OLTL Update Tuesday 5/24/11

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 5/24/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Blair is at Capricorn attempting to sing but getting discouraged. Starr enters and tells her mom she is very surprised to find out that her dad dropped the charges against Tomás Delgado and had a “change of heart’ about him. She asks her mom if she also has had a change of heart about Tomás.

When Todd and Tomás are alone, Todd tells Tomás that maybe he can silence his threats by killing him.

When the ‘original” Todd tells the guy that he does not know what he is talking about to have gotten the idea that he “took somebody’s brain” and cannot help him, the guy pulls a gun on Todd and declares that he is of no use to him.

Robert is getting off “work” dressed like a hot dog and going to the hospital. He sees a nurse in pediatrics who can see that maybe he is mourning the loss of a child.

Tess comes back when Brody is going to take her to the station until she tells him what she might know about Marty kidnapping his son. But Cutter appears and demands that Brody gets his hands off of his(Cutter’s) wife.

Clint is in his hospital room ready to “make amends” and is calling to find out how to get baby Liam back. Viki enters his room and demands to know what he is doing. He tells her that since he is dying, he has reason to behave a little different than he did when he did not believe he would die. She asks if hat includes confessing to a murder he did not commit.

Matthew tells his parents that even if Clint confesses and takes the rap for him and they can say it doesn’t matter since Clint is dying anyway, that does not mean that he will get away with killing Eddie. Somebody else knows. They ask whom. Before he an answer that question, he falls over and passes out.

Brody takes Tess to the station when her lawyer and Cutter tell him they can take his badge. He tells them he is not going to lose his badge and even if they want to make trouble, he will take his chances because his son is missing. Tess then tells him she will do whatever he wants if he does not put her in a cell. In response to that, he tells her ok. One thing she can do is let Wes out.

Robert talks to the nurse at the hospital who assumes he is a divorced single dad who is having trouble getting custody of his child. He tells her its’ a bit complicated. She then asks him if he’d like to join her at Capricorn. And it looks like she might be “interested” in him.

At Capricorn, Starr asks her mom to get real with what she may feel for Tomás. But Blair tells her daughter it’s not that simple.

Todd tells Tomás that maybe he can silence him by killing him. Todd’s “secret” will die with Tomás. But Tomás tells Todd that he might not want to do that. There could be more serious consequences.

Viki tells Clint that although she may believe that he’s done all the despicable things he’s confessed to, she cannot believe that he is capable of murder. He tells her that maybe she needs to think again. She then asks him to look at her and tell her that he killed Eddie Ford.

When Matthew passes out, Bo attempt to revive him and sees his pulse is normal and it does not appears that he has overdosed on the aspirin he was taking.

The original Todd tells the guy that he may go ahead and kill Todd. IF he does, he will never get the information he needs. The guy then confirms that maybe Todd does in fact know the answer to the questions. “Todd”(Roger Howarth) confirms that maybe he does.

Robert and his new “friend” go to Capricorn where she asks him how long he’s been divorced. He tells her hat he and Tess only got married because of the baby. She hated him, insulted him, told him what a loser he was and how lousy he was in bed. Hearing that, she concludes that he is not really “selling himself” to her.

At the station, Brody urges Tess to let Wes come out. She asks him what good he thinks that will do. HE tells her that Wes is his friend who will want to help him and he might be able to get through to him, at least much better than he can with Tess. The lawyer then tells Brody that he can only hold his client so long.

Bo and Nora take Matthew to the hospital. He is unconscious. Doctors examine Matthew’s eyes and are not certain what has happened. They admit that one minute he was talking to them and the next he passed out.

Téa runs into Viki who is coming out of Clint’s hospital room when Téa is ready to talk legal matters with Clint.

Todd holds his gun and asks Tomás what he thinks will happen if Tomás dies. Tomás tells him if that happens, then everything he owns and knows will go straight to his sister, including what Tomás knows about Todd.

In Clint’s room, he tells Téa that he has no intention of worming his way out of anything. He intends to accept full responsibility for all that he has done. She then asks why he is hiring her. He tells her it’s not to save his sorry hide. It’s to save his daughter Jessica and get baby Ryder back.

At the station, Cutter promises Tess that once the “seal this deal”, they will have the big bucks and all that they want and they will forget all about Jessica. But Brody is ready to take her to jail. Cutter does not want her to go to jail. But she tells Brody he may attempt to get Wes back. He then attempts to talk to Wes about the kid in Iraq that Wes knows Brody was responsible for the death of. Brody urges Wes not to let Brody lose another little boy And right then, it appears that a transformation has come over Tess. He asks if its’ Wes. She puts her hair up in a pony tail, takes somebody’s glasses to put on and declares that she is Bess.

Bo and Nora go to the hospital while the doctors wheel an unconscious Matthew away. Right then, he comes to and proves he can talk. His dad asks if he remembers or knows what caused him to pass out. Matthew replies that he got in the car with Cole Thornhart and had an accident and cannot feel his legs. He reveals that he is reliving becoming paralyzed.

Viki informs Clint that Robert Ford finally came to his senses after he lost the custody battle and was wiling to get Tess committed But before he could do that, Tess married Cutter Wentworth. Clint tells Viki he knows that Cutter wants to scam their family ad take their money. And he needs to consult with a lawyer whether their marriage is legal and if it could hold up in court. Because if not, then they can get Tess committed without any “help” from her husband.

Jessica is now Bess who behaves completely methodically and without emotion. She informs Brody that she cannot find out exactly where Marty may have taken baby Ryder. But she was able to “extract one name”. And that is Todd Manning.

Right then, original Todd confirms with the guy in his room that if he tells him what he wants to know, he will let Todd walk right out of there.

