OLTL Update Tuesday 5/17/11

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 5/17/11

 Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

In Todd’s hospital room, Téa asks if he remember something about the shooting or about Tomás. He then admits yes. He was wrong. He made a mistake. Tomás did not shoot him. Hearing that, she demands to know why he was so certain that he saw her brother aiming a gun at him and shooting him that he had him arrested. And now, all of a sudden, he is changing his story? Why?

Not far away, Starr is on the phone to James appearing like she might be afraid to see him. But at that point, Blair grabs the phone from her daughter’s hand and tells James that Starr will be right there to see him.

When James is alone in the apartment, he notices his brother coming home dressed like a hot dog and a lady friend also dressed that way with him.

At the hospital with Starr, Blair tells her daughter that she(Starr)been stuck at the hospital too long. Todd is back and will be ok. Kelly will be ok. Blair will call her daughter if there is any change. And she wants Starr to go and be with James now that Deanna is finally out of his apartment and not in the way.

Right then, however, when Dani goes to visit Nate at his mom’s home, she sees Deanna appearing to cozy up to Nate.

At Capricorn, Aubrey and Rama are wondering what is up with the person they know as Jessica and/or Tess dressing and behaving like a male. “Wes” can see that Cristian is not shriving “Him” real alcohol and demands to know what is up.

Claude from Paris goes to see Tomás in his jail cell and Tomás informs him that he has “arranged” to have Todd Manning drop the charges of attempted murder and state that he knows that Tomás did not do it.

Todd tells Téa that he mistakenly thought he saw Tomás but knows otherwise. She tells him she does not believe him and knows he is lying.

Right then, the “original” Todd is alone in a private hospital unable to speak. The man beside him tells Todd that he(Todd) has “decided to come back to us”. Right then, a guard examines Todd’s eyes with the man and sees that his pupils are responsive. “Original” Todd moves his eyes and admits that he can hear them.

Téa demands to know why Todd has a completely different story than what he hard before regarding Tomás. Does he hate her boarder so much that he would falsely accuse him of a murder he did not commit or then have some reason not to want to convict the person who really did try to kill him? She knows that he is lying and the evidence does not add up. He tells her that he realizes he hated her brother and wanted to believe that he shot him. But, he asks his wife why she is angry. What difference does it make? Isn’t she happy that he is no longer accusing her brother of trying to kill him.?

Right then, Claude demands to know why he had worked out this “deal” with Todd.

When Dani comes to see Nate and Nate is with Deanna, he tells Dani that the two of them are just trying to stay cool in the very hot an un air conditioned apartment. They ask Dani to join them in a water fight and have fun. But she is not in the mood and tells them that her dad just escaped from the hospital and they cannot find him. And she appears very disappointed that Nate is clearly not emotionally available for her.

Robert and his friend Patty are dressed as burgers. Robert tells James that she is a co-worker and law student who might be able to help him with the custody battle for his son. James leaves the two of them alone.

At Capricorn, “Wes” demands that Cristian gives “him” some real alcoholic. Cristian then concludes that maybe the only way to keep Jessica from leaving is to serve her alcohol. Aubrey then pulls Cutter aside and tells him that he needs to stop with his scheme he has with Jessica. HE reminds her that “They” are no longer on the same team so why does Aubrey care? She replies that she does still care what happens to Jessica. Cutter concludes to Aubrey that if anyone has a chance of getting through to Jessica it would be himself since he is the one she is “hot” for. “Wes” then grabs a hold of Cristian and demands to know why is trying to “rip him off”.

Robert and Patty talk in the kitchen and have beers while he asks her what she believes his chances are as a single father attempting to get custody of he can prove that the mother is crazy. Patty asks if he believes his baby’s mom is crazy, unstable or unfit to raise a child. James overhears his brother telling her that Tess is not a responsible person. But she is also sexy, funny, smart and fun to be with. It appears that Patty likes him and wants to sleep with him and is very disappointed to see that he only wants free legal advice and is not interested in her.. She then admits she heard that he is a player, she is angry and goes out the door. He urges her not to go>But she tells him it’s obvious he’s still hung up on his “wife” so he needs to work it out with her(his wife).

