OLTL Update Tuesday 5/31/11

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 5/31/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Nate panics and privately tells Deanna he is very worried hat he’s heard that Matthew was suffered a head trauma right after Nate decked him. He may have caused it. She tells him it may just have been a coincidence. Dani stands nearby not able to hear their entire conversation but asks what is a coincidence.

Viki calls Clint from St. Anne’s after Tess has been taken away against her will. She tells him that she owes him gratitude that he has made this happen. Clint gets off the phone while in his hospital room and informs Joey that Tess is finally in St. Anne’s. Joey asks if that means that Cutter agreed to their terms. Clint tells his son yes. It cost him but it’s finally done. SO, he concludes to Joey, he may tell his no good wife to take a hike. In response to that, Joey tells his dad he already has done that.

Back at Clint’s home, Rama cries and admits to Aubrey that she is afraid she is a hypocrite. She encourages all people to face the truth and be strong. But she was too much of a chicken to admit to Vimal that she is not really pregnant. Aubrey then informs Rama that she confessed the whole truth to Joey Hearing that, Rama tells her she does not appreciate Aubrey getting her thrown out on the streets when she has nowhere to go. Aubrey then informs Rama that she knew how to “motivate” Joey by reminding him if they split up, then Ryder will have to go to foster care. At that point, Rama is happy and encouraged to know that Aubrey found a way for them to continue staying at Clint’s. But Aubrey clarifies to her that she is not happy to have had to break Joey’s heart and lose him after he finds out that she and Cutter have been scamming him the whole time. Cutter then enters and asks if he heard his name. He tells her he knows how to turn that frown upside down with “good news”.

At St. Anne’s orderlies physically drag Tess while she fights and demands they let her go. Viki is not ok to see her daughter being forced but they tell her they must do this because she could be a danger to herself or others.

At Buenos Dias, Rex tells Gigi that he does not believe a word out of Clint’s mouth about anything including Clint’s admitting that he and Shane are his family.

At the hospital, while Bo, Nora and Destiny wait outside Matthew’s room, a doctor comes out revealing that she does not have good news. Noticing Destiny she tells her that unless she is a family member, they hospital cannot release any information to her.

The St. Anne’s staff tell Viki that they believe that Tess is violent. But Viki cries and tells them that she needs to see her daughter even if they advise against it. They let her in and wait outside the door. She goes into the padded room to talk to Tess.

Robert sits alone at Buenos Dias appearing to be very incomplete and missing somebody besides his son.

At Clint’s home, Cutter informs Aubrey that he finally got rid of Tess and affirms that he only married her in order to succeed where Aubrey failed in squeezing every dime out of her (Aubrey’s) husband. He shows her and Rama a big enormous account balance from Aubrey’s “generous father in law” that will have them set for life. Rama is happy but Aubrey is clearly not.

Joey informs Clint that he confronted Aubrey and told her he knew everything including her and Cutter being lovers and that she only married him in order to scam his family’s money. But, he informs Clint, she did not deny it and told him she is remorseful, regretful and really loves him. Hearing that, Clint scoffs and tells Joey he hopes his son threw that little bitch out on her butt. But Joey admits that he did not exactly do that.

At Buenos Dias, Rex tells Gigi he has gone to see Natalie and hoped he could sneak her in some food from the restaurant. Shane then walks in and tells his dad that he misses Dr. Buhari but is getting used to the new doctor who tells him she wants him to go back to Llanview High in the fall. Rex asks his son how he feels about that.

Dani enters to inform Nate that she and Destiny were at the hospital after finding out that Matthew suffered a serious head trauma. And they haven’t a clue where it came from. Destiny was the last person to see him before he passed out and she did notice he had a headache. Hearing that, Nate then panics and tells her he needs to know that Matthew will be all right. But Dani is puzzled that he would be concerned about Matthew knowing the two of them do not get along.

Shane tells his parents that September is a long way off and he’s sure he will be ok by then. Rex has to leave. Alone with Gigi, Shane tells his mom he does not think anything involving seeing a doctor or removing the MyFace account is going to change anything. No matter what happens, he will still be a loser.

Viki goes in to see Tess who tells her that even if she is Tess in a straight jacket, she does not need her arms or hands to hurt Viki. Viki tells her she needs to accept that she lost. And it’s time for Jessica to come out and be there for her children.

Cutter assures Aubrey that he intended to have Tess put in St. Anne’s after he found a way to get her parents’ money. Now, Jessica will come back and they will all be happy. She (Aubrey) can now stop playing Mrs. Cleaver and dump Joey. And she must know that he can give her everything she wants. But she is silent and not appearing happy. Rama tells her she must take the deal and realize that Joey hates her guts after she admitted everything to him so it’s pointless to try to salvage anything with that.

