OLTL Update Monday 5/23/11

One Life to Live Update Monday 5/23/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Todd asks Dani why her mom had to leave so fast in order to get her brother out of jail. Dani expresses to her dad that she is grateful to him for dropping the charges and “reconsidering” that Uncle Tomás shot him.

Meanwhile, Téa reluctantly and discontentedly represents her brother admitting she is doing her job but that does not mean she believes he’s innocent.

When Dani leaves Todd alone, Shaun approaches him and tells him he finds it a bit “odd” that Todd would have made a “mistake” of being so certain Tomás shot him if he, in fact did not. He asks Todd just which story was a mistake.

At Bo’s office, he asks Nora if she’s ok. She tells him it’s one thing for Clint to confess to what he really did but then to say he killed Eddie when he knows Matthew did is a bit mind boggling. She tells him that regardless of his reasons, she blames Clint for the shooting of Eddie Ford and how Matthew got provoked and all the despicable things that Clint has done. So if he wants to take “responsibility” for it, she can live with that.

Matthew is alone in the apartment with an ice pack on the back of his head ready to turn himself in before he gets arrested and taken to prison for murder. But Destiny enters and informs him that he need not worry that that will happen. Clint has confessed, she tells him.

Nate returns to his apartment and sees Deanna who can see that he is furious and she asks what’s up.

Joey returns to Clint’ home to confront Aubrey for the first time. She suspects nothing at first but tells him there is something she must confess and come clean.

John goes to see Kelly in her hospital room. She tells him she knows, as Dorian has told her, if he was not there when he was, she could have died. He saved her life. But he asks her if she remembers anything about what Marty said or did before she attacked Kelly and if Kelly might know something about where Marty went or what she did.

The “original” Todd remains strapped to a bed in a private hospital and talks to the guy who has an “agenda” with him. He tells Todd he knows that he “took” the mind of Todd Manning and they need it back. The guy asks him where he took it or whom he gave it to. Original Todd tells him he doesn’t’ know what he is talking about and he might be telling the truth. The guy asks original Todd if he gave his “mind” to John McBain.

Matthew asks Destiny why his uncle would confess to a murder he did not commit. Destiny suggests maybe Clint did it after all. But Matthew tells her he knows that’s impossible. He knows he shot Eddie. But she tells him it doesn’t really matter if Clint is taking the wrap for it. Matthew tells her even if Clint does want to take the wrap, others know that Matthew did it. She asks him just who else knows.

Nate tells Deanna that he just found out that that rich punk, Matthew Buchanan killed Eddie and let Nate take the wrap for it and wanted to get away with it. She asks him what he plans to do about it..

Nora tells Bo that regardless of circumstances, she is not going to let her son go to prison for murder.

At the station, Tomás asks Téa if she believes he tried to kill Todd. She tells her brother quite honestly, she doesn’t know what to believe anymore. He reminds her that her husband recanted his statement that he saw Tomás in the window. She tells him that it’s a little too coincidental and doesn’t make sense to her. He tells her that maybe Todd wanted to do the right thing. But she does not buy Todd’s most recent belief that Tomás did not shoot him.

Shaun tells Todd that he believes that Tomás tried to kill him. He knows for a fact that Tomás has a criminal record and all the motives and evidence points toward him. Todd tells Shaun that be that as it may, Tomás did not shoot him. He asks if they can drop it and goes to take a shower. But Shaun does not buy it.

Kelly tells John that Marty told her that she was the only person for John and he could not be with anyone else. She was ransacking through Kelly’s’ grocery bags to see what Kelly was going to do with John and told Kelly she does not know him. Not shortly thereafter, she noticed that Natalie was coming to his home. Kelly saw her. But that is all she remembers before she got stabbed. Hearing that, John tells Kelly that that confirms to him what he already knows. And he informs her that Marty tried to kill Natalie and kidnapped her baby.

Aubrey is ready to confess her wrong doings to Joey, now wanting to have a real relationship with him and hoping that he will forgive her and declare that he loves her as she now loves him. But he furiously tells her that she cannot love him when all along she was lying and scamming him. The woman whom he loved was doing this hideous thing to him and it’s irreparable. He stood up for to his entire family only to find out that she is a lying, scheming gold digging bitch.

Original Todd tells the guy he knows nothing about the files and has not heard of John McBain. But the guy demands that original Todd tells him what he needs to know disbelieving that Todd hasn’t a clue what he is talking about.

Kelly tells John she knows that getting baby Liam back is not just part of being a cop. She knows that it’s “personal” for him.

Joey tells Aubrey that she completely pulled the wool over his eyes and had him believing all of her lies and he was buying it all hook, line and sinker. She and Cutter have been plotting a plan and what he (Joey) had with Aubrey was all a lie. She then urges him to please let her explain. IN response to that, he asks her if she’s going to tell him that his suspicions are not true. But she admits that she cannot tell him that.

