OLTL Update Thursday 4/21/11

One Life to Live Update Thursday 4/21/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Blair takes Jack to Capricorn and watches over him having him work and help her with the salt shakers at the tables before she opens the bar. She tells him he better start working and making himself productive. He is grounded and not able to do whatever he wants anymore until he apologizes to Shane Morasco. He tells his mom that he already “said he was sorry”. And what more does she want?

Rex, Gigi and Shane go to see a therapist who asks them about the “composition of their family”. Assuming that Shane’s parents are married, she asks for how long. They then admit that they are not married but right then ask Shane how he would feel about his parents getting married. Shane does not respond with the enthusiasm that they have hoped for.

At Capricorn, Jack complains about having to assemble and fill salt shakers and asks his mom if there’s “anything else” for him to do. She tells him of course. There are many toilets that need cleaning and she can provide a tooth brush for him to clean them with. He rolls his eyes. She tells him if he thinks she is being tough with him, he must know that when his father wakes up, he will be even stricter. But Jack remarks that he is worried his father may never wake up.

Outside Todd’s hospital room, Shaun guards the door as Tomás attempts to enter. But Tomás manages to find a way to get inside the room unseen.

Marty goes to talk to John after he has arranged a dinner date with Kelly. Marty asks if he would like to come to her home so she may cook him dinner as a gesture of appreciation for his helping her get out of St. Anne’s. But he tells her he has “other plans”. And “maybe some other time”.

Natalie and Brody go to the hospital with baby Liam after Clint’s heart attack and she admits that she is scared with what has happened to her father.

John then goes to inform Bo that he believes he has a prime suspect. He thinks it’s highly probably the Tomás Delgado shot Todd.

Dani takes Nate to see her father and they see Tomás alone in the room beside unconscious Todd. She introduces her uncle to her boyfriend but appears surprised that Tomás would visit Todd knowing they are not the best of friends.

John shows Bo the evidence that he and Natalie found of a blood sample at the scene of the crime. He tells Bo that he has, however, run a check on Tomás and it appears he’s clean and does not have a record. But John is not giving up nor assuming that they should not suspect Tomás.

At the hospital, Tomás leaves Dani and Nate alone in Todd’s room. And right then, by the floor, we see a syringe that has been left there before they got there when Tomás was ‘(mysteriously) alone in the room with unconscious Todd.

At Capricorn, Blair tells her son she realizes that she may have put him through a lot of stuff in the last year. She reflects upon her mistake with Eli. In response to that, Jack tells his mom he told her that that guy was a psycho. And she needs to know that somebody attempted to kill his dad. She then tells him she realizes that maybe she has not been there for him. She knows that he is smart in some ways. And he has a lot of anger that she is concerned about and wonders if that provoked him to hurt Shane Morasco that way. Jack, again, appears flip and ungracious. But Blair tells him that she promises to be a better and more attentive parent to him.

At the therapy session, the therapist tells Rex and Gigi that she would like to talk to Shane alone. Gigi raises an objection that whatever she has to Shane, she can say to his mom, because she doesn’t want any more secrets.

Outside Clint’s hospital room, while Natalie holds baby Liam with Brody sitting beside her, she admits that it may be awkward for him to see her so concerned about Clint when he has good reason not to care for her father or what happens to him.

Kelly goes to find Marty alone at Rodi’s appearing suspicious and as if she (Marty) is hiding some sort of secret. Marty tells Kelly that she needs to know that John is only with her for one reason which is to hurt Natalie.

Brody tells Natalie that regardless of his “issues” with Clint, he realizes that Clint is his son’s grandfather. He wants Clint to make a full recovery because, like it or not, you cannot “choose” your family.

At Capricorn, Blair tells her son that she has to go somewhere but she won’t let him leave. He has more work to do. And as soon as she is gone, a strange man enters, comes up behind Jack, pushes his head down on the counter and tells him he better leave Shane Morasco alone.

At the therapy session, Gigi angrily tells the therapist that she realizes she is a professional. But she is not going to be a part of any more secrets from their son. The secrets about Shane that they were not aware of is what almost got her son killed in the first place. But Rex admonishes to her that they need to trust their therapist. She then agrees and asks Shane to go inside and talk alone to the therapist. The therapist asks him how he feels about their parents wedding plans. He angrily tells her that he knows the only reason they are doing it is so that it will appear that they are “good” parents. But it won’t change anything.

After Blair leaves her son alone in Capricorn, the two men appear to assault Jack and might want to rob him. It appears they might be “working” for Tomás.

Bo asks John if he believes that Tomás Delgado might be secretly a criminal. And how do they find out if that is true? John admits to Bo that the information is unfortunately classified. He tells Bo he did some digging but it came up empty. Bo tells John that it probably didn’t help that John used to be an FBI agent himself and not many people liked him. So, he tells BO, maybe Bo can make some calls and get some information that John cannot.

Blair returns to Capricorn to see that her son has been assaulted and the men rush off. Tomás right then appears out of nowhere and tells her he has no idea who those men are who have rushed off right after roughing up Jack. But, Jack tells them, he believes that he does know who they are and why they did that.

Shane tells the therapist that his parents have the mistaken idea that if they get married, it will make him happy. She asks if he would not be happy if his parents married. He replies yes. But, it’s not going to solve his problems or make him seen as any less of a loser or less willing to kill himself. The therapist seems concerned about the likelihood that Shane will hurt himself.

