OLTL Update Thursday 5/12/11

One Life to Live Update Thursday 5/12/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Natalie and Marty struggle on the rooftop ready to hurt each other. Baby Liam is in his baby carrier as they do battle.

Viki goes to see Clint in his hospital room. He tells her it’s good of her to find time to see him and informs her his doctor said he’s doing better. But she tells him she knows better. She knows he’s been told he’s dying.

A new alter has come out of Jessica appearing to be Brody’s Navy Seal friend, Wes. She (or he) goes to Capricorn and talks to people as a male ready to pick up women. Cristian Vega walks over to the table and looks at the person he knows as Jessica and appears puzzled. Not far away, Dorian tells Joey she is delighted that he and Aubrey are so happy together. She knows it’s in the air. And she tells him she mustn’t be surprised if he hears wedding bells for Kelly soon. He asks if she means with John McBain and if she could be serious to say that. He does not sound ok to think that Kelly may have moved on.

Right then, Kelly is unconscious and badly inured when John and the paramedics get ready to rush her off in an ambulance. Natalie is then on the roof top noticing that Marty has “disappeared”.

Clint confirms to Viki that it’s true. He is dying. She appears distraught and asks if there is not something they could do. He admits he could get a heart transplant but does not want to take his chances with that. She protests that it worked for her. But he tells her it was different than when she had Ben there who loved her. She asks if he is going to give up. He tells her he just wants to be realistic. He admits nobody else knows except for Bo. He has not told their kids and does not plan to.

Brody and Cutter are trying to find a woman (or man) who fits Jessica’s description but cannot. They argue and Brody tells Cutter he knows Cutter could care less about anything except to get her family’s money. But they are ready to go to find any place where there could be somebody looking for chicks and beers.

Jessica wears a black Navy cap and black jacket and behaves just like a male coming on to women at Capricorn. “He” does not appear to know any of the people that both Tess and Bess know as well as the real Jessica. She wants to come on to Aubrey and is jealous to see that Joey is her “old man”. She (or he) comes on to Rama and is just as disappointed to find out that she is married and asks where her husband is and if she plans to cheat. Noticing that a woman is “hitting” on her, Rama tells Wes that she does not cheat on her husband. Dorian observes and watches not knowing what to conclude.

John gets on his phone after calling the ambulance for Kelly. He puts out an APB for Marty and wants her declared armed and dangerous.

Natalie rushes to find baby Liam but then hears Marty yelling for help. She sees that Marty is hanging off the ledge ready to fall and urges Natalie to help her since she cannot hang on much longer. But Natalie questions whether she should save Marty’s life after what Marty has done to her..

After Clint informs Viki that he does not plan on telling their kids that he is dying, she asks if he can just disappear and let them lose the father that they love. He asks her what the point is in having them worry about something they cannot do anything about. Plus they have their own lives and he’s no longer a part of that. Joey has a new wife. Natalie has her stuff to deal with. And Jessica is not even there. She reminds him that he drove the kids away by falsifying the DNA tests. But he tells her that everything was working out in everybody’s lives until the truth came out. She reminds him if he’s gone and his kids found out that he purposely kept him in the dark, it will be much worse than losing him. Doesn’t he remember what happened when Jessica lost baby Ryder? That’s a big reason why Tess came out. He tells her for that reason he doesn’t want to make things even worse for Jessica than they already are.

Brody tells Cutter that he thinks he knows where “Wes” might have gone. He can only go to places that Jessica knows. He bets she (he) is at Capricorn. Cutter reflects that he first met her in Capricorn as Tess. Right then, Brody calls Cristian who confirms that “Jessica” is there appearing to be a male alter. Nearby, Dorian urges Cristian not to serve her any liquor. She then gets a call from John who informs her that Kelly has been hurt. She frantically rushes out of there. Joey asks what has happened to Kelly and when he finds out she’s been stabbed, he rushes out with Dorian disregarding Aubrey. Right then, “Wes” tells Aubrey that maybe she needs to know that her husband cannot be counted upon if he’s rushing off to see his ex wife. Aubrey looks at “him” and asks why she should be.

