OLTL Update Friday 6/3/11

One Life to Live Update Friday 6/3/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Marty holds baby Liam and admits she is discontented that Natalie is still alive. And she might just go to the hospital in order to “solve that problem”.

Brody and Roxy go looking for Natalie but see she is not in her hospital bed.

We then see Natalie hobbling on crutches to try to find him.

At Buenos Dias Blair is talking to John about deceased Patrick Thornhart and remembering when Marty was married to him and his untimely death.

Tomás then reveals to Todd that Patrick Thornhart is not dead.

We then see, in the same institution where original Todd is staying, they are ready to take Patrick out of his holding cell. Original Todd is ready to escape unseen and overhears the conversation.

Blair then finds out that John has had some involvement with Patrick Thornhart.

Robert Ford takes baby Ryder to the apartment when James sees him and is in awe that his brother got his child back. Robert ells his brother he got his son back. And he owes it all to Tess.

Tess is alone in her cell at St. Anne’s when she talks to Jessica who she sees is struggling tog et out and Tess is having to fight her. She then sees Bess.

Marty is ready to take baby Liam away so that one day she and John and he will all be a family. And nobody will remember anything about his real mommy. But outside the door, we see Natalie hobbling on crutches until she falls over. From inside, Marty can hear a sound and asks what that was.

Original Todd is dressed like a guard unseen while the guards are distracted and unaware that he’s escaping and they are ready to arrange for Patrick to go home.

Todd tells Tomás that he finds it hard to believe that Patrick is alive. If he was, he’d be running back to Marty and his son Cole. But Tomás tells Todd if he does not believe him, Tomás can show him some proof.

Starr and Hope go to Buenos Dias to find Blair. Starr tells her mom she overheard her talking about Patrick Thornhart and asks if it had something to do with Cole. Is he ok? Blair then tells her daughter that the conversation she had with John about Patrick had nothing to do with Cole and as far as she knows Cole is ok. And she wants to talk to her daughter about her date with James.

Joey then notices that Aubrey has let Robert have baby Ryder and tells her she better not do that. They cannot trust Robert not to take the baby away so that they never see him again. But she protests that she “had to do that”.

At the apartment, Robert admits to James that he went to see Tess at St. Anne’s and somehow had to help her.

Tess is talking to Bess who tells her she has had her fun and must now let Jessica out. It’s the only logical and practical thing to do. Otherwise, they will do electro shock therapy on her. Tess protests that Robert will not let that happen to her. Bess tells Tess she must listen carefully and realize that Robert Ford had no motives to help or do anything except get his son back. And she cannot trust him. Emotions cannot cloud her judgment, Bess tells her.

Marty looks outside her window and notices that Natalie is outside. She is very discontented that “that bitch is alive”.

Tomás is able to prove to Todd that Patrick is alive and Todd looks at files that don’t lie and seems to believe him when he sees the proof. Tomás asks if maybe Patrick can solve their “Marty problem” for them.

Marty then steps outside her door to see Natalie on the ground in pain, unable to walk and crying for help.

Tomás asks Todd what he suggests they do if they do not trust Patrick to come back. Todd tells him maybe get Marty out of the country with Patrick and without the disk so that she cannot use it against them. Tomás reminds Todd that Marty might not want to get back with her husband when she is clearly obsessed about John McBain.

John and Roxy call the cops to send a search party out for Natalie. John reveals that he is still keeping a photo of Natalie in his wallet and Roxy remarks that that might mean something.

Brody rushes to find Natalie when she’s passed out on the ground outside of the place where Marty is staying. He tells her he must get her back to the hospital.

Todd remarks to Tomás it’s no mystery why Marty is now clinging to John with all of the bad history she’s had with the men in her past. And they both wonder if Marty might turn over the disk for them in exchange for being able to get back with her husband and get her life back.

Marty is inside the house ready to take baby Liam away when she sees that Natalie is outside the door. Todd and Tomás apparently do not see Natalie but enter the house and Todd informs Marty that Patrick is alive.

Aubrey informs Joey that Robert threatened to go to a judge and tells him “about them”. He asks if she means that she is a con artist and scamming him and his family and unfit to raise a child. She tells him that it’s entirely possible that Ryder could go to foster care if they make trouble for Robert. And she tells him that Robert loves his child and doesn’t want to do anything that could hurt him. He tells her that he does not believe a word she says about anything. And she must realize that it’s only a matter of time before Jessica gets the help she needs and gets her child back and their scam of a marriage will be over.

In the padded cell, Tess debates with Bess about what is the best plan of action would be. Bess tells Tess she must realize that she (Tess) is falling in love with Robert Ford.

At the same time, James tells Robert he must realize that he (Robert) is in love with Tess.

At Buenos Dias, Blair wants Starr to tell her about her date with James. She knows that she and James got a room. Starr admits to her mom she knows that she (Blair) and Tomás also got a room.

After Todd and Tomás inform Marty that Patrick is alive, she tells them they are pathetic to say that. She heard and saw him when he was being killed. If they think for a moment that they will motivate her with that, they are insane. But Todd shows her a picture that is digitally encrypted to prove that Patrick is not dead. He lets her look at the file Tomás showed him to read and prove that it’s true that Patrick is alive.

