OLTL Update Monday 5/9/11

One Life to Live Update Monday 5/9/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Tess and Robert Ford are happily together with baby Ryder and in love with each other and happily married. But then, we see that Tess is merely having a dream and awakens to realize that she is staying in the Minuteman Motel after recently agreeing to have a convenience marriage with Cutter Wentworth. Cutter enters and remarks that he heard her talking in her sleep although he hasn’t a clue as to why.

Robert returns home to James and Starr and appears furious. James asks his brother what has gotten him so upset. Robert replies Tess.

When Tess awakens, she gives Cutter no reason to assume she has any regrets for what she has done nor indication that she misses Robert or her baby. And she tells Cutter she just wants to have wild casual sex with him.

Robert informs James and Starr for the first time that when he told Tess he has nothing to after he’s lost custody of his baby, he attempted to get her sent back to St. Anne’s so that Jessica could get the help that her family wants her to get. But she knocked him out before he could go through with it. And if that was not enough, before he knew it, she got their marriage annulled and married Cutter Wentworth. James then attempts to encourage his brother to know that even though he does not want to lose his child, at least Tess is finally out of his life and he never has to deal with her again. But James can clearly see that maybe Robert is not as relieved to be rid of Tess as he wants everyone to believe. He asks Robert if he has feelings for Tess.

Kelly goes to John’s office to wait for him and so that they can go at it. Marty is outside the office on the phone telling her son that she is confident that she and John are back together. John has now come to the realization that she has known all along that they belong together.

Natalie brings the tape home and decides she will no longer take the high road. She is going to listen to Marty’s session with her doctor and find out what this terribly secret Marty has about this thing she did that she does not want anyone to know about.

Aubrey is happily with Joey and baby Ryder. He still suspects nothing but asks her if she is really ready to have temporary custody of a baby she might grow attached to and then have to give up. She hugs him and assures him she is.

John resists Kelly’s urges and tells her that he knows that she is not so much interested in him as she wants to get over Joey. And he admits that much of his interest in her is about wanting to get over Natalie. They have both been hurt by others. Yet having sex on the desk is not the way to help them get over their respective hurt situations. She admits that she is not ok with seeing Joey with Aubrey just like he is not ok with seeing Natalie with Brody. But, they conclude that they do still want to hook up and see each other again. Marty then walks in to see them together and discover that he has forgotten all about her.

Brody comes home from work and informs Natalie that right when Robert Ford was willing to cooperate with him and Viki in getting Jessica the help she needed, Tess knocked him out and annulled their marriage so she could marry Cutter Wentworth. Knowing that Cutter is “Aubrey’s brother”, Natalie asks if a family member such as Cutter might want to get Jessica the help she needs and do the right thing. Brody tells her that that is what he might assume also. But he could clearly tell that Cutter is not to be trusted. Natalie asks why, then he would want to be with her sister. He doesn’t appear to have any ulterior motive as Robert Ford did.

Joey admits to Aubrey that it seems odd that she would suddenly bond with a baby when he thought she said she was not certain if she wanted to have kids. He then asks her about her childhood. She admits to him that her mother neglected her and left her with a nanny after her father who did not want a girl divorced her mother and left her mother with her in the divorce settlement. He then asks her what about her brother, Cutter. Didn’t the two of them grow up together? Hearing that, Aubrey is speechless and stunned not knowing how to answer that question.

Cutter then resists Tess’s urges and she asks him if it’s because he’s not over Aubrey. She then asks him just how his girlfriend is going to react to finding out he has married her (Tess). He then defensively reflects to Tess, that Aubrey might get a taste of her own medicine for what she has “done” to him marrying Joey. He tells Tess that he did not sign up for Aubrey marrying Joey, much less raise a baby with him. Tess tells him she knows a major reason he married her was to stick it to Aubrey. He tells her that he knows a major reason she married him was to similarly “stick it” to Robert Ford. Hearing that, Tess is stunned and speechless realizing that maybe he’s onto something she also knows but may not want to admit to regarding Robert.

Joey opens the door to see Robert at his door. He asks why Robert is not doing the right thing by getting Joey’s sister the help she needs. Robert tells Joey it’s not that simple. She got their marriage annulled. Hearing that, Joey tells Robert that is great news because now Joey’s parents can get Tess committed to St. Anne’s. But Robert clarifies to Joey that it’s not that simple. He then informs Joey that Tess has a new husband.

Cutter tells Tess that no matter what she says, he knows she has feelings for Robert beyond wanting to make certain that he does not get her locked up. And he’s sure that she will get his attention for what they have done just like he will get Aubrey’s attention.

Aubrey comes out to hear Robert informing Joey that Tess has “re-married” and demands to know who else would marry her. Robert replies her (Aubrey's) brother.

Tess tempts Cutter to sleep with her and tells him that he is still not over Aubrey. She tells him if he’s not going to put out with his wife, how is he going to make it up to her? She tells him that maybe one thing they could do is find them a better place to live than in this rat hole.

Alone with James, Starr admits to him for the first time that she has had her own personal issue with Tess. For months, she mistakenly thought that Hope was dead because of Tess. Hearing that, James is shocked and asks what happened. Starr informs him that she and Jessica got pregnant at the same time. Jessica’s baby died because Tess did not take care of herself during the pregnancy. Then Tess or one of Jessica’s alters switched her baby with Hope after they both gave birth so that Starr and everyone believed that Hope died. Hearing that, James is shocked and horrified.

Marty overhears John and Kelly cozily together and realizing that he wants to get the goods on Marty but only has feelings for Natalie and wants Kelly to help him get over Natalie.

