OLTL Update Friday 4/29/11

One Life to Live Update Friday 4/29/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Téa sits beside unconscious Todd’s bed and prays in Spanish. Dani enters and can see that her mother is worried an losing hope.  

Starr goes to Capricorn and tells her mom that she is planning a date with James to celebrate that his ex girlfriend is gone and on her way back to Ohio.   Right then, the smoke detector goes off in James’ apartment when he burns something he is cooking. He is planning on being with Starr. But Deanna is not willing to accept that nor let him go and asks now that he knows that the only reason she broke up with him is because of his father, doesn’t that change things for him?   Starr departs from Capricorn and wishes her mom luck on her date with Tomás. Alone, Blair admits that she is about to find out what Tomás’ secret is and if he shot Todd.  

Beside Todd’s hospital bed, Dani tells her mom that it was not “her idea” to turn the syringe that she and Nate found on the floor, over to the police. Hearing that, Téa reveals that she knows nothing about that when she asks what syringe. Outside the door, Nate talks to Shaun who confirms that Dani may not be very happy with him for his contacting John and Natalie about the mysterious syringe..  

Blair is getting ready to meet Tomás and he is getting ready to be with her.  

Rex and Gigi are ready to play the tape of Shane’s confidential conversation with Dr. Buhari.  But before they can play it, Natalie comes by and asks if she is interrupting.  

Right when Dr. Buhari is visiting Marty, John appears and overhears Marty warning her shrink she better not say “one word to John McBain”. IN response to that, John smirks and asks Marty what she does not want Dr. Buhari to tell him.  

When Natalie goes to visit Rex and Gigi, she brings her baby and asks if maybe they could watch Liam for a while, They tell her they can do that. She tells them that she got called in to work. She and Brody need to investigate a syringe found in Todd’s hospital room and it’s a long story. And her mom is “Out of commission” Hearing that, Gigi asks if Viki won custody of baby Ryder. Natalie tells her not exactly. And she admits that she ran into Kelly and it wasn’t a pleasant experience since she believes that John has dumped her and is now seeing Kelly.  

Marty tells John that she and her doctor were talking about something. He asks her what about.  

Tomás goes to Capricorn to meet Blair and asks her why she doesn’t have more people there to “protect her”. She asks what she would not protection from. He replies from him.  

Téa reveals to the first time to Dani that this is the first she heard about the syringe that was found inside Todd’s hospital room. She and Nate found out that the syringe did not belong to any hospital staff. In response to that, Téa frantically asks who would have access to Todd’s room besides them and the hospital staff. Dani replies her uncle Tomás.    

Outside the door, Nate talks to Shaun who tells him that he need not feel guilty and had every right to turn the syringe over to the cops. It may lead them to the person who shot Todd and put him in the coma in the first place.  

Deanne emotionally tells James that she had to tell him the circumstances for how she was forced to break up with him and reflect on what they meant to each other. She appears to cry and asks if he can forgive her. He holds her. And right then, Starr enters and sees them together. Starr asks if James is not planning on a dinner date that they were going to have. He confirms that he is. But she needs to know why the last time she saw him, he was going to take Deanna to the bus station. Why is she still in his apartment and not gone?  

Tomás tells Blair that he knows that she suspects him for shooting Todd. She tells him she knows his friend, Claude was afraid that she might do something to hurt him. She asks him if he believes that. He replies no. She replies it’s good to hear that. He then clarifies that he does, however, believe the reason she asked him out on a date was in order to find out if he shot Todd.  

Téa asks Dani if Nate and others believe that Tomás shot Todd.  

Tomás tells Blair that if this date is going to be a fact finding mission, then maybe they can end it here. He then gets up to walk out.  

Natalie tells Rex and Gigi she knows that they have something going on that they are not revealing. He then admits to his sister that Shane has been going through some stuff and seeing a therapist. And today, Gigi stole a tape of his therapy session.  

When John asks Marty and Dr. Buhari what they were wondering whether to tell him, Marty replies that this doctor has lost a tape of their private therapy session and has no clue where it is. She apparently has no clue how to run her office. SO, Marty tells him, she can only imagine where her private hour with the doctor went.  

