OLTL Update Friday 5/13/11

One Life to Live Update Friday 5/13/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Brody goes to find Natalie and she’s not there. But he sees baby Liam. He assures his infant son that everything will be all right. But before he can do anything, Marty comes up behind him and knocks him out.

Natalie gets rushed to the hospital unconscious right behind Kelly.. Viki and John are horrified to see her badly bruised and unconscious on a stretcher. John stands alone not knowing what to say or do regarding Natalie and their future.

When Téa goes to see her brother in jail, he tells her that are some things she’s better off not knowing. She furiously tells him he better not patronize her telling her that he knows what she should or should not know. She tells him before Todd got shot, she remembers hearing her husband on the phone with some secret phone calls that caused Todd to be very agitated and which he did not tell anybody anything about. It could have been somebody warning Todd that somebody was ready to gun him down. And that somebody might have been Tomás. She tells Tomás that no matter what excuses me makes, all the evidence points toward him with many things. She is now realizing that she is looking at him but does not know him. And how can she trust somebody she does not know?

Dorian and Joey rush to find the doctors wheeling Kelly in for surgery. John is also there for Kelly and for Natalie.

Marty is alone on the roof standing over unconscious Brody after knocking him out and takes his phone. She laughs knowing that she has made many people powerless.

At the hospital, John reports to Viki that Natalie called him and was ready to come to his home. But by the time he got back to her and returned, it appeared she was gone and he bets that Marty tried to kill her. Hearing that, Viki is shocked. And they notice that baby Liam is also missing.

On the rooftop Marty tells unconscious Brody that he has and Natalie have a lot of gall sleeping together behind John’s back, lying to him and taking John’s baby from him. And then he threatens to get her in trouble for altering medical records? She points a gun at him and he is unconscious and helpless to do anything. She smirks reflecting that she could kill him now very easily and doubts anyone would blame her?

Joey and Dorian are together at the hospital and she reveals that he has more emotional bond with Kelly that he has realized. He admits to Dorian that he did not listen to what Kelly has tried to tell him for so long nor believed her. She wanted him to see before it was too late, what Aubrey was all about. And he deeply regrets the terrible way he has treated Kelly. But Dorian assures Joey she knows that her niece will forgive and realize that he is the one for her. He need not feel bad or like an idiot to trust and care for Aubrey nor will Kelly judge him for that. She assures Joey that her niece is a Cramer woman and knows a good man who deserves to be loved by her.

In Todd’s hospital room, Blair tells her ex husband that she knows hat he is keeping a secret. Starr comes in and tells her dad that Tomás Delgado is not the only person keeping secrets.

Téa tells Tomás that she has no reason to trust him. Todd is her husband. They trust and confide in each other. And she believes him. And Tomás will have to find another lawyer. He tells her that she might be able to dismiss him as her client but not as her brother. She tells him that he is not the man she believed he was.

Outside Todd’s hospital room, Blair tells Starr that maybe she needs to look at FBI files about Tomás Delgado but is still not certain what to do. Right then, Dorian rushes in and tells them that Kelly has been fatally injured.

Viki rushes to the doctor who informs her that her daughter is lucky to be alive. Luckily her skull has not been crushed although she has many cracked ribs and could have been killed. Viki goes to see her unconscious daughter and tells Natalie she is her brave little girl. She tells Natalie that John will be there to see her soon. Buy Natalie knows that she left baby Liam alone and needs to tell her mother that although Viki cannot understand what she is trying to say.

Marty hears Brody’s phone ringing and sees it’s John. Baby Liam is alone in his baby carrier. She tells unconscious Brody she could kill him but thinks that maybe he needs to see what it’s like to stay alive when you have lost everything and everyone.

Viki lets John come in to see Natalie who asks if she is awake. Viki tells him she is kind of half awake and keeps saying Liam’s name and his. John asks her how she is doing. She keeps saying Liam. He assures her that Liam will be ok. Her baby is with Brody who will take care of him.

But while Brody is unconscious and Liam is at the desperate mercy of Marty, she reaches for the baby and looks like she is ready to take him somewhere.

Natalie drifts in and out of consciousness while she attempts to tell John that he does not know about Liam. He tells her that Liam is ok and she is ok and that is all that matters. He tells her he knows she wants to see her baby and knows she will. But if she is up to it, she needs to tell him what happened up on the roof.. Was she up there with Marty? Did something happen between the two of them?

After Marty leaves with the baby, Brody regains consciousness and notices that Liam’s booty is on the floor. He then discovers that the is gone and goes looking for him and yelling his name while Marty can hear him not far away.

John asks Natalie if Marty did this to her. Did Marty push her? She struggled to tell him something. But he tells her she may take her time and just needs to tell him what happened.

Todd goes to see Tomás in his jail cell. The two men stare coldly at each other.

There is a man in a hospital bed that looks like he’s been laid up for a long time. The scar on his face reveals it’s the original Todd played by Roger Howarth.

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