OLTL Update Thursday 5/5/11

One Life to Live Update Thursday 5/5/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Starr knocks on James’ door and hears laughing. She enters to see James happily with Deanna watching television and enjoying being together.

At the hospital, Echo tells Dorian she better get out of her way or she will run Dorian over. But Dorian smirks and tells Echo it’s too late to prevent Charlie from hearing that tape that confirms she has been lying to him all along about his being Rex’s father.

Right then, Viki goes to Echo’s motel room when Charlie is at the door and attempt to be courteous and asks if she is alright. She has the tape recorder in her hand. He reflects that he has heard that Nikki Smith has come back and kind of “attacked” Echo. Hearing that, Viki appears to be surprised when he tells her hat Echo apparently did not know that she was Nikki and not herself. She tells him she would not be so certain of that.

Bo goes to see Clint in the hospital who tells his brother that he is dying. There was too much damage. He did not get medical care until it was too late. Bo asks his brother how much time they say he has.

Destiny goes to talk to Matthew and is crying and so afraid that she sold him out to Blanca Morales. And she is so afraid that there will be some “ false allegation” on television that Matthew killed Eddie Ford.

Brody and Robert Ford go to the motel where Cuter is staying to see if Tess is with him. Right then, Tess and Cutter enter and inform them they have been expecting them. Cutter smugly asks the two of them if he can interest them in any coffee. Brody tells them this is not a social call. Tess knocked Robert out and attempted to kill him. But she remembers that he was going to send her to St. Anne’s. Isn’t he going to do that still since he’s not dead? Alone with Brody, Robert tells him that he needs his son. Brody tells Robert in that case he needs to have Tess committed. Robert then cooperates and tells Brody he will sign any papers necessary. But Tess and Cutter seem to know that their (Brody and Robert’s) efforts are fruitless.

When Starr enters James’ apartment and appears discontented to see him happily with Deanna, Deanna affirms to her that she plans to stay in Llanview and needs to get two jobs in order to afford her living expenses.

Echo tells Dorian that Dorian does not want to mess with her. IF Dorian uses that tape against her in an attempt to get Charlie to break up with her, she can tell Dorian’s good friend Viki that she (Dorian) left Clint to die. But Dorian is not afraid of that.

At The Minuteman, Viki tells Charlie she is very certain that Echo knew she was dealing with Nikki. Charlie asks her why Echo would lie. Viki tells him it’s because Nikki may have had something that would “motivate” Echo. He asks her just what that would be. Niki then pulls out the tape reorder.

Destiny asks Matthew why he is behaving as if he does not want to defend himself against the “false” charges that he shot Eddie Ford. He then confirms to her that he is sorry. He did in fact shoot and kill Eddie Ford.

Echo tells Dorian she better get out of her way or she swears she will deck Dorian. Dorian smirks and tells her that she bets that Viki has already gone and let Charlie know who Echo really is.

Right then, Viki talks to Charlie while holding the tape recorder telling him she realizes that “everybody makes mistakes”. She sincerely declares she does not wish any ill or hurt on him. But she did warn him what kind of a person Echo is but he refused to listen. He demands to know what she is talking about. She concludes that it is not her job to protect him anymore. So she sets the tape recorder down on the table and tells him he may do whatever he wants with it. He can listen or burn it or do whatever. She is done, she tells him.

Clint tells Bo that after he dies, Matthew is safe. He had no intention of selling out his nephew even if his parents do..

Matthew then admits to Destiny that he has to accept responsibility for the fact that he shot and killed somebody. He can’t eat or sleep or put it aside. His parents don’t’ want him to. And even if they did, he has to accept what happened.

Cutter and Tess are very confident and smug when Brody convinces Robert Ford to sign the papers to have Tess committed. They announce that Robert and Tess’s marriage is officially “annulled”. SO she is no longer Mrs. Robert Ford.