Clint tells Joey he hopes he did not buy that load of crap that Aubrey told him about loving him nor should he be intimidated by her threat about Ryder. Joey protests that he does not want his nephew in foster care and neither does Clint. Clint agrees but reminds his son that Jessica will soon get the help she needs at St. Anne’s and then come back to be a mom to Ryder and to Bree. And then Joey can kick that no good Aubrey to the curb. Joey tells his dad that is the plan however, he is a bit concerned about Clint finally coming clean and incriminating himself of all of the charges that could have him sent to prison. He demands to know what could cause Clint to do a 180 so suddenly. Clint is silent and not ready to tell his son that the reason is because he is dying.

Dani leaves Nate alone in the apartment. Alone with Deanna, Nate is worried and declares that he “did this” to Matthew.

The doctor tells Bo and Nora that they are doing everything they can to treat Matthew but they don’t have a solution. Destiny then rushes in and cries over an unconscious Matthew as he lies in the hospital bed hooked up to tubes and has a bandage on his head.

Joey asks Clint just what he had to offer Cutter in order to get him to “help” with Tess. Clint grimly replies he had to offer him Asa’s home. Hearing that, Joey is upset to find out that in order to get his sister the help she has needed for months, Cutter has blackmailed Clint with that.. He then concludes that this is the one time he wishes he was more like Clint. In response to that, Clint tells his son he must never wish he was like his old man. Clint then coughs and appears ill. Joey asks his dad if he’s sure he’s ok. Clint assures his son he will get that baby of his. And he urges Joey to go and find Ryder a new home. Joey assures his dad he will. He tells Clint he needs to stay out of trouble because Ryder will need his grandpa.

At St. Anne’s, Tess asks Viki how she can say that Tess has “lost”. She reminds Viki she is still there and Viki’s precious little Jessica is not coming back. Viki will never see her again so Tess has won, she tells Viki. Viki asks her what she thinks she’s won. Tess replies she’s won her life back. Viki asks her what kind of a life she thinks she has. Tess tells Viki it will just be a matter of time before she gets out of St. Anne’s. Viki asks her why she would want to. She has no money, nowhere to go and nobody who cares about her. Except, of course, the people she despises. And, Viki tells her, she will simply fall into the hands of more men who just want to use her like Cutter and Ford. In response to that, Tess protests that Robert Ford never used her. Brody and Clint wouldn’t even let Robert see his own kid when all he wanted was to be with Ryder. In response to that, Viki asks if she detects that Tess has “feelings” for Robert Ford.

Robert sits alone at Buenos Dias overhearing Shane telling his mom that just because the kids can no longer see him on MyFace doesn’t mean they’ve stopped writing things about what a loser he is and how nobody cares for him. Just because he’s not in school, it has not stopped them from making cracks about how “wheezy” tried to kill himself and couldn’t even do that right. She then tells him that she won’t expect him to go back until he’s ready and assures him it will get better. They then hear that Gigi is needed in the kitchen so she leaves. Robert then approaches Shane and tells him he couldn’t help overhearing the conversation about being bullied. And he informs Shane that he (himself) has been there also.

Rex goes to see Clint in his hospital bed and Clint asks him how Shane is. Rex asks him why he pretends he cares. He reminds Clint that he (Clint) admitted that he was a murderer and DNA tamperer but couldn’t admit that Rex was his son. Clint tells Rex that is not the point. Rex then asks Clint what it is that Clint hates about him so much.

Destiny cries hysterically while the doctors tell her they must take Matthew to his room. Nora asks the doctor if her son is in any pain after the surgery. The doctor tells her not at all. Nora and Bo tell unconscious Matthew that he has to come through this and be all right. But they are worried. Destiny goes out into the hallway. Dani finds her and sees she’s crying and Dani asks her what has happened with Matthew. Destiny sobs and tells her the doctor wouldn’t tell her anything in front of Bo and Nora and that could not be good. Dani asks Destiny if she has any clue what might have happened. Destiny tells Dani she hasn’t a clue. She noticed Matthew had a headache when they last spoke. But it was just a stupid headache and she can’t understand how this could have happened.

Back at the apartment, Deanna asks Nate if he only punched Matthew once. He replies yes. But Matthew fell and hit his head really bad. Yet, he recalls only minutes later, Matthew was making excuses for himself for killing Eddie and seemed to be ok. She concludes that must mean that in no way is this “on him”.

Nora and Bo tell unconscious Matthew that they love him.

Cutter assures Aubrey and Rama that they are all good. He tells Aubrey he loves her. But she tells him she does not love him. She loves her husband. Joey then walks in to overhear her telling Cutter that she is going to spend the rest of her life trying to make it up to Joey.

Rex reminds Clint that Clint told him that the reason why Shane was being bullied is because Rex was a lousy father. Rex tells Clint if that is true, it’s because of Clint.

At Buenos Dias, Robert Ford shows Shane a picture of himself when he was a freshman and tells Shane he keeps it in his wallet as a motivator for whenever he doesn’t want to go to the gym. Shane is really surprised to see an unflattering picture of Robert when Robert was his age. Robert explains that his father did not like spending money on decent clothes for his sons so they had to wear clothes from thrift shops. Shane notices that Robert looked really skinny. Robert admits that his father did not like to spend money to feed his kids either. He talks to Shane about how kids made fun of him and put disgusting things in his backpack, held him down and made him eat garbage. Shane listens intently and tells Robert that is gross. Robert concludes that he was afraid that things would never change. But they did. Hearing that, Shane asks Robert how, as Gigi listens from inside the kitchen.

Tess tells her mom the only feelings she has for Robert Ford is hate. And Viki should hate him too. He used Jessica like a blow up doll. Viki reminds Tess that he used her like an ATM. Hearing that, Tess protests that it’s not like Robert got any “Usage” of anything. All he got was diapers and formula and he only wanted to be with that kid. Viki then questions if Tess might have feelings for Robert. Tess tells Viki she had a lot of fun. And one of the most fun things she did was sending Viki the text picture of Charlie playing tonsil hockey with Echo. She asks Viki how it made her feel to see her husband having sex with the same woman who took Clint from her years ago. It caused her to flip out didn’t it?. Tess concludes that Viki’s husband did not put her in this place. And why is that? Maybe it’s because Charlie doesn’t “love” her. If he did, Tess tells Viki, the two of them (Viki and Tess) would be “roomies”. Right? Viki tells Tess that she always lashes out and Viki the most when she’s afraid that Jessica will come out. Tess tells Viki that is absurd. She will not let Jessica out. She finally has her life back and has paid a very high price for that. She tells Viki she’s let way too many filthy pigs near her. She remembers Norman Leeds putting Jessica on camera for any sex offender to see her. Hearing that, Viki shamefully tells Tess how sorry she is for that and she protests it was not herself that did that. It was Nikki Smith Tess reminds Viki that Nikki Smith is a part of her. Is she not? Viki tells her yes. Just like she (Tess) is a part of Jessica. She loves Jessica. And since Tess is part of Jessica, Viki admits to Tess, she loves her too.

Robert tells Shane that the one thing his dad did for him that he’s grateful for is getting him a summer job in the mechanics shop when he was in high school. He won people over and made friends and earned respect for his hard work. And by the start of school the next fall, nobody messed with him again. Shane asks how he made the transformation. Robert replies he went to the gym and developed his body. He admits to Shane that at time, he still got threatened by some of the guys. Shane asks why. Robert tells Shane that the guys did not like him because the girls did. Hearing that, Shane listens in awe. Robert tells Shane if he ever wants any work out tips, he is Shane’s man. Gigi then asks Shane to go and eat dinner that she’s made for him and she to Robert alone. She tells him that she overheard his conversation with her son and appreciates his encouragement. She tells him she still thinks what he did to Jessica was wrong. But she believes he deserves to get Ryder back and is a good dad. He thanks her but reveals that he is “incomplete” about something and goes out the door.

When Aubrey declares to Cutter and to Rama that she loves Joey and wants to make things up to him, Cutter smirks and tells Joey that he heard that line too. They used to laugh behind his back about all the times she pulled the wool over Joey’s eyes. Hearing that and seeing that Joey is becoming angry, Aubrey urges Cutter to stop it. He then tells Joey if he had a dime for every time he nailed Joey’s wife behind Joey’s back, he’d be richer than all of the Buchanan’s. Joey then hauls off and decks Cutter and is ready to beat him to a pulp while the women urge him to stop.

Clint tells Rex that he was concerned about his “grandson” and wanted to reach out to Shane. Rex tells Clint that maybe he (himself) is a lousy father. He admits to Clint that he handled what happened to Shane by having his goons go and assault Jack Manning. He can sink as low as Clint. But, he tells Clint, he knows he is not capable of being as worthless of a father as Clint is.

After Viki declares that she loves Tess, Tess knows that she might buy that Jessica has come back but calls her bluff. Viki then asks the guards to let her out and walks out discontented.

Destiny asks Bo and Nora if the doctors cannot fix what is wrong with Matthew. They all want to have hope but are scared.

Nate is very worried to find out that Matthew’s condition is fatal and tells Deanna he needs to go to the hospital to find out what has happened.

The doctors come out to tell Bo, Nora and Destiny that they cannot promise that Matthew will be ok.

Aubrey and Rama attempt to pull Joey off of Cutter. Aubrey tells Cutter he needs to get out of their home and leave them alone. But Cutter holds the house keys in his hand and announces this is his home and he is not going anywhere.

Tess is in the straight jacket struggling to get out.

After Shane has talked to Robert and heard his inspirational story, he asks his mom if they could pay for gym membership. She tells him perhaps they can.

Rex admits to Clint that he may have failed to prevent those bastards from tormenting Shane; but at least he will not let himself or his son turn out anything like him. He tells Clint he wants nothing to do with him. His pity party may have worked with Bo to prevent sending him to prison. But Rex does not buy it. All Clint’s “confession” on television is going to do is buy him more time in Statesville. Clint then coughs while Rex tells him he hopes he dies. Clint goes into cardiac arrest, and his machine indicates he is dying. Viki walks in and is shocked. Rex hasn’t a clue what is going on.

Destiny and Dani attempt to overhear what the doctors are telling Bo and Nora about Matthew. She tells them she’s sorry they are not seeing brain activity.

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