OLTL Update Thursday 4/28/11

One Life to Live Update Thursday 4/28/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita


After Viki has finally defeated both of her alters who have taken over when she is in the courtroom and she is back, she awakens abut does not remember anything that either Nikki Smith or Jean Randolph have said or done while they were in control. She looks at Natalie, Joey, Tess, Robert Ford, the lawyers and the judge. And she has no recollection of anything that happened.  

After John has arranged to go to Marty’s home for dinner (with no suspicion that he may have ulterior motives) she is going all out to make it a special evening. She has her hair done, make up a little black dress and is lighting candles and ready for a romantic evening and the beginning of a future with John.   Right then, John returns to his apartment and assumes somebody has broken in. He pulls his gun and notices it’s Kelly who is there unexpected and making dinner.  

Rex and Gigi get ready for Shane to go out to the movies with Echo although Gigi is worried about what Shane might secretly do. Rex then informs her that Brody came to inform him and Shane that Jack Manning wants to press charges against them because he believes they are responsible for Jack getting assaulted. Hearing that, Gigi angrily tells Rex that is unbelievable after what Jack has done to Shane, he now believes that he is a “victim”.. Everybody knows if anyone had Jack assaulted on “behalf” of Shane, it would have to be Clint. Although she does not like that bastard, a part of her wants Clint to wake up and be alright so she can thank him if he got Jack assaulted. But when Rex is alone he appears less “confident” than Gigi does.  

Right then, in the hospital, Cutter stands over unconscious Clint and looks like he might be ready to suffocate him with a pillow. At that point, Aubrey walks in and demands to know what he is doing.

 Down the hallway, Dorian gets off the elevator and a reporter tells the mayor she is a hero to have gotten Clint the medical care he needs. But she remembers how she almost let Clint die.  

In the courtroom, Natalie and Joey inform Viki that both Niki Smith and Jean Randolph made their appearances in the courtroom. Hearing that yet not remembering, Viki is horrified and hopes to God that they did not ruin everything for her.  

Kelly tells John that she came in when he as out. She wanted to get a jump on dinner and surprise him. But he tells her that he has a change of plans. She asks if he has to work. He declares that he is having dinner with Marty Saybrooke.

Right then, Marty’s doorbell rings. She goes to get it assuming it’s John. But it’s Dr. Buhari telling her they have to talk. Marty reminds her shrink that anything she said regarding Natalie’s paternity test or about John is confidential. But Dr. Buhari tells her that they need to talk about what happened after the session.  

Gigi notices that Rex appears spooked. He tells her that Shane is his son and he would do anything to protect Shane. Seeing him up on that roof has caused him to have the same nightmare of being too late to save his son before he’s dead on the pavement. And he admits that he lied to Brody and to Shane that it was Clint who hired those guys. But it was he who hired them.  

Cutter tells Aubrey that he was just going to put the pillow under Clint’s head. He was joking when he made the remark about “offing” Clint. He’s a thief. Not a murderer. She tells him this is not funny. He asks her if she thinks it’s fun for him to be stuck at the low life motel waiting for her to accomplish what they set out to do with Joey. He reminds her that they have a job to do. He asks her if she is having second thoughts about staying with him. If not, then why don’t’ they cut their losses and leave? But she tells him they cannot do that yet. Dorian then enters and asks Aubrey why she is not with her husband. She asks if this man is her brother or her lover and tells them both they are cheap con artists out to bleed Joey dry and she is on to them.  

Viki tells Natalie and Joey that she cannot believe what just happened. At first she wants to blame Tess but later realizes it was she alone who let Nikki and then Jean out. Tess overhears and smirks. But she tells Natalie and Joey that she is so grateful to have them and know that they love her and she will never abandon them when they need her. Overhearing that, Tess reminds her (Jessica’s) brother and sister that Viki never left either of them alone in a bar and that she would never do that to her kid. Robert then enters and informs them that the judge is back. They all sit. Joey tells the judge that they have to take their mother home. But the judge tells him that has dragged on too long. She has heard everybody’s statement and is ready to make her ruling. She announces that it is her responsibility to determine who is best fit to provide care for a child. She knows that Mrs. Banks is a respected member of the community and has the means and resources to provide proper care for a child. But from what she has just seen in this courtroom, she cannot put a child at risk. So she denies Viki’s petition for custody. At that point, Tess stands up, cheers and hugs Robert.  

In Clint’s hospital room, Cutter tells Dorian he knows that she may be on to him and  Aubrey. But she is not going to tell anyone. Because he has something she wants.  

Rex admits to Gigi that when he put those guys up to assaulting Jack, he was so angry and irrational and was not thinking. He knows he made bad judgment to do something illegal. She tells him she just hopes that he does not go to jail. He asks her if she will forgive him. She asks how she cannot forgive him when she just said she wanted to thank Clint. And, she tells him, as for “keeping something” from her, she admits she did something worse. She then pulls out the tape, assuming it’s the “right tape”.

