OLTL Update Monday 4/25/11

One Life to Live Update Monday 4/25/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

James is checking his messages on his phone in the apartment when Starr and Deanna appear together at his door.

At Capricorn, Tomás’ friend from Paris comes to see him and asks him if he is really certain that he can trust Blair and if she is not merely asking him out so that she can set him up. Right then, Blair returns and looks less than “warm” toward them. Tomás introduces her to his friend. But she tells him she already knows the man as she remembers meeting him in Paris.

At the hospital, Shane tells Rex he does not appreciate his dad having to tell Jack Manning that Shane tried to kill himself. That was supposed to be private and Jack can spread it all over the school. Rex tells his son that he simply lost it with Jack. Right then, Brody appears while in uniform and tells Rex he would like to talk to him alone. Rex asks what about. Brody replies he’d like to talk about Jack Manning.

Rama is talking to Cristian Vega about what she knows Marty might be onto regarding the DNA tests.

Marty then remembers and tells her therapist all she did to alter Natalie’s medical records to make it appear that Brody was the father of her baby when in actuality John is. Right then, John enters Marty’s therapist’s office and tells her he’d like to talk about Marty. She admits to him that she has similar concerns. In the hospital hallway, Natalie and Marty have a confrontation.

James is wondering what he should do with Starr and Deanna living in the same place.

At Rodi’s, Rama admits to Cristian that Phyllis from Access Llanview has started rumors that indicate that the two of them are having a “thing”. She’s worried what it could look like to all the people who know him and her husband watches the show when he has television privileges in prison But Cristian doesn’t really care about that.

Blair informs Tomás that she overheard his conversation with his friend and just what his friend is warning him she will set him up with?

Deanna admits to James that she met Starr’s baby Hope. She is adorable. And she was amazed by all the luxuries of Starr’s aunt’s home. And, Deanna admits, she felt kind of out of place to be staying there since she has absolutely no money. Starr reminds James that she was willing to loan Deanna some money but Deanna refused it. So, Starr asks James, what are they going to do about it now?

Gigi goes to talk to Shane’s therapist and wants to secretly tape record the session.

Brody tells Rex that Jack Manning has called the cops and has informed them that Rex hired somebody to beat him up. He hopes that Rex does not resort to having minors assaulted

Natalie tells Marty that if she is really confident that she is so much better than Natalie and knows that Natalie and John are through, then why is Marty still carrying around Natalie’s son’s paternity test.?

John tells Marty’s therapist that he did vouch for her getting out of St. Anne’s and believed that Marty was getting well. But he now has his concerns. The therapist then informs John that she also has some concerns about Marty and all that she had to say about John in their last session. John asks her what Marty told her about him. She replies that Marty has some obsessive and not very rational beliefs about John, their previous relationship, and John’s baby.

At the hospital, after Brody asks Rex and Shane if they know anything about what happened to Jack, Rex tells Brody that they do not have to answer his questions. But, Shane tells his dad, it’s alright. He trusts Brody and is willing to tell him everything that happened. He reminds Rex that he used to believe that Brody was his dad. Shane then informs Brody that for a long time, Jack Manning and his friends have been sending him hostile and threatening emails, making fun of him for having asthma, taunting him. They stole his inhaler which could have killed him and had him falsely accused of stealing booster money from the school. And there was the time when they took his clothes and put him on MyFace naked. He was traumatized and wanted to take his own life, he tells Brody. He then breaks down crying and Rex and Brody both comfort him. Rex then tells Brody he hopes he can now understand why they are not exactly feeling sorry for Jack Manning nor concerned about what happened to him.

The therapist sounds like she is working up to telling John the secret that Marty revealed to her.

Natalie asks Marty why she is carrying around her paternity test. Marty evades the answer to that question and tells Natalie she was simply doing so in order to “remind” herself of what she is capable of. But, Natalie tells her, she does not buy that.

Rama asks Cristian why he is not worried about gossip going all over the town that she is cheating on her husband with him. She asks if he does not feel that it has soiled his reputation. He tells her he is not concerned about that. She then asks if he can prepare her her favorite drink. He asks if she should be drinking any alcoholic beverages when she is pregnant.

In the other room at Capricorn, Tomás’ friend reveals to Blair that their private conversation was that he was afraid that Tomás is falling for her.

James tells Deanna that he can help her out with money. She asks how he can do that when he has no job and no money. He tells her that his brother loaned him some money. James tells Deanna it’s enough at least for a bus ticket back to her home. Hearing that, Starr remarks that that was nice of Robert to do that and asks Deanna why she is not “happy. Deanna then admits that she just wishes she had another choice besides going back to Dayton. James tells her that he knows what it’s like for one to not want to leave Llanview as he has stayed there for a while now and not wanted to go home. But, he reminds Deanna that her situation is a little different than his is. She has some things to go back to. Deanna then tells Starr that she would like to ask her for one favor. Starr asks what. She replies that she would like just a short time alone with James before she leaves.

Rama asks Cristian where he got the idea that she was pregnant.

Tomás’ friend admits to Blair that they were privately discussing whether Tomás can trust her and whether she trusts him. He then asks Blair if she believes that Tomás was involved in the shooting.

Gigi goes and talks to Shane and somehow want to get the tape out of his backpack of the confidential conversation he’s had with his therapist. And she secretly takes his back pack out of the therapist’s office without telling anyone.