At Capricron, “Wes” behaves like a heterosexual male Navy Seal and wants to hook up with both Aubrey and Rama.

When Patty goes out the door, James assesses to Robert what he has just overheard. Right then Starr enters and talks about how funny it was when she saw a vehicle pulling out of the driveway driven by a woman dressed as a hamburger. And the license plate said Patty. James indicates that his brother might not be amused and attempts to explain to Starr that “patty” is a friend of Robert’s. But Robert angrily walks out the door telling them that Patty is not his “friend”. Nor is Tess. So they better get that idea out of their heads.

In Todd’s hospital room, he tells Téa and Blair who both doubt that he is telling the truth, that he can arrange to get Tomás exonerated and acquitted of all charges. But Téa tells her husband it’s not that simple. She calls Dani to inform her that she found her father. Todd is back and appears not to have been hurt. But there is “more” He is now alleging that he knows Tomás did not shoot him.

Inside Todd’s room, he asks Blair what her problem is with his finally figuring out that her “boyfriend” is not a murderer. She angrily demands to know how he could do this to her.

Robert firmly tells James for the last time, the only “feelings” he has for Tess is extreme anger for taking his son from him. James and Starr observe him obviously wound up and having feelings for Tess that he does not want to admit to. He tells them he is going to a bar to have a drink and Tess will be the last thing on his mind.

At Capricorn, “Wes’ has his arms around both Aubrey and Rama and wants to have a threesome with the two women. Cutter reminds “him” that both of these chicks are married. And “this one” (Aubrey) is married somebody “pretty big”. He’s a Buchanan with a lot of money and guns and cowboys in the family. But Wes and the two women are together and not worried about him. “Wes” then asks why he (Cutter) wants to mess around with other women if he is married. Cutter then admits, while off guard, that he is married. But they have kind of an “open relationship”.

James reminds Starr that they are finally alone in the apartment with no Robert. No Tess. No Ryder. And no Deanna.

Dani admits to Nate that her dad finally came to the conclusion that Uncle Tomás did not shoot him. But Nate knows that there is something very fishy there. He seems to know that too much evidence proves that Tomás did in fact kill Todd. Hearing that, she demands to know why he wants to accuse her uncle of trying to kill her dad.

Téa goes to see Tomás at the jail talking to Claude and tells them she could overhear them talking about making a deal with the devil. So, she asks, who is “the devil”?

Inside Todd’s room, Blair tells her ex husband she knows he is lying and covering something up. And she needs him to come clean.

At Capricorn, Cutter tells Aubrey that she may go home to her hubby and her “little dumpling”. “Wes” then asks Aubrey to come with him and Rama. As they go out the door together, Robert walks in. “He”(Wes) does not seem to know Robert and demands to know what he is looking at. Robert stares speechlessly at “him”. Robert then demands to know why she(believing it’s Tess) is “dressed like that” and tells her she looks like a guy. “Wes” then appears like a male suspecting another man wanting to “hit” on him and tells Robert he better get his hands off of him or he will lose something. When Robert goes inside, Aubrey explains to him that Tess has turned into a new alter. A guy named Wes. And she tells him she really knows what it feels like to have lost somebody important.

Starr and James are happily together and kissing.

Nate tells Dani that she needs to face facts that there is too much evidence against her uncle regardless of what her dad said. It’s not that simple. She demands to know why he suspects her uncle. He tells her it’s not just himself. Shaun suspects Tomás also. So do Téa and Blair any anybody with any common sense. And at that point, Dani and Nate are angry with each other and conclude that they are going to just forget it. She tells him that he obviously has interest in Deanna. So he may stay with her. And with that, she angrily rushes out the door.

Blair tells Todd that she has had many questions about Tomás and believed he was holding something back. Yet, she got to the point where she trusted Tomás. And then, Todd woke up and identified Tomás as a shooter. And then, she concluded that she once again trusted a cold-blooded murderer. And now, he changes the story and she doesn’t even know what she is supposed to think or believe about Tomás.