Dr. Buhari admits to Marty that she needs the tape that she made of Marty’s confession. Finding out for the first time that she was recorded without her knowledge, Marty demands to know how the therapist could do that. Dr. Buhari tells Marty that asks if Marty does not have it, then who does? She reminds Marty that a major part of the reason why they have their therapy sessions in the first place is for Marty to be honest and own up to what got her put in St. Anne’s in the first place. Marty tells her that all she has wanted and needed through all of this was to get out of St. Anne’s.  

Kelly then asks John if he is breaking their date to have dinner with Marty. She asks if Marty was right that he was just using Kelly to get back with Natalie and that John really wants to get back with Marty. John tells her no. He does not believe that. The sole reason he is going to see Marty tonight is because of the concerns he discussed with Marty’s shrink.. She asks what the shrink said. John replies that she had to keep her session with Marty confidential. But he could see that Dr. Buhari had alarms going off in her head and he reminded her that if she thought that Marty was a threat to anyone, she would be legally bound to tell him. John admits that the doctor then told him if he was concerned about Marty, he needed to trust his instincts, almost as if she was warning him about something.  

Marty tells Dr. Buhari that if a tape of a private conversation protected by confidentiality laws got lost, then the shrink needs to fire her receptionist for getting it lost. The shrink then concludes it’s a possibility that it was mislabeled.   Gigi then holds the very tape in question believing it’s the one that she secretly taped of Shane’s conversation with the shrink and she “kind of” stole it. Rex asks her if she has played it yet. She replies no.   Dr. Buhari tells Marty that she does realize that she is still bound by confidentiality laws. But that does not absolve her as a person from telling Marty what she has done is wrong. Marty asks what she suggests.  Dr. Buhari replies she needs to tell John the truth. And if she needs help with that, then she is available to talk to Marty about it and see her through whatever happens.  

In Clint’s hospital room, Cutter believes he can persuade Dorian to do what he wants by kissing her reminding her that she initiated kissing him not long ago. But she clarifies to him that she was merely using him in order to get over David when it turned out that David did not leave her after all. He got kidnapped by the very man in this bed. Yet Clint did not ruin their lives. They got married and are happy. And she tells Cutter he better not try any of his male stripper pole dance tricks with her. She knows how to get what she wants and make Clint pay. But right then, Clint awakens and angrily calls to her.  

After the judge has denied Viki’s petition, Tess and Robert are happy. But the judge declares that they are not getting custody of Ryder either. In response to that, Tess asks her what she is talking about. Robert protests that Ryder is their son. They are his biological parents. The judge tells them that that does not make them fit to raise a baby. If she has denied Mrs. Banks custody because of her illness, she must realize that the same is true about Tess. Robert protests that he is not sick. She tells him that even so, the picture that he painted of a stable home life is a fraud that she is convinced it is only so  that they can have access to Ryder’s trust fund. So, she concludes, it’s her decision that the child be placed in the care of the commonwealth. In response to that, both Natalie and Viki are horrified. Aubrey rushes to be there with Joey, sensing that things are not going well for him and his family.  

When Clint awakens, Dorian tells him “they were so worried about him”. He reminds her that she left him on the floor to die. She tells him she saved his life. She gave him an aspirin. She got an ambulance to come and get him. Everybody believes she is a hero. But Clint tells her that he intends to tell the cops that she wanted to kill him.  

At Marty’s home, Dr. Buhari asks her if she can live like this. Marty smugly replies she can and tells her the question is can she? (Dr. Buhari)  Her doctor again reminds Marty that she must know, being a doctor herself, that she has an obligation to do the right thing. Marty tells her that’s true. Dinner with John McBain is “so the right thing”.  

John and Kelly cozy up when he tells her that he intends to see if he can use his “power of persuasion” over Marty in order to get the truth of her. She tells him that if it’s true that he is not getting back with Marty, she will assure him that she is not getting back with Joey. He kisses her. But she reminds him that he has to be a cop. But before he leaves, she tells him something concerned her about Marty. When Marty last spoke to her, she (Marty) said “something” about Liam’s DNA test. That sounded odd, Kelly tells him. John admits that it’s weird that Marty has told him about that. But he still hasn’t a clue what is going on.  

Believing that she has the tape of Shane’s conversation with Dr. Buhari (the same doctor that Marty has) , Gigi tells Rex she knows it was wrong to violate their son’s privacy. She would respect it if he was merely talking about drugs or sex or dropping out of school. But he was ready to kill himself without their knowing. And what if he is thinking about doing it again? She tells Rex she is not willing to have blind faith when it’s their son’s life. He’s her baby. She realizes that Shane is in high school and needs his privacy. But with what has happened, they cannot take any chances. They don’t really know that doctor or if they can trust her. What if she misses something and they fail to save Shane before it’s too late? She realizes that she needs to return the tape. But before she can do that, Rex asks her to wait.  