Starr reminds her mom that when she first met James, she knew noting about him except hat he was a car thief. She did not even know that he had an abusive father. Blair confirms that her daughter trusted James nonetheless. Starr confirms to her mom that she did not trust James right away knowing so little about him just like Blair does not completely trust Tomás. And things are still not perfect between her and James. His ex is always in the way. They rarely have any time together without Dani there or Robert Ford moping around about missing Ryder. She also remarks to her mom that she believes that Robert also misses Tess.

Robert then goes to Capricorn with Emma, the nurse from the hospital. And he tells her that he has been a player and a jerk for a long time. He got his ‘ex” pregnant but wants to turn his life around and be a good dad. She then asks him if he is really serious about changing his ways. He replies yes and asks why she is questioning him. She then confirms that he must not “remember” her as she “remembers” him.

Starr tells her mom that she knows she did take a chance on James. And maybe her mom needs to take a chance on Tomás.

Nora assures Matthew that everything will be ok. She informs the doctor that her son is talking about a car accident that happened a few years ago. The doctor tells him that this is a typical symptom of a head injury. Loss of memory and other things indicate that he has a very serious brain injury. They ask what has happened. She admits that she does not know the cause but Matthew has suffered a serious head trauma that has caused internal bleeding to the brain. Bo tells her that at least she caught it in time and his son will be ok. Is that not correct? She does not answer.

Clint admits to Viki that he has to make things up to Jessica.

At the station, after Bess is in control, Cutter urges Tess to come back She tells him he is “rude” and talks to him in a completely “robotic” manner, telling him that Tess turned to him after she sought revenge upon Robert Ford for something he did to Tess and Tess sought out Robert after something Brody did to Jessica. She concludes that they all made “colossal mistakes”.

Téa returns to Clint’s hospital room and tells him she did some checking and found out that unfortunately the marriage his daughter has with Cutter is a legally binding contract with all of the marital laws that he cannot do anything about. He tells her that he regrets what has happened ot Jessica because of him. Téa then tells Clint that even if she cannot do anything about his daughter’s marriage to Cutter, there are some things she can do to get the charges dropped against Clint. She remarks to Clint that he is still a “relatively young man” and asks if he wants to spend the rest of his life in prison. In response to that, Clint tells her he will give that some thought. She then announces she will now go home and make sure that her husband and brother have not killed each other.

Tomás tells Todd that “everything will be al right”. As long as Todd “cooperates”.

Starr tells her mom she knows that her mom was practically “glowing” that night when she was waiting for Tomás to show up.

At Capricorn, Emma tells Robert she knew him when he was in the hospital after he got assaulted. All of the female residents fought over who would give him his sponge bath and he came on to all of them. She remarks that he appeared so different than the way he is now with his need to be a dad and to stop at nothing to have his son back.

At the station, Cutter urges Tess to come out and Brody urges Jessica to come out. Brody tells Jessica she must come out for her children. She then turns her head to face him.

Original Todd asks the guy if he will actually let him walk out of the hospital room after 8 years. The guy confirms that if Todd gives him what he needs, he will be a free man. The guy admits that killing him wont’ get him what he needs. But he knows of something that will.

Tomás tells Todd he suggests that Todd puts that gun away and welcomes Tomás to stay in his home. Téa then walks in and knows the two men are in a conflict and demands to know what is going on.

Brody urges Jessica to come back. At that point, she’ s clearly Tess. Cutter is happy and she is not going to listen to Brody. The lawyer is ready to work with Tess and Cutter. Alone, he asks her to go and give herself a makeover and meet him later at Capricorn and tells her he will seal the deal and get them their money. He tells her he has to go and take care of some things. She wants to go with him. But he tells her that where he is going is “no place for a lady”. She tells him whatever he says. Before he goes out the door, she warns him that this is it. After tonight, she says good-bye to Llanview. He tells her they will say good buy to her family, to Aubrey, to the Jessica they knew before and also to Robert Ford.

At Capricorn, Robert admits to Emma that Tess likes to blame him for making a mess out of her life. Emma asks him if it was just a one time that thing that went wrong or does he really care for her? Blair observes Robert with another woman and tells Starr she bets he’s “back in the game”. Starr then gets a call from James and she asks if he misses her already.

At Todd’s home, he tells Téa that he “invited” Tomás to stay with them for some “added security”. And he pulled the gun on Tomás just to “bade” him. But Téa does not buy that.

Clint tells Viki that she was right to come down hard on him when she asked if he tampered with Jessica’s paternity test. She reminds him that she asked him a question and would like an answser; Did he kill Eddie Ford? Again, he evades the question.

The doctor tells tells Bo and Nora that Matthew needs to have immediate brain surgery in order to prevent permanent brain damage or death.

While Matthew is in his hospital bed, he believes he is living what happened over 2 years ago when he got into Cole Thornhardt’s car and became paralyzed.

Cutter goes to Clint’s hospital room after telling Tess he has somewhere “secretive” to go. He tells Clint and Viki that he is willing and able to cooperate with getting Tess committed and doing whatever they want. But there is a “price” to pay. He smirks.

At Capricorn, Robert sits at the table with Emma. She kisses him. And Tess enters, watches them and stares at them.

Todd tells Téa she needs to trust him with his recent decision to drop the charges against her brother. Right then, Brody enters. Todd asks him if the cops have found the person who tried to kill him. Brody replies no. He is there because he demands that Todd tells him where his son is.

The guy who is “administering” to original Todd tells him that if he does not cooperate he can hook him up to electrical devices that will make him want to cooperate. Original Todd tells the guy he may do it.

Matthew gets wheeled in for surgery. His parent tell him they love him and will be there for him. Alone with Nora, Bo holds her in his arms and she cries

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