OLTL Update Friday 5/6/11

One Life to Live Update Friday 5/6/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

John interrogates Tomás Delgado after arresting him for the attempted murder of Todd Manning. Téa represents her bother and tells John he has no evidence against him. But John continues to probe whether Todd did see him with a shot gun from inside the window or if he is lying.

James stays at Nate’s home when Deanna is staying at his apartment knowing that Starr is not ok with that.

At the hospital, Dani talks to Starr about how she cannot believe that her uncle Tomás would be a shooter. He is a musician and artist. Blair enters and tells them she agrees that it’s unlikely that Tomás shot Todd and tells them their father is lucky to have two daughters like them. Blair then goes inside while Todd is talking privately to Jack. She asks her son if he wants to tell his dad what he did to Shane Morasco or if she should.

At the therapy session, Gigi talks outside the door about Shane trying to kill himself but Shane asks his mom if she would like to talk louder in case the entire street did not hear her.

Right then, Natalie is at the police station on the phone with Rex talking about how it may have been a “blessing in disguise” that he and Gigi were not able to hear the tape of Shane’s therapy session. He reminds her that she was not supposed to hear Marty’s private session either. And isn’t it ironic that the tapes just happened to get mixed up in that manner. He does tell his sister that he commends her for resisting the temptation to play the tape and find out all about Marty’s secrets. She admits that it took all the will power she had as she is very “curious” to know more about Marty. Right then, Marty comes by and asks Natalie if she heard her name.

Starr tells Dani she is not assuming anything about Tomás but does not want to see her younger sister get hurt. Dani tells Starr she does not understand why their dad would say he saw uncle Tomás shoot him when he did not. She admits that she has no reason to suspect Tomás. He was so good to her. But they both realize so was Eli Clark to Téa and her mom and to Blair. And they both realize how hard it is to understand the truth when it’s staring them right in the face

Nate remarks to James that his ex girlfriend is pretty hot. But James affirms that the only girl he is interested in is Starr.

At the hospital, Starr tells Dani that Deanna swears up and down that she has no ulterior motives for staying in Llanview. But Dani asks her sister if she buys that. Starr admits no and asks if that makes her a bitch. Dani tells Starr of course not and that she believes it’s understandable that Starr has suspicions as she would if it were Nate’s ex girlfriend. And Dani is shocked to find out Deanna is staying and James’ apartment.

Nate continues to question James and is intrigued to find out that James was once in love with Deanna.

Blair tells Jack that he needs to confess to his father what he did that was not ok. Jack tells his dad that it was not that big of a deal. He and a few of his friends merely “teased” Shane Morasco. And it’s not their faults that the kid is a psycho. Blair adamantly tells her son that his attitude is not ok. And she hopes that Todd can understand her concerns about their son.

Dr. Buhari asks to talk to Rex and Gigi alone and asks them how they see Shane’s state of mind. They tell her that their son is getting better but it’s realistic not to expect things to change overnight. She then informs them both for the first time that she thinks she should know that Shane’s private tape got mixed up with another session of another client of hers’.

At the police station, Marty tells Natalie that she and John are “back together’. Natalie does not buy that.

John tells Tomás that he found a murder weapon near the scene of the crime with Tomás’ finger prints and asks if he might want to explain that. Téa then tells John that he may have arrested her client but Tomás does not have to explain anything. But Tomás tells them he will. John asks Tomás why did Todd ID him and nobody else. Tomás replies it’s obvious the guy hates him, wants him deported and out of the way. John also asks Tomás why the mysterious syringe with his finger prints was found in Todd’s hospital room. Téa asks John if there are not other people’s finger prints on it also. John admits that her daughter’s finger prints are on it but asks if she believes the syringe was Dani’s. Téa tells John she is suggesting that everything they found could have other possible explanations. John then shows Tomás the file that the CIA or FBI has on him and asks if he can explain it.

Natalie asks Marty if she believes that she (Marty) is with John just like she did after she delivered Natalie’s baby and got sent to St. Anne’s. Marty tells her that she is no longer delusional as she was then. Natalie then asks her why she is telling people that it was she that broke Natalie and John up. She asks Marty if she is not aware that since she (Natalie) and John are through, John is now seeing Kelly Cramer. Marty tells her that that is meaningless. But Natalie tells Marty that what Marty and John “have” is all inside Marty’s crazy little mind. Marty asks why then did John break a date with Kelly Cramer in order to be with her. She assures Natalie that this time, nothing will come between her and John.

Right then, Shane is alone outside Dr. Buhari’s office while waiting for his parents and getting on his lap top to see what might still be on there from his tormenters.