After Rex reveals to Natalie what Gigi did, she tells him she would rather he not do that. Rex tells Natalie that neither himself nor Gigi nor Shane should feel ashamed of anything. The only people who should be ashamed should be the bullies who hurt Shane. Hearing that, Natalie seems concerned and admits she did not know about what happened to Shane and asks if he is ok. And at that point, Rex and Gigi wonder how much they should tell Natalie about Shane’s situation. Right then, we see Marty talking to John and Dr. Buhari about the tape that got lost. Rex admits to Natalie that the kids who bullied Shane and the whole situation got so bad that Shane tried to kill himself.  

At James’ apartment, Deanna tells Starr she is really sorry, but she could not leave Llanview without telling James the real reason she broke up with him. She explains that James’ father made her an offer that she could not refuse. She had wanted all her life to find her mother who gave her up for adoption when she was a baby. And there was only one lawyer who appeared like he could find her. And James’ father referred her to the lawyer. Starr then asks Deanna if she ever found her mother. Deanna replies that the lawyer was going to  charge $20,000. Starr asks her if that is why she needs the money. Deanna then cries and tells Starr that she has never before known her mother. She asks Starr if she could imagine have that happen in her life herself.  

Tomás ask Blair if there is any possibility for the two of them to be good for each other and if she is willing to take that chance.  

Téa admits to Dani that she did in fact go looking in Tomás’ room to snoop and see if he was hiding anything. Her brother swore on their dead parents’ grave that he absolutely did not shoot Todd. Dani asks her mom if she believed him. Téa replies yes.   At Capricorn, Blair admits that she does have some trust issues after she almost married a serial killer. He asks her if she really wants to take her chances by dating the man who is being accused of shooting her husband. She replies she is willing to take that chance.   Deanna admits to Starr that she could not keep going on having James believing that she intended to hurt him. Starr then asks if she believed that after she tells James what really happened, then they would get back together. Deanna confirms that is exactly the reason she contacted him.

At Marty’s home, John asks Dr. Buhari if it’s true that she came all the way out there to inform Marty about a missing tape. Dr. Buhari confirms that that is what Marty says. Marty then follows Dr. Buhari out the door and demands that she does not even consider telling John that he is the father of Natalie’s baby. Not when she (Marty) is so close to getting John back. But Dr. Buhari tells Marty she must know that John is too smart not to figure that out. Whether either of them tells John or not, sooner or later he will find out about his son.  

Natalie declares to Rex and Gigi that she asked the two of them to be Liam’s god parents because she knows that they are the best people she knows to raise and care for a child. Gigi asks her if she is really a good mother to be violating Shane’s privacy by listening to a confidential tape. But when those kids were torturing him and he was ready to take his own life, they were not even aware. Natalie then tells Gigi she believes she must do what she thinks is right. She knows what it’s like to need to stop at nothing to keep ones’ child safe.  

Deanna declares to Starr that although she did intend to get back with James, she respects that he is now with Starr. She wants James to be happy and wants him to know that she will always love him. Starr then tells her she would like to “start this again”. Deanna asks her what she is talking about. Starr tells Deanna she would like her to go to the bus station and go back to Ohio. If Deanna needs a ride, Starr tells her, she can drive her.  

Dani tells her mom that Nate had no right to accuse uncle Tomás of trying to kill Todd. Téa tells her daughter maybe she should not be so hard on Nate. He just wanted to protect her father which may be heroic since Nate and Todd did not get off to a good start. She then admits that she may have some suspicions when she overheard Todd on the phone shortly before he got shot.  

Tomás tells Blair that he knows that almost everything they have been talking about for a long time is in regard to her ex husband and his sister. So that has to end now. He then asks Blair who she was before she met Todd. Blair then admits to Tomás that throughout most of her life she was a gold digger ready to marry any man, regardless of how much older he was than her or if she could not stand him. She just wanted a man to die so she could have his money. Hearing that, he tells her he’s sure she had her reasons. Blair admits it was her mother who was mentally ill and did not raise Blair. Blair admits she went from foster home to foster home and did whatever she had to do in order to make sure that her mother was well taken care of. He then concludes that what she did may have been justified. She replies maybe. But having good reasons for doing bad things may not make it right. He tells her that maybe it does. She then asks Tomás what wrong things he may have done for the right reasons.  

