OLTL Update Thursday 6/2/11

One Life to Live Update Thursday 6/2/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

The “original” Todd Manning is seen in the room of the institution where they are hiding him. He is struggling to talk and remember he has a daughter named Starr. He has a wife named Blair. He has another wife named Téa,. And he raped a woman named Marty.

Marty remembers Natalie playing the tape where Marty admits to Dr. Buhari that she altered the DNA test of Natalie’s baby so that John would break up with Natalie and she (Marty) could have him.

Kelly is in the hospital getting better and ready to leave when Joey is by her side. He is ready to inform her all that has happened recently including hat Cutter has taken his family’s home in order to get Tess committed so that Jessica comes back. She asks him about Aubrey and himself and baby Ryder.

At Buenos Dias, Robert Ford finds Aubrey and tells her that he is not going to let her keep his baby away from him. He knows some secrets about her and does not buy that she cold care less about Ryder nor anybody except herself.

Shaun goes to Todd’s home and calls out to Todd, Téa, Tomás and Dani but they are not there. He wonders where they all went.

Todd is outside and runs into Tomás. Tomás has a gun in his hand and reminds Todd that he asked Tomás to “Take care of Marty Saybrooke”. So, he tells Todd, that is what he did.

Blair runs into Tomás’ friend at Buenos Dias and asks how he is, having heard that he was sick and Tomás was helping him out, although she knows that he is in town and in cahoots with Tomás for a different reason.

Todd tells Tomás that if he (Tomás) had kept the secretive information away from Marty, they would not be at her desperate mercy nor aiding and abetting her in kidnapping a baby right now.

Marty is then inside a private place with baby Liam ready to get back with John and raise him together. But, she admits, she has yet to find the tape.

John is out looking for her knowing that she must be getting desperate although she is still nowhere to be found.

Original Todd is struggling to confirm all the people in his family and that his name is Todd Manning. Right then the guards conclude that they must “get rid of him. A guard holds a gun at him. Todd confirms he raped a woman named Marty. The guard then pulls Todd out of the chair and confirms that this must be his punishment. And he gets ready to push Todd out the door and kill him along with his memory.

At Buenos Dias, Tomás’ friend tells Blair that he’s glad that Tomás has found a friend like her and asks if he and Blair are friends. She confirms that she is his friend. But she would like to know why there is an FBI file on Tomás.

Robert Ford tells Aubrey that Tess told him all about her (Aubrey's) fraudulent marriage with Joey. And if she does not give him his son back, he will go to Joey and tell him everything. She tells Robert that she is not afraid of such a threat because Joey already knows. Hearing that, Robert is surprised that she appears so calm if it’s true.

Joey tells Kelly that he confronted Aubrey about the fact that he is now onto her. But, to his surprise, she wanted to get back with him and told him she loved him.

Brody talks to John on the phone while at the hospital. John is in the park when Roxy rushes to him and asks him to please tell her that her grandson is found. He replies not yet. She tells him that Natalie is distraught and needs him and she knows that they can get back together. He must know that Natalie loves him. But she divulges that her daughter kissed Brody unaware that John has not been told about that.

Brody talks to Natalie in her hospital bed about how although they both didn’t believe a word Delphina said, she knew things about them that nobody else knows that are true, including but not limited to the fact that they kissed before she got attacked by Marty. Natalie admits that she does not remember anything involved in her fight with Marty. She has no clue what they were fighting about. She tells him she had a dream the previous night about it. She remembers having a tape recorder that she got from the shrink’s office but doesn’t remember anything else or what was on the tape.

Marty tells baby Liam that when John finds out that he’s ok and that she has been taking care of him, he won’t even care about Natalie anymore nor Kelly. And the three of them will be a family. And she still assumes that Natalie is dead and the secret has died with her.

Todd and Tomás are both aware that if Marty showed anybody what she knows from the disk, both of their lives are ruined.

Original Todd tells a guard who is ready to shoot and kill him that he knows who he gave his life or his brain to. The guard asks him who that would be.

Joey tells Kelly that he wants to get back with her and make it work. She tells him she accepts his apology for accusing her of lying and not believing what she knew all along about Aubrey. He tells her he knows he is asking her a lot. She confirms that he did throw Aubrey out. He replies he wanted to. He was ready to be done with her. But then, Aubrey brought up custody of Ryder. And he now knows f they split up, then Ryder might get sent to foster care. He can’t do that to his nephew or to Jessica. And, he assures Kelly, he and Aubrey are still married in name only.

At Buenos Dias, Aubrey tells Robert that she wants to stay married to Joey and has fallen in love with him. She admits that was not part of the plan but that is what is happening. Robert smirks, tells her that is ridiculous and tells her if Joey buys that for a moment, he’s a lot dumber that he thought he was. And regardless of anything she says, their marriage is still a fraud, Robert reminds her. And he’d be really interested to find out what a judge will say to that.

While Blair is in Buenos Dias talking to Tomás’ friend, Tomás is talking to Todd about what they are going to do with Marty. Inside, she sings baby Liam a lullaby. Todd comes inside and she tells him she will need more supplies for the baby soon. But Todd “calmly” tells her he thinks the baby needs more than that. She can’t go on like this. The baby needs a mother. Hearing that, she protests that she is a good mother and reminds him that he was going to raise a baby with her not long ago. In response to that, Todd reminds her that that was wrong for him to want to take Starr’s baby. And it’s wrong for her to want to take Natalie’s. She protests, however that there is a difference. Starr was alive. Natalie is dead.

At the hospital, Natalie talks to Brody more about the mysterious tape. She asks him if anybody has found it because there might be something very important on it that Marty didn’t want her to hear. Maybe there is some sort of clue about why or where she took Liam on that tape.

