OLTL Update Tuesday 4/19/11

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 4/19/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Rex asks Gigi to marry him. Hearing that, she asks if he is serious. He reminds her