OLTL Update Monday 5/16/11

One Life to Live Update Monday 5/16/11

Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

A man goes to a security locked secret building to see the Todd we knew many years ago with the scar on his face played by Roger Howarth. The man tells “Todd” that he must have something to say, but Todd does not say a word and looks non responsive as he is strapped to a chair.

Matthew and Destiny go to Angel Square and catch Marty with a baby they cannot identify. She panics when Matthew asks her whose baby that is.

John goes to talk to Natalie in her hospital room. She is awake and lucid. John asks her if Marty pushed her. Yet she does not seem to remember

When it appears that Matthew and Destiny are asking Marty questions she cannot answer, she pulls a gun on them.

Dani goes to the hospital to see her parents and informs her mom that she went to Nate’s baseball game. Nate and his team lost and he appeared to not want any company.

Nate returns to the apartment and talks to Deanna who remarks that “some losses are harder to get over than others”

Todd (the current one we’ve known for years played by Trevor St. John) goes to see Tomás in his jail cell and tells Tomás he better get ready to say good-bye because Todd is going to kill him.

The man in “old Todd’s” room’ attempts to get him to talk.

Deanna and Nate notice that the air-conditioning is not working in his apartment so he takes off his shirt and she wears light clothing. She tells him that she is really grateful to him and his mom for giving her a place to stay when she was homeless only a week ago. He tells her that he and his mom were once ready to live in a homeless shelter until somebody helped them. So he is only happy to help. He remarks that Dani cut out on him.

At the hospital, Dani and Téa wonder where Todd went. He has not accounted for his whereabouts or where he could have gone.

Todd tells Tomás that he’s going to kill him. He tells Tomás that he(Tomás) had a real chance to take him(Todd) out but blew it. It appears they both know a deep dark secret.

Shaun returns to the hospital and admits that he also cannot find Todd.

Tomás turns his back to Todd and tells Todd he may shoot him. He asks Todd what the matter is. Todd tells Tomás that he would like to kill him but they made him check his gun at the door. He admits that Téa, Blair and the kids need to be kept in the dark from a secret.

Téa furiously tells Shaun that he must never let Todd out of his sight after he was shot and somebody tried to kill him. He tells them that Todd demanded that Shaun let him have some alone time. Dani tells her mom she better call the cops.

John tells Natalie he knows this is hard but he needs her to tell him what happened. Natalie tells him she cannot. She doesn’t know how she got there. She does not remember her altercation with Marty or anything else.

Marty pulls a gun on Matthew and Destiny who wonder why she is “overreacting” to their inquiry. She leaves and they find Brody looking for her but unable to find her and they see that he’s been injured and is bleeding

Natalie tells John she remembers being in his apartment and somehow she ended up in the street but does not know what Marty did to her. She does not remember how she went up to the roof or why she would do that. She asks where her son is.

Brody demands that Matthew and Destiny help him find his son after Marty has taken him. Don’t they know that she is dangerous? He then falls to the ground and passes out.

John tells Natalie she need not worry about Liam. Brody has him and he’s sure that the baby is in good hands. He tells her she needs to remember what happened since she left him the voicemail message that he plays for her. She admits that she has no memory of the message she left for him or why she left it. He asks her to try to think of the last thing she remembers. We then see the time when she and Brody were both convinced they had lost their respective partners and kids and wound up kissing.

Matthew tells Brody that he(Brody) is hurt and needs to get to the hospital. Brody tells him she has to find his son. But Matthew tells him he must know that he is of no help to Liam when he’s been injured. Brody then gets on his phone to report to the police that Marty is armed and dangerous and has his infant son.

Téa tells Dani that Todd left of his own free will. Shaun tells them when he last saw Todd, he did not look like he was in danger. And they all three know that Todd could be anywhere and he “lives” in the red zone.

Todd tells Tomás that whatever secrets either of them have, they both must know that Téa has dropped her brother does not trust him and has chosen to marry Todd. He tells Tomás that he is very much under suspicion. Nobody knows where Tomás has been traveling all these years or what he has been doing. People trust Todd more

John asks Natalie just what she and Brody did the last time she remembered something. She seems not to remember anything and John tells her she needs to get some rest. He then goes out into the hallway to notice that Brody has a cut on his head. Matthew and Destiny accompany him. He tells John he is not worried about himself right now. He’s worried about Marty who has taken his son.

Marty then goes to check into a hotel with the baby. The clerk lets her in suspecting nothing and assumes she’s a single mom. But she introduces herself as Mrs. John McBain.

Deanna notices Nate eating ice cream too fast and getting a headache just like James does. He asks her if anything else is “the same”. She tells him they are definitely brothers. He tells her that he and James also both fall for sisters.

