OLTL Update Wednesday 5/4/11

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 5/4/11


Written by Lisa G.
Pictures by Juanita

Todd is in the hospital, reading his own headline, “AWAKE”. Viki and Starr are visiting and very, very happy Todd is awake. He tells Viki that when she writes her headline, not to forget who the gunman is – Tomás Delgado. Viki leaves Todd and Starr alone and he wants to know what’s been going on since he’s been dead to the world. Starr tells Todd how they all took turns to stand watch over him. Todd asked her why her mother seemed so quiet when Jack came up and Starr tells him that her mom will have to get him caught up with that. Todd then asks why she hasn’t mentioned James and so she tells him about the ex-girlfriend coming to town and being broke. Todd makes mention that there is a thing or two he can think of to do about it, even if it means helping her with James. Starr comically says that now she knows her dad is really back. His phone rings. He looks at the caller id and tells Starr that he is tired.

At the café, Destiny eavesdrops on a fake phone conversation that the reporter, Blanca Morales, is having about who really killed Eddie Ford. She pretends that she is going to finger Nora and Destiny jumps up, grabs her phone and hangs it up. Blanca tells her she better help her figure out who did it or she will report that Nora is the killer. Destiny doesn’t know how she is supposed to help her, she isn’t a cop. Well, she says, your friend’s father is and you were supposed to get information for me. They need to put their heads together and figure out who killed Eddie if Nora didn’t. She tells Destiny that she knows more than she thinks. She plays her, telling her she wants to get to know her…..after all girlfriend, you are going places. Destiny falls for it and starts to spill the beans…starting with how Bo and Nora thought the other was cheating. Blanca leads her to speculate about what may have happened. She wonders if Matthew was defending his mother’s honor and shot Eddie. Destiny asks her if she is crazy and defends Matthew by saying he was nowhere that motel. How do you know? Was he getting some sugar from you? Hell no and by the way, he thought his dad was hooking up with Inez. So Blanca then surmises that maybe Bo did it. She tries to cover and runs out. She goes to Matthew and tells him that Blanca thinks he killed Eddie Ford.

Nora and Mathew are watching Access Llanview and hear that Clint had a heart attack. Bo walks in and admits that he knew and chose not to say anything. Mathew tells his parents that no matter what he loves his Uncle Clint and wants to see him at the hospital. Bo tells him that no way can he go to see him; he has to see him, what if he dies? How can you live with yourself he says and then storms out of the loft. Bo says he has no feelings for his brother, but Nora tells him that she knows deep down he loves his brother. She doesn’t want him to make the mistake of not being there for him, for her. They go to the hospital together. She tells him that she is okay with what happened and he does not need to make Clint pay for what he did. Bo enters his room and asks what the doctor said. Clint tells him that he is dying.

Clint is in his hospital bed, talking to his doctor. His doctor wants to discuss his prognosis and Clint does not want to discuss it. The doctor asks him to confirm that he understands his prognosis. He does.

Echo is in an elevator at the hospital and calls Charlie. She is apologizing for calling so late, as she talks, she is flashing back to her confrontation with Niki who had the recording from Clint about the paternity results. She hangs up and enters Clint’s room. She asks how he is feeling and he says he feels like he was run over by an eighteen wheeler and what do you want. Echo demands to know who he gave the recording of their conversation to because Niki Smith played it for her. Clint promises that he never intended for anyone to ever hear that tape. He honestly thinks that Charlie is a good man, but he had no choice but to give the tape to Dorian. Echo wants to know how Dorian was able to get the recording out of him and then figures out that Dorian would have let him die if he didn’t turn it over. Echo doesn’t believe him and says she is a doctor and would never let me him die. Doctor…doctor from hell he says. Echo sets out to find Viki and that tape.

Viki bumps into Dorian who recalls her encounter with Niki. Viki tells her that she never remembers what happens when Niki is in control. Dorian then lets on that she knew what was going on between Echo and Charlie weeks ago; beginning with the watch. Viki can’t believe she never told her. Dorian said she warned her against Echo and Viki agrees. She should have known as soon as she came to town to see Chuckles. Dorian tells her about the recording that she gave Niki and asks if she still has it. Viki has no idea so Dorian dumps her purse and finds it. Dorian plays it for her. Dorian tells her that she needs to play the tape for Charlie so he will see who Echo really is. Echo finds Viki as she is entering the elevator and holds up the tape. Dorian tells her that she is going to see Charlie.

Inez finds Ford, unconscious, on her apartment floor. She wakes him up and wants to know who did this to him. She applies ice to his head and wants to take him to the hospital. He refuses and there is a knock on the door; it’s Brody. Inez called the police. Brody wants to know what happened and Ford tells him that Tess did it because he was going to have her committed. Brody tells him that he’s lucky Tess didn’t kill him, but you’d deserve it since this is your fault. When Brody finishes blaming him, Ford reminds him that he would do the same thing to keep his own kid. His phone rings; it’s a call from Tess. She shouts you’re alive and both he and Brody start talking at the same time. You called the police she says as she hangs up the phone. Ford wants to figure out where she is so she doesn’t hurt herself or start drinking again. Brody can’t believe that he is falling for Tess. Ford denies it, but only cares about getting his kid back. They conclude at the same time that Tess went to see Cutter. They both leave to find her.

Tess seeks outs Cutter and tells him she thinks she killed Ford. She tells him she hit him really hard on the head to stop him from having her committed to St. Anne’s. She begs him to help her not get committed again. He agrees to help, but needs to know first why Ford was all set to commit her. She tells him about the deal he made with ‘your girlfriend’ and Joey to have her committed. If he does it, he can have his baby back. She rants on about Ford just caring about the baby and Joey just cares about getting Jess back (to bore everyone). Cutter comments that all Aubrey cares about is what Joey cares about. Tess says that when Aubrey got all ‘stepford wifey’ in the courtroom, she should have said that the only thing that she cares about is banging some guy who everyone thinks is her brother! Cutter mentions finding a body. She starts to freak out and grabs her phone to call him. He answers and she hears Brody in the background. You called the police she yells. She hangs up the phone and turns around and kisses Cutter. Tess talks him into bed. As she starts to rip his clothes off, he stops her by reminding her that Ford has the power of her. He comes up with a new plan.

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