OLTL Update Tuesday 5/3/11

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 5/3/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

John gets on the phone to Bo who has been able to investigate Tomás where John cannot since John has previously worked for the FBI. And John finds it odd that there is no classified file on Tomás Delgado.

Inside Todd’s room, he tells Téa he knows that Tomás shot him.

Outside Todd’s room, Blair and Starr are rejoicing. Shaun also happily confirms that nothing keeps Mr. Manning down. Not a bullet or anything else as he suspiciously notices that Tomás is not sharing the happiness.

Kelly is inside Buenos Dias looking at a website about Joey and Aubrey’s wedding. John finds her while she tells him she is working on a story. She asks him how his meeting with Marty went. He does not have much to report. He knows that Dr. Buhari “tried” to get Marty to answer a question but she did not. He admits that he is no closer to finding answers than he was although he knows that Marty is hiding something. He remarks that he can see that Kelly is also hiding something. And he wants her to tell him what or who is on her mind.

At the hospital, Cutter tells Dorian he knows that she left Clint to die on the floor of his home when he had his heart attack. She then demands to know what he wants. He replies she can play nice or he can call John McBain. He asks the mayor what she is going to choose.

John asks Kelly what she is working on. She replies Ryder’s custody hearing. He asks if Viki did not get custody, then did Tess and Robert Ford? She tells him neither did but shows him the website of Aubrey and Joey.

Dorian tells Cutter that he and Aubrey are amateurs and he has only circumstantial evidence that she tried to kill Clint. But she knows that he and his “sister” are getting it on. So before he tries to blackmail her, he needs to know that he has nothing. Right then, Joey and Aubrey enter and inform them that neither Viki nor Tess and Robert Ford got custody of baby Ryder. They did. They smile although neither Dorian nor Cutter is happy.

Inez goes to visit Robert while he lets her hold the baby one last time. She asks her son how this could happen especially if Jessica’s mother was declared unfit. He’s a good father and she needs to know why he could not get custody of his own son. He replies that he can answer that in one word; Tess.

Shaun asks Blair if Tomás did not tell her about the empty syringe found in Todd’s room. Hearing that and suspecting nothing about Tomás, Shaun asks what is so suspicious about that. He replies that somebody already tried to kill Todd yet and Tomás is a prime suspect.

Téa tells Todd that there is no sufficient evidence and asks him if he is really certain that Tomás shot him But he tells her he remembers that it did happen. But, he tells her, he can see she does not believe him and will let his brother get away with murder.

Kelly tells John that Aubrey stood up in court and announced that she and Joey can provide a happy and loving home for baby Ryder. All the people involved believe that Aubrey has saved the day. She knows that Joey will take good care of baby Ryder. But she is obviously not ok with it. John then holds her.

After Joey informs Dorian that Viki was denied custody, she asks how on earth that could have happened. He informs her that Nikki Smith came back. The judge freaked and was not going to let a baby go home with his mom at that point. Cutter asks what about Tess and Robert Ford. Joey asks if he is serious. He must know the judge could see right through that also. Dorian then reflects that that could have forced the judge to have Ryder put in foster care. Joey then concludes that that is where he and Aubrey stepped up.

At Buenos Dias, Kelly tells John she knows he may be sick of hearing something. He asks her about what.

At the hospital, Dorian asks Aubrey what she said in order to convince the judge. She replies that she and Joey are “family” and she was not going to let this wonderful baby be sent to foster care when they can take care of him.. Joey is completely trusting and grateful to Aubrey although Dorian is not.

Tess goes to Robert’s apartment and he asks why she is there assuming she could care less what has happened to him after having lost the baby. But she tells him she “feels bad”.

Dorian informs Joey, Aubrey and Cutter that she saw Clint after he awakened from surgery. He is awake but is still a very sick man. She obviously does not want Joey to go inside and see his father with what Clint could tell him. When Aubrey and Cutter are alone, she is worried about Clint waking up. But he is not pleased with her and Joey raising a baby together.

Tess reveals that she may have something to tell Robert and his mother about who is going to be raising baby Ryder.

Starr asks her mom why she thinks someone would want to poison her dad. While with Tomás, Blair tells her daughter she is not worried. Shaun admits that he knows that the syringe did not come from the hospital and Tomás was the only person seen inside Todd’s room when the syringe fell on the floor and reveals he believes that Tomás tried to poison Todd.