Patrick is then on a flight and told by a guard that he is there in order to get back with his wife and get his son out of prison. He better not do anything else or deviate from the plan or else they will take him right back to the institution.

At Buenos Dias, Starr asks her mom if she still has trust issues with Tomás Delgado. Blair admits to her daughter that she is taking it slow with her new friend but she is beginning to believe that Tomás is one of the good guys. And she asks Starr if she is moving forward with James.

James tells Robert he knows that Robert is falling for Tess and James is a bet concerned over what might be happening to his brother.

Bess tells Tess she does not want her to fall for Robert Ford. Tess asks Bess why she would care since Bess has no feelings about anything or anybody. But Bess rationalizes that she must protect not only Jessica and all people who live inside of her. She tells Tess that she cannot give Jessica’s body to Robert Ford. It will damage the person who she must protect.

Brody and Roxy get Natalie back to the hospital although she does not want that and tells Brody he should have left her where she was and gone to find Marty and see if their son was there. John then enters and tells them that he got the warrant to go and find Marty and search her home.

Marty reads the files that Todd and Tomás give her about Patrick and fights with them telling them they are lying and falsifying this cruel scam to get her to hand over the disk. Todd tells her that not even he is that cruel. And he and Tomás can arrange to get her on a flight and out of the country with Patrick. Tomás tells her that he’s already made the call and Patrick is on his way to find her. And they ask her if they have a deal.

In the hospital, Natalie urges John to find their son.

Tess protests to Bess that she has no feelings for Robert Ford except to believe he’s a shallow idiot. But Bess tells her that each reiteration of that convinces her that Tess is lying. Tess protests that she is done with that narcissistic, shallow, iron pumping, perverted womanizing low life. She needs his help to get out of there. And that’s it. But Bess tells her she can lie to herself and everybody she knows but her gatekeeper cannot be fooled.

Robert then protests to James that he is not in love with Tess. She is a nasty, vile obnoxious annoying person who insults him and makes him feel worthless about himself and all he wants is to be able to get custody of his son. And once that is accomplished, he’s done with Tess. But James seems to know better.

Starr admits to her mom that although she does love James, she still has feelings for Cole and needs to know that he and his family are ok.

Marty then asks Tomás if it’s really true that Patrick is alive. He is almost able to convince her of that. He then gets his phone and Todd tells her that he would never want to hurt her with a lie about her husband being alive. The “old Todd” who was capable of rape and hurting people would do that but he would not. He does want her out of the country and out of his hair however. He tells her, sounding “sensitive” that she has to realize that she will never have a future with John McBain. He does not return her feelings. She must give up on him. But Patrick is the love of her life, Todd tells her. They both know that.

Natalie only wants to get baby Liam back. But Roxy tells her she must let the doctors take care of her. She tells her daughter she must know that Liam will be ok. He has both John and Brody looking for him. She tells Natalie, it’s like he has “double daddies”.

John and Brody go looking for Marty but cannot find her.

Meanwhile, she and Todd are alone in the new place with baby Ryder. Todd tells her he knows all about her history of suffering since Patrick has been gone. He doesn’t want her to have to go through that anymore. All she needs to do is hand over the disk which won’t make any difference to her anyway if she never sees Todd again and she can have her life with Patrick. She tells him she cannot just leave Cole. He tells her she must know that Cole is in prison. She can visit him. And she must know that Cole wants his mom back with his dad. Tomás enters and tells them that Patrick’s flight is ready to land in town.

Joey tells Aubrey he is going to spend the rest of his life proving to Kelly that he loves her. And even if she does not want him, he’d still rather spend the rest of his life alone than spend any more of his life with her. She cries and appears hurt when he tells her he wants out of this marriage as soon as possible. And, he tells her, if Robert Ford does not return the baby by the time he was supposed to, he will hold Aubrey responsible.

When Robert gets ready to take Ryder back, James protests that he must know that Tess is not “real”. She is part of Jessica who is a completely different person. Robert tells his brother he need not worry because he is not interested in Tess. But James again does not buy that and tells his brother he does not want to see him getting hurt.

Bess then similarly convinces Tess that it was the feelings for Robert that got her put in the padded cell in the first place. Bess then disappears. But once alone, Tess then realizes she might be right.

Alone Robert remembers the “glimmer of desire” that he and Tess has for each other.

She realizes what they had before when he told her she does not have to hide when she is with him.

He asks if he is really falling for that skanky bitch.

She asks if she is falling for that sleazy bastard.

Brody then tells Natalie that he is determined to get their son back.

John then goes into Marty’s home and sees Tomás holding baby Ryder.

Todd goes with Marty to the airport but she tells him she cannot get on that plane. Todd tells her that she has to get out of the country. She cannot wait. Very soon she will get found out and put in prison for attempted murder and kidnapping if she doesn’t leave now. She has to be with Patrick But she tells him she can’t leave until she lets it be known that Brody is not Liam’s father. John is

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