When Marty returns to John after Dr. Buhari leaves, Marty tells him she cannot understand how Natalie could have lied to John all those months about the baby being his and he has every reason to break up with her. John tells Marty be that as it may, he wants to know why it is that she (Marty) is telling everyone that she is “the reason” why he and Natalie broke up. What is up with that?  

Right then, when Natalie notices Rex and Gigi a bit apprehensive about listening to Shane’s confidential therapy session, she tells them maybe she can take the tape and listen to it. And if anything sounds like Shane is in danger, she will let them know. That way they won’t have to worry about violating confidentiality laws. Little does she know what she will hear (and how it will be very relevant to her) on the tape (i.e., Marty’s confession that she falsified Natalie’s paternity test to get John to break up with Natalie).

  Beside Todd’s hospital bed, Téa admits to Dani that she did hear Todd having some suspicious and secretive phone conversation that may have been with the person who had him shot and wanted to kill him, Dani asks her mom if she attempted to get the calls traced. Téa admits she tried but did not get any information. Shaun then enters and informs them that Nate is outside and Dani may talk to him but only if she wants. Téa then tells her daughter she should go and talk to Nate. She needs to know that her father is going to wake up. And she hugs her daughter.  

Nate asks Shaun what Dani said. Shaun replies she said nothing and he does not have a lot to tell him. Nate thanks Shaun for trying. Dani then comes out and smiles when she sees Nate.

Inside Todd’s room, Téa massages unconscious Todd’s neck. She cries when she remembers that she has lied throughout Dani's entire life about him. So they cannot lose him now.  

Tomás tells Blair he admits hat he left his family to travel the world and be a musician. He was not there when their father died nor there for Téa when she needed him. Blair tells him he need not worry that Téa has suffered without him. Téa has done pretty well for herself. He tells her that he feels now that he has reunited with his sister and niece, that is all he wants. That and her (Blair)  

James tells Starr that he and Deanna cannot find a bus schedule. Starr does not seem to buy that and asks if there is no way to find out when the bus runs and if they do not run all night. And again, if Deanna needs transportation or resources for getting on the bus, she will be happy to help her.  

Natalie tells Rex and Gigi that she can play Shane’s tape. Rex then gives it to her.  

Marty tells John she’s had a very eventful day. First her shrink loses the tape of their conversation. Now when she plans a nice dinner with him, the communication has come out all wrong. He asks her how that is. She tells him that Kelly got it all wrong by misinterpreting that Marty told her that she did in fact break up John and Natalie. What she said was merely that she “could have”. She knew about the baby because of the paternity test and could have broken the two of them up but did not. John then tells her he knows that there is more. He does not want to keep any secrets between them. Knowing the damage that was done form Natalie’s secret, he does not want that to happy with Marty. Marty then tells John she does want there to be a “clean slate” with them. But is she going to reveal her secret?  

Deanna tells Starr she “does not have to do this”. Starr tells her she does not mind. But at that point, Deanna concludes that she ha decided to stay in Llanview.  

Natalie tells Rex and Gigi that they must know they have done the right thing. She will listen to the tape and make sure that everything is ok and she knows that they will all be there for Shane.  

John then asks Marty what her big secret is.   Rex and Gigi leave Natalie alone with baby Liam and tells her infant son that she doesn’t know what she would do if anyone ever tried to hurt him.   Nate tells Dani he knows she has good reason to be angry with him. She tells him she knows he was just looking out for her dad. He tells her considering how well he and her dad get along, he would understand why she would be confused. But he should have never let his stupid hunch come between them. She tells him that everything is ok and she is no longer mad at him. They kiss and declare that they love each other. She tells him that nothing is going to come between them. He asks even if her dad wakes up. She tells him even that. However, she reveals, her mom informed her that she overheard a suspicious phone call and secret that Todd was keeping that may lead them to who shot him.  

Tomás tells Blair that he has had the picture of her for many years. Now he’s finally met her. And the more he sees her, the more he wants to get to know her better. She tells him she feels the same way about him.  

Téa talks to unconscious Todd alone crying and telling him she does not know who else to turn to. She does not know if she should keep hoping or if she can. And right then, it appears that Todd is awakening.  

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