Todd tells Téa he knows what he saw. Her brother tried to kill him. He asks why she assumes that her brother could not do that or how well she knows him. How long has it been since she’s seen him. Years? Decades? She needs to realize she does not know him or what he is capable of. She then steps outside and Tomás protests that he did not try to kill Todd. But she reminds him that Todd says he did. Inside his room, Todd concludes even if he cannot count on Téa to handle this, he will do it himself.

Robert asks Tess why she is there when she does not care what happened to him or the baby. She tells him that she can see that he looks sad and pathetic. She protests that she had no idea that Nikki would “buckle” in court. He tells her hat he was very stupid to think he could trust her.

Cutter tells Aubrey he is getting tired of living in a flea bag motel waiting for her to accomplish what they need her to do with Joey. She protests that they have to be very careful since Clint is on to them. He asks her if she has even tried to get his money. Does she think that having a baby in her home is going to accomplish what they want? Or does she have another plan?

Robert tells Tess that she made it obvious to everybody that she’s unfit to raise a child. She went out gallivanting and messing around with any guy she could find all during the hearing. And he put up with it because she told him they could not lose. But the funny things is, the whole time, he knew she could care less about Ryder. All she wanted was the money. He can clearly see that life is just one big party to her. It doesn’t matter to her what happens to anyone else as long as she gets what she wants. She protests that it does matter. He then looks at her able to see that she might know something important.

Back at the hospital, Aubrey protests to Cutter that they have no reason to be suspicious of Tess. Tess will have reason to be grateful to her (Aubrey) for preventing her baby from going to foster care. He tells her that’s crazy. Tess does not care about anything except the trust fund. What does Aubrey thinks will stop Tess from outing them just to get revenge?

Robert ask Tess what she knows and what could be causing her to go and talk to him and reveal that “something” matters regarding his losing custody of baby Ryder. He then concludes that the only thing she “needs” from her “husband” is for him not to divorce her and let her be at the mercy of the Buchanan’s and put back in St. Anne’s where Jessica will come out. And, he concludes, he has no more “incentive” not to do just that. She then appears worried and protests that she cannot let him do that. He then asks her to tell him what she may know about Joey and Aubrey’s marriage that he might be interested in.

Aubrey then tells Cutter that Tess is not going to be stupid and blow their cover. He asks how she knows. She tells him that Tess almost spoke and said something in court but knew she better not. Because without that baby’s trust fund, Tess has nothing. He asks if that means that the two of them get a crack at the trust fund. She admits it’s not as simple as that. He asks her if she really wants Joey to be her husband and raise a kid with him.

Todd gets on his phone to call John demanding that he gets back there to do his job, when Todd can see Tomás standing outside his hospital room.

Aubrey tells Cutter she cannot believe that he would be jealous of an innocent baby. He asks her why she would care. She tells him she did not want baby Ryder to be given to complete strangers. He assesses that she cares about a kid she does not even know. She tells him she is human. He asks what will happen if she does finally know Ryder. Will she be too attached to leave him when they get what they want and are ready to get on the road?. He concludes that maybe she did not plan on leaving Joey in the first place. Joey then comes out of Clint’s room and admits that he was not able to talk to his father who was sleeping. Cutter then admits to Joey that he is a bit concerned about his “sister” having this big commitment. Joey affirms that “they” can handle it and he and Aubrey walk off together.

Robert then tells Tess he knows that she knows something about Aubrey and Cutter that she is not admitting. And he demands she tells him although she denies it. She then remembers catching them in the sauna and confirming that they are not brother and sister and telling them she will keep their secret if and only if they let her in on the “deal” and share the money they intend to scam from the Buchanans with her. Robert then urges her to tell him what she knows.

Todd calls John from his hospital room and tells him he knows that Tomás Delgado tried to kill him. John agrees to get there.

Téa tells Tomás that Todd told her that he shot Todd. She asked Todd again and again and he is sure. Tomás denies that asks if Todd actually saw him shot Todd or saw him with a gun. Shaun reminds Tomás that he is not denying it. Tomás tells Téa that Todd just wants him out of her life and that is not going to happen. Shaun then tells them that he is not going to let Tomás leave. He is calling the cops. Téa and Blair tell him that is not necessary although he’s on his phone. Right then, Todd walks out of his hospital room and tells Shaun he just called John.

At Buenos Dias, John gets ready to leave. Kelly then gets on her phone looking like she is going to investigate something.