John asks the doctor what the verdict is with Kelly. The doctor tells him that they are going to perform surgery. He goes to see Kelly who is conscious and alert although hurt. She remembers all that happened when she walked into John’s apartment to see Marty unexpectedly waiting. She sarcastically tells Marty she’s “sorry”. She was looking for John McBain’s room and did not know she walked into the twilight zone by mistake. Marty then tells Kelly they need to get some things straight, one of which is she (Marty) is with John now. She remembers Marty going off on her and telling her that John is her man and done with all other women. And she attacked Kelly with a knife. John leans over close to Kelly and rubs her forehead and hair protectively. He asks her what happened when she was in the room with Marty after being stabbed. She tells him she heard someone coming. He asks her who. She replies Natalie.

After Marty hangs on the ledge ready to fall and is dependent on Natalie to pull her up and save her life, Natalie reminds her that she (Marty) harassed her (Natalie) for months in order to break up Natalie and John. So she won’t save Marty.

Viki asks Clint if he believes he is being noble to “protect’ his children from knowing that he is dying. He tells her he knows how they feel and that they are done with him. She tells him she doubts that he is merely afraid to deal with their anger. That would be the easy part. It’s dealing with their grief is what he is afraid of. Regardless of the fact that his children don’t like what he’s done recently, they love him and don’t want him to die. Neither does she.

“Wes” asks Cristian where “his” drink is. Cristian tells “him” he cannot serve him. Wes asks why. Cristian replies if he drinks, then a woman named Jessica gets very sick. Wes then gets ready to leave, then notices Brody, band behaves like they are buddies. He observes Cutter with Brody and informs him that “those two over there” (Aubrey and Rama) may be hot. But, they are both married. Cutter tells Wes so is he. Having no memory of being Tess and married to Cutter, Wes tells him that does not sound too good. Cutter replies that his marriage is not exactly working out the way he wanted and asks if Brody and Wes will excuse him. Wes then greets Brody and asks what he’s been up to. Brody tells “Wes” there is only one woman for him. “Wes” asks him to tell his buddy more about that and asks where this Brody’s special woman is. Brody replies that is what he’d like to know.

Cutter goes to find Aubrey and asks what Joey had to say to her about his most recent “revelation” about why he married Tess. She replies that Joey is not too happy with her “brother” who walks in there and admits that he married a sick woman, Joey’s sister, in order to take her money. And who could blame Joey for being furious and suspicious? Cutter tells her that his marriage to Tess has not worked out the way he hoped as this new alter named Wes has come out and asks Aubrey where her “ball and chain” is. She replies that Joey is at the hospital. He asks if he went to see Clint. Aubrey replies no. t Joey went to see Kelly. Dorian was just there and found out Kelly had been injured or something and Joey gave her a ride. Cutter then smirks knowing that Aubrey’s husband is with his ex wife and she is there alone.

In Kelly’s hospital room, the doctor tells John he needs him to wait outside. He remarks that with all the blood Kelly has lost, he’s surprised she made it at all and asks John to please let them do their work. John then goes outside and leaves a message for Natalie who is not picking up her phone. He informs her that Marty stabbed Kelly and he’s worried that the next person Marty may go after is her. He urges Natalie to go somewhere safe.

Marty finally convinces Natalie to pull her up to prevent her from falling.

Viki tells Clint that he was such a good father for so long. He reminds her that is past tense. She asks him what happened. Was it Nora and Bo? He then tells her that they need to end this conversation right there. She protests that she cares about him. He tells her if that is true, then she will stop analyzing him. She reminds him that when they met, she had two boys who needed a father and he was there for them. And she reminds him all he has done about helping Jessica to get well. She knows that he loves his children. When they found out that Natalie was theirs’, he gave her all the love she never had. That is the man who his family loves. She is not giving up on him and he mustn’t either.

Natalie helps Marty to get back up on the rooftop.

Dorian and Joey rush to find John at the hospital. He tells them that Marty went after Kelly. Joey then points his finger at John and tells him he blames John. Marty would have never gone after Kelly if it were not for him. Dorian tells Joey this is not helping and he can’t blame John. Joey tells them that Kelly has to be all right. She has to be.

At Capricorn, after Cutter tells Aubrey she might want to “take note” of the fact that Joey could be getting back with Kelly, she tells him she has no fears about that. But he tells her that he does not know her anymore nor she him.