When Téa goes to see Tomás, she asks if his friend from Paris is his new lawyer. He tells her no. Claude tells her that he can see she is very beautiful and very important to Tomás. She asks Claude what brings him to the states. He tells her that he just heard about her brother’s predicament. She tells him that he’s just in time to hear some good news. Her brother may no longer be in a predicament. Hearing that, Tomás asks why that would be. She replies that Todd is now changing his story and alleging that Tomás did not shoot him.

When “original” Todd awakens, the guy with him identifies himself as Baker But he tells original Todd that the real question is if he(original Todd) knows who he is.

Starr and James are ready to sleep together talking about how they have waited so long and how it will be so special for that reason. But right then, we see Dani banging on the door telling James that his car lights are on and he better open the door or she will kick it down.

Blair tells Todd that if she has to have these trust issues with Tomás and continually not knowing whether to trust him or not, she can never be with him. Todd may think it’s funny but she does not. He asks her what she wants from him. Permission to date Tomás? She tells him what she wants is the absolute truth from him. She needs him to be 100% certain that he knows Tomás did not shoot him.

At the jail, Téa tells Tomás that she finds Todd’s sudden story that Tomás did not shoot him to be a little far-fetched and less than credible. He then asks her if she will help him now.

Rama talks to Cristian at the bar about their both making futile attempts to get Jessica to back, get her away from Cutter and back with Brody. He asks her if she told Vimal she was not really pregnant. And she remembers Aubrey and Cutter telling her that Vimal has to take the fall for Clint by confessing to breaking into the DNA lab or else Clint can ruin their plans. And hopefully, they can help Vimal get out of prison soon and Aubrey will be able to give her and Vimal enough money to get back on their feet soon. She then concludes to Cristian that she did not have the heart to admit to Vimal that she is not pregnant.

Not far away, Robert is surprised that it appears that Cutter no longer cares about her nor she about him.

Cutter goes with “Wes” to the Minuteman hoping to get Tess back. But “he” talks to Cutter about this “hot woman” whom Cutter is married to and behaves just like a guy having sexual interest in women yet none for Cutter. Cutter strips down to his shorts hoping he can get a heterosexual woman to come back. But “Wes” has no interest in a naked man and only wants to talk about how hot Aubrey is. He tells “Wes” that he may forget about Aubrey. She is not that hot. He wants to show off his chest and abs to get Tess back. But Wes remains in control and behaves just like a male.

James opens the door and asks Dani what he can do for her. She furiously tells him she has him to blame for “sicking his ex” on her. She knows that Deanna is interested in Nate and has broken them up.

Alone in the apartment, Nate demands to know why he had to fight with Dani again. Every time they talk about her uncle, it turns into world war three

Dani admits to James and to Starr that whenever she sees Nate with Deanna she behaves like a jealous girlfriend and feels like a third wheel. In response to that, Starr demands to know how she could ever feel like a third wheel.

Cristian and Rama are together and looking like they are ready to kiss. But he walks away. She appears not certain as to what to do.

Robert asks Aubrey how he can trust her to care for his son. She tells him that she knew him a long time ago when she was a party girl and he was a player. She would have never pegged him for being a dad, making a baby a priority or being responsible. So maybe she can change also.

”Wes” is reedy to arm wrestle with Cutter believing he might win and is just as strong. But when Cutter takes “Wes” down, he tackles “him” to the floor. And Wes (still a guy) demands to know what he is doing.

Blair tells Todd he better not be lying to her.

At the jail, Téa tells Tomás she will help him. She will represent him. But his case may not be that simple. She then tells him she will see if the DA is still in her office. Alone with Tomás, Claude remarks that his sister is no fool. So maybe Tomás should not be either. Claude tells Tomás that he(himself) is a realist and Tomás needs to know that even if he walks out of there, not much will change. And he is worried that “the two of them” may not be able to hide from the truth forever.

Todd (the current one whom we know) is in his hospital room looking at the photo of the “old” Todd with the scar before he (allegedly) got the plastic surgery.

And we see original Todd with the other two men looking like he may have a plan.

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