OLTL Update Tuesday 4/26/11

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 4/26/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At Capricorn, Blair asks Starr if she’d like to tell her mother about the “problem” she thought she had but later found out she did not have. Starr then admits to her mom that she found out that James did not break up with his ex girlfriend. She broke up with him. Hearing that, Blair admits that that could be a problem. But Starr tells her mom, confidently, its no longer a problem because Deanna is “long gone”.

For the first time, Deanna reveals to James that she did not intend to break up with him. It’s the last thing she wanted. It was the work of his father. He tells her he does not buy that. He knows that his dad could never make her do anything she did not want to do. But he tells him it’s true.

While Clint is in the hospital unconscious after having a heart attack, Joey and Aubrey stand outside the hospital room. She urges Joey to go home and get some rest. He tells her he has to be there for his dad. Natalie and Jessica are not around. His mom is MIA.. And it’s entirely possible that Tess will come by if he’s not around.

In the empty courtroom, Robert and Tess are sitting alone and she appears very cocky and ready to blow money on all of the things she wants when she gets her hands on all of the money she wants. But he tells her that he only wants to get custody of his son.

Echo returns to her motel room noticing somebody is there and assumes it’s Charlie. But it’s Nikki Smith, Viki’s alter appearing smug and boisterous and tells Echo she wears clothes. Why doesn’t Echo have something nice for her (Nikki) to wear.? Echo asks her what is up. Nikki asks her what is the matter. Has she never heard of an alter before?

Blair asks Starr what she believes has transpired in the conversation between James and Deanna. Is she confident that James has told Deanna to get lost and that he is spoken for. Starr admits that she is not certain.

Deanna urges James to just listen and let her explain. If he does not care when he hears her explanation, she will walk away and never bother him again. At least he will get some answers to his questions. There were a lot of thing going on before she left. Doesn’t he remember? He replies that he does in fact remember a lot of things. We then see a flashback of James working at his family’s auto shop. She comes out and is ready to run away together with him but for the mean time they are both stuck in the ill situation. Eddie then appears and smirks at them and makes a racial comment about her being the “princess from jungle fever”. Recalling that, James tells her he regrets that his dad spoke to her like that. But she tells him there was far more at stake regarding his father.

Natalie comes by the hospital to be with Joey and their dad. Cutter comes by and tells Aubrey he can see that she is there to comfort Joey 24/7. She tells him if he was in Joey’s shoes she’d do the same thing for him. But he seems not to buy that.

Joey tells Natalie that he’s surprised to see her there as he thought she could not get a sitter. She tells him that Brody is with her baby. But they wonder why their mother has not been around for a long time. Natalie admits the last time she spoke to “Viki”, Tess was taunting her in their house. And at that point, they are both worried.

Tess and Robert are both making phone calls. She calls “Nikki” expecting her to pick up assuming she has nothing better to do.

When Nikki is in Echo’s hotel room and making herself at home and Echo demands to know how she got in there and how this “behavior” is so unlike Viki, Nikki tells her that you simply remove the V and replace it with an N. At that point, Echo concludes that she is Nikki Smith. Nikki then smirks and tells Echo she’s not as stupid as she looks.

Robert overhears Tess calling her mother “Nikki” and asks her what is up with that.

Echo asks “Nikki” if it’s really her. Nikki tells Echo she could call her (Echo) a home wrecking slut. And Echo DiSavoy is the weirdest name she’s ever heard of. Echo then calls to Charlie. Nikki indulges in fast food out of a bag while Echo asks where Charlie could be Nikki tells her maybe he’s out drinking? Moping?. And who cares? She tells Echo that maybe she should thank her. She is the reason why Nikki has come out. She knows that what Echo and Charlie did to Viki caused Viki to have a break down. And maybe Nikki is there to get revenge up Echo. She smirks at Echo.

Blair asks Starr if she is really not the slightest bit insecure that James’ ex is back in town. And finding out that he let her stay at his place, how insensitive can James be? Starr tells her mom that regardless of what it looks or sounds like, she trusts James. But, Blair asks her daughter, does she trust Deanna? Starr admits absolutely not.

Deanna admits to James that the time when she noticed his father assaulting him and expecting him to steal for him and be his errand boy and confronted him for that, “something” happened that James does not know about to this day.

After Robert overhears Tess on the phone calling her mom Nikki instead of Viki, he tells her he knows what he heard. She tells him that he does not know what he is talking about. And why was he eavesdropping on her phone conversation? He then demands to know what is going on. She tells him that she has motivated the “bitch” to come back.

In Clint’s hospital room, Natalie informs Joey that when she last went to see her mom, Tess was there taunting her. And “something” was not right with their mom. Hearing that, Joey asks if Nikki came out.

