OLTL Update Wednesday 6/1/11

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 6/1/11


Written by Raul
Pictures by Juanita

Tess is locked in a padded room and screams out “I’m coming for you, Cutter” as she struggles to stand up in her straight jacket. Suddenly she sees someone approach and to her surprise its Robert Ford dressed as an orderly.  Tess demands that Ford untie her but Ford demands to know her secret regarding Cutter and Aubrey. Tess only offers to tell him once she out of St Ann’s but Ford says no dice and threatens to leave her there.  Tess finally reveals that Joey’s marriage is a sham and that Aubrey and Cutter are not brother and sister. Ford then tells Tess he can’t help her escape because it would compromise his custody case with Ryder. Tess is devastated as she feels she has been double crossed again. Ford leaves Tess behind but as he hears her screaming, “Please don’t leave me." He returns to untie her but before they can slip out the door, they are discovered by another orderly who promptly throws Ford out.

Aubrey orders Cutter to leave and take his money but he happily announces that the Buchanan Mansion is now his and gives Joey, Aubrey and Rama an hour to vacate the premises. Aubrey who is in disbelief that Clint would hand over his home to Cutter realizes that this was all about revenge for her falling in love with Joey.   When Aubrey professes her love for Joey he makes it clear that he hates her and only allows her to come to Vicki’s home for the sake of the custody agreement. Rama turns on Aubrey and accuses her of betraying Cutter and tells her how everything will come crashing down on her when Jessica returns to take care of Ryder and then Joey will have no use for her.  Aubrey reminds Rama that it was her greed that sent Vimal to jail and that she wanted him gone so she could sleep with Cristian Vega. Outraged Rama slaps Aubrey who responds with a slap of her own. A huge cat fight ensues as Rama pulls out a chunk of Aubrey’s hair. Cutter looks on enjoying every moment of the battle. Joey walks in and breaks up the fight. Aubrey leaves the room to help Joey with Ryder. Meanwhile Rama makes it clear to Cutter that she is not leaving the Mansion because she knows his secret. When Cutter tells her that everyone know the secret that he and Aubrey are not brother and sister, Rama replies that she knows another secret that even Aubrey doesn’t know.

At Clint’s hospital room Rex lashes out at Clint and tells him that he doesn’t want to be acknowledged by him. Rex continues his barrage of insults towards Clint telling him that if their all lucky he will die in prison. As he makes this comment Clint’s heart monitor alerts that his heart has stopped. Vicki enters the room and calls out for a Doctor as Rex is stunned by the sudden development. A defibrillator is brought in to stimulate Clint’s heart and while they are successful the Doctor tells Vicki that he will not survive for much longer if he doesn’t receive a Heart Transplant. Rex is shocked by the news as he had no idea that Clint was on his death bed. Rex feels guilty for what happened but Vicki assures him that the latest incident was not his fault.

Outside of Matthew’s room Dani and Destiny try to find out what Matthew’s condition is as they are being left out in the dark. Dani consoles Destiny as she fears the worst. Nate arrives at the Hospital much to Dani’s surprise as he tells her that he is there to support her and Destiny during Matthew’s illness. Destiny later overhears the Doctor telling the nurses that Matthew is not going to get better. Destiny is inconsolable with the latest news. Dani convinces Nate to go back to work that he has done enough. Suddenly Nate has a flashback to when he punched Matthew which caused him to fall back and hit his head.

Rick is sitting in the Buenos Dias Café bemoaning his string of bad luck, when he spots Deanna entering the restaurant. Deanna is leaving a message for Nate hoping to get an update on Matthew’s condition. Rick invites her to join him at his table where he attempts to get her to reconsider starring in one of his porno movies. As he makes her an offer to let her pick her own leading man, Nate arrives looking sick as he run’s into the kitchen. Deanna spots Nate and follows him as he confesses to her that Matthew is dying and that he killed him. Rick is shocked as he happens to overhear Nate’s confession.

Matthew’s doctor informs Bo and Nora that his condition is worsening. Bo and Nora point to Matthew’s strong heartbeat as proof that he is doing better but the doctor points out that Mathew has no brain activity. Bo and Nora remain in denial as they refuse to believe that Matthew will not improve. Bo asks for another test to confirm Matthew’s brain function. The new test shows more brain activity, but the doctor tells Bo that there is very little blood flow to the brain which makes it a minimal chance that Matthew will recover.

While Matthew is undergoing his test, Nora takes out pictures of Matthew as a little boy and takes one of the pictures and tapes it to a cart in the room. Vicki walks in to Matthew’s room and keep’s Nora company. Nora tells Vicki that she knows Matthew will pull through but Vicki can sense that Matthew’s situation is very grave and that Nora is in denial.

Rex runs into Bo at the hospital and attempts fill him in on Clint’s condition but he quickly sees that something else is troubling him. Bo updates Rex on Matthew’s condition, and he confides that he is very concerned. Bo tells Rex that the doctor lifted Matthew’s eyelids to see the activity in his pupils and that they looked blank. Bo cannot get that image out of his head.  

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