OLTL Update Thursday 5/19/11

One Life to Live Update Thursday 5/19/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

John and Brody call a police and security team and John briefs them on the fact that Marty Saybrooke is at large, armed and dangerous and has kidnapped a baby. He informs them that she has last been seen at Angel Square. Se has stabbed one woman and pushed another down a flight of stairs and is suspected of murdering her psychiatrist. Both women who have survived can positively ID her. John tells them that the infant she has kidnapped is the son of one of their own and turns to face Brody.

Right then, Marty is rushing to get out the door of the motel after she is afraid she’s been spotted. Right then, “Wes” appears. Jessica assumes the identity of Wes who knows and remembers Marty and asks her what she is doing there. Marty sees the “person” she knows as Jessica and does not know how to answer.

From Natalie’s hospital room, Clint goes on Blanca Morale’s “show” and offers a reward for anyone who can find his grandson. He shows viewers a check for a million dollars. Right then, the film producer at The Minuteman, who has just met Marty and the baby, sees the show.

Blanca asks Viki if she and Dr. Saybrooke are not good friends and asks if she has any idea why Marty would want to kidnap her grandson. Viki then faces the set and tells Marty that she urges her to please bring Liam back safely and promises not to get Marty in trouble and to get her all the help she needs as long as Liam is ok.

When Marty sees who she believes to be Jessica outside the door of the motel, dressed unlike the Jessica she knows, yet “Wes” remembers Marty, “he” tells Marty she need not be afraid nor guarded with telling “him” what she’s doing with this baby since they knew each other and were once friends.

Matthew tells his parents that “this thing” is weighing on him like a ton of bricks. He can’t sleep. He cannot live like this and knows they cannot. So he is ready to turn himself in now. But they try to talk him out of that. His mom tells her son that he has to trust his parents.

Dani tells Destiny she thinks she can put two and two together about Destiny’s and Matthew’s very emotional time. And it’s because he killed Eddie Ford. Right then, Nate appears and overhears their conversation unseen and hears Destiny telling Dani she does not want either of them to know or hear. Dani tells Destiny she must know that if Matthew killed Eddie, it’s a crime and she cannot keep it a secret no matter how much Destiny cares about Matthew.

Nora tells Matthew he is her son and she will not let him get carted off to prison for something that is not “his fault”. Clint is the one who should pay for it. Matthew tells his mom that maybe the courts will take that into consideration and go easy on him since he’s a minor. But Bo reminds his son that this is not a minor charge. He is going up for murder. He reminds them that Cole has had to accept the consequences of his actions so maybe so should he. And he reminds his parents that they can only cover it up for so long. It’s just a matter of time before Blanca Morales goes on the news and makes it public. At that point, Nora knows she must stop Blanca.

Right then, Natalie, Viki and Clint are grateful to Blanca for helping them get the word out about Liam. She leaves them alone and wishes them luck. Clint assures Natalie he will get her baby back in her arms asap. Clint leaves and appears like he has a secret plan.

John instructs the cops to go and find Marty and baby Liam. Brody tells John he will go and check on Natalie. John then runs into Clint and asks him about the reward he just went public to offer. Clint tells John he is only interested in his grandson. But John reminds him that “that type of reward” might motivate somebody who is less concerned about baby Liam than they are of other “incentives”. He reminds Clint that his department wastes a lot of time chasing after false leads. So he tells Clint he would appreciate if he does something like that in the future to let them know. Clint tells John he would “appreciate it” if , in the future, John would not sick his psychopathic ex girlfriend on Clint’s family.

Marty looks at “Jessica” and asks if she is Wes Granger. Jessica sounds just like the Wes people knew before he was murdered. Marty then invites “him” into her motel room. And the film producer stands outside the door to spy upon Marty and record her on his cell phone, ready to collect Clint’s reward. “Wes” goes inside with no recollection of anything and asks who “this little guy is”. Is he Marty’s son? When she has difficulty answering that, “Wes” remarks that he’s cute but hopes Marty can assure her that he’s not “his”. Hearing that, Marty does not know what to say or do when Wes relives that he and Marty could possibly have had a child together that he would not know about. “Wes” then holds the baby and remarks that maybe they are related.

Brody comes into Natalie’s room and is very worried that he has not found Liam. Viki assures her daughter that they mustn’t panic nor assume that Marty is going to hurt him. Natalie must remember that Marty wants a baby. That’s why she has him. He won’t be in danger. And someone will be bound to see them and call the number on the television.