Tess then admits to Robert that the other day, after she discussed with him what her mom’s alter, Nikki did to Jessica when she was a child, she went to confront her mom, and things got a little “intense”.

Natalie tells Joey she believes that their mom was “channeling” Nikki. She was dressed unlike the conservative and prim and proper Viki they both know. She believes that maybe Viki wanted Tess to believe she was Nikki. Joey asks why she would do that. Natalie then theorizes that maybe she thought that doing that could get through to Tess like the time when Bess came out and Viki pretended to be Jean Randolph. So maybe their mom thought she could give it a shot. But, Natalie tells him, it appeared that Tess could see right through it and it did not work. Joey then asks if she is really sure that their mom was “pretending”.

Nikki goes to confront Echo and tells her she (Echo) does not want to forewarn Charlie that Nikki has come out. And she plays for Echo the tape recording that Dorian gave Viki of Echo admitting to Clint that she is lying to Rex and Charlie that they are father and son and it's all about her scheming to get closer to Charlie. Nikki is smug knowing that Echo won't give her away. Tess is not about to tell anyone until Robert overhears her phone conversation where she calls her mom Nikki. And he puts two and two together remembering Tess revealing to him that Viki had an alter named Nikki and that Tess may have brought her out the last time Tess went to confront Viki. Natalie and Joey also put the same theory together and go to the courtroom where they know they will find Robert and Tess and certainly Viki if she really is Viki and not Nikki. Starr talks to her mom about wanting to trust James and not being insecure about his "farewell conversation" with his ex girlfriend. But when James and Deanna talk alone, we find out that she only broke up with him when his father promised to help her find her mother who gave her up for adoption. And when she found out that Eddie sent her on a wild goose chase, and she went back looking for James, it was too late. He had already headed to Llanview and met Starr.

Echo asks Nikki if she is threatening her. Nikki then tells her that maybe her “precious chuckles” will go back to the poor devastated Viki and will dump a worthless loser like Echo. Echo asks Viki why Charlie would do that. Especially when Nikki is back and could hurt him. There is no way she will let that happen. Nikki then plays for Echo the tape recording that Dorian gave her of her conversation with Clint where they both confirm that they have both lied to Charlie about Rex being his son. And at that point, they both know that Nikki has leverage on Echo.

Starr tells her mom that she is afraid that she is being a paranoid bitch. Deanna is back in town, broke with nowhere to go. The only person she has to help her is James. And she assumes it means she wants to get him back. She tells her mom that she formulated a new plan by letting Deanna stay at La Boulaie. Hearing that, Blair tells her daughter that she may have gotten in over her head with that. But Starr tells her mom, that way she can find out more about Deanna. And it doesn’t matter anyway because Deanna is leaving town.

We then see the flashback of Deanna talking to Eddie alone. They talk about how her mom gave her up as a baby and she found out she had a chance to see her mom for the first time. And Eddie must have held something over her.

Joey tells Natalie that it’s pretty odd and unlike Viki to be gone for this long and not be contacting her own kids. But Natalie does not believe that Nikki has come back. Joey tells Natalie that Tess may be covering for her. Natalie asks why Tess would do that since she hates Niki. Joey tells her he can think of one motive Tess would have to keep Nikki a secret; Ryder. If they both hide that Nikki has come out and is really Viki, then Tess can get custody of the baby.

Robert tells Tess he finds it very odd that ever since she went to confront her mom for what her alter did, Viki has been nowhere to be found. Why haven’t they heard from Viki who always checks in and who would be there by now to fight for custody of Ryder?

Nikki is ready to fight Echo.

Blair tells Starr she does not want her daughter becoming paranoid and suspicious. And she knows that Starr has great instincts. So, it’s clear for her to see that when a woman goes looking for a man she broke up with long ago, it means one of two things; either she’s desperate or she wants him back.

When Deanna informs James that the reason for why his father “forced” her to break up with James is regarding her unsuccessful attempt to find her mother, he tells her that he finds that hard to believe. She tells him that she had previously given up before she even met him or his dad. She looked and contacted child welfare services but they’d already lost her files. We see a flashback where Eddie tells Deanna that he has been very “lenient” with the both of them allowing them to “dilly dally”. But now he needs his “sole wage earner” to be more focused on bringing money into their home. She protested to James’ father that she is not giving James up. She loves him. Eddie asks if she does not love her mommy. Hasn’t she considered the possibility that her mommy did not willfully give her up? What if her mommy is in trouble? She could be out there somewhere looking for her daughter just like Deanna is looking for her. He then moves closer to Deanna while Deanna cries. He tells her “there will be other boys”. Later, James come back and finds Deanna to declare to her that he is done with this life and with his father. He is done and they can leave together. But she tells him that they are through. She does not believe that he is going to do what he says this time any more than any of the other times when he promised to change his life but did not. And she declares to James that she does not want a spineless punk like him. He is dead weight. She wants something better. And he better leave her alone. We later see Eddie smugly telling her that he is really “happy” that she has done what he wanted and his son will be mourning her for a long time. She was distraught however when Eddie tells her he can “help” her find her mom. Hearing that for the first time James now asks her if it was worth it and if she found her mom.