Starr tells Deanna if she needs a lawyer to help her find her mom, Starr’s dad is married to a lawyer. James tells Deanna that Téa is really good. She helped his brother, Nate, beat murder charges. But Deanna does not like that idea.

Bo reminds Clint that if anyone is responsible for Matthew shooting Eddie Ford, it’s Clint. He lied to Matthew having him believing his parents were cheating on each other. Matthew was distraught and not thinking straight. Eddie taunted him telling him disgusting things that Eddie had done to Matthew’s mother. And then when Clint went to “help” Matthew cover it up, he encouraged Matthew not to own responsibility for it and lie and cheat and behave just like Clint does. Bo tells Clint that when he found out that Clint was in the hospital, he didn’t even tell his family. What was he going to tell them? The man who ruined their lives is having a heart attack? Were they supposed to care? Clint then asks his brother why then is he there. Bo replies because Nora urged him to do so. Regardless, however, he still does not care about Clint nor see him as his brother.

Charlie plays the tape of Echo and Clint confirming that she lied to Charlie about Rex being his son when she knew all along that he was not. She right then, walks in and urges Clint to know that she can explain. But Charlie does not look happy nor forgiving.

Cutter and Tess tell Robert and Brody that the marriage was never official in the first place. It was Jessica Brennan on the marriage certificate, not Tess. Brody and Robert do not understand how they can be so smug and unafraid. But at that point, Cutter tells them he would like to introduce them to Mr. and Mrs. Cutter Wentworth. At that point, Robert and Brody stare at them speechless and stunned. She tells Brody, that it’s very simple. She has annulled her marriage to Robert and is now legally married to Cutter. And she had to think quickly and recycle her ring. She hopes neither Robert nor Brody mind.

Deanna tells James and Starr that there is a restaurant across the street that might hire her. She asks them to wish her luck. Alone with Starr, he urges her not to be angry at Deanna and know that she is trying. But Starr tells James she is already angry with Deanna.

Dorian goes to find Viki very confident and smug that Viki has caused Echo to lose Charlie and to be exposed for whom she really is. Viki tells Dorian it gave her no pleasure to see Charlie hurt. But Dorian asks if she does not believe that they both deserve it.

Echo emotionally tells Charlie that she never intended to lie to him. She wanted him to believe that a good and honorable young man like Rex was his son. She knew that Charlie was devastated to have lost Jared and knowing that Rex is his son would make both of their lives so much better. Clint did not care about Rex and had threatened to get Rex sent to prison for corporate espionage of she told anybody. She cries and tells Charlie he must believe her and know that she wanted the most wonderful man she knows to be her son’s father. She would do anything for her son. And she asks wouldn’t he also? HE then grimly tells her that he does not have a son. She cries and protests that she intended to tell him the truth. But he was so happy. Rex was so happy. Shane was so happy. She tells Charlie she will do whatever he wants. She will go to counseling and work the steps of AA. But he needs to forgive her.

Clint tells Bo that he knows that Bo is always concerned about being perfect and expecting his son to be infallible just like he believes he is. Bo tells Clint that this is not what he wanted; his brother in the hospital and the two of them at each other’s throats. He wishes he had a brother he could depend on. Clint tells Bo he feels the same way. He knows the two of them are different and maybe they should just leave it at that. Bo then tells his brother good bye and gets ready to walk out the door. But Clint tells Bo he needs a favor.

Starr reminds James that they never have any privacy and cannot even kiss with Deanna there. Their relationship is so new. They have barely had time for a date or any time alone. How can they go to dinner or a movie or do anything with Deanna there? He then reminds Starr that Deanna is not there now and kisses Starr.

At the hospital, Dorian asks Viki if she was not there when Echo returned after Charlie listened to the tape. Viki tells Dorian that it doesn’t really matter. But Dorian encourages Viki to know that Charlie will wake up and see what a fool he was to leave her and will beg her forgiveness. But Viki is less encouraged than she is.