Right then, the film producer at The Minuteman gets on the phone and tells “someone” he’s found the Buchanan kid . But it appears he will have to prove it.

Brody assures Natalie that everybody is doing everything they can. She tells Brody that they made an agreement that there will be no more secrets. He then admits to her that he and John went to talk to Marty’s psychiatrist, Dr. Buhari. But they found Dr. Buhari in her office dead with multiple stab wounds. Marty was her last appointment so there is “speculation” of how it happened. Hearing that, Natalie and Viki are shocked and horrified.

“Wes” engages with baby Liam and tells Marty he likes kids and would like to have one himself some time. He asks Marty if the baby’s dad is in the picture. IN response to that, Marty tells “him” that some day, he will be. But she appears very “freaked out” to see “Jessica” with Natalie and John’s baby.

At the hospital, Blanca overhears Clint calling her a vulture and asking the nurse to escort her out of his hospital room. She reminds him that she just helped get his grandson back. He tells her all she wants is ratings and he does not trust her. But she protests that she is on the news to get the truth out. She is not about gossip and rumors and false information. She is an award winning journalist.

Matthew protests to his parents that he cannot let them cover for him. His mom could get disbarred. His dad could lose his job. They could both go to jail. Nora tells her son he must let them worry about this. They will not let Blanca Morales smear his name with slander. But he reminds them that that would not be the case if it’s true. He did kill Eddie Ford. She tells him that is why they must stop her before it’s too late. He tells his parents if they are not going to let him turn himself in, he will call John McBain himself. He is serious. But Bo tells his son he has to let him try to do something so that Matthew won’t have to throw his life down the drain.

Dani demands that Destiny tells her why Matthew would murder Nate’s dad whom he did not even know How would he get a gun? Destiny does not want to answer nor incriminate Matthew and tells Dani if she does not keep it a secret, Destiny will deny it and say Dani is lying because she’s jealous that Destiny and Matthew are together. She urges Dani to please do this for her since they are best friends. Nate listens to them unseen while Dani protests that Matthew has murdered her boyfriend’s father. Destiny pleads with Dani not to tell Nate. He hates Matthew and there is no telling what he could do. We then see that Nate has left the scene.

At the hospital, Blanca tells Clint she knows she can make a great story about the murder investigation of Eddie Ford. Assuming that she wants to implicate him and knows nothing about Matthew, he tells her the charges against him have been dropped. She tells him she knows that his nephew is the murderer of Eddie. Hearing that, Clint is shocked.

Bo urges Matthew to let his parents stop this woman. He needs to at least give them enough time to figure out how to deal with that. He then agrees. Nora tells her son they will leave him alone in the apartment and instructs him to stay there and not answer the phone or the door while they are out.

Destiny tells Dani she cannot lose Matthew. Not like this. Not now. She knows that if Nate finds out, he will kill Matthew.

Right then, Matthew hears pounding on his door. He opens it and Nate decks him and knocks him to the floor ready to kill him.

The film producer goes to the hospital, finds John and tells him he knows where the family can find Liam.

“Wes” tells Marty that she deserves happiness and is a good person. And she needs to trust him. Marty does not know what to say or do in response to that.

Brody affirms to Viki and Natalie that he and John “suspect” that Marty killed Dr. Buhari.. Viki asks why Marty would kill her doctor if she did not have a motive. Brody tells Viki he “guesses” maybe Dr. Buhari had something on Marty although he hasn’t a clue as to what. Natalie then tells them she does remember a tape she attempted to get that got lost of Marty’s session with Dr. Buhari. Marty could have had motive to kill her shrink for the information she knew.

Marty tells “Wes” that there is something she needs to find. Wes asks her what she lost.

Natalie tells Viki and Brody that Marty must have found out that Dr. Buhari taped their session of something Marty does not want anyone to know. And that is why Marty killed her. Natalie knows the tape got lost but has no further recollection of any of the details regarding that.

Marty then remembers she needs to find the tape and can’t wait now that Natalie is on to her. Wes asks her why she wants to take the baby out this late and tells her that they can wait to look for whatever she can’t find the next morning. But before they can do anything, Wes hears the television news about Marty Saybrooke kidnapping baby Liam, son of Natalie Buchanan and Officer Brody Lovette and that Marty tried to kill two people

At the hospital, John tells the film producer he bets he is only interested in extortion for Clint’s million dollar reward and questions whether he knows anything about baby Liam or Marty. But the guy protests that he can prove it if John does not believe him. He pulls out his phone and shows John a picture he took of Marty outside her room at The Minuteman.

