OLTL Update Monday 5/2/11

One Life to Live Update Monday 5/2/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Téa rejoices when it appears that Todd is regaining consciousness. She cries and kisses him when he awakens.

Dani informs Nate that her mom told her that her dad was getting some secretive phone calls that caused Todd to snap. That might have been the reason why he went all psycho on Nate. And that was before he even met her uncle Tomás so that makes it unlikely that Tomás shot Todd. She then hugs Nate reflecting that her dad may have had other reasons for being angry with him (Nate) and it might get straightened around.

At Capricorn, Tomás declares to Blair that he’s wanted to get to know her better for a long time. She tells him he has wanted to know him for a long time also. And for the first time, they kiss.

Deanna declares to James and to Starr that she plans to live in Llanview and make it her knew home.

Natalie takes baby Liam home and plays the tape, telling her infant son that they will now see if his cousin Shane has anything his parents need to know. But when she plays it, she clearly hears a voice that she knows is not Shane’s. It’s Marty’s voice on the tape.

Blair and Tomás are kissing passionately at Capricorn.

Téa cries and asks Todd if he is ok and if he’s in pain. She tells him she cannot believe this. She is ready to get him some water. She cries and tells him she was afraid she’d never see him again. She then remembers that she has to get Dani and Jack and Sam and Starr and all of his kids.

Starr asks Deanna if she plans to move to town forever. She tells Starr she does not know. Forever is a long time. James then asks her when she decided that she wanted to move here. She replies that she has nothing and nobody to go back to in Dayton. There are no jobs available.. She tells Starr she knows that Starr believes that her staying in Llanview is all about James. And she’s right, she tells Starr. It is about James.

Todd asks Téa what happened. She replies he had surgery and went into a coma. He asks her what else.. All he wants to know is what happened. She replies that he was shot.

Outside the room, Nate asks Dani if she wants to go in. She tells him she believes her mom might want some alone time with her dad.

Tomás tells Blair they should stop before they cannot. She asks why that would be bad. And they kiss and dance together and appear as though they have wanted this for a long time.

Téa rejoices telling Dani and Nate that Todd is back. Nate tells Shaun it’s incredible. But Shaun believes that Tomás Delgado has shot Todd and maybe now they will get some answers.

Blair and Tomás are alone kissing and unable to tear themselves away from each other at Capricorn. And they dance together as if there is music.

Marty asks John what is wrong. He replies nothing but she was going to tell him something and he just wanted to know what it was. But she is not ready to tell him yet.

After Natalie plays the tape, she declares that although the tape is labeled Shane Morasco, she knows that she is hearing Marty’s voice and hears enough of it in her nightmares.. She then declares that she needs to call John or someone. But she concludes that it’s Marty’s therapy session. She then plays Marty telling her therapist that John has to get rid of Natalie and everyone must know that she (herself) deserves to be with John. Natalie then declares to her infant son that “mommy should not be doing this”. She knows that it’s an invasion of someone’s privacy to be listening to their private therapy sessions. She then concludes, unless of course, this involves someone being unstable or potentially dangerous to themselves or others. Then all bets are off. And she’s ready to hear all that Marty has confessed. But right then, Rex and Gigi rush back into their home to convince Natalie that they have changed their minds about listening to Shane’s therapy session. And Rex turns the tape recorder off.

James affirms to Deanna that he and Starr are together, committed and not considering going back to anything or anyone in their past. Deanna admits to James that until she finds her mom, James is all she’s got. She tells Starr she hopes she can be friends with her also. Just because she used to be with James and Star is presently with him does not mean that they have to hate each other. Right then, his phone rings. It’s Nate and Dani calling to announce that Todd has awoken and will be ok. Starr then rejoices and James is happy that her dad is awake and not going to die.

When Blair is with Tomás preoccupied, she gets a call from Starr. She asks her daughter if they can talk later since she’s busy. But Starr informs her mom that her dad has come out of his coma, talking, appearing to be ok and wants to see them.

Dani rushes to Todd and sees him smiling and confirming that he will be ok. She tells him that she talked to him, read to him, yelled and him for what he did to her and Nate. He did not respond until now. The doctor then enters and checks Todd’s vitals. Todd remembers most things except for the exact date which is normal since he’s been unconscious for about a month in a half. The doctor advises Téa to let Todd rest and not expose him to too much excitement. Alone in the room, Todd confirms that he was shot although Téa does not want him to think about hat now. He asks her what happened. She then admits that he was in Rodi’s with John. They went out to the parking lot. And that is when it happened. It then appears that he might remember something and Téa asks him what he remembers.

When Natalie is in the process of playing the tape that she discovers is Marty’s therapy session, Gigi explains to her that she and Rex just got out of the driveway and concluded that whatever Shane had to say on the tape is private. But, she clarifies to them, that tape is not Shane. It’s Marty Saybrooke.

John tells Marty that maybe they can be friends and go from there. They can be friends if they are straight with one another. But he has trust issues from having gotten burned by Natalie and finding out that their life together was all a lie. He tells Marty it’s not her fault. She kept her mouth shut with what she knew but might have done him a favor if she had revealed the “truth” before it was too late. Marty then recalls declaring to Dr. Buhari that she altered Natalie’s medical records so that John would break up with her and Dr. Buhari’s admonishing her to come clean about having done that.

