OLTL Update Friday 5/20/11

One Life to Live Update Friday 5/20/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Clint goes on the news from his hospital bed with Blanca Morales and announces that it’s time to set the record straight about who murdered Eddie Ford. He announces it was himself. Bo and Nora rush to his room in an attempt to prevent Blanca from exposing Matthew before it’s too late. But they hear Clint’s “confession” and are speechless.

John goes to see Kelly hoping she will be ok and that Marty will get caught for attempting to kill her. He also has some very important things to confess to her.

Rex goes to see a very worried Natalie and assures his sister that the cops will not let Marty get away with kidnapping Natalie’s baby. Liam will be home soon.

But when John and Brody go to find Marty in her hospital room, it’s too late. She appears to have already left with baby Liam.

Dorian is at the hospital hoping that Joey and Kelly will get back together. But she is stunned to see Clint on television willingly talking to Blanca Morales.

Jessica is still Wes when she (or he) runs into Brody and John and wonders why they don’t’ seem to recognize “him”

The “original” Todd is alone in his room when attendants are ready to talk to him and make plans with him. Todd appears strapped to a bed wearing white clothes. The man tells Todd he knows that Todd has heard him. He tells Todd he will give him some time to find his voice. And then Todd has some questions to answer.

Blanca broadcasts Clint confessing to the murder of Eddie Ford. We then see Rama in Clint’s living room watching the show and appearing very surprised.

John and Brody find “Wes” in Marty’s room but there is no sign of Marty or of baby Liam. Wes asks John why he Wes asks Brody what his problem is seeing that Brody is very upset about something. Brody tells Wes he must help him find his kid. Marty took him and Wes needs to help him.

Natalie cries in her hospital room when she tells Rex that her son needs his warm socks. It’s getting cold. She is afraid that something is wrong. It appears that John and Brody had a lead but she has not heard anything even though hours have gone by. She appears like she is struggling to get out of bed. Rex urges his sister not to do that after she cracked many ribs. He tells her she mustn’t push it. But she tells him she cannot just sit there. She informs him that “their” father, Clint has offered a million dollars for the return of baby Lima. Hearing that, Rex tells his sister that sounds just like Clint.

Blanca asks Clint why he killed Eddie Ford. Clint answers that Eddie was a junkyard dog who did not do what he was supposed to do. He admits that he hired Eddie to do some dastardly “work” for him in including kidnapping Nora and having his ex wife Bo in order to sleep with him and break up their marriage. Clint admits that Eddie did those things for him but he concluded Eddie was trash and had to die. And right then, Clint admits that there are many things he has gotten away with that nobody knows about. Bo and Nora stand beside him and are speechless and shocked to hear him ready to confess to everything when Blanca and viewers are ready to hear all about it. She asks him to list the crimes he’s committed that nobody knows about until now. He then admits that he got his nephew David Vickers kidnapped and falsely imprisoned in Morocco. She asks why. We then see Dorian listening in awe as Clint admits that he wanted to prevent his gold digging nephew from taking his family’s money as well as keeping David from Clint’s brother, David’s father as well as keeping David away from his fiancé Dorian Lord.

Joey goes to see Kelly in her hospital room. She asks why he wants to talk to her, assuming he’s moved on with Aubrey. He tells her that he knows she was correct all along about what kind of person Aubrey was.

Clint then admits that he put Vimal Patel up to breaking into the DNA lab to falsify the DNA records of his biological son Rex Balsam as well as the paternity results of his two daughters. Rama watches television and hears as he admits that Mr. Patel took the fall for him and it was his doing. She asks him if he is now ready to admit that Rex Balsam is his son although he wanted Rex and Charlie Banks to falsely believe that Rex was Charlie’s son when he was not.

Rex asks Natalie what she knows about her altercation with Marty and how she got hurt. She admits that it may have had something to do with the tape that Dr. Buhari lost. He then realizes that that was the tape that he and Gigi mistakenly believed was Shane’s session with Dr. Buhari. She tells Rex she somehow knows the tape was Marty’s session but hasn’t a clue as to what it was about or where Marty may have taken her baby or any of the details. And she cannot remember that she found out that Marty falsified baby Liam’s paternity.

