OLTL Update Thursday 5/26/11

One Life to Live Update Thursday 5/26/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Rama is distracted at Buenos Dias when she does not notice Cristian asking her if she wants more coffee. She talks about how great it is that he helps his mom out at her restaurant. She remarks that she usually doesn’t stay out drinking coffee this late but she cannot sleep with Vimal stuck in prison. He tells her he happens to know that after Clint has confessed, Vimal will be cleared of the charges soon. Isn’t that good news?

Téa goes to see Vimal when he tells her that he should be free. But she tells her client she’s afraid it’s not that simple.

Roxy goes to visit Natalie in her hospital room and hugs her distraught daughter when she sees that Natalie is crying after her baby being kidnapped by Marty. And she assures Natalie that she knows how to get Liam back.

John and Brody are at the station brainstorming to find out where Marty could have taken baby Liam and who might know. Brody tells John he heard that Todd Manning might be a “source” to them in finding out the whereabouts of Marty and went to find out.

When Todd steps outside his door, Marty appears out of nowhere, smiles and acknowledges him.

Roxy tells Natalie all about how much fun she had attending the Barry Manilow concert. But she tells her that she was not going to abandon her daughter after finding out that that head case took her grandchild. And she assures Natalie that Marty will not be able to hide for long. She tells her have no fear because Roxy is here. She tries to cheer Natalie up although Natalie is very upset and despondent.

Outside Todd’s home, Marty reveals to Todd that she has baby Liam with her and tells him that the two of them were just looking for a little hospitality.

At Buenos Dias, Rama tells Cristian she doesn’t know what Clint Buchanan’s confession will mean to Vimal. She tells him that normally she would be overjoyed. Having him released will only solve one problem. She still has another one and it’s staring Christian right in the face.

Vimal tells Téa that she must know that Clint Buchanan threatened him. He must be cleared and get out of there because his wife is expecting a baby.

Rama then tells Cristian that if her husband gets out and finds out she is not really pregnant, it will ruin everything.

When Starr and James go to the hotel to be alone assuming they will not be seen or known by anyone, they run into Blair and Tomás. Starr knows she must cover up to her mom the fact that she and James are going to have sex. Blair tells them that they may do what they want as she does not want Starr to know what she is about to do. She sits at a private table with Tomás talking about how they are going to make their private encounters private and how they explain what they might have if they see each other again.

When Todd observes Marty with baby Liam, he tells her that he can find her a padded cell and is not about to harbor a baby kidnapper. She tells him he might not have a choice and should not assume that she’s going to be locked up or be in any trouble. He reminds her that she cut up Kelly Cramer and murdered her shrink. She sounds pretty crazy.

Roxy tells Natalie she thinks that Madame Delphina can help her. Natalie cries and tells her mom that she needs law enforcement. Not some crazy psychic. Roxy tells her she also needs to get her kid back. She knows of the magical powers that Delphina has. She knows that John is a great cop but he cannot see threw walls and he cannot bend spoons just by thinking about it. Natalie tells her mom she doubts that Delphina can either. Roxy reminds her daughter that Delphina helped Rex and Gigi get back together against all odds. She assures Natalie that she will get her back with John.

Brody informs John that he put both Todd and Téa in handcuffs and searched their home in order to find Marty Saybrooke or baby Liam but did not find them. John then reflects to Brody that this would not be the first time that Todd would be hiding Marty in his home.

Marty tells Todd that if she and Liam stay in his home, nobody will even know they were there. He tells her he’s not about to host a bed and breakfast for runaways. He gets on the phone and tells her he will call Brody Lovett to tell him she is there. But she firmly tells him she would think twice about making that call if she were him.

Starr and James have a romantic meal and are ready to enjoy their evening but she is feeling awkward after having run into her mom. She tells him that maybe they can wait a few minutes until her mom and Tomás are done with their drinks and gone. And then they can go upstairs without being seen by anyone.

Tomás asks Blair if she thinks her daughter disapproves of the two of them dating. Blair tells him Starr has indicated the opposite and encouraged her to go for it. So she asks Tomás if he could just wait until Starr and James leave before they go upstairs alone.

At the station, Brody and John are wondering why Todd would have any incentive to want to help aid and abet Marty kidnapping his sister’s grandchild. John stares silently not knowing the answer but somehow knowing that there must be a reason why Todd would hide Marty.