Not far away, Rama asks Cristian what is up with Jessica and all of her alters. He tells her about a year ago at this time, Jessica thought she was a teenager and had a crush on him. Rama laughs about how this woman would think she’s a guy. Not far away, “Wes” asks Brody to tell “ him” about his mystery woman. Brody tells “him”, that “she” is an angel. She is smart and beautiful and he has a picture of her. And he stares at Wes, yet again hoping for Jessica to come out.

Viki urges Clint to reach out to his children. She tells him that she knows what it’s like to have “been there”. And it was so important for her to have all the people she loves surround her when she was sick and afraid she would die. He tells her that that is who she is. He is different. He then tells her that he will give it serious consideration but can they just drop it for now? He then asks her what is going on in her life and with Charlie. Noticing that she is not comfortable being asked that, he asks if she can now see how it’s “not much fun” to be on the receiving end of someone asking about ones personal embarrassments. He tells her he’d like to run that bum out of town for breaking her heart. She remarks it’s too late for that. They have already signed the divorce papers and Charlie has moving back to Paris, TX to rebuild the Bon Jour Café after a tornado. Clint tells Viki that Charlie is a jackass to have left her and asks if Charlie took Echo with him. Viki replies no. As soon as Charlie found out that Echo knew all along that Rex was not his son but lied to him about it, he got rid of her. Hearing that, Clint tells her in that case, at least Charlie is not a “dumb” jackass. They talk about how Charlie did not find out until it was too late what kind of a person Echo was. She then tells Clint that she thinks she can guess why he taped Echo incriminating herself. He tells her he likes insurance. Viki asks but why he decided to keep her secret. Clint tells Viki that he considered spilling the beans. But then he noticed that Charlie and Echo were together. He thought maybe the two of them deserved each other. Maybe they had a good thing and he didn’t want to go out of his way to hurt them. So he just let it go. But she tells him that he apparently did not decide to let it go if he eventually “gave” Dorian the tape. But, Clint informs Viki that he would not exactly put it that way. Viki asks how he would put it. Dorian had the tape and was going to use it. Did he not change his mind? Clint then remembers falling over on the floor helpless with only Dorian there telling him she will “help” him in exchange for a little information.

At the hospital, Dorian t looks through the glass at Kelly in the hospital room while Joey stands beside her.

John asks a uniform cop to go and find Natalie and Marty and not give up until Marty Saybrooke is in custody.

Joey goes in to see Kelly. Dorian tells Kelly’s attending doctor she needs to know all about what happened to her niece. He talks about the abdominal wounds and that she might need another liver or kidney. Joey then goes in to tell Kelly he is there although she is unconscious. He looks adoringly at her.

At Capricorn, Aubrey coldly tells Cutter instead of judging her situation with Joey, maybe he needs to focus on his own marriage.

“Wes” tells Brody that “he” has heard about Brody’s “angel”, the crazy girl from St. Anne’s and leaves. Brody asks Wes were he is going. Wes tells him to buy a round of beers for Brody and his “friend”. Wes asks who Cutter is. Brody is not certain how to answer that. He then goes to find Cristian and asks him to do him a favor by watching over Wes.

At the hospital, the doctor tells Dorian that Kelly is lucky that detective McBain found her when she did. She is lucky to be alive. At that point, Dorian tells John she is so grateful to him. He tells her he has to find Marty and asks her to tell him how Kelly is doing.

Marty and Natalie get into a struggle and Marty pushes Natalie (or Natalie falls) down a flight of stairs.

At Capricorn, Cristian pours Wes a non alcoholic beer hoping to fool “him”. We then see Wes treating Cutter like his “buddy” and coming on to Aubrey.

At the hospital, Joey cries and tells unconscious Kelly she has to come through. He doesn’t know what he’d do without her in his life.

Viki tells Clint she really wonders how Dorian got a hold of that tape. IT was a bit too convenient and obvious that Echo admitted that she duped Charlie. She tells him she knows that Dorian told her that when she asked Clint for the tape, he was “in no position to refuse”. Hearing that, Viki asks him about that.

The doctor tells Dorian he is not really certain what will be the outcome of surgery with what has happened to Kelly and there is no guarantee that she will make it. Hearing that, Dorian furiously tells him she swears that Marty Saybrooke is going to pay.

John rushes to find Natalie but only hears a gunshot from the rooftop. He then finds Natalie passed out, bloody and bruised on the ground.

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