Brody tells “Wes” that he needs “him” to help him prevent Marty from kidnapping his son. Wes tells Brody he does not believe that Marty would kidnap a baby nor that she tried to kill anybody regardless of what Brody says. “He” tells Brody that he is not going to get Marty in trouble. He is Wes Granger and doesn’t believe everything Brody says about Marty just because Brody doesn’t like her. At that point, Brody grabs a hold of Wes and tells him that “he” is not Wes Granger. “He” is Jessica and he needs her to help him get his son back. Wes appears stunned not knowing what Brody is talking about.

Rex brings Natalie a strawberry vanilla milkshake that Roxy wanted her to have. She tells Rex he must know that Marty killed Dr. Buhari. Hearing that, Rex is shocked that Shane’s therapist would be dead. Natalie cries and tells him she feels terrible for Shane and all of Dr. Buhari’s patients. He asks her what motive Marty would have to kill her. Natalie cries hysterically telling her brother that that psycho, Marty has her baby. She struggles to remember some things and does recall kissing Brody as the last memory before she woke up in the hospital after the injury.

Brody tells “Wes” that this is about a baby in danger and he needs to know where Marty took him. He keeps calling Wes Jessica and demands and pleads that she comes out because he needs her. Wes asks what Brody’s problem is and why he thinks that “he” is Jessica. Brody protests he has to get his baby back and cannot do this alone. John then comes in and orders Brody to stop.

Clint admits on the set that he falsified the results of his daughter Jessica’s paternity test because Jessica was afraid that her fiancé, Brody Lovett was not her baby’s father. Blanca asks Clint if he is not aware that Robert Ford is her baby’s father. Clint protests that due to one tragic mistake one night that may be the case. We then see Rama and Aubrey watching Clint admit to everything and Rama asks what Vimal will say and do when he knows that he is in prison for nothing.

Joey admits to Kelly that he heard Cutter admitting that he was using Jessica to get their family’s money. It seemed that Aubrey must have known what he was up to. So he found out from his father that Clint had a jump drive although it somehow got lost or deleted that proved the whole truth about Cutter and Aubrey, the fact that they only wanted to target Joey and scam him for his money and he found out that they are not brother and sister. They are lovers. Kelly asks Joey if he really finally believes what she and Clint have been trying to get him to see all this while. Yet she doesn’t appear to be rubbing Joey’s nose in a big “I told you so”.

Cutter returns to see Brody urging Jessica to come back but it appears that Tess is back and tells Cutter he needs to tell “this bonehead” to get his hands off of Cutter’s wife.

Original Todd finally talks and asks what the date is. The guy tells him it’s May 20, 2011. But original Todd only remembers it being 2003. The guy clarifies that it’s 2011 and that Todd has been catatonic for a while. Todd questions if he has been there for 8 years and what they have done to him. The guy assures him he has been given the best care. But Todd does not trust that and struggles to get out of there. Yet it’s futile that he cannot move since he is strapped to a bed. The guy tells “Todd” they need to discuss many things including John McBain.

At The Minuteman, it appears Tess has come back and when she hears John and Brody urgently trying to find baby Liam, she smiles and smirks when she concludes that Brody and Natalie’s love child has gotten kidnapped by John’s skanky ex. She seems to be very amused. She seems to have no recollection that she was “a guy” and wonders why there’s a black knit cap on her head and pulls it off afraid something has been done to her hair. She then reveals that she remembers and knows Wes.

Aubrey finds Rama in Clint’s home and tells him she knows that Joey is pulling away and so is Cutter. Ram asks her if Joey is onto her and knows that Cutter is her lover. Aubrey admits that Joey has never called her on that and it must mean he has no clue. If he knew, he would have thrown her out by now, she concludes.. Rama tells Aubrey that she is worried that she may lose Vimal if he finds out that that he’s been stuck in prison while she’s making up a pregnancy. But right then, Aubrey realizes that Clint may have spilled everything and Joey will find out about her and Cutter. So she must stop him before it’s too late.

Joey is then in Kelly’s room telling her all he knows now and it looks like they might get back together.

