OLTL Update Monday 6/6/11

One Life to Live Update Monday 6/6/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Brody rushes through Todd’s home on the phone to Natalie, determined to find baby Liam. Téa walks in and angrily tells him he needs to stop doing this. Cops are all around and she and Todd have no clue where Marty or baby Liam is. Yet Brody somehow knows that Liam may not be far away.

In Natalie’s hospital room, Roxy pulls the mysterious tape recorder out of her purse. She has picked it up off the ground yet is unaware of what is on it.

Jack Manning walks into Buenos Dias. His mom sees him and demands to know why he didn’t go to his father’s house like he told her he would. He tells her he couldn’t get in the door of Todd’s because there were cops cars everywhere.

Brody tells Téa that he is not going to give up until he finds his son.

John goes to find Liam and discovers him with Tomás. He knows that the baby in question is in fact Liam.

Right when Todd is ready to accompany Marty onto a plane to get out of the country with Patrick, she tells him she cannot do that. She needs to declare to all involved that Liam is not Brody’s child. He’s John’s. Todd does not listen. Not far away, in the plane, the original Todd hides and is on board ready to come out and reclaim his life as the real Todd Manning.

Gigi takes Shane to the gym and Cristian is ready to help him with a work out plan and offers them a discount membership. Gigi tells Cristian how grateful she is that her son has something to be happy about since that nasty little punk tormented him. Cristian remarks that he knows that Blair’s son has not been a nice boy although Blair is his friend. Gigi agrees that she likes Blair but Jack is another story.

Blair calls Téa to ask what’s up with the cops at their home. Téa informs her hat the cops are ransacking the house to find Marty Saybrooke and baby Liam. And she knows that it’s futile since Marty is nowhere to be found.

When the guys come to get Marty on the plane, Todd tells her she must be confused to mistakenly believe that Liam is John’s. But she tells him she knows for a fact that he is.

At the gym, Cristian is ready to do some core and figure eights with Shane. He reflects that he wishes he could do what Shane is doing. He remembers being socially isolated when he was Shane’s age by kids who intimidated him. But, he tells Shane, he knows where those kids are now. They are dead.

Marty tells Todd that she knows and can confirm that she altered the DNA test right when Vimal Patel was ready to do the same and she beat him to it. She admitted to her shrink what she did. The session got taped. Natalie somehow got a hold of the tape. And, Marty admits to Todd, the reason she had to “off” Natalie is because Natalie could prove that Marty altered the DNA test so that John would break up with Natalie. Hearing that, Todd finds it hard to believe that when Natalie is alive, conscious and seems mentally competent, she has somehow forgotten that John is the father of her baby. That does not sound credible. He tells her she may forget about the tapes. He tells her that everybody makes mistakes and she cannot let John McBain ruin her one chance to have true love. He then gets a call from Téa who tells him the cops are hounding her believing that he is hiding Marty Saybrooke. And she urges her husband to please assure her that they are mistaken. Todd tells her she need not worry.

Brody goes to find John holding baby Liam after Tomás has left.

The original Todd is hiding in the aircraft that is bringing Patrick Thornhart back to Llanview to reunite with Marty.

Cristian sees Rama at the gym who admits to him that she could not bring herself to admit to her husband that she is not pregnant after all.

When Brody finds baby Liam with John, he holds his baby and is happy for the first time. Yet John appears incomplete as he watches Brody with Liam.

Natalie is then in her room while Roxy and the doctors tell her she better stay in her room or she will regret it. She tells her mom that she cannot sit idly by and do nothing when she hasn’t a clue what happened to her baby. But Roxy tells her daughter she has to stay positive. She suggests listening to some music. And she declares she has “just the thing” when she pulls out the tape recorder not knowing what it is.

Todd tells Marty she needs to know that she can’t be with John and must forget about him. She need not worry about his baby or whether John and Natalie get back together or anything. He shows her the documents that prove that Patrick is alive and on the plane so that she can focus on that. She then admits that it’s been so long and she’s been confused and done terrible things. But if she can tell John the truth and get his son back, then it will be ok.

Brody tells John that Natalie will be really happy and thanks John for finding their son. He takes the baby away and John notices Téa ready to talk to him.

At Buenos Dias, Blair tells Jack that she is concerned that he does not seem to care about anybody or anything except himself. Gigi then walks to their table ready to take their order but declares to Jack that they do not serve bullies. Blair then follows her and tells her she cannot deny Blair’s son food. He protests that he has not bothered Shane in a long time. Jack gets a call from his friend who informs him that he has seen “wheezy” at the gym pumping iron. Hearing that, Jack tells him that is something he has to see. He then asks his mom if he may join his friends to study at the library. Blair finds it odd that he would ask to go and study at the library where he’s never made any effort to go to before. Jack replies it’s not like he’s “welcome” at the restaurant. She agrees he may go. When he’s gone, she asks Gigi if she’s happy after running Blair’s son off.

When John finds out that Tomás had baby Liam, he demands that Tomás tells him the truth.