Dr. Buhari tells Rex and Gigi that she feels terrible that Shane’s private session is out there somewhere due to a mistake made by her office. But another patient’s confidentiality has also been compromised. At that point, Gigi concludes that the therapist is “onto” them. And she admits that she did take the tape from the office although she did not listen to it. She knows it was wrong to have stolen it. But she was terrified to think that Shane might be planning suicide and she might never know until it’s too late. Dr. Buhari tells her she understands completely. And she wants Gigi to know that confidentiality does not extend to situations were a patient could be a danger to himself or others. If that were the case, she would report it immediately. Hearing that, Rex asks if that means that Shane has not indicated that that is the case with him. Dr. Buhari confirms that he has not. Gigi is then very relieved. But Dr. Buhari tells Gigi she needs to trust the process and not try to “fix” everything herself. In response to that, Rex admits that Gigi was not the only person who took drastic actions in order to “fix” something. He has something to confess that he did that was not right. Dr. Buhari asks Rex to go on.

IN Todd’s hospital room, Jack tells his dad that a bunch of kids were horsing around and he was not the only one. Blair protests that he was the ring leader. Todd asks if that is true. Jack asks what that means and if they do not recognize what Shane’s dad did to him. Todd then asks what Rex did. Jack replies he sent some thugs to beat him up.

Rex admits to Dr. Buhari that he went off the deep end from being so upset and outraged at what happened to his son. She then tells them that they, like Shane need to find healthy and legal ways to deal with their fear and anger over what happened. Rex tells her he knows that what he did was wrong but the bottom line is he wanted to make sure that Shane would not be bullied again and believes he got his point across.

Shane is then noticing on his computer kids joking about his jumping off the ledge and asking if he thought he could fly like his comic book characters.

Jack informs his dad that Rex sent some thugs to assault him on behalf of his son. But then “mom’s boyfriend, Tomás Delgado” sent them away. Hearing that, Todd asks what is up with that. Blair clarifies that Tomás is not her boyfriend. And they don’t even know if Rex sent the assailants after Jack at Capricorn. But she tells her son, she might not blame Rex if he did. Jack tells his mom she obviously does not give a crap about him just like the time she hit him. Hearing that, Todd asks about that. She admits she admits to Todd that she slapped their son and is not proud of it but it’s a knee jerk reaction to what Jack said. Todd then asks what he said. Blair replies he said maybe Shane was asking for it just like Marty Saybrooke.

Dr. Buhari asks Shane to come inside and join them in their session. She informs him that his parents have something they’d like to tell him. Rex then admits to his son that he took the law into his own hands. Shane asks if he hired those guys to beat up Jack. Rex tells his son he just took the law into his own hands and would like to leave it at that. Shane reminds his dad that Jack and the kids already said he could not fight his own battles. Rex tells his son he is sorry and knows that is not the way to handle this. Gigi then admits that she stole the tape and is sorry but was merely worried. He tells them that there is no point in talking about his feelings when nothing has changed. They can see what is on his computer and know that all of this is futile.

Todd asks Jack where he got the idea that Marty Saybrooke deserved what she got when Todd and his gang raped her many years ago. Jack tells his dad that he (Todd) said it. Todd tells his son he would never say that because it’s not true. And why would Jack believe that even if he had said it. Jack tells his dad he wants to be like his dad because Todd is rich, successful and powerful. Todd reminds his son that he is also in this hospital bed because he’s made too many enemies and has spent his entire life doing whatever he wanted without any regard for how it affected other people. And other people have not throughout his life nor given him reason to be proud of the choices he’s made, he tells his son. Jack asks his dad who cares what “those losers” think. Todd asks Jack if he considers his sisters, his mom, Téa and Aunt Viki to be “those losers” Because all of them thought that Todd was a bully just like Jack is. He tells Jack he knows what it’s like to want to take advantage of those weaker because you can. But he does not like what he is seeing here. He is seeing himself in his son and that is the last thing he wants for his son.

Outside the room, Starr tells Dani that she is not ok with Deanna wanting to stay in town. Dani tells her she believes that Starr is handling this whole situation really well. She asks what James thinks of Deanna sticking around. Starr replies that he said he would not turn his back on her but no longer has feelings for her.

James then confirms the same thing to Nate. Right then, Deanna returns and informs them that she applied for a waitress job but they want someone with more experience. Nate then tells her that he knows that Carlotta does not need help at the diner right now. But, he could put in a good word about her at the country club. And he tells Deanna that maybe she could stay with him and his mom for the time being.

John shows Tomás and Téa an encrypted CIA report and Tomás asks John what he is suggesting. John asks why the CIA would be so interested in him. Tomás replies that he travels the world to play piano and might be on some sort of watch list. John then tells him unless he is a very bad piano player, he doubts the CIA would want an innocent musician on a watch list. Téa then asks if she can have a moment alone with her “client” please. John tells them sure. They may take their time. Alone with her brother, Téa asks Tomás who he is.

Marty smugly affirms to Natalie that Natalie and John are through. Kelly was only a diversion for John. And what she and John have is real. Natalie tells Marty that is completely delusional. Marty then notices John walking outside and tells Natalie she may ask him right now. He asks her about what. Natalie replies that Marty is under the impression that she and John are an “item”. Marty tells John he may go ahead and “tell” Natalie.