Natalie tells Rex and Gigi that something sounds very odd about what Marty is telling her therapist regarding Natalie’s DNA results. They wonder if Marty may be confused or if she knows something that they need to know.

Dani tells Nate that she does not know what she would have done all this time without her. He reminds her that she pretended to be a lawyer just so that she could sit in court with him after Eddie was killed. When her mom was sick, they thought they’d lost her too. And he is really sorry that he suspected her uncle. She tells him not to worry as now that her dad is awake, he can shed some light and they need not implicate Uncle Tomás.

At Capricorn, Blair tells Tomás that she has to go now that Todd is awake. But she wants to get back to him soon. He tells her that he can drive her. He wants to be there for his sister and niece.

Todd then confesses to Téa and the doctor that he and John were on the roof top of Rodi’s and they were getting shot at. He asks her if they know who it was. She replies no but asks if he knows. She asks Todd if he saw who was shooting at himself and John. Before he can answer, Starr rushes in to hug him and rejoice that he’s ok. Outside the room, James talks to Nate and Dani who ask what he and Starr were doing before they got the call.

Deanna sits alone in James’ apartment reliving their relationship when they were in Dayton, OH at the garage where he worked. She remembers the food she got him and how they were kissing passionately and in love once. She appears obsessed about her memories and about James.

John asks Marty how it is that she believes that she is the reason why he and Natalie broke up. She replies that she wasn’t very nice to Natalie and threatened her. He asks her if she does not believe that simply telling him the truth was a good thing. She replies that she knows that she caused them both a lot of stress. He asks her if that is what is going on with her. Or is there something else about Natalie?

Rex tells Natalie that they cannot listen to Marty’s private session. They need to either get rid of it or sneak it back into Dr. Buhari’s office. But Natalie protests that she has to find out what Marty might know. Rex tells his sister that there is nothing she needs to listen to or know about what Marty says since Marty is crazy and doesn’t know what she is talking about. IT won’t accomplish anything if Natalie listens to it and will only make her angrier at Marty. But Gigi seems to sense that there might be a reason to listen to Marty’s tape and how it’s relevant to Natalie’s life.

Starr asks Todd if he remembers when he threatened James and Nate. She laughs with her dad. Right then, Blair enters and continues to make light of Todd’s crazy behaviors as she welcomes her kids’ dad back. Blair tells him she will bring the boys by knowing hat Jack wants to see his dad. She takes Starr out of the room. Tomás asks how he is. Blair tells him Todd will be ok. Dani however, reminds Blair that somebody tried to kill her father and what if they come back? Blair assures Dani she must know that that won’t happen. Inside Todd’s hospital room, he relives with Téa when he and John were involved in the shoot out and tried to figure out where it came from. He remembers that he knows where the gunman was in the window of the 3rd floor. Hearing that, Téa asks him, shocked, if he knows or saw who the gunman was.

Natalie declares to Rex and GIgi that they are right. She should not listen to Marty’s private therapy session. Maybe she needs to get home. And maybe on the way, she will drop the tape off at the doctor’s office. But, Rex tells his sister: “nice try”, knowing that she intends to listen to the tape.

John tells Marty he has to get going and thanks her for dinner. She thanks him. They talk about taking things one step at a time. He tells her they just have to be honest to each other. She tells him she “knows she can make him happy”.

Todd is working up to telling Téa what he knows. But she tells him she understands how he wants to find out who this S.O.B was who took a piece of his life. But they are not going to get any answers now. He asks her what if he remembers now but later forgets. She then asks him what happened after he and John discovered where the shots were coming from. Todd then remembers his conversation with John and how he went looking for keys alone although John told him he can get killed if he did that. He then remembered Gigi getting out of her car and John making sure she was not in the line of fire. And at that point, Todd went off on his own and got shot.

Outside Todd’s room, Tomás walks away alone. Nate and Shaun stare at him suspiciously. He goes off to make a call and tells somebody: “He is awake”, appearing to be a bit uneasy. They are out of an earshot but know Tomás has a secret.

Inside Todd’s room, he admits to Téa that he saw someone in the window. She asks if he saw the gunman.

John tells Marty she always made him happy. She clarifies she is not just talking about dinner. She knows there is a hole in his heart and maybe she can “make up for the baby he lost”. Hearing that, he asks her if she is really talking about the baby “they” lost.

Rex suggests to Natalie that it really doesn’t matter what Marty may have said about John nor should Natalie care. John has treated her (Natalie) like dirt and been a jerk and she deserves better than him. Why care about getting John back or what Marty says or thinks or does regarding any of that? She then declares that her brother is right.

Marty clarifies to John that he is right that she remembers the baby they lost. John then hugs her then walks out the door and tells her good night.

Tomás returns to Blair and asks her if everything is ok. She tells him more than ok that her kids have their father back. It’s great for everyone. But Tomás goes to the window to stare at Todd and Téa while she asks Todd if he knows who shot him. Getting a glimpse of his wife’s brother, Todd declares that it was Tomás who shot him.

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