Destiny attempt to explain to Matthew that she urged Dani not to tell Nate or anyone Matthew’s secret. But when he finds out that Dani now knows, he knows how Nate found out. And at that point, it appears that Matthew is having some sort of head trauma.

Nate explains to Deanna that when he found out what Matthew pulled, he went to his home and decked him. She tells him what she does not understand is why did this kid kill Eddie? He replies that Eddie did some pretty bad stuff to Matthew’s mom. She agrees that maybe he should not mourn the loss of Eddie nor want to hurt the person who killed him. But he clarifies to her that it’s not about Eddie. It’s that Matthew kept his mouth shut, intended to get away with it, knew full well that Nate was going to be falsely accused and sent to prison for a murder he did not commit. But the spoiled little rich kid did nothing. He tells her Matthew has to pay for it and he will make sure that he does, one way or another.

Téa finds Bo and Nora and tells them that she assumes that they have Todd’s new statement that Tomás did not shoot him. Nora admits that they have been busy with something else. She tells them she would like all charges dropped against her client. But Bo tells her like hell they will.

At Todd’s home, Shaun asks Dani if she knows whom Matthew is having sex with if it’s not his little sister. She tells him she really doesn’t know about Matthew’s business. He tells her that his sister is too young to be having sex. He knows that Destiny was “sweet” on Matthew and hopes she’s now over him and won’t get her heart broken over him. Todd then returns and can see that Tomás was in his house when he was out. He furiously demands that Dani and Shaun tell him how they could let that no good piece of trash in his home. They are surprised to see how angry he is or why he’s angry with Tomás.

Joey tells Aubrey if she is telling him that she was going to confess right now, out of the blue that she set him up, it’s really convenient for her. She admits that he was hers’ and Cutter’s “latest mark”. He tells her he can see that they’ve done this before and at least “amateurs” didn’t take him. She tries to protest that all of the other men she and Cutter scammed were low lives that didn’t mean anything to her. But he is different. He emotionally tells her that she and this guy whom she had him believing was her brother were lovers. He was so stupid and gullible not to see right through it the way his father and Kelly both knew. Yet he wouldn’t listen. He treated Kelly so horribly although she was right about Aubrey from the start.

John tells Kelly that it may be “personal” that Marty not only attacked her. But she went after Kelly and took Natalie’s baby right from John’s apartment. She informs him that Joey came in not long ago, finally saw the light and apologized to her. John tells her he’s glad that Joey has finally come around. But she is less than content and tells him that it took her almost getting killed for Joey to smarten up. Dorian wants them back together. But it’s not going to happen that easily. She tells John she can see that he has feelings about Natalie beyond what he wants to admit.

Original Todd tells the guy that he did not take anybody’s mind. But the guy tells original Todd he just needs some names and shows him a picture of Tomás.

Shaun continues to grill Todd (Trevor St. John’s Todd) about what he might know but is not telling anybody. Todd tells Shaun that he was in a coma for quite some time and may not have known what he was talking about when he said he saw Tomás shoot him. He wanted to get Téa to leave Todd and Todd wanted to get Tomás deported. And he tells Shaun, by the way, he is fired. Shaun reminds him that he works for Téa and not for Todd so it’s not Todd’s call. Shaun and Dani both remind Todd that if he knows with certainty that Tomás did not shoot him, he should be a bit concerned about the real shooter out there and unidentified.

Téa protests to Bo and Nora that they only have circumstantial evidence against Tomás. Bo argues but Nora tells her husband that although it’s pretty obvious what Tomás did, it has not been proven. Bo tells Tomás that he will let him go for now. But if he finds out any more suspicion, he will bring him in. He won’t let Tomás get away with attempted murder. Alone with Bo, Nora tells him that maybe they need to drop it for now. And she admits that she can kind of see where Téa is coming from to want to protect somebody even if you know they are guilty. He tells her that whether or not Tomás pulled the trigger, he knows that Tomás knows a lot more about Todd’s shooting than he is letting on. And it “Burns him” when he has to “let someone get away with a crime”.

When Destiny notices Matthew having a headache, she goes to get him some aspirin and tells him maybe the headaches will go away when he no longer has to worry about going to prison.. But he is worried and admits to her that there is something he has to tell her.

Kelly tells John that one thing about their relationship is that they have both been completely honest with each other. She tells him that she thinks they can both call each other on their crap. She tells him that Marty may be completely crazy. But she’s right that he is not over Natalie just like she was not over Joey. She knows that neither of them has never truly gotten over the people they loved. He tells her it sounds like Joey has seen the error of his ways and she and Joey might get back together.