Todd tells Jack he knows what it’s like to want to hurt someone. But he also knows what it’s like to feel like one has nothing to live for and to want to stand on the edge of a roof. If Jack does not believe him, Jack may as his mom. Blair confirms it’s true. She remembers Todd suicidal. Todd tells his son that he wants him to become the type of man that he and his mom can be proud of. SO can Jack excuse him for a second so that he and Blair can talk? Jack leaves. Blair thanks her son’s dad for backing her up. He asks her if she believes it’s over. She admits she is not sure and asks if it would have been over for him. Jack then goes outside to see his two big sisters and remarks that their dad “looks ok”. But that bullet definitely did something to his brain. He’s talking like “some sitcom dad”, Jack tells them. Hearing that, Dani questions what Jack is talking about. Starr then gets a call from James asking her if she is busy. He tells her he has some good news. She asks if Deanna is gone. He tells her no. But he did figure something out that she might be interested in knowing.

In Dr. Buhari’s office, Rex and Gigi find out that Shane has been back on MyFace and demands that he puts it away. She tells them that they are not there to change the behaviors of bullies in the world. They are there to work on strategies. Shane then declares that he is never going back to school again.

Jack is right then in the hospital hallway on his phone telling somebody that he has not “seen anything” since his mom locked him out of MyFace after “wheezy almost took a leap”. But he assures his friend that he will help them continue the bullying of Shane.

Todd agrees with Blair that Jack’s behavior is not ok but asks her if she is dating Tomás. She tells him that she only intended to date Tomás so that she could find out if he shot Todd.

Alone in the interrogation room with Tomás, Téa asks her brother just why he has been out of the loop and out of the country for so long. What has he been hiding? He then admits that he has done a lot of bad things. But trying to kill her husband is not one of them.

Down the hallway, Natalie asks John if what Marty says is true. Are he and Marty “back together”.? John replies that it’s no concern of hers’ what is going on in his personal life regarding relationships he may have. Marty then confidently tells Natalie that she needs to leave them alone. But Natalie tells her that she has some work to do with John. John tells Marty that he and Natalie have some evidence to go over. Alone with John, Natalie asks him if he is really serious. He tells her that it’s true that he is not going to discuss his business with her. She then concludes he may ask Marty out on a date. He may marry her if he wants. But he may want to ask her why she believes it was she who broke them (Natalie and John) up. Knowing that John will not share his secret regarding Marty, Natalie tells John that she got the syringe tested and concludes that it appears that Tomás was going to use the syringe to kill Todd. She tells John she has to go and visit her dad but whatever he is up to with Marty, she warns him to be careful.

Téa asks Tomás, as his sister, not as his lawyer, why does the CIA have a file on him. What is going on? He tells her if she knew what he did, he might lose her and Daniela forever.

Dani goes with Starr to James’ apartment. He informs them that he and Nate found Deanna a place to stay. Starr and Dani ask where she is going.

Dr. Buhari tells Rex and Gigi she does understand why Shane might want to return to school at this point. But it should not be forever. She tells Shane that nothing on that MyFace account defines who he is. She tells Shane for the next session, she wants him to write a list of his strengths and would like Rex and Gigi to do the same with their son. Alone with Gigi, Rex tells her that he needs to stop what those other kids re doing.

When Jack is talking to his parents, Rex goes to confront him. Todd and Blair stand beside Rex and Gigi and tells them they would like to talk to them.

James and Nate inform Starr and Dani that Deanna is going to be staying at Nate’s.

John tells the cops they need to escort Mr. Delgado back to his cell. Téa does not seem to trust her brother. John tells Téa that he thinks he knows how well she knows her brother.

Rex asks Todd if he believes that what his son did to Rex’s son is ok. Todd tells him not at all. He and Blair are sorry for it and so is Jack. Right? Jack says he’s sorry only to shut his parents up. Blair tells Rex and Gigi that they hope that this will just put an end to this awful chapter of their lives. Gigi then walks away with Shane. But Todd pulls Rex aside and tells him, (while out of an earshot), if he ever lays a hand on Todd’s son, he will give Rex a beating.

Natalie goes to spy and overhear Dr. Buhari telling Marty she has good news. She has found the private tape of Marty’s session with her. Natalie then remembers playing the tape where Marty protests it “is not right after ‘everything she did to put an end to John being with Natalie’, she (herself) deserves to be with John”. Natalie then goes into the file cabinet to find Marty’s files. Dr. Buhari remarks that Marty appears to be in a good mood. Marty tells her doctor she is happy that she is going to be getting back with John. He really discouraged Natalie by telling her that their relationship is none of Natalie’s business. She is confident that John is done with Natalie. Dr. Buhari tells Marty that’s only because he believes that another man is the father of Natalie’s baby. Natalie secretly eavesdrops and looks through Marty’s file outside the doctor’s office.

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