OLTL Update Wednesday 5/11/11

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 5/11/11


Written by Lisa G.
Pictures by Juanita

As Cutter and Brody watch, Tess puts on a knitted cap and claims to be Wes. She tells Brody she is his long lost buddy from the navy. Don’t you remember me? ‘He’ recalls drinking parties with Brody and wants to go find some ladies. Cutter can’t believe he is married to a guy, who has a cross dressing girl in his bathroom. Wes walks out and wants to know who is ready for a drink and some female companionship. Cutter and Brody are waiting for Wes to come out of the bathroom and then realize Wes left through the window.

At Rodi's, Rama is leaning on the bar hitting on Cris. He wants to talk about Vimal, but Aubrey borrows her for some girl talk about Joey. Aubrey tells her that Cutter is about to ruin everything. Rama reminds her that she knows she really loves Joey now. She has that in her favor. Aubrey doesn’t believe that Joey will forgive her for her betrayal. Rama muses that fidelity is so overrated. She suggests she prepares to blackmail Cutter, after all if she is out , then Rama is also out on the street.

John shows up at Viki’s looking for Natalie. She tells him that Nat isn’t there. He tells Viki that Nat said it was urgent. John thinks it must have been nothing, but Viki tells him she doesn’t say urgent unless it really is and she has the baby with her. Charlie also comes with divorce papers and tells her that its over between he and Echo. He is ready to make a clean start and make amends. He doesn’t want her forgiveness but he wants to earn back her respect. He tells her that he is leaving Llanview. He is going back to Paris, Texas. The Bon Jour was hit by a tornado and he is going back to help rebuild. Viki wishes him luck and they have a sad parting as he tells her that he will always love her. He leaves and Viki signs the divorce papers and takes off her wedding ring.

Dorian and Echo are at Rodi’s and go at it. Echo throws a drink in her face. Cris tries to break it up, but Dorian wants to…..talk. And by the way, too much vermouth in the martini. Echo tells her that Charlie dumped her. Dorian tells her she deserved everything she is getting because she is such a big, fat liar. Dorian also tells her that he is leaving town. Echo does not believe it. He is at Viki’s, saying goodbye to Viki, who does not want her sloppy seconds. She offers her money to leave town, but she refuses. She vows revenge…just wait and see Madam Mayor.

Clint’s doctor tells him his heart is failing and he should start getting his affairs in order. He tells the doc he doesn’t want his family to know he is dying. Joey walks in and wants to know when he can be released. Clint tells him it will be a while and tells his doctor to leave the room. Joey tells Clint that Cutter married Tess. Joey tells Clint about the deal with Ford and the fall out of that, and now Cutter wants money. He shares his doubts about Aubrey and how he hardly knows her. He continues to say that Kelley was positive that Aubrey and Cutter were not brother and sister. He asks his father for the truth. Clint tells him that so many people have been trying to tell him, but he refused to listen. He is ready and wants to know everything. He tells him the truth, they are lovers and targeted him to get every possible penny out of him. He tells him about the tape and how they edited it and what happened the day Joey actually had the tape in his hand. Clint says, “Joey, you been conned”. Joey beats himself up for being such a fool and treating Kelley so poorly. Clint advises him to hang onto his good protective heart. Joey is going to put an end Aubrey and apologize to Kelley. Clint suggests that he help his sister first, and then deal with Aubrey. Clint tells him how proud he is of him and to not let this situation change him. He leaves. The doctor comes back and as Clint says for now no one can hear he is dying, Viki is outside the door and overhears.

Natalie has Liam and knocks on John’s door. She walks in and Marty has a bloody note for John and begins to light candles. Nat reads the note which says to go up to the roof. She and Liam head up. Blood is seeping out from under a door in John’s room. Nat does not see it. Up on the roof, Nat walks out to Marty setting a candle lit dinner table. What the hell are you doing here. Marty tells her this is an important evening and she can’t ruin it. Nat says– special occasion – what , full moon! Marty tells her she lost John when she slept with another man and had his baby. Nat tells her that she had John’s baby, isn’t that right Marty. She plays the tape!!! Marty you are done. You stole my tape, that violates patient confidentially. Umm…how about the fact that you altered the tests and lied to John. Marty tells her that John is hers and Kelly is no longer an issue. Natalie is going to play the tape for John. But Natalie, what about Brody, he’s already lost everything and now you are going to take Liam away. Let me keep John please. She pours a glass of wine and then picks up the bloody knife. Natalie tries to talk her down and then notices the blood. Who’s blood is that? Why Kelley’s and as she lunges towards her, she says she has nothing to lose now. They struggle over the knife, whipping round and round.

Downstairs, John enters his room holding his gun. John is guarded, looking around his room and breaks open the bathroom door and finds Kelley bleeding on the floor. He calls for a bus, victim has a pulse, but it’s weak. Kelley gains consciousness and he tells her to hang on…who did this to you. She says Marty.

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