Joey angrily tells Aubrey he now can only imagine all the times she had to leave and “talk” to Cutter. It’s like the two of them couldn’t get into his bank account fast enough. So they had to cook up a scheme where Cuter would marry Joey’s mentally ill sister? So she could blackmail his father? She protests that she had nothing to do with the situation involving Tess. That was all Cutter. And she protests that she loves him. He tells her that he loves who he thought she was. But it’s too bad that “she” does not exist. She protests that yes she does. She is right there. He wanted a life and a family and a home with her. She wants that too. She does not care about the money. She just wants to be the wife that he wants and she urges him to give them a chance.

Matthew tells Destiny he has a secret to reveal but he appears to be having a terrible headache that won’t go away. She tells him he needs to know that he can confide inn her. She believes that his uncle gave him his future back. She remarks that his headache appears pretty. She’ll let him get some rest. She will go and make sure that Dani keeps her mouth shut and they will talk later. Destiny then goes out the door without giving Matthew a chance to tell her that Nate knows he killed Eddie.

Téa and Tomás return to Todd’s home. Téa hugs Shaun, Dani hugs her uncle and welcomes him home. Téa informs Todd that BO and Nora realized they had no choice but to drop the charges. Dani and Shaun leave Téa alone with her husband and brother and tells the two of them she knows that they are “in” on something. Not long ago they wanted to hurt each other. And now they are “best buds”? She demands to know what the hell is going on. But neither answers her.

Original Todd tells the guy in the hospital he does not know what “it” was that he could have given to somebody he’s never even heard of. He tells the guy he can’t help him with anything. But the guy tells him actually he has a much better idea.

Joey tells Aubrey she better not touch him. If she thinks he will stay married to her after this, she must think he’s an even bigger sap than the one she played him for. But she protests she does not believe he’s a sap. She tells him she loves him. He demands she stops because he does not care and is sorry he married her and sorry he ever met her. He wants her out of there tonight. Tomorrow, he will go to court and file for divorce and possibly annulment on the grounds of fraud. And then he will go to Kelly and beg her for another chance. He leaves and Aubrey cries.

Kelly tells John that she is not certain what to do with Joey. He tells her she deserves to be happy and wants her to concentrate on getting better. She gave him a scare, he tells her. She tells him she knew she was out but could feel everyone pulling for her and believes that is what saved her life. He tells her that sometimes faith can do what doctors cannot. She tells him she believes that love and good will can make miracles happen. And maybe that can happen to him and he can get what he wants and needs in his life back.

At Todd’s home, Téa tells her brother he needs to move out. He asks her to repeat what she just said. She sarcastically tells her brother and husband that since the two of them have suddenly become such friends, she would not want that to turn to hate so soon. So Tomás can go and find a room at Angel Square. She then gets a call and asks the others to excuse her while she leaves the room. Alone with Tomás, Todd tells him he will help him pack.

Destiny goes to find Dani and tells her they have to talk. She tells her she needs her not to tell anyone that Matthew killed Eddie Ford. Not even Nate. Before it may not have mattered since it was going to be on TV and there was no hope for Matthew. But now Clint has taken the rap so Dani cannot tell Nate.

Nate determines to Deanna that he is going to make Matthew pay.

Destiny urges Dani to realize that although Matthew killed Dani’s boyfriend’s dad, nobody will miss Eddie and this could ruin Matthew’s life.

Bo and Nora return home and Matthew demands to know why Clint took the rap. He doesn’t want his uncle to go to prison for something that he (Matthew) did. But at that point, Bo informs his son that Clint is dying.

Aubrey tells Joey he cannot divorce her. Not if he wants to prevent his nephew from going to Child Social Services.

Téa casually tells her brother and husband that she has to go and talk to Clint Buchanan about a legal matter. And she trusts that when she returns, her brother will be gone. She leaves. Alone with Todd, Tomás reminds Todd that Todd is no position to mess with him with what he (Tomás) knows.

John leaves Kelly’s hospital room and they have good wishes for each other..

Aubrey reminds Joey that the judge gave them temporary custody of Ryder because they are a “stable family”. And if they find out that Joey threw her out under these circumstances, Ryder will be sent to foster care. He asks her if that is a threat. She tells him she wants a chance. She loves him. And if he won’t do it for her, he must do it for Ryder.

Destiny and Dani go To Nate’s home. Nate informs them that Clint Buchanan confessed to killing his dad. Not knowing that Nate has overheard her conversation with Destiny that it was Matthew, Dani confirms that she believes it was Clint.

Matthew admits to his parents that even if he wanted to let Clint take the rap, he cannot. “Somebody else” already knows he killed Eddie. Hearing that, they ask who. And before he can answer, he falls over on the floor.

Todd tells Tomás if Tomás threatens him he could just kill him so he doesn’t have to worry about that.

The guy in original Todd’s room points a gun at him and tells “Todd” if he cannot help him, there’s no reason to keep him alive any longer.

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