OLTL Update Friday 4/22/11

One Life to Live Update Friday 4/22/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Gigi asks Rex if it’s true that he’s just heard that Clint is dying and why Rex is pretending he could care less. He tells her that maybe Clint will die. Maybe he will not. She observes that Rex may not be as “ok” as he wants to be with the news. He asks her how he is supposed to feel. Clint may be his biological father but has made it clear he does not care about Rex so how is Rex supposed to feel ?

While Jack is in the hospital waiting room while his mom ha gone to his dad’s office to look for Todd’s insurance card, he runs into Shane who is waiting outside the door for his mom while she talks to the therapist. Shane observes Jack with his face cut and lacerated and asks Jack what happened to him. Jack tells Shane that maybe Shane can answer that question for him since he must know. The guy who assaulted him told him he knew Shane.

Tomás meets with his friend from Paris and they both seem to know a lot about Todd. Shaun talks to Dani and Nate knowing that they suspect Tomás of shooting and wanting to kill Todd.

John goes to the hospital and finds Natalie holding her baby. She tells him that she has made it clear he does not care about baby Liam. But Brody has been there for her. He observes the baby almost as if he knows that the baby could be his.

Marty is then talking to her therapist revealing that she knows that Natalie’s baby is in fact John’s. She knew all along. But what was she supposed to do? Let John and Natalie live happily ever after? The therapist then assesses that Marty has believed all this while that she had “leverage” over Natalie by having everybody believing that Brody got her pregnant so that she would lose John. But now, Marty admits that she knew otherwise? Marty then declares that she (herself) has lost. She lost the baby she was going to have with John. Then she lost John to Natalie. Then she lost Cole. She remembers overhearing Natalie and Brody having a conversation months ago when Natalie was pregnant. And it did not sound “normal” that he was so concerned about the care of her baby and what it would do to him if anything happened to her while pregnant. SO she was curious. She went to the hospital lab right near where she worked in a her own office as a psychiatrist. She just happened to run into that guy whom Clint apparently hired to falsify the DNA tests. She was able to distract him. And she got on the computer, hit a few buttons and deleted the results and made it appear that Brody was the father of her baby when he was not. The therapist then tells Marty that she must understand, being a doctor herself, that she is obligated make things right and end the lie about John and Natalie.

John goes to talk to Dani, Nate and Shaun who tell him things looked very suspicious when they discover a syringe on the floor. Shaun confirms to John that nobody besides Tomás Delgado has been in Todd’s room before the syringe fell on the floor.

Tomás meets with a contact from Paris who asks him how Ms. Cramer will feel about him when she finds out Tomás’ “secret” about the father of her children.

At Todd’s office, Blair finds Kelly and they discover that somebody unseen and unknown has tampered with Todd’s desk, computer and personal stuff in his office. And Blair admits to Kelly that the cops have suspicion that Téa’s brother, Tomás might have shot Todd.

Jack tells Shane that he (himself) never made his dad fight his battles for him the way Shane has. Shane asks Jack what he is talking about. Jack tells him he knows that Shane’s dad must have sent the men to assault him. He tells Shane he needs to man up and not try to jump off a building and go crying to daddy. Hearing that, Shane asks Jack how he would know that. Jack replies that Shane’s dad told him that.

Rex is talking to Gigi about what to think or feel regarding Clint and the fact that he is Shane’s grandfather.

After Kelly hears Blair telling her that there is suspicion that Tomás might have shot Todd, she asks Blair what she knows about him. Blair tells her that Tomás appears very sweet and talented and looked like he chased away the thugs who assaulted Jack. And, she tells Kelly, she has asked him out on a date. It is the only way for her to find out what Tomás is up to.

Tomás’ contact from Paris seems to know that Tomás is a suspect for shooting Todd and that Detective John McBain has found Euros at the crime scene. He knows he better cover his tracks.

Dani asks Nate, Shaun and John why they believe that her uncle Tomás wants to kill her dad. Nate reminds her how startled Tomás appeared when they caught him in the room alone with Todd and how he rushed out of there so fast when they got there. She protests that he just wanted to let her have time alone with her dad. John then gets on his phone.

Marty protests to her therapist that it was Natalie who knocked her out, kidnapped her and took her to a cabin. When Natalie was ready to give birth, she delivered the baby. Yet she has been falsely accused of being a danger to a baby. She tells the therapist she can live with what she did and so can John and Natalie. She declares that John will never know that Liam is his son.

John holds and greets baby Liam for the first time, as if he knows something about him.

Gigi tells Rex that even if it is a risk, she thinks they need to tell Shane about Clint. She admits that she is concerned about the fact that the therapist wants to enable Shane to keep secrets from them. He tells her that if she is someone Shane can feel comfortable talking privately with and she can help him, then he is all for it. But Gigi is not ok with the fact that there are secrets that they may never know about their son and it could kill him.

Jack tells Shane that he (Shane) is a weak person not to be able to take a joke. He obviously has some serious mental health issues and is a loser. Right then, Gigi rushes and furiously tells Jack how dare he say that to her son. But she notices Jack’s face and wonders who did this to him. He tells her she already knows.

Kelly asks Blair what she plans to do regarding her date and potential relationship with Tomás. So does she wants some charming man to be her next conquest? Or does she want to see if she can snuff out a serial killer like she failed to do with Eli? Blair tells her cousin she is “always careful”. Kelly tells Blair she hopes she is.

Tomás talks to his contact who tells him that maybe he should “back out” now.