Marty then shows Todd the original document that confirms that John is Liam’s father. She tells him if he just gives her an hour to go to John, he can trust her. But Todd tells her she must know if she goes to John he will put her in jail. SO she must forget about John and go to Patrick.

The original Todd hides and overhears the guards talking to Patrick Thornhart about his getting back to Marty and that she will be at the jetport with Todd Manning.

Brody brings baby Liam back to Natalie. She then cries happily to see her infant son and know that he is alright.

Marty tells Todd she cannot believe that Patrick is alive. But how can she face him after everything she has done? Todd tells her not to worry. Patrick will love her no matter what. But she tells Todd she has to make up for everything and must tell John the truth.

Cristian is working out with Shane when he gets distracted by Rama. He tells her he does not blame her for being afraid to tell the truth. But the longer she waits, the more damage will be done. If she’s afraid of consequences, she must know that Vimal loves her and will forgive her and know that her motives were pure. She tells him if she were to lose Vimal, it will be a disgrace to both of their families. Cristian assures her that Vimal will be so grateful to get out of jail and look at her beautiful face. And he looks like he might be ”interested” in Rama.

When Shane is working out alone, Jack and his friend enter and insult him. Jack informs him that his (Shane’s) mom refused to serve him. But at least she didn’t try to kill him like Shane’s dad did. They joke about Shane being on a parachute and going up to the roof to kill himself and laugh. At that point, Shane drops the weight he has on Jack’s toe and causes Jack an injury. Cristian then rushes to see if Jack is ok and Shane smiles. Cristian then calls Blair and asks hr to get to the gym because of her son.

Natalie happily holds baby Liam while with Brody and Roxy. He informs her that John found him and Natalie appears surprised. She remarks that the baby looks so peaceful to be with both of his parents.

John questions Tomás with why he had the kidnapped baby in his arms. Téas observes them silently Tomás tells him that he found the baby but did not see any sign of Marty. But John tells them that if Tomás has a clue where Marty is, he needs to tell them before Marty hurts someone else because she is dangerous.

Todd attempts to urge Marty not to go to John and know that that could risk her future with Patrick. She must know that John does not love her. But she tells Todd after all she has done and all the people she has hurt and what happened to Dr. Buhari, how can she just rush off to Patrick as if nothing has happened? He tells her everybody does things they regret. She tells him that Patrick fell in love with a different person than who she is now. She is not getting on the plane until she tells John the truth about baby Liam.

The guy on the plane tells Patrick he needs to reunite with Marty and know that she will never see Todd Manning again. The original Todd Manning hides and overhears attentively.

At the gym, both Blair and Gigi enter to make sure their respective sons are all right. Shane then, for the first time, taunts Jack and appears to get his friend to laugh along with him about Jack being a wimpy little girl who gets a boo boo because he’s weak. Blair realizes that her son has lied to her about going to the library and does not seem to “sympathize” nor believe that Shane injured him.

Roxy goes outside Natalie’s hospital room to let her daughter be alone with her baby and Brody. Yet she still has the tape recorder in her purse not knowing what is on it.

Téa tells John he either needs to arrest her brother or leave him alone. Because badgering him will not find Marty. John gets a call and goes off but tells Tomás he is not done with him. Téa then follows her brother and tells him that since they are alone, she needs to know the truth.

Todd tells Marty he will not let her turn herself in to the cops. She asks why not. He tells her because he owes her and she deserves to be happy. He knows she’s hurt people but she has also been hurt. And it may have started with him when he hurt her. So maybe he owes her by getting her on the plane. She agrees but tells Todd it still does not excuse what she did. He asks her if the whole purpose of therapy is not to get you to realize that you are messed up because of your past. She tells him it’s not that simple and he knows it. Todd tells her that she deserves to be happy and knows since she is a doctor, she must heal herself. The pilot then comes in and tells them either she gets on the plane right now or the “deal” is off. She then agrees to go but demands that Todd tells Cole that she will be back for him soon. She then leaves.

Back at the house, Téa tells Tomás she finds it very odd that Marty kept baby Liam at the pool house and nobody knew anything about it.

Gigi takes Shane back to Buenos Dias and tells her son she is all for his standing up for himself. But maybe there are better ways to deal with situations than by doing what he did.

At Buenos Dias, Jack then furiously tells his mom that Shane is a violent psycho just like his father. He then gets on his phone. Roxy enters and happily tells Gigi that she found her grandson. He will grow into a big, handsome boy just like Shane. Shane is in the other room on his cell writing a text to Jack unafraid of him.

At the gym, Rama tells Cristian that they are just friends. But they end up kissing.

Roxy pulls out the tape recorder but knows the batteries are dead.

Brody is happily with Natalie and baby Liam. He tells her he doesn’t know what he would have done if he had lost their baby or lost her. She tells him they are not going anywhere. And they kiss.

When Tomás is alone, eh calls his contact and confirms that Marty Saybrooke is gone. And she is the one person who could have exposed them.

Téa is then noting something very suspicious when she remembers Todd preventing her from entering the pool house the previous day, which is the very place where Marty was staying.

Marty gets ready to board her plane looking for Patrick. Todd sees her off. But little do they know that the “real” Todd is hiding and watching them.

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