At the hospital, Cutter informs Aubrey that Kelly told him she knows that they are scamming and she is determined to make Joey know the way things really are. He is obviously losing patience for her being with Joey.

Natalie tells Joey that they do not know that Nikki has come out. Their mom’s alters have not come out in a long time and she would have to be under a considerable amount of pressure. He asks her if that could mean losing Charlie to Echo, having it come out on the gossip channel and having Tess take baby Ryder. And they conclude there is only one place where Viki would be which is at the custody hearing. They both then know they must get there before it’s too late.

In the motel room, Nikki and Echo fight over the tape. Nikki grabs it and holds it out of Echo’s reach. But Echo is ready to hit her with a lamp.

Aubrey tells Joey that he must go and be with his family and she will call him if anything changes with his dad. He kisses her, tells her she is the best and departs. Cutter is watching and standing nearby.

Charlie then comes by Echo’s place, knocks on her door and is suspicious of what might be going on in there. Nikki smirks and laughs while Echo appears worried.

James again asks Deanna if she ever found her mom. She then relives returning and looking frantically for James after she found out that Eddie had lied and sent her on a wild goose chase that turned up nothing. She tells Eddie she must find James. But Eddie smugly tells her that his son has cut and run after robbing him and if she goes after him, there will be nothing left of his son. Hearing that, for the first time, James asks why she couldn’t have come to him and told him that. She tells him she was afraid of the risk of his dad finding out. She also did not think that James would understand the drastic measure she was willing to go to in order to find her mom since she knew how angry he was that his mom left him. But by the time she went to find him, he was already gone. He then recalls that he went to Llanview at that point and met Starr.

Blair tells Starr that everybody has a past. But if it gnaws at Starr and she needs to find out what is going on with James and Deanna, she needs to go and find James and talk and get the answers she wants and needs.

Outside Clint’s hospital room, Cutter tells Aubrey that they need to cut their losses and run. Sooner or later they will be found out. But she tells him that Rama has incentive not to rat them out. Joey believes and trusts her. Kelly can only make wild accusations without any proof and Joey does not listen to her. But he asks her what about Clint. When he wakes up, do they think that he will give up and never succeed in getting the goods on them? She does not answer. Joey then tells her has a great idea. They can make sure that Clint never wakes up.

At Echo’s motel room, she hides Nikki from Charlie and when they are out of an earshot of Nikki, she tells Charlie there is something she must tell him. He asks about what. She tells him about his wife.

Robert tells Tess if she does not find a way to help him win custody of baby Ryder, he will divorce her and nothing will keep her out of St. Anne’s. But she tells him even if Niki does not make herself known, they are still likely to come out winning. The judge is never going to give Ryder to a woman who cannot even be there for the decision. He tells her that there is still no guarantee that they will win either. What if it gets out that they conspired with Nikki and they get found out? He tells her they need Nikki. Natalie and Joey walk in to overhear that.

Blair tells Starr that she will lock up and she can take Starr to go and talk to James and find out what is going on. But Blair tells her mom she is not doing that. Only a clingy girl would do that. She wants to let James say good bye to Deanna in peace.

Deanna admits to James that she is afraid that is too late. She did not come all this way for money. She did it for him. She still loves him and has never stopped.

Aubrey tells Cutter that she ahs never resorted to such drastic measures as to kill anybody for money and is not going to start now. But Cutter appears very determined.

Charlie asks Echo what is going on regarding Viki. Nikki then listens in on them.

In the courtroom, Joey asks what Robert just said about Nikki. Tess tells her (Jessica’s) brother and sister she doesn’t know what they are talking about. Joey tells Tess she needs to admit it. Nikki is back.

At the motel room, Nikki listens in on Echo telling Charlie that “Viki” was there. She said horrible things to her, and threatened to ruin her life. Hearing that, Charlie remarks that that does not sound like Viki. But perhaps Viki was really upset and angry. Echo then asks Charlie if she is going to lose him. He tells her of course not and holds her in his arms. Nikki is smug with satisfaction but gets a call from Tess. She tells Tess she needs to wait. She (Nikki) has a “date with freedom”. And Nikki rushes out.

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