OLTL Update Tuesday 5/10/11

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 5/10/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Natalie plays the tape and is shocked and startled to hear Marty revealing that she knows that Natalie did not get pregnant by Brody. It was John’s baby. Natalie cannot believe that is true and almost appears to want the baby to be Brody’s seeing how attached he has grown to Liam and also she to Brody.

Cutter goes to see Joey and Cutter and admits that the reason he married Tess was the money. Joey then asks if he means Ryder’s trust fund. Cutter tells him no. He is not after that. He is after Joey’s money. He smugly asks Joey if he thinks that “this” was all a charity thing he was going to do for Jessica.

Brody then goes to arrest Tess who taunts him and tells him he cannot do that and is just a macho cop. She asks what he believes he is arresting her for. He replies attempted murder.

Tomás Delgado is in his jail cell when a guard tells him that his sister and lawyer is there for him. He expects to see Téa. But Blair enters and announces that it’s her instead.

Marty hides in John’s apartment and waits until Kelly enters. Kelly asks her what she is doing there. Marty tells Kelly she needs to know that John belongs to her (Marty)

When Natalie hears Marty declaring that John is Natalie’s baby’s father and not Brody, she tells her infant son this could not be. Marty is crazy and does not know what she is talking about. She panics but then smiles to realize it may mean she can get John back when she hears Marty telling Dr. Buhari that she had to affirm that “John is hers” and Dr. Buhari arguing that she cannot pull a stunt like this if it breaks up John and Natalie under false pretenses.

Brody tells Tess that she attempted to murder her husband, Robert Ford. She hit him with a blunt object. She tells him it was an accident and not attempted murder. He cannot be serious to say that she left Robert for dead and cannot prove it.

Hearing Cutter’s startling confession, Joey faces Aubrey and asks what she may know about her brother doing this. She then tells Cutter he needs to “stop talking this nonsense”. He then calmly and smugly tells her there is no nonsense. He is taking advantage of Jessica and her insanity in order to get at her family’s money. Joey shakes his head and furiously demands to know what type of person he is. Cutter tells Joey he may ask Cutter’s sister.

Brody tells Tess that he can take her to jail although she tells him she refuses to stay in some rat infested hole.

Blair goes to see Tomás and tells him she wants the truth from him.

John goes to see Todd and asks if he is serious about knowing with certainty that he saw Tomás Delgado shooting him.

Kelly tells Marty she needs to get out of there and pull herself together. Marty asks Kelly why she (Kelly) thinks she can be with John and in his home and take him from the woman who was meant for him. Kelly tells Marty she (herself) was invited. Marty tells Kelly she needs to know that John belongs with Marty.

Natalie plays the tape where Dr. Buhari declares and Marty confirms that the only way she could “torture” John and Natalie was by having something falsified so that Natalie would believe that Brody Lovett was the father of her baby when he was not. So she asks Marty to tell her what she did. Marty then replies that she lost. When Cole went to prison she lost everything. She lost her son. She lost the baby she was supposed to have with John. Then she lost John to Natalie. Then when John and Natalie got back together, she finds out that Natalie is pregnant and having the baby that Marty should have had with John. But she found out that there was something up with Brody and Natalie. She then saw that Natalie had had a paternity test. At first she was just curious and went to the lab when it was closed. She ran into that guy, Vimal who works for Clint Buchanan. And she went to fix the results to have it looks as though Brody was the father of Natalie’s baby. Before she knew it, she was done and did not look back. Dr. Buhari then asks if Marty altered Natalie’s medical records. And Marty replied yes. Natalie then holds her baby and is horrified to know that it’s true.

Todd tells John he has told him everything he knows. But John finds it very odd and coincidental that both Todd and Tomás Delgado have a picture of Todd before the plastic surgery of his face. What does Todd know about Tomás? Todd tells John it’s pretty simple. The guy hates him because Todd married his sister.

Kelly tells Marty she is sorry if she hurt her feelings at the police station. Marty furiously tells Kelly that she does not care about anybody except herself. Kelly tells Marty they are going to call John and get her the help she needs. But Marty goes through all of the food and drinks that Kelly has brought for John and goes on a rampage. And it looks like Kelly is going to defend herself with a hidden knife. But Marty is ready to smash things, knows what Kelly intends to do and tells her she is going to regret that.

Cutter tells a furious Joey that he has his plans and there is not a damn thing Joey can do about it. So Joey better tell his father if he wants Tess back, he better have a piece of paper from the bank with a lot of zeros written on it. Joey orders Cutter out of the house. Alone with Aubrey, Joey asks his “wife” if she has had any clue what her brother is capable of. IT seems very “odd” that Aubrey would never know this side of a family member she claims to have grown up with.

Brody grabs a hold of Tess and talks to Jessica demanding she comes back. Tess smugly tells him that Jessica is not there. But he grabs her and kisses her.

Natalie tells baby Liam that they will have to explain to Brody that he is not his father. She appears to be disappointed that she will have to break Brody’s heart and not “happy” about what she must now tell Liam’s “daddy”.

When John is talking to Todd in his hospital room, Natalie calls and urges him to pick up. But he is busy and she only gets his voicemail.

Blair asks Tomás if he expects her to trust him, it goes both ways. He can’t just talk in circles and expect her to take him at his word.

John tells Todd it’s his own blood. If Todd does not want to see Tomás Delgado walk, Todd will start talking.

Natalie smiles holding baby Liam and tells him that they will tell John together that he is hers’ and John’s.

Marty is holding a lethal weapon and tells Kelly that Kelly can judge her and tells her she’s mentally ill all she wants. But she knows all about Kelly’s family of mental cases. Her mother and aunt are text book cases just like she is. Marty is a shrink who knows all about mental illnesses like schizophrenia and multiple personalities and is not going to let Kelly intimidate her.

Brody tells Tess that he realized he had to take some drastic action when he saw her run off with that sleaze Cutter. He talks to Jessica telling her he knows how justifiably angry and devastated she is for what he did with Natalie. But he loves her and only her. He kisses her and does not hear Tess argue. Cutter then returns and tells Brody to get his hands off of Cutter’s wife. Tess (or Jessica) then appears speechless and confused.

Aubrey tells Joey she was just as shocked as he was to see Cutter behave this way. He asks if that is so. She tells him she knows her “brother” has his flaws. But she could not imagine he would do something like this. She emotionally asks if he believes her and he tells her of course he does. She emotionally tells him she is so sorry and they kiss. Liam then cries and she goes up to see him after holding Joey and telling him she is so grateful that he believes her. But when he is alone, he reveals that he does not.

At The Minuteman, Brody urges Jessica to come back while Cutter urges her not to listen to him. But right then, she turns away and reveals that she is neither Jess nor Tess. She is “Wes”.

Marty yells and is ready to go off on Kelly in John’s apartment.

Tomás tells Blair, from his jail cell, if she is looking for some concrete reason or verifiable proof that he did not shoot Todd, he cannot give her that. She then concludes that she needs more than what he can give her now and she cannot operate on blind faith. Not anymore. She then calls the guard to let her out and she leaves.

John leaves Todd’s room and gives him the article that Tomás kept of the picture of Todd. He tells Todd if it “rings any bells”, Todd has his number.

After Natalie tries and fails to reach John and gets his voice mail, she takes Liam in his baby carrier to John’s apartment. She knows that “somebody” is or has been in John’s room. But when she enters she calls to John but does not see him there.

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