Marty pulls a gun on Todd and tells him he needs to put the phone down so she can make it worth his while to let her and Liam stay with him. He asks her if she intends to shoot him. He reminds her that someone just put a bullet in him not long ago and did not kill him. She is much closer and could get an easier shot. He tells her if she really wants to do it, she may take her best shot.

John tells Brody he remembers Todd getting a court order to keep Marty away from her own granddaughter so he would need a very compelling reason to want to help her now. But he tells Brody he would like to go and talk to Todd. Brody tells John while John does that, he wants to go and see Natalie.

Natalie tells Roxy she believes in science and things you can prove with physical and concrete evidence like samples and fibers and other tangible things. She doesn’t believe in psychics. Right then, Delphina enters and Roxy welcomes her and tells her she is so grateful that she wants to help her and Natalie. Delphina tells Natalie she is sorry to hear about her kid. She may not be able to promise anything but she can talk to her consultants from the spirit world. She asks Natalie if she has anything that belongs to her little boy. Natalie tells her yes and gives her a baby sock that was left behind when Liam was taken. Delphina then holds and puts the sock up to her face and tells them she knows there is something involving a gun.

Marty tells Todd that she has other ways to motivate him besides resorting to violence. He asks her just what she means.

Blair and Tomás are sitting together wondering what they are going to do next. She wants to kiss him but is to fixated on watching Starr and James. He comes up with a plan involving him going up to a room alone so that it will appears that he’s gone. And then when she appears to be alone, she can sneak up there and meet him. Not far away, Starr and James are planning a similar meeting.

Roxy and Natalie ask Delphina what is involved in somebody having a gun around baby Liam. She assures them she knows that Liam is in no danger although he has wet diapers. Natalie asks her if she can see where her baby may be or who he is with. Delphina replies she sees a woman with a lot of “static” going on in her head. They know that is Marty. Delphina tells them she also sees another individual although it’s kind of unclear who it is or what Marty’s connection to this person might be.

Marty tells Todd she knows all about the secret of his identify. He smirks at her and tells her she’s whacked. She points the gun at him and tells him he better not lie to her. She is on to him.

Tomás departs from the table where he was at with Blair. Starr finds her mom and asks if she had a good evening with Tomás. Blair replies yes. Tomás had to go. And she asks her where James went. Starr tells her mom that James is going to take her home and has gone to get the car from the parking garage to meet her. They then both agree to go their separate ways. Starr gets on an elevator and is startled to see Tomás. Blair then gets on another elevator and is shocked to see James.

Vimal tells Téa that his wife convinced him to take the rap for Clint Buchanan. And he understood why. IT was all for their baby.

Roxy tells Delphina she does not like to think of two whacked people around her baby. Natalie asks if she can tell her what type of place Liam is nearby. Delphina then tells her she can see some “daddy energy”. She knows that baby’s father is not far away and determined not to give up.

At the station, Brody and John are admitting their awkwardness regarding the baby that John hoped was his but is actually Brody’s. Brody tells John he appreciates John putting his personal issues aside to work so hard to find Brody’s son. John tells Brody it’s part of his job.

Marty tells Todd she happens to know that he and Tomás Delgado were talking about some “secret disk” that would reveal many secrets about Todd that he does not want anybody on the planet to know about. Todd was ready to shoot Tomás but Tomás persuaded him not to do that because of Tomás died, then a copy of the private disk would go to Téa and Todd’s family and expose something Todd does not want exposed. Todd then walks away and gets on his computer and finds out that his disk is gone and demands that Marty tells him where it is. She tells him that she won’t give him up as long as he hides her. And right then, they hear John pounding on the door and demanding that Todd opens up.

Delphina knows that Brody is who they believe is Liam’s father. But there is something “screwy” going on there and she cannot put her finger on. Roxy assumes the only thing screwy is Marty Saybrooke who tried to kill her daughter. Natalie admits to Delphina that she fell and hit her head and doesn’t remember a very important part of what happened before, during and after she had her altercation with Marty. Delphina then touches Natalie’s head and knows that Natalie and Marty were arguing about something having to do with the baby’s father.

John then enters Todd’s home and Marty and the baby hide.

Téa tells Vimal she doubts that he can count on Clint Buchanan. But she assures him she will do all she can do in order to help him. She tell \s her that he will be so happy to be back with his wife and unborn child.