After Roxy mistakenly reveals to John that Brody and Natalie were kissing, she later tells John that she heard that from this whacked psychic who doesn’t know what she is talking about. She attempts to convince John to get back with Natalie but he tells her he has to get back to work and departs. Marty discovers a tape recorder that has fallen on the ground. She picks it up and declares this must be her “lucky day” although she hasn’t a clue where the tape recorder came from..

At the institution where original Todd is staying, the guard asks Todd if he gave his brain or his life to John McBain. IN response to that, original Todd knocks him out and he falls to the floor.

Aubrey asks Robert if he thinks that as soon as the judge finds out her secret, he will hand Ryder over to him. The judge declared that he and Tess are also a fraud and unfit parents and probably won’t change his mind this time. He asks her if anybody in their right mind would want her to raise a baby when she married a guy solely for his money. He may not have money but he is a good father and can prove it. Yet, she reminds him that he has the choice of accepting that she and Joey are Ryder’s parents or having him sent to foster care.

Joey tells Kelly that as soon as Jessica gets better, she can get Ryder back and his marriage to Aubrey will be over. And, he concludes he will be free to get back with her and commit to her (Kelly).

At Buenos Dias, Shaun tells John he believes that Tomás probably shot Todd and Todd is lying when he says he knows he did not. Yet neither of them have a clue as to why.

On the phone, Tomás talks to his friend from Paris, warning him that some secrets cannot stay buried. Blair finds Tomás and he panics and puts the phone down. She acts like she wants to move forward with him and has no suspicions although she does.

Natalie asks Brody what might have happened when he and John questioned Todd Manning. He replies they did not come up with anything. But she is ready to get out of her hospital bed to go to Todd’s home to find out if he knows anything. She can’t just sit there any longer. But Brody tells her she is not going anywhere. He then calls Roxy and tells her he needs her “help” with something.

When Marty tells Todd that Natalie is dead, he reveals to her that Natalie is in the hospital getting better after getting banged up and is alive and well. She tells Todd no. That will ruin everything.

The original Todd dressed like a guard ready to escape from the institution after knocking the guard out and taking his uniform.

Robert tells Aubrey he does not buy that she cares about his child or Joey or anybody else. And he is going to petition for custody. If he thinks he’s going to sacrifice his son for her to keep a husband that she didn’t even want, she’s got another thing coming. He gets up to go and contact his lawyer. But she asks him to wait and tells him she knows how maybe they can help each other.

Joey confesses to Kelly that he regrets pushing her away. And part of the reason was that he was afraid of giving them another shot. But then he realized that his real fear was watching her in the ER and the possibility that would lose her. And that is when he knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Hearing that, she admits that for the longest time that was all she wanted and all she dreamed about.

Shaun tells Todd he believes that Tomás dropped the syringe in Todd’s hospital room for a reason. And he believes the guy is real trouble. It’s a bit weird that Todd first believes Tomás tried to kill him and then invites him to live in Todd’s home. John agrees with that and knows there must be an unknown why that is happening.

Blair talks to Tomás about the two of them getting closer and developing trust. They are inside Todd’s home and she looks at the paper about Marty kidnapping Natalie’s baby. She talks about how that is despicable if she has done that and if anybody is helping her. She heard that Todd got accused of helping Marty kidnap baby Liam and she doesn’t believe it for a minute. And she talks about Marty’s son, Cole Thornhart. Hearing that, Tomás reveals that he knows Patrick Thornhart.

In Natalie’s room, Roxy goes to see her daughter and reveals she believes that Natalie and John can get back together soon.

Aubrey tells Robert that she can let him spend time alone with baby Ryder as long as he does not try to break up her marriage with Joey or make trouble for her. But he does not want to trust her and calls his lawyer. Yet she tells him that she can help him see Ryder. She has the baby right there and leaves him alone with Robert although she doesn’t know what she is going to tell Joey.

Joey is with Kelly wanting to get back with her. But she is not ready. He tells her that he is not going to give up on them and will give her as long as it takes for her to believe in him again. And he kisses her. He then departs to go home.

Tomás asks Blair how she knows Patrick and Cole Thornhart. She informs him that Patrick was killed by some foreign terrorist and she does not think Marty ever got over the loss of her husband. Tomás knows he has to rush off and take care of some secretive business. His friend calls him and he confirms that they both knew Patrick Thornhart. Tomás tells him that something has come up and they need to call in a favor.

Marty panics when Todd informs her that Natalie survived and is going to be out of the hospital soon. She asks him if he is lying just to scare her and reminds him that she is in the possession of a certain disk. He then realizes he has to “cooperate” with what she wants and not prevent her from keeping the baby.

Natalie tells Roxy she needs to find a way to get out of her hospital bed.

Original Todd finds a way to get out of the security locked building and walks out unseen. He then pulls out the gun and hides.

After Robert takes baby Ryder back to his home, Joey finds Aubrey at Buenos Dias and tells her she was supposed to be watching Ryder. Where is he?

Blair tells John that she trusts Tomás even if he does not. She tells him that they were looking at the paper and when he heard about Natalie’s baby getting kidnapped, he felt really bad about it even though he doesn’t even know her. And, she reveals to John, that they spoke about Marty and Patrick Thornhart and it sounded like Tomás knows Patrick.

Tomás finds Todd and tells him that he has a secret about Patrick Thornhart. He has a plan to get Marty back with him. Todd asks Tomás how he plans to get Marty back with her dead husband. Tomás then reveals to Todd that Patrick is not dead. He is alive.

Natalie manages to escape from her hospital room when Brody discovers she’s gone. She stumbles on crutches and can barely walk but is determined to find out what happened to her baby.

The guards in the institution where original Todd has been kept appear as though they have also imprisoned Patrick Thornhart. And they announce to Patrick that it’s “his lucky day”.

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