Dani and Téa are trying frantically to find Todd. Téa leaves a voice mail to Todd telling him he better get back there or tell her where he is. Dani asks what is so important that her dad had to leave his hospital bed. Téa then admits for the first time that sometimes she feels as though she does not know who Todd really is.

Tomás does not deny to Todd that he shot him but is confident he will not go to prison. He tells Todd that he knows about him(Todd). He can tell Todd all he knows and Todd may pull up a chair.

The man goes to see the “old Todd” who appears to be in a prison or institution. Old Todd appears completely non-responsive while the man tells him if he does not respond right now then “they” will have to accept that Todd will never say another word.

John asks Matthew and Destiny what they observed of Marty. Destiny tells him that Dr. Saybrooke seemed unlike she’s ever seen her and they were afraid she would shoot them. Alone, Matthew asks Destiny if she is ok. She reminds him it was he who almost got shot. He tells her that he was going to take a bullet for her and she tells him that she could not live with the thought of his getting shot. They then confirm that they had sex not long beforehand. And right then, Shaun walks in to overhear and demands to know what he just heard.

At the hospital, Dani expresses her “concerns” to her mom about Nate having this really hot girl staying at his home. Téa tells her daughter that even if she’s hot, Nate might not even notice her. Plus, the girl is with James. So maybe Dani is worrying for nothing. Yet they are both worried about Todd going missing.

Todd and Tomás talk about a “secret” that it appears only they know.

Marty takes the baby to the motel and while alone in the room she tells Liam that Natalie and John have to get some things straight. She tells him that it’s just as well they never know that she has altered the paternity test. She now has a beautiful baby boy. And some day, she will have John back.

At the hospital, Brody asks John if he is supposed to go in to see Natalie and tell her that the woman who has been terrorizing her has “their” (his and Natalie’s) son. John informs Brody that right now, Natalie has no memory of anything anyway. And although he is not going to tell Brody what to do, maybe they need to buy themselves some time there and wait until Liam is ok. And, he promised to “back” Brody up. Brody goes in to see Natalie and asks how she is doing. She tells him the doctors say she will be fine. But all she remembers is waking up on the pavement. She asks where Liam is. She wants to hold him. Brody cannot answer that.

In the motel room, Marty tells baby Liam that they have to give John time to get over Natalie. And maybe they need to time this right. Maybe they will “come back” around Christmas. She will tell John that he(the baby) is the miracle. She will have to do some tests to make sure that he is ok. She assures Liam that nothing will hurt him. But she will have to convince John that she found his baby and they will get back together. And if Natalie is gone, there’s no way anybody will find out that she switched the DNA test. Dr. Buhari won’t say anything. But, Marty realizes, the tape is missing.

Natalie tells Brody she is afraid that Liam is in danger. But he assures her that Liam is fine. He’s at home and asleep and everything is ok. He assures her that he won’t let anything happen to their boy or to her. He promises that he will die first.

Shaun demands that Matthew and Destiny tell him what he just heard. He knows that they have declared that they have had sex. Destiny tells her brother he misunderstood. Matthew just said that “he” had sex. Shaun tells Destiny he knows that Matthew does not have a girlfriend and he heard that “they” had sex.. Shaun tells his sister that he has to go and find Todd Manning. Alone, Destiny assumes to Matthew that it meant nothing to him. But he tells her that it did.

Téa holds Dani in her arms and tells her daughter that she does have some suspicions about Todd.

Tomás tells Todd he knows he does not want to lose Téa or Dani. The two men have a “deal” where if they both do the right thing, they may both get what they want. He tells Todd he suggests Todd gets back to the hospital to “do his job”. He tells Todd he looks forward to the two of them working together.

In the apartment alone, Nate and Deanna have a water fight and appear very “comfortable” with each other when Dani walks in to see them and is shocked.

Matthew affirms to Destiny that the night when they had a very emotional time, he didn’t just “need anybody”. He needed her.

Outside Natalie’s hospital room, John and Brody agree that they are not going to tell Natalie that Liam is missing and with Marty. And they go off together to find him.

While in the motel room with baby Liam, Marty frantically searches for the tape.

Todd comes back to the hospital. Téa rips into him about how she and Dani were terrified. Todd seems very “flip” and casual. She demands to know where he went.

Tomás is alone in his jail cell where the guard informs him that they just booked his arraignment for tomorrow.

Todd returns and Téa asks Shaun to give her a moment alone with Todd. When she asks where he went, he tells her he just went off alone to see if he could remember some things. Téa asks him if he was able to remember. He tells her yes. She asks if he remembers something about the shooting or about Tomás. He tells her yes. He made a mistake. He was wrong. Tomás did not shoot him

The “old Todd” is silent and appears non-responsive when the man tells him he is very disappointed when he had his “hopes”.

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