Brody shares with Natalie that he and Robert went to find Tess at the Minutemen Motel. And it felt “so strange” to see two of Tess’s “husbands”. One on his left and one on his right. And there she was looking so much like Jessica. And all he could think about was when he was standing at the alter with her ready to make her his wife. And when he looks in her eyes, he sometimes feels like she is so close to coming back. But he never gets to Jessica. He is worried that he will never get Jessica back. She sensitively tells Brody she is so sorry and feels so much the same when she sees John so closed off and with Kelly. He tells her that Jessica is so lost and he does not know what to do. Brody and Natalie then move closer together and are ready to kiss. They kiss passionately until baby Liam’s crying interrupts them. He rushes to get the baby.

Kelly tells John that she can enjoy the evening with him. And they will not breathe a word about Joey or Natalie or Aubrey or Marty or any of the crap they would rather not deal with. Marty gets an earful of their conversation and appears like she wants to get revenge upon Kelly.

Brody is very attentive to baby Liam. He then clarifies to Natalie that he did not “mean” to do what they just did. He hopes she will get back with John. And God willing, he will get back with Jessica. She tells him it will take a miracle for her to get John back. But he still has a chance with her sister. She tells him that maybe he has to fight fire with fire regarding Tess.

Tess tells Cutter he needs to know that Aubrey is not working as hard as she could to get the Buchanan’s money and seems more interested in being a mommy to the baby. And he needs to know that Joey is going to see through his scam sooner or later. Cutter is Buchanan enemy number one, Tess tells him. And she is a close second. But he tells her he’s got it covered. He has a plan B.

Robert tells Joey that he is sorry about this whether Joey believes it or not. He intended to get Tess back to St. Anne’s. But it was too late. He does not know how she did it but she married Cutter. Aubrey then tells them she has to go. Alone with Joey, Robert asks how baby Ryder is and asks if he could please see his son. He realizes that Joey does not owe him anything that he did not do right by Joey’s s sister. But he pleads with Joey to please let him see baby Ryder.

James and Starr are happy to be alone without Deanna, Robert, Tess or Ryder. She tells him that her dad is not back yet. Her mom is with baby Hope and her brothers are in school. They kiss.

Cutter tells Tess that Aubrey has been wasting many months of their lives failing to get the goods with Joey. And he’s not going to keep believing that she will come through for him. He has plans. He then notices his phone ringing. Tess observes that it’s Aubrey and asks if he is resisting the temptation to answer it. She holds baby Ryder and demands to know where Cutter has been and why he has to be angry with her because she cares about a baby. Robert then walks in with Joey and she graciously lets him hold his son and remarks that she can see he really does love baby Ryder.

Tess then notices that Cutter is going out the door and after Aubrey.

Robert emotionally holds baby Ryder and cannot tear himself away from him although Joey warns him not to grow too attached. It will hurt too much if he doesn’t get custody. Robert looks like he’s crying when he gives Ryder back to Aubrey and Joey. She tells Joey that he really is a good man and they both seem to understand that Robert loves his child. They don’t want to hurt him. And they love each other.

Marty goes to see John after Kelly leaves and tells him since he has to keep tabs on her for when she sees her therapist. She tells him she still wonders if she should not switch therapists after Dr. Buhari lost her tape of her private session.

Brody then tells Natalie she is right that maybe he has to take drastic measures with Tess. She asks what he plans to do. He admits he has no idea but he will think of something. He tells Natalie that he believes he would have lost it a long time ago if it were not for Liam or for her. He then walks away and they both want to forget the kiss. Alone with the baby, she tells him that hopefully this tape will shed some light on what Marty had to say that was so important.

John asks Marty if Dr. Buhari ever found that tape. Marty says yes she did. He tells her he has to get back to work. She asks if maybe they can get together since last night was so wonderful. But he tells her that he has plans tonight and dismisses her. She does not let on to being disenchanted. And tells him that she is glad that he is getting out there and over Natalie.

Natalie then hears Dr. Buhari asking Marty what she did and why she is saying that she broke up John and Natalie. Is not the reason why Natalie and John broke up because Natalie was having another man’s baby? Marty then tells Dr. Buhari that yes, she “said that”. At that point, Natalie asks why she implied that it was something Marty did that broke them up.

Starr and James are ready to have sex alone in the apartment when Robert comes back to interrupt them very upset that after seeing his son finally, he now misses him more than ever.

Joey tells Aubrey that although he knows that Cutter is her brother, when he gets his hands on him for what he did to Joey’s sister, he will kill him. Right then, Cutter walks in. Joey is ready to hurt him and demands to know how he could marry Joey’s sister. Cutter smugly asks Joey why not? And he admits to Joey that he married her solely because he is after the Buchanan fortune. Hearing that, Aubrey appears shocked and horrified knowing that Cutter may soon sell her out..

Brody comes by to see Tess at The Minuteman and she tells him “they don’t want any”. But he is not going to let her push him out the door. She demands to know what the hell he wants anyway. He replies that she is under arrest.

Kelly goes to John’s home with flowers and dinner ready to surprise him. But when she closes the door, she sees Marty waiting for her and smiling.

John sits alone in his office remembering Natalie declaring that she has now given up on him knowing he could care less about her. And she is ok with the two of them being nothing more than professional colleagues.

While holding baby Liam, Natalie plays the tape where Marty reveals to Dr. Buhari that Natalie did not have another man’s baby. She did in fact have John’s. That she knows. And Natalie is shocked.

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