrested.

John asks a uniform cop what he knows about the flight that Marty was on. Although he has no evidence to give John, he tells him he needs to place Todd under arrest regardless.

Téa then informs Tomás she just heard that Todd has been put under arrest for aiding and abetting a kidnapper.

From the gym, Blair and Cristian hear a news report about baby Liam McBain being returned to his mother, Natalie Banks and about Todd Manning and Tomás Delgado being police suspects for enabling Marty Saybrooke to kidnap the baby and flee the country.

At Clint’s home, Vimal tells Rama Cutter must be wrong that she is not pregnant. She tells him of course he is but she still cannot bring herself to admit the truth to him. Vimal goes to get her a non-alcoholic drink while she confronts Cutter. Nigel then enters to overhear her telling Cutter if he tells Vimal the truth,, she will tell everyone what she knows about him and his life will come crashing down around him.

Cristian is then at the gym unable to concentrate while he has Rama on the brain.

Rama reminds Cutter that from just one word from her, she could ruin him. Vimal and Nigel return. Vimal still seems to suspect nothing. But Nigel appears to have a plan to get the goods on Cutter. Vimal tells Rama he will be there for every minute of her pregnancy.

After Joey confirms that Tess is still in control, he takes baby Ryder. Robert is ready to leave but she urges him to stay and tell her what he was going to tell her.

Brody and Natalie talk about their plans to take “shifts” taking care of baby Liam together. He then tells her he has to get back to work and see if there is any word on Marty. But they obviously have feelings for each other.

After original Todd overhears that the “new Todd” is known as Todd Manning, he admits he does not get it. If that guy is Todd Manning, then who the hell is he?

Téa goes to the station and tells Todd that if Marty was on their property, she could get arrested along with him. He asks her what she is talking about. She tells him that John McBain has evidence. Hearing that, Todd tells her she is mistaken. John has nothing.

Natalie is in her hospital room with baby Liam assuming that Brody will be back soon. She tells him “daddy” will be back soon. But the door opens and they see John enter.

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