Cristian tells Rama that he’s sure that her husband will forgive her for lying about being pregnant and be grateful to be back with her. She looks at him with desire. He suggests she goes to Statesville right now to see him.

In the one elevator, Blair asks James if he is not going to get the car to take Starr home as Starr told her he was. He does not know how to answer that. In the other elevator, Starr tells Tomás she thought he was leaving the hotel and going home and the parking garage is downstairs yet he’s on an elevator going upward. He tells her he thought that she and James were just having some food and then he would take her home. Blair concludes to James that she won’t ask. She just wants him to be good to her baby and hopes that he is using protection. He assures her he will and won’t tell as long as she does not and he gets off the elevator. Starr tells Tomás that by the way, her mom is having some things going on and it’s really hard for her to trust anyone. She hopes that Tomás is everything he says he is. He tells Starr she need not worry. He will never hurt her mom. He then gets off the elevator and tells Starr that “for the record, he never saw her”. Starr and James meet up at their private room assuming they have made a “clean get away” and what her mom does not know will not hurt her. Blair meets with Tomás and declares what her daughter does not know will not hurt her.

Natalie tells Delphina that is a good start. If she and Marty were arguing about the baby’s father, she needs to know more. Right then, right “on cue”, Brody walks in. She demands to know if he found baby Liam. He tells her not yet but he will not give up. He demands to know why Delphina is there. She asks what he is doing there and tells him that “This situation” has nothing to do with him.

When John goes to confront him, Todd tells him that Officer Lovett could get charged with using excessive force barging into their home and making wild accusations. John tells him that Brody is under a lot of stress given what has happened. Todd tells him that Brody has no right to handcuff Todd and his wife to the railing of their staircase to search their home without a warrant. John then somehow knows he better stay in Todd’s home because of “something”.

Roxy protests to Delphina that Brody has the right to be there. He is the baby’s father. But Delphina somehow knows that is not true. Brody tells Delphina she needs to take her little supernatural powers in for a tune-up. She tells Brody maybe when she tells him where to find his kid, he won’t be such a smart ass. Natalie then informs him that she gave Delphina Liam’s sock and she seemed to know something. Natalie and Roxy tell Brody that Delphina was going to help Natalie to get her memory back about the secret that she and Marty were arguing about. Delphina then tells them that she cannot. Something “threw her off” when this guy walked in. Brody smirks and tells her she is a fake. She asks Brody if he knows so much then why was he kissing his fiancé’s sister? Hearing that, Roxy assumes that Delphina is mistaken about that. But she sees, from Natalie’s and Brody’s expression that it is true.

Starr and James confirm that they are finally there, finally alone and this is it. He tells her this is just the beginning and they kiss.

Téa is having coffee alone at Buenos Dias when Cristian tells her he knows that she is representing Vimal Patel. She asks if he knows Vimal. He tells her that Vimal’s wife was just there and he would like the two of them get some good news. She tells him she would hate to see a man in prison who’s wife is pregnant. Hearing that, Cristian turns away knowing that there will be some consequences when Vimal still does not know the truth about that.

Rama goes to see her husband in Statesville and all he can talk about is getting out of prison to be there with her, watch the baby grow inside her, put his hand on her belly and have all the joy of fatherhood. She then appears worried and admits there is something she must tell him.

Roxy asks Natalie and Brody if it’s true that the two of them kissed. Delphina tells them she must go. Brody then asks her if she “knows” something. She then asks if he does not still believe that she is a fake. He asks her if she knows something about Todd Manning. She replies yes. She does in fact see Todd.

While Marty hides from John in Todd’s home, Todd tells John if the cops do not stop harassing him, he will get a lawsuit and bury them. And he slams the door in John’s face without giving Marty up.

Delphina admits to Natalie, Roxy and Brody that she does not have any more information beyond what she has told them. But they are all listening to her and in awe to see that she knows things that they did not know.

Marty tells Todd if he keeps his mouth shut, everything will be ok. If he does not, then his secret little deal with Tomás Delgado will be all over town and Todd will wish he were dead. She takes Liam into the other room and Todd does not argue.

Blair and Tomás are happily together in a private room and she admits she knows and trusts him much better now and they kiss. She asks him to wait right there and she will be right back. While he waits, his phone rings and he knows it’s Todd trying frantically to get a hold of him.

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