Cutter stands alone and looking discontented at the hospital. Dorian tells him he looks like he has a lot to worry about. She could clearly see the emotional bond that Aubrey seems to have with the baby. She smirks at Cutter and tells him that must be new. She didn’t used to care about anything except his six pack and all the unmarked bills he used to steal for her. It can’t be good for him. Can it?

Robert urges Tess to help him out and tell him what she knows about Aubrey and Joey. And if she does not do that, she can leave so he can say good bye to his son. And right when he leads her out the door, Aubrey and Joey appear at the door.

John goes to the hospital and tells all interested parties that if Mr. Delgado intends to cooperate, he would like to investigate what happened and asks Todd what he remembers. Todd tells John what he remembers although Téa and Blair tell him that his evidence is only circumstantial and he has no proof that Tomás shot him.

When Aubrey and Joey appear at Robert’s door, he tells them that his son has just fallen asleep and they have to wait. But Joey urges him to know that there is a court order and they cannot make this any harder than it already is.

Back at the hospital, Dorian continues to taunt Cutter about how he and Aubrey are drifting apart and he will soon lose her.

Robert holds baby Ryder and appears ready to cry while he tells him that “these people” are there to take care of him. But when he brings the baby to give to Aubrey and Joey, Ryder cries as though he does not want to leave his daddy. Robert tells them they have “planned” this. Joey tells Robert he did not “plan” anything. It was Robert who took advantage of Jessica and attempted to pull off this scam with Tess. Robert then declares to them that he can make a deal with them. If they give him his son, he will give them Tess. At that point, Tess looks at him horrified.

Back at the hospital, Dorian gloats to Cutter, telling him she can see from his silence that it’s obvious he has not had “relations” with Aubrey in a long time. Probably not even a quickie. She does not have time for him. Maybe he needs to get a job. It’s entirely possible that Aubrey will forget all about stealing Joey’s money or even reconsider leaving Joey.

Joey and Aubrey ask Robert what he just said. He tells them if they give him his son right now, he will commit Tess to St. Anne’s and he will get his sister back.

At the hospital, Tomás asks John and the others if they believe a word that Todd says. John tells Tomás that Todd has been shot and he has to do his job. Blair, Téa and Starr ask Todd how he can be certain that Tomás did in fact shoot him. Tomás smirks affirming that there is no evidence because he is innocent.

Kelly calls Dorian from Buenos Dias who urges her to get back with Joey. But she grimly tells her aunt that Joey is “happy” and has a “family” and she is happy for him.

Baby Ryder cries when Joey and Aubrey hold him and try to calm him. Joey tells Robert that he will seriously consider his offer. He goes out the door with Aubrey who is not “happy” when she remembers Tess catching her and Cutter in the sauna and reveals that they better not cross her with what she knows.

Cutter is alone and appearing depressed at the motel. He remembers how Aubrey has been exhibited signs that she may actually have feelings for Joey although that was not their original plan and although she’s denied it. He drinks a beer but then furiously throws the bottle against the wall.

Inside the apartment, Tess asks Robert what he thought he was doing. He replies he did what he had to do. She protests that were it not for her, he would have never gotten close to that kid. If she had not married him, he would have nothing. He must know that he would not have stood a chance getting the Buchanans or the lawyers to do what he wants. They only see him as a perverted irresponsible guy who took advantage of a little girl. She helped him. He asks just how she believes she “helped” him. Where is his son? She protests that they just need a little time. He tells her hat he cannot count on her for anything. She tells him that she has no reason to trust him with what he was about to do. They both realize that they each have nothing to lose although she does not want to give up. He then gets on his phone to call St. Anne’s. But at that point, she knocks him out. He falls to the floor unconscious.

Although Tomás declares there is no evidence against him, Shaun and John tell him he’s not going to get away with it. John declares that his fingerprints were found on the syringe. At that point, he places Tomás under arrest.

On the phone, when Kelly declares to Dorian that she has given up on Joey, Dorian tells her niece that she may forget about him and move on although Kelly tells her that is easier said than done.

Aubrey happily carries baby Ryder into Clint’s home with Joey and looks like she might be bonding with the baby.

Inez returns to Robert’s apartment and is shocked to see her son lying unconscious on the floor.

When Cutter is alone, depressed and drinking in the motel, he hears a knock on the door, hoping and assuming it’s Aubrey. But it’s Tess who urges him to hide her because she just killed her husband.

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