Charlie tells Echo that things will never be the same between them. He remembers coming to her on the very night when he found out the devastating truth that Rex was not his son. He was devastated, distraught, confused and in a terrible life condition. So he came to her. But it was her fault all along. She set him up. He furiously asks how he could have been so stupid. He remembers that Viki warned him about her. So did Dorian. But he did not listen. Does she know the damage she has done to him and to Rex and to Shane? His life is ruined. He left his wife and destroyed his marriage to a good, beautiful, kind loving woman for her. She is a lying, cheating manipulative person. She cries and urges him to say he does not mean that. But he tells her that she has taken everything from him. He has no reason to stay sober. She used his illness and his drinking to manipulate and reel him in. He knows that she has no conscience and is morally bankrupt. She tells him he mustn’t say that. She loves him. He loves her. They are both damaged people. They have both made many mistakes in their lives. But he cannot say that they do not love each other. She knows the damage that has been done. But if they just forgive each other, they can get past this. But he tells her that it’s not going to happen. This is over. He never wants to see her again.

Matthew tells Destiny that it’s over. When you kill somebody, you can’t just get over it and redeem yourself. She tells him it was not his fault. He did not know what he was doing and he snapped under conditions that could cause anybody to do something rash. But he reminds her that he did not tell his parents. He lied and hid like a coward. His mom is the D.A. His dad is the police commissioner. They revolve around the law. And he killed somebody. But she tells him that he was provoked and there were extenuating circumstances. Hearing that, he tells her she should go to law school and become a lawyer. She makes a convincing argument when he’s ready to go up the river. She then tells him that she is so sorry he had to go through this alone. Maybe it was her fault to not to be there for him. Hearing that, Matthew faces her and assures Destiny it was absolutely not her fault. She has always been there for her. He doesn’t know what his life would be like without her. She asks they why didn’t he reach out to her? Doesn’t he trust her? He then looks at her and tells her of course he trusts her. She is the only person he can trust. They then look at each other and kiss.

Bo tells Clint that this is the first time he’s seen his brother concerned about somebody else in a longtime and it’s too bad that it’s too late

Brody tells Cutter he does not know what he’s getting himself into. Cutter needs to know that Jessica has a serious mental illness and needs treatment. But neither he nor Tess listen and tell them. They affirm that there is no more Jessica. And they need to enjoy their honeymoon. But at that point, Robert hauls off and decks Cutter.

Charlie furiously packs his bags and walks out the door when Echo frantically runs after him urging him not to go and know that they can work this out. But he tells her she is the biggest mistake he has ever made.

Viki admits to Charlie that when she heard that tape, she got so angry knowing that Echo has been lying to Charlie all along and he could not see through that. Dorian tells her that it’s obvious that Charlie will come running back to her with his tail between his legs. Will she take him back? Viki admits to Dorian that she loves Charlie. But there are some serious problems that cannot be fixed. Dorian urges Viki to know that all relationships have problems that appear at times to be irreconcilable. Just look at her (Dorian) and David. But Viki tells Dorian that this is different. Charlie willfully left her for Echo. Regardless of the tape or what he does with Echo, her marriage with Charlie is over.

Alone in the motel room, Echo furiously vows that this is all Dorian’s fault along with Viki's.

In Clint’s hospital room, he declares that he guesses Bo wins after all. Bo then walks outside the door.

Matthew and Destiny kiss.. But she pulls away knowing that they should not go through with it. This only happens when one or both of them are in a desperate situation and not thinking clearly. But he tells her he wants her to stay although she argues and tells him he better leave. He takes her hand and leads her into his bedroom.

After Robert Ford assaults Cutter, Cutter asks Brody if an officer is not supposed to make an arrest. But Brody tells him he did not see anything. Tess tells them they both need to leave and pushes Brody and Robert out the door. Outside the door, the two guys argue but know that they have a common goal. Inside, Cutter then asks his new “wife” to bring him some ice. She happily gets it for him. They declare that they did it together. She got her freedom and he got his piece of the Buchanan fortune. She then asks him if he wants to “break it to his sister”. Or should she?

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