Bo and Nora listen silently while Blanca gets Clint to confess to everything. But Bo stops her and demands they turn off the camera and leave when she tells him she bets he wants to put his brother away in Statesville. She then leaves with the cameraman. Alone with Clint, Nora asks him why he just did that. Bo tells her that Clint needs his rest. But she asks Clint what he intends to pull. This must be a trick. There is no way Clint would ever feel guilt nor want to send himself to prison for the rest of his life. Clint then realizes that Bo must not have told Nora that he is dying and that’s why she’s acting so smug and not buying what he is doing.

Brody asks Tess if she knows who Wes is. She tells him she knows that “Bess” keeps him locked up for good reasons yet she knows about Brody’s friend and how he might have come out. Brody then demands to know if she knows where Marty might have taken the baby. Tess protests that she hasn’t a clue. Cutter asks Brody to leave Tess alone. She tells him that Brody need not worry about Marty kidnapping his baby.

Natalie is panicking in her hospital room about baby Liam when Rex urges his sister to rest while he goes to find out and help the cops.

Tess tells Brody she told him she does not know anything. Now she needs to get going and party so Brody has to leave her alone with her husband. But he tells her she is not going anywhere.

Rama tells Aubrey that Joey will kick them both out and on the streets if he finds out Aubrey’s secret and they could both lose everything. What is wrong with Aubrey, she asks?

Joey admits to Kelly that he married a con artist who did not give a damn about him. And the really stupid thing he did was fail to see that he had a fantastic person who loved him and the truth was staring at him all along.

Aubrey protests to Rama that it’s over between herself and Cutter. Rama asks Aubrey if she thinks Joey will care of forgive her for what she did just because of that. She then admits that she is falling in love with Joey and not ready to give up on him.

Dorian then walks into Kelly’s hospital room and informs her and Joey that Clint has confessed to everything. Joey is surprised not knowing why his dad would do that and confirms that maybe he should also confess and come clean.

Clint admits to Nora that he needs a heart transplant. He could wait for a donor but it’s not realistic to expect to find one with his rare blood type. Nora appears “insensitive” to Clint for all he has done. He tells her that Blanca Morales wanted to implicate Matthew. He wasn’t going to let her do that to his nephew. Doesn’t that matter to Nora, he asks?. He admits to Nora and Bo that it may be too late and out of his control to protect Natalie’s baby. But they need to at least let him protect Matthew.

The guy in original Todd’s room asks him to tell him about John McBain. But original Todd tells him he does not know the guy. He has never heard of John McBain. The guy tells Todd he knows that John has a file on him and believes Todd is playing a game and knows exactly what he is talking about.

Rama tells Aubrey that sometimes the truth is not the best answer. If their respective men find out about their secrets, they will both be destitute and out on the street. Aubrey admits she does not know what to do. Rama concludes to her when she figures out what to do, she may let her know. And Rama rushes out the door.

Clint admits to Nora that he set Matthew up to kill Eddie. She was correct, he tells her, that he practically put the gun in Matthew’s hands. He urges Bo to realize that maybe he needs to give Matthew a chance since his life is just beginning even if his (Clint's) life is over.

Right then, a reporter finds Rex outside Clint’s hospital room and asks him what he has to say about Clint Buchanan admitting that Rex is his son. Rex tells him no comment and demands the reporter leaves him alone.

When Joey leaves Dorian alone to talk to Kelly, she asks her niece if Joey is ready to kick the slutty lying piece of trash to the curb. Kelly tells her aunt he is “thinking about it”. Dorian concludes that Kelly’s “fling” with John McBain nearly cost her her life. And so the sooner she and Joey make things happen, the better. Yet Kelly may not be ready to get back with Joey as quickly as Dorian would like.

Joey returns home to Aubrey who wants to be with him. But she can see by his expression that he is furious and not the same Joey she “knew” before (i.e., in love with her and not knowing the truth).

Brody hauls Tess to the station.

John goes to see Natalie who is crying and distraught that they have yet to find baby Liam. For the first time, he holds her in his arms and assures her that they will not give up until Liam is safe and back with her.

Original Todd tells the guy he does not know what he is talking about although the guy tells him he does not buy it. Todd tells him that there is no way that 8 years could have gone by The guy tells Todd they “took his mind”. It’s somehow “gone”. They need it back. And he demands that original Todd tells him where it is. Yet it’s obviously not owned by “this” Todd.

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