Brody tells Shane he’s so sorry that Shane had to go through all of this and he wishes that he had known earlier and could have been there to do something about it. Shane thanks Brody and tells his dad that her (Rex) and Brody may talk privately. He tells them that it’s true that he really does not believe that whoever assaulted Jack was in the wrong. Jack deserved it. Alone with Rex, Brody tells him that he would not blame him (Rex) for wanting to take action against Jack even if is illegal. He asks Rex if he knows somebody who might have arranged for Jack to get assaulted. Rex replies he hasn’t a clue and knew nothing about Jack getting beat up at Capricorn until now. They then conclude that it’s entirely possible that Clint is behind it as that sounds like his style.

The therapist is ready to tell John about Marty’s secret but then decides that she cannot betray Marty’s confidence. John reminds her that she has a legal obligation if Marty is a danger to herself or someone else. But the therapist tells John she does not believe that to be the case and her sessions with Marty are confidential.

Outside the room, Natalie pulls the secret document out of Marty’s purse and confirms that Marty is lying about something as she sees Marty furiously demanding that she not take the document, clearly revealing that she (Marty) has something to hide.

At Capricorn, Tomás’ friend tells Blair he’s glad he has ‘nothing to worry about” and will be returning to NY. She smiles at him but looks suspicious.

Rama admits to Cristian that she made up a lie to tell Vimal that s was pregnant when she was not so that he would not plead guilty and go to prison. She tells him she knows it may make her a terrible person and would understand if Cristian never wants to speak to her again

Alone, Tomás remembers his friend warning him that with all that is involved with Todd Manning an the suspicious that he has shot Todd, Tomás might want to be very careful about seeing Blair and realize how it could backfire and ruin many people’s lives.

She tells him she knows that her husband knew Marty Saybrooke and that she (Marty) just happened to be at the hospital lab when he allegedly altered the DNA test result of Natalie’s baby’s paternity

Starr tells Deanna she can see that she (Deanna) might not be over James.

Gigi is concerned and ready to take drastic measures by finding out if something “secretive” is in Shane’s back pack.

Rex tells Brody that they are all very concerned about what has happened to Shane. Hearing that, Brody asks Rex what about him (Rex). Rex then admits to Brody that Shane is lucky to have had a father figure like him (like Brody). And, he admits, although he knows that his sister is devastated not to have had John’s baby, he knows that baby Liam is also very lucky to have Brody for a dad.

Natalie demands to know why Marty does not want her to see the mysterious document in her purse.

John urges the therapist to know that even if Marty is not “physically” dangerous, they both know there are many other ways she can hurt someone. He is concerned with what Marty told Kelly as it confirms that Marty is obviously delusional. She then remembers the conversation where Marty revealed that she falsified the DNA test results. John asks the therapist if she knows why Marty is carrying around this suspicious document and what that has to do with having a belief that she should get back with him.

Blair reruns to Tomás and asks if his friend is gone. He replies yes and that he hopes that his friend did not offend her. She tells him of course not. Having thugs beat up her son does offend her however. She is very grateful to him for chasing them away and she believes that Jack will see Tomás as his hero.

At the hospital, Brody tells Shane he needs to hang in there and know that sooner or later, bullies get what is coming to them.

Natalie asks Marty why she is keeping this thing in her purse. Marty tells Natalie she just wants to throw it away. There is a paper shredder right in the other office. But Natalie tells her she wants to keep it.

John tells the therapist that after all he has gone through, he is not going to let anybody hurt him or hurt anybody he loves ever again. So he needs her to tell him what the big secret it. He really has nothing to lose if she does not. She tells him she is sorry that she cannot tell him. But, she tells him, knowing he is a detective, maybe if he has a bad feeling about Marty, then perhaps he should use his instincts.

Brody observes Natalie tearing up the document and Marty laughing. He asks them what is going on. Natalie replies she does not know and he may ask the “crazy lady” there.

The therapist tells John that just because she cannot give him the answers about what Marty told her in a session, it does not mean he should stop trying to look for the answer. He should know that some day, he will be able to know what he needs to know.

Rama tells Cristian she enjoyed talking to him but has to leave. She has to get back to Nigel. They are both addicted to Access Llanview. He tells her he’s sorry about the vicious rumor of Phyllis Rose and maybe he will go and talk to Phyllis about it and tell her she needs to get her facts straight. Rama tells him that if he does that, it will only make it appear that the rumor is true.

Starr goes to Capricorn and her mom greets her and introduces her to Tomás. Starr asks her mom if she overheard her arranging a date with Tomás. Blair does not want to talk about that but does want to talk about James’ ex girlfriend who is living in hers’ and Dorian’s home.

James asks Deanna for the first time why she broke up with him if she really didn’t want to. She reveals, for the first time that her father “forced” her to do it.

Gigi appears to have tape recorded something that she does not want anybody to know about.. And it appears that she has gotten her tape mixed up with the one that the therapist used to tape Marty. Marty’s therapist then notices that she has a tape that says Shane Morasco and not the one from Marty.

Marty tells Natalie and Brody that that is one beautiful baby boy that the two of them are raising together. She is so happy for them. She leaves. They both haven’t a clue what is up with her. And they are friendly to each other. When Marty waits for the elevator, John finds her, appears friendly and asks if she wants to get something to eat tonight. Hearing that, she tells him she remembered he had plans with Kelly. He tells her no. He got out of it. She asks why. She replies that he’d rather “hang out” with her. So he arranges to meet her later. She smiles and appears to suspect nothing.

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