After the judge rules that she will send Ryder to foster care, Viki pleads with her not to do that. Natalie stands up and tells the judge that she can take Ryder in to live with her and her baby, his cousin, Liam who is the exact same age. Tess reminds them all that Liam is the baby that Natalie had when she slept with Jessica’s fiancé. Natalie asks Tess if she’d rather her baby goes to foster care than live at home with her. Tess says if " home” is Llanfair, the answer would be yes. She reminds the judge that it’s Viki/Nikki/Jean’s house. The judge asks Natalie if she lives with her mother. Natalie clarifies she (herself) would be the one taking care of baby Ryder. But the judge tells her nevertheless, if Mrs. Banks resides in that house, she’s afraid that is not an option. Viki again urges the judge to know that having her grandson living with strangers is not a solution. The judge replies she’s afraid it’s the only solution and orders the bailiff to put another child in foster care. At that point, Aubrey stands up and asks what about herself and Joey. She announces that they are newly weds. They are good with kids, love to have a house of children and are willing to take Ryder in to live with them. Hearing that, Tess remembers Aubrey rushing into the sauna to kiss Cutter and reveal that he is not her brother and she and Joey do not have a real marriage. The judge then asks “Mrs. Ford” if she knows something about Joey and Aubrey’s marriage.  

Rex concludes to Gigi that although they want to respect Shane’s privacy, if he had not hacked into their son’s MyFace account before it was too late, he could be dead. Regarding Shane’s privacy, they are not talking about what girl he likes or whether he’s tried weed. They are talking about suicide. Gigi asks if he is saying they should listen to the tape. He replies maybe.   Kelly tells John they can have dinner some other time. She knows that Jessica is having her court hearing so she wants to be there. She also informs John that she found some “evidence” that may point to how Todd got shot. But she could not find anything. He tells her he knows how to look into that, kisses her good bye and asks how he is supposed to concentrate on work when he has her on his mind.  

Dr. Buhari reminds Marty that John broke it off with her (Marty) long before the question about the paternity test came up. And Marty stole the letter that Natalie wrote to him that made him conclude that they were meant to be together. Marty protests she did not steal it. She gave it back. But Dr. Buhari reminds Marty she did not do it right away. Marty hid it and lied about it and now she has lied to John again. Does she think she can keep this up? Does she think that she can continue to cover up secrets? Marty protests that she will confess the truth in their confidential conversations. That is why Dr. Buhari is her court appointed psychiatrist. Whether Dr. Buhari likes it or not, she has to keep her mouth shut or she will lose her license to practice medicine Dr. Buhari then concludes that maybe she will have to take her chances with that.  

Clint tells Dorian he does not trust her. But she reminds him that when Charlie hears that tape that confirms that Echo helped Clint lie about Rex being Charlie’s son, Charlie will break up with Echo. So she tells Clint, smiling and smirking, they (she and Clint) have done a wonderful thing. He reminds her she could have killed him. She tells him he needs to stop whining since he is alive. Cutter stands outside the door and overhears Clint telling her that she withheld treatment and was ready to leave him on the floor to die and it’s only by luck that he’s not dead. Cutter then smirks and declares that he’s “got” Dorian.  

In the courtroom, Aubrey tells Tess that making up lies about her and her brother is not going to get Tess what she wants. This court is not going to let Tess anywhere near Ryder’s trust fund. Hearing that, Tess again recalls catching them in the sauna, declaring to them that they may scam and take Joey for all his money. But, she wants in on the deal. Aubrey “graciously” tells Tess that she has no choice but to trust that she and Joey will take very good care of baby Ryder. Tess grimly agrees. Aubrey tells the judge that her husband is the most trustworthy and honorable man she knows and she is confident can give baby Ryder a good home until Jessica gets better. And she urges the judge to please let her and Joey take care of the baby.  

While Dorian stands outside Clint’s room, everybody believes she is the hero who saved hid life. But Cutter knows otherwise and tells her that if she carries out her threat to tell Joey his and Aubrey’s secret, he can reveal that she withheld medical treatment to Clint. So unless she wants to be charged with attempted murder, she is going to let him and Aubrey live in peace.   The judge declares that she is awarding custody of baby Ryder to Joey and Aubrey Buchanan. And she adjourns the hearing. At that point, Viki rejoices hugs and thanks her son and daughter in law for saving her grandson from going to foster care. But Robert can see that Tess “knows” something about Aubrey yet kept her mouth shut. She protests that she said nothing because she did not want Ryder to go to foster care. Robert tells her he knows she does not care about that and demands she tells him what she knows. She does not answer. He then tells her that “this marriage” is over. Viki and Natalie are rejoicing and eternally grateful to Aubrey for stepping up and they both suspect nothing. Right then, Kelly rushes into the courtroom to find out how it went assuming that Viki got custody of Ryder. But Natalie comes out and informs her no. Joey and Aubrey got custody of the baby.  

Marty asks Dr. Buhari if she really wants to lose her medical license and be unemployed. She knows it’s not worth it for her doctor so she will see her at their next therapy session. Dr. Buhari asks Marty if she does not know that even if she keeps Marty’s secrets, somebody will find out about the paternity results.

Right then, Gigi and Rex rare ready to play the very tape in question having no clue what the tape really is.   Marty asks Dr. Buhari who on the planet except for the two of them would know the secret that she told her in their session. So Dr. Buhari better keep her secret, Marty tells her.  

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