OLTL Update Wednesday 5/25/11

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 5/25/11


Written by Raul
Pictures by Juanita

Brody barges into Todd and Téa’s home. looking for baby Liam. and asks “Todd. where is my son?” To which he replies, in typical Todd, fashion “Which One? The one Robert Ford had with your fiancée, or the one you had with Natalie?” As Brody becomes more agitated with Todd’s comments, Téa attempts to defuse the situation, to no avail. While Brody’s temper continues to elevate, no one seems to notice that someone is watching them from the window. Téa goes into Lawyer mode and demands to know why Officer Lovett believes Todd would have any knowledge regarding Baby Liam’s whereabouts. Brody replies “because Bess told me so.” Todd finds this very funny and wants to know if Bess can tell him where his remote control is. After explaining that Jessica has another alter named Wes, who told Bess, Todd can barely contain himself. After denying any knowledge of Marty and Liam’s whereabouts, Todd tires of Brody’s line of questioning and asks him to leave. Téa sympathizes with Brody and asks him to explain the Wes and Bess connection. Todd belittles Brody, telling him that he would love to get him in front of a judge so he could get laughed out of court. Brody asks for permission to search the premises and is denied by Téa since he does not have a search warrant. After several attempts to get Brody to leave, Todd pushes him. He promptly places Todd in a wrist lock and charges him with assaulting an officer. Téa, trying to intervene, is also handcuffed and charged with interfering with an officer. While Brody uses this opportunity to look for Marty and Liam, Téa expresses compassion for his predicament. Todd, meanwhile, protests that someone is going through their personal items, to which Téa responds“ I have nothing to hide, do you?” Todd does not answer. Brody comes up empty in his search and removes Todd and Téa’s handcuffs as he explains that since Bess is the gatekeeper, she never lies, so he was sure she was telling the truth. On his way out, Brody asks Téa and Todd to please contact him if they happen to see Marty or Liam.

Starr arrives a little early for her date with James, only to find lighted candles all along the apartment corridor. James greets her at the door. To Starr’s surprise, the inside of his place is decorated with a touch of Italy, specifically Rome. James explains that he wanted to so something special for her. When Starr asks why, he explains that it is the one year anniversary since they first met. Starr and James reminisce on that fateful meeting in the park, and she realizes how much James has come to mean to her. After eating a romantic meal together, James and Starr dance to imaginary music in front of a poster of Rome. They both share a passionate kiss, but James interrupts and tells Starr that something isn’t right.

Tess walks into Capricorn and spots Ford making out with Emily. She is clearly annoyed at what she sees. After Emily compliments Ford on his technique, Tess scoffs at her comments. As Ford and Emily continue in a lip lock, Tess continues to fume and flashes back to a passionate moment they shared back at his apartment. Tess can take no more and interrupts the two new lovebirds by sitting in between them and introducing herself as Ford’s wife. Ford quickly corrects her and refers to her as his ex –wife. Tess unloads a series of insults at Ford, trying to belittle him in front of Emily. Finally, Emily accuses Tess of being jealous. Tess of course laughs off the jealous comment but takes a few digs at Emily. (Maybe the lady doth protest too much.) Ford warns Tess that Cutter is using her; once he gets what he wants, she will be shipped to St Ann’s. Tess dismisses Fords comment. However, she pauses to think for a moment. Soon Ford realizes that Emily has left the building, and it’s just him and Tess.

As Tomás arrives at Capricorn, he locks eyes with Blair, who tells him that she is glad that Todd came to his senses. Tomás replies “I hope it’s catching.” Tomás grabs her hand, but Blair tries to excuse herself. However, Tomás will not be ignored. He looks into her eyes and tells her that he needs her. He recalls the first time he saw her picture and how he had to paint her. Once he saw her in person, she ruined him because then he had to have her. He confesses that he wants a life with her, and he believes she wants that, too. Blair continues to put up excuses, but Tomás will have none of that. He reminds Blair of their last date, when they were at Capricorn, locked in a passionate moment before they were interrupted by a phone call regarding Todd’s awakening. Blair says that things are different now, but Tomás continues the full court press. He points out to Blair that she is still attracted to him. After a little more verbal jousting, Blair tells Tomás that she has sworn off dangerous men. Finally, Blair relents and tells to Tomás to shut up and kiss her before she changes her mind. After a passionate kiss, Blair informs Tomás that they should leave because she wants him all to herself. As they leave Capricorn, both realize that going home is not an option.

Cutter pays Clint and Vicki a visit at the hospital, demanding to cut a deal for Jessica (and her alters) to be admitted to St. Ann’s. Vicki is appalled by his behavior and blasts Cutter for his ruthlessness. Cutter makes no pretences; he wants the biggest payday he can get. Clint asks Cutter what would happen if they decline his offer. Cutter responds by saying then he will sit on his hands and allow Tess to flourish and raise a whole army of alters for every one of her moods. Clint and Vicki look on in horror. Cutter reminds Clint and Vicki that Tess recently sprouted a new alter, so they had better get with the program. Cutter brags that Tess is waiting for him at Capricorn, thinking he is finalizing a business deal that will make them both rich. Seeing no other way out, Clint hands Cutter his proposal, which Cutter finds very appealing. Cutter then adds that he wants one more thing: The Buchanan Mansion! Vicki is infuriated with Cutter’s demands, but Clint knows that he is running out of time, so he agrees.

Starr and James arrive at the Palace Hotel. James explains to Starr that he wants this to be a special evening and doesn’t want to risk being interrupted back at the apartment. Starr tells James that he doesn’t have to take her to such an expensive place. James proudly announces to Starr that he knows the owner and is receiving a discount for the evening. Starr sheepishly refers to the owner as Renee and discloses that she used to live with her. While feeling a little embarrassed, James brushes it aside in anticipation of a special evening. Starr assures him, “It’s not like we’re going to run into anyone we know, and even if we do, it’s not like we have anything to be ashamed about.” They happily walk towards their room, but then they run into Blair and Tomás!

Cutter goes to Capricorn, much to Tess’s delight. She brags to Ford that her husband has just completed a lucrative business deal, and they plan on celebrating at a suite at the Palace Hotel. Vicki also arrives and tells Tess that isn’t going to be possible. Tess snidely reminds Vicki that she has no say so in her life and that this is good riddance; she hopes not to see her again. Vicki agrees that she hopes not see Tess again, either. Before Tess can respond, two men from St. Ann’s approach her. She realizes that she has been duped by Cutter. He tells her that it’s nothing personal; it’s just business. Tess curses at him. Before the men from St Ann’s can take her away, Tess latches on to Ford, pleading for help, and promising that if he helps her, she will get his son back. Tess is then carried away to St Ann’s. Cutter yells out to the bar, “I’m a millionaire ! The first round is on me!”

At the station house, another officer asks Brody if he found Marty or Liam at Todd’s place. He replies that he didn’t. When the officer asks if he believes Manning knows something, Brody doesn’t answer but looks thoughtful.

Téa receives a call to go to Statesville to see a client, so she leaves promptly, promising Todd that she will return quickly. Todd steps out onto the patio to get some fresh air. He hears someone approaching--standing in front of him is Marty Saybrooke.

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