Brody and Viki ask Natalie how she would know about the tape of Marty’s and Dr. Buhari’s session. She replies that she needed to know what Marty’s big secret is that Marty has been harassing her about. But, she admits, she does not remember anything about the tape or what Marty may or may not have said.

Nate knocks Matthew to the floor and demands he admits that he killed Nate’s father. Matthew then admits it’s true.

Destiny protests to Dani that Matthew did not intend to kill Eddie. It “just happened”. And it’s not like anybody misses Eddie. Matthew did us all a favor. But they know that Nate will not be ok with finding it out.

Matthew attempts to “explain” to Nate that he did not mean to kill Eddie. He just saw his dad with Nate’s mom and thought they were hooking up at the apartment. He got in his car not thinking or knowing what to do. He knew he would have an accident if he kept going so he came to the first stop he could find which was the Minuteman Motel. He tells Nate that he ran into Eddie, found out he was Nate’s dad, listened to Eddie talking about having sex with Matthew’s mom and all kinds of disgusting things and was afraid that Eddie might have hurt his mom. He was completely freaked out and not thinking straight. He then saw a bag and discovered a gun inside it. And the next thing he knew, he pulled out the gun and Eddie was lying dead on the floor. Nate then sits not knowing what to say or do while Matthew appears to have an injury on the back of his head.

Dani demands Destiny tells her why Matthew thought he could get away with murder. Destiny replies that Matthew’s uncle Clint would not let him go to the police.

In his hospital room, Clint demands to know where Blanca would get this idea about his nephew. She smirks when she talks about Matthew going to find Eddie Ford with his mother and blowing him away and what a “hot story” that would be. Clint tells her that is impossible. She asks if he means that Matthew would do it or that Matthew’s parents, who are Clint’s brother and ex wife would cover it up. She reminds him that Bo and Nora wanted to pin the Eddie Ford murder on him so she would not put anything past them and asks Clint if he cares to comment. She gets ready to go out the door but he asks her to wait.

Matthew tells Nate he “feels terrible” and still does. Nate asks if he means for what he did to Eddie or what he did to Nate. Nate clarifies he does not care about Eddie. But Matthew knowingly let Nate confess to a murder he did not commit. Matthew committed murder but seemed to know he could get away with it and let an innocent person go to prison for it because he’s a spoiled little rich kid whose family will let him get away with it. What did Matthew hope to accomplish by letting Nate go to prison? Did he think that Dani would come crawling back to him? He tells Matthew that Dani would never do that because she knows what a loser Matthew is. And now everyone else will too.

Bo and Nora go to the hospital to find Blanca. But a man guards the door and tells them they have to wait while she is on the set ready to ID Eddie Ford’s killer.

John tells the film producer that he better find Marty when a baby is in danger or he will have him locked up so fast he wont’ know what hit him.

Natalie admits to Viki and Brody that she remembers going to see John and her altercation with Marty. But she has no recollection of what she intended to tell John or what she overheard on the tape of Marty’s therapy session.

“Wes” tells Marty, after hearing the television news report that Marty kidnapped the baby and is dangerous, that she needs to trust “him” and explain. She needs to know that Wes is her friend and has her back. But Marty is afraid that she will “lose Wes” for good. Wes does not know what she is talking about. We then see it appears that Jessica might be coming back.

Matthew asks Nate what he’s(Nate) going to do. Nate replies that he is not going to do anything. He tells Matthew that he(Matthew) is going to turn himself in. He swears to God if Matthew weasels out of this, he(Nate) will go to the cops himself. Nate leaves. Matthew picks up the broken framed picture of himself and his parents. And it appears he has a very painful bump on the back of his head.

Dani then concludes to Destiny that it does not matter if she tells Nate about Matthew or not. Because Blanca Morales will.

We then see Clint going on the record with Blanca. Bo and Nora rush in to find her in the hopes that they will not be too late to save Matthew from exposure, when Clint announces it’s time to set the record straight about who killed Eddie Ford. And he states it was himself.

Brody and John go to The Minuteman to find Marty. They enter the room with their guns. But it appears nobody is there.

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