When Blair returns to her son, he tells his mom he bets that those guys who assaulted him are “connected” to that loser, Shane Morasco. Hearing that, Blair asks Jack why he would say that. He replies that they told him that very thing.

Inside Todd’s hospital room, Nate asks Dani what they should do. She tells him that maybe if her dad sees them kissing in front of him, it will motivate Todd to wake up. They kiss but Todd is still in a coma. But right then, they discover the mysterious syringe that has been dropped on the floor. A nurse then enters and Dani asks where it came from. The nurse confirms that hospital staff no longer use that type of syringe and they know never to drop them on the floor after using them in a patient’s room.

Outside Clint’s hospital room, Natalie tells Brody she’s so lucky to have him there for her and for baby Liam. He asks if she means for showing up late with the baby. She tells him not just for that. That is amazing. She hugs him and he leaves. Rex appears and does not know why his sister is there. She informs him for the first time that “their” father had a heart attack. She first assumes that Rex might be there for “their” father but appears very disappointed in her brother to find he neither knows nor cares about Clint.

Kelly tells Marty she appreciates Marty’s concern, but what is it to Marty whether Kelly and John are seeing each other? Marty tells her that when John found out that Natalie had another man’s baby and lied about it, he felt hurt and betrayed and may have acted rash with hurting Natalie back. And she indicates something that sounds like a threat to Kelly if she continues to see John. Kelly demands to know what the hell Marty is talking about. Marty reveals that she (herself) may be the reason for breaking up Natalie and John. But Kelly wonders why Marty would believe that since “everybody” knows what broke them up was John finding out that Natalie lied about being pregnant with another man’s baby.

At the station, Bo asks John how things are with his (John) working with Natalie. John tells Bo that they both do their jobs and he will deal with it.

Marty indicates to Kelly that she (Kelly) must know that she is not very important to John and that she (Marty) has power over John. Kelly then tells Marty that she believes Marty is a very sick woman and the only reason why John pays Marty any mind to Marty is because he feels sorry for her. She firmly tells Marty that she and John can see each other and do as they choose. Marty is not going to make threats or get into their business. And Marty needs to wake up. Marty ten tells Kelly ok. She just wanted to spare Kelly from “another broken heart”.

At the station, Bo gets a call from Brody who informs him that Clint has suffered a massive heart attack.

When Rex finds out, for the first time from Natalie that Clint has suffered a heart attack and may die, he tells her that regardless of how she feel about it and the fact that Clint may be his father too, he affirms that he has a family and Clint is not a part of it.

Gigi goes inside to ask the therapist what she and Shane discussed. The therapist tells Gigi that she needs to respect Shane’s right to confidentiality. But Gigi is not ok with that.

When Blair returns after Jack has gotten assaulted by “unknown” people, and Tomás just appears out of nowhere, she is worried. But Tomás wants to assure her that things will be alright.

When Dani and Nate discover the syringe found on the floor of Todd’s hospital room after Tomás has just been there, they admit it’s very suspicious that the nurses don’t know where it came from, he asks her if she believes that her uncle might have used it. She asks why he would believe that her uncle would be carrying around a syringe. Why would he have something like that in the first place? But he tells her that when they walked in, Tomás appeared startled. And since nobody has a clue who shot her dad, maybe they should consider that Tomás might have had something to do with it. She asks why he would assume that. He tells her he is just saying that they need to make sure her father is safe. Outside the room, Shaun asks them if everything is alright inside here.

Natalie angrily tells Rex she can see that he could care less about “their” father. But she needs to go in and make sure that he is alright.

Gigi tells the therapist that she cannot just “trust the process” and allow her son to keep secrets from her again. What if he tries to kill himself again? The therapist tells her that she make sure that Shane is safe and will be there for Gigi too if Gigi needs her. Gigi urges the therapist to please just help Shane and keep him from doing anything like this ever again.

Blair and Jack appear at the hospital administration desk when she discovers that she does not have her insurance card and needs to go and find Todd’s. She leaves Jack alone and tells him he better not move or he will be grounded until the next century. But as soon as Jack is alone, he does not listen and gets up from his chair.

Kelly calls John and informs him that Marty confronted her with some very weird things to say. She told Kelly that she (Kelly) was making a very huge mistake to think she had a chance with John and appeared as though she (Marty) owns John and won’t let anybody else be with him. And something else very weird; Marty appeared to have “taken credit” for breaking up him and Natalie. John then concludes to Kelly it does sound very weird and he intends to pay Marty’s doctor a visit.

Marty then goes to see her therapist and indicates to her that she believes she has a real “hold” on John and demands to know how he could refuse to have dinner with her and make Kelly a higher priority. It’s “not fair”. And right then, her doctor appears “concerned” about what she is hearing and what may be happening to Marty when Marty tells her that she knows she broke up John and Natalie.

Blair goes to Todd’s office and runs into Kelly. She tells her cousin she needs to find Todd’s insurance card so she can pay for services for Jack after he’s been injured. Kelly asks if Jack is ok. Blair tells Kelly he’s fine but she has to find it. And right when she attempts to get into Todd’s desk, she sees something very suspicious that indicates somebody unknown has been in the office.

Jack finds Shane who is waiting for his mom to finish talking to the therapist and asks “how he is”. Shane angrily asks Jack what he thinks.

Marty’s therapist asks her if it’s not true that John and Natalie broke up because Natalie was having another man’s baby. Marty tells her yes. She remembers what she told her before. The therapist then asks Marty just what Marty is getting at. Marty replies that she knows that Natalie did not have Brody’s baby. She had John’s.

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