Dani and Nate talk to Natalie about finding out who may have touched the syringe. She tells them that she can do a forensics check on it and hopefully give them some answers. Shaun observes her and asks if she carries a forensics kit around with her all the time. She tells him no. But she has a baby so she carries a camera with her at all times.

John is alone holding baby Liam and tells him that he can try to sing "Oh Danny Boy." It seems that he has an unconscious need to bond with the baby first the first time. Natalie appears and watches him and she looks stunned.

The therapist tells Marty that she (Marty) has a professional obligation to tell the truth. But Marty asks why. IT appears that Natalie is comfortable with Brody who is all alone without Jessica. And John has moved on and wants to be done with Natalie. And Natalie did not know that the baby was John’s and was willing to lie to him and never let anybody know that Brody was the father. She tells the therapist that the way that John and Natalie got back together was when Natalie wrote him a letter and that happened right after Marty had a miscarriage. Natalie did not care about her. She tells the therapist, she “handed over” the letter and handed over John. And she will never do that again. But the therapist urges her to come clean and tells Marty if she (Marty) does not do it, she (the therapist) will. But Marty smirks and tells her no. That won’t happen.

Alone in the office, Kelly gets on Todd’s computer and sees that “somebody” has been breaking codes.

Tomás tells his friend from Paris that he came to Llanview for something regarding Todd Manning. And he does not intend to back out now. The guy tells Tomás he just does not want to see Tomás destroyed in the process. Tomás asks if he knows how long he’s wanted to reunite with his sister. And nobody is going to take that from him. Téa believes him when he says he is innocent. The guy asks him if Blair Cramer also trusts him. He replies that she agreed to go on a date with him.

Blair comes to the hospital and takes Jack into the exam room to treat his injury where Gigi, Rex and Shane cannot confront him. He tells his mom that he’s glad that her “boyfriend” went “all ninja” on the guys who hurt him. She clarifies that Tomás is not her boyfriend.

Natalie takes the baby from John and informs him that she has assisted Dani and Nate with the suspicious syringe in Todd’s room. She tells him that she realizes that he has no more claim for baby Liam. But she reveals that working at her job is the only thing she can do that will keep her mind off of him.

Marty reminds her therapist that she is legally bound by confidentiality laws and what is said in this room needs to stay in this room. The therapist tells Marty that applies only if it does not involve a patient who could be a potential threat to herself or others. Marty tells the therapist that she has never been proven to be a danger to Natalie or John or a baby. And just because she plans not to reveal the truth about the paternity does not make her a threat to anybody. But, she does reveal that she believes that John “belongs to her”.

Dani and Nate go to the station where Brody assists them. Nate can see that she does not appreciate his suspicion of her uncle. He tells her he just wants to help and he does not want this to come between them.

Tomás’ friend asks him if he intended to “pursue” Blair. Tomás admits he intended to from the moment he got off the plane and landed in Llanview. At first he could see she wasn’t interested and she had a lot of personal and family stuff. He admits that Téa disapproved of Blair and him. And maybe that is what got Blair to break down and reconsider dating him. His friend then tells him there might be another reason.

After the doctor takes care of Jack, Blair tells her son that he will live. He asks her if she will make him fill salt shakers at Capricorn again. She tells him no. She foes not intend to punish him. But she wants him to go back to school and be considerate to others. He asks her why she thinks he owes anything to Shane Morasco. She needs to know that Shane is the reason this has happened to him

When Rex finds Shane, Shane furiously tells his dad he no longer trusts him. Rex asks why. What happened? Shane then demands to know how he (Rex) could have told Jack that he (Shane) tried to kill himself. Now Jack knows all about it and intends to use it against him and tell everybody what should be kept private.

Marty argues with her therapist about how she is not obligated to tell John and Natalie that she knows Liam is his even though the therapist tells her she must. And Marty goes out the door.

Natalie and John appear to have a mutual bond with the baby for the first time.

Tomás tells his friend that he has considered the possibility that Blair might have ulterior motives for asking him out. But he knows that he will prevent her from knowing anything.

Kelly is on Todd’s computer and can see that it has been tampered with.

Tomás tells his friend that he has covered his tracks and does not want to jinx it with Blair. He knew, the first time he saw her in Paris that it was not just about the painting. There was something more. His friend asks if he can be sure that Blair is not just setting him up.

At the police station, Nate asks Dani if he can take her home. She angrily tells him that he will owe her uncle an apology.

After Shane confronts Rex for telling Jack that Shane tried to kill himself, Rex apologizes but tells his son that nasty little freak, Jack, made him so angry he lost it and may not have thought before speaking. But from now on, they will keep things private. He tells Shane, however, that he does have something to tell him. His biological grandfather, Clint has suffered a heart attack and may die.

Marty’s therapist is alone in her office playing a concealed tape that she recorded of Marty admitting that she helped to falsify the DNA results.

Rex asks Shane if he has any feelings about what happened with Clint. Shane replies he does not know but asks his dad if he does. Rex admits he does not know either. But they can both be sad or angry or happy that it serves Clint right. He tells Shane whatever is on his mind, from now on, he may tell his parents. He need not be afraid that it will hurt them to know any reality that he could tell them. He must know that they are all a team.

Gigi runs into John and sees that he appears to be investigating something.

While Natalie is alone holding baby Liam, Marty comes by and tells her that Liam is a gorgeous baby who looks more like “his father” every day. Natalie appears suspicious and guarded when she sees Marty looking smug.

John then goes to talk to Marty’s therapist who admits she did not expect him and asks what she can do for him. He replies he needs to talk to her about Mart Saybrooke.

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