OLTL Update Friday 5/27/11

One Life to Live Update Friday 5/27/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

After original Todd tells the man he refuses to give him the information he knows or confirm what he remembers about his “life”, they hook him up to electrical currents that cause him terrible pain. And he cries admitting that he has a daughter and her name is Starr. The guy comes in and asks original Todd if he wants to see his daughter again. If so, then original Todd needs to tell him what he needs to know. Original Todd replies that Starr has a mother and her name is Blair.

Blair is ready to get naked with Tomás. She is happy as he tells her she has a great body and is just like a fine musical instrument. They kiss and are ready to sleep together.

Todd informs Téa that Kelly has run his newspaper into the ground while he was in the hospital. She reads the news about Marty kidnapping Natalie’s baby. And she remarks that she cannot believe that Brody Lovett would accuse Todd of knowing something about it and/or helping Marty to kidnap baby Liam. Hearing that, Todd wants to “distract” Téa and she can see that he does not want her to see or know something.

Starr is ready to sleep with James but she hesitates admitting that she’s only been with one guy before him. She’s a little nervous and it’s like her first time all over again. He tells her that he was only with one other person also and it feels like his first time. He tells her that he’s been thinking about this moment a lot and wants to make everything good for her and make her happy not just tonight. He declares that he loves her. She smiles.

At Buenos Dias, Dani tells Destiny that she was right that if Nate ever found out that Matthew killed Eddie and let Nate take the rap for it and said nothing so she agrees that Nate must never know (although they are unaware that he knows from overhearing them talking about it). Dani then wants to find out about Destiny and Matthew sleeping together the one time. Destiny tells her that she thought that it was just about Matthew being upset and one thing leading to another, Matthew later admitted to her that it did mean something to her. And now that Clint is confessing so that Matthew might not have to go to prison for murder, she and Matthew might be able to be a couple just like Dani and Nate.

Nate talks to Deanna alone at the apartment about his going to confront Matthew about shooting Eddie. He overheard Destiny and Dani talking about knowing it was Matthew who shot Eddie and let him take the rap for it. But if they find out he already knows and went to assault Matthew, it might not turn out well.. And he might lose Dani. She urges him to come clean and admit to what happened if he does not want to lose Dani

Matthew is in surgery when Bo goes to check on his son assuming that everything will be ok. But they tell him things are a little more complicated than they had previous thought. He goes back to admit to Nora that they did not tell him anything “useful” about what happened to Matthew or if he will be ok. They both wonder how or what happened to cause Matthew to have an injury a few days ago. The doctors confirm that it was only a few days ago when he would have suffered a blow to the head in order to cause this. She wonders if Matthew might have fallen or gotten injured in basketball practice. Bo confirms if it was that serious, the coach would have contacted them. And they conclude that there might be something that happened to Matthew that he did not tell them about, involving somebody hurting him.

Todd makes it clear that he is keeping a secret from Téa.

Starr and James are alone enjoying intimacy.

At the hospital, Nora asks Bo if he believes that Matthew’s blow to the head might have been caused by someone doing that to him on purpose. He tells her that he wants to know what could have caused his son to be lying on this table fighting for his life. She then assesses that the last person who was with Matthew before he passed out was Destiny. SO maybe she might know something about it.

Destiny admits to Dani that she always thought that Matthew would be one of her best friends and kind of wanted more but realized it might never happen. But now it appears that Matthew might “really like her”. Right then, she gets a call from Nora asking her if she might know of something happening when she last talked to Matthew. Destiny replies no. Bo then informs her hat Matthew is in the hospital. Hearing that, she is shocked and asks Nora what happened. Bo replies that is what they are trying to find out.

Nate tells Deanna that he believes that Matthew should own up for what he did. But she reminds him that Clint has already confessed. SO going to the cops might not work. Plus Matthew’s parents are the police commissioner and DA. He admits that it might not work to tell them. But he knows of one person that might believe him.

Original Todd admits that he has another wife and her name is Téa.

The present Todd is ready to enjoy a romantic evening with Téa. She goes up the stairs and when he’s alone, however, he is waiting for a call back from Tomás. He wonders what Tomás is doing that is “so important”.

Tomás is ready to go at it with Blair when she reminds him that his phone is ringing. He sees a call from Todd. She asks if something is wrong. He does not know how to answer that.

When Starr is with James, she gets a call from her grandmother informing her that baby Hope is having nightmares and she talks to her little one and assures her that mommy is there.

Rama goes to see Vimal in prison and is having difficulty admitting to him that she is not having a baby and only made that up. When she gets ready to tell him, he is afraid that something has happened to the baby and informs her that he has told his parents that they will be grandparents. Hearing that, she asks why he would tell them. He tells her that although he has to let his family know that he has made a serious mistake and live with embarrassment, this is something he wants them all to know about to make them proud of him. This perfect creation that is her is going to give him a child. SO, he asks her, what was she going to tell him?

Destiny informs Dani that Matthew’s parents informed her that Matthew has suffered a serious head trauma and is in surgery. SO she has to get to the hospital and be with him. And she does now recall that Matthew had a terrible headache when they last spoke.

After Bo and Nora finish talking to Destiny, they conclude that it’s possible that he told her his secret and they haven’t a clue who she might have told. They cannot figure out what might have happened involving somebody else knowing that he shot Eddie. But Bo recalls Matthew telling them, right before he passed out, that even if they don’t tell anybody, somebody else knows.

Nate is on the computer ready to contact Access Llanview.

Tomás interrupts his moment with Blair telling her that he does have an urgent call. He moves out of earshot when he calls Todd. Todd makes sure he is not overheard and demands to know what took Tomás so long. He informs Tomás that this crazy woman named Marty Saybrooke is holed up in his home with a baby and a gun. He didn’t want to let her stay there but she has to hide from the cops and she knew how to “motivate” Todd not to tell anyone that she’s there. And he’s afraid that Marty might know something that could ruin both of them and everyone that they both “hold dear”. Hearing that Marty knows a secret about them both, Tomás tells Blair that he has a family emergency and has to go. He tells her he has no idea how long this is going to take. But he encourages her to stay there. She tells him he is “sweet” to go and take care of his family right now. She confirms that she is glad she decided to trust him and he-her. He leaves wondering what to do next. Alone in the hotel room, Blair asks if the universe is trying to tell her something. As soon as Tomás is out the door, he Todd to inform him he’s on his way.

Original Todd admits that Blair was his wife and he had another wife. He struggles and yells that he has a daughter and her mother is Blair. Outside his room, there are two guys who assume that it’s too late to find out from Todd what they need to know.

Starr has to leave James to be with baby Hope. He is gracious and wants her daughter to be ok and they are ready to see each other again. She tells him she is sorry he had to blow his credit on a room. He encourages her to go and be with Hope. He is going to stay and watch some cable TV and shower. And he admits he’s going to be a cold shower.

Nate writes on the computer that his father was murdered but not by Clint Buchanan. Right then, they hear a knock on the door. Deanna answers and sees Dani. She informs Nate that she was just with Destiny and found out something is going on with Matthew. He asks her what. She tells him Matthew is in the hospital in surgery. He has suffered a serious head trauma and doctors say somebody hit him in the head.

Destiny goes to the hospital to find Bo and Nora and asks if Matthew is going to be all right. They tell her they sure hope but have no assurance. They see how emotional she is and how close she feels to Matthew. Bo then asks her if there is something she wants to tell them.

Blair is alone in the hotel room watching television and drinking wine while Tomás is out.

Todd tells Téa that he has to go and help some new reporter at work who needs his hand held. She asks if he has to go to work at this hour of the night. He tells her he’s sorry and promises it wont’ take long. As soon as he’s out the door, Tomás appears and asks Todd what he expects Tomás to do. Todd then hands Tomás a gun and replies he may do anything he has to.

Rama informs Vimal that she is worried because the doctors told her she had to have an amniocentesis and she’s nervous about that.

James and Starr talk on the phone although apart. They both lie in their beds and are ready to be together soon.

Todd returns to Téa feeling “confident” and wants to go upstairs and make up for lost time with her. But she asks him to wait a minute. She tells him that those last few weeks when he was in the hospital were the worst moments of her life. She urges him to never do that to hear again. She cries. He hold s her and remembers Tomás warning him that they could both “lose everything they hold dear”. Tomás then calls Blair and tells her he’s sorry he won’t make it back to the hotel tonight. He tells her he’s not worried but needs to “stick around and make sure everything is under control”. He then pulls out the gun that Todd gave him.

After Dani informs Nate that Destiny informed her that she heard that Matthew is in the hospital and doctors believe that somebody assaulted him, Nate is worried that he could be the cause of what happened to Matthew.

Bo and Nora wait to find out what happened in surgery. The doctors come out with the verdict. But we don’t hear it.

Original Todd sits strapped to a chair crying and yelling and struggling as he remembers his wife Blair and his kids.

The guy outside tells the warden that they must now get rid of “any trace’. They have no choice except to “dispose of him”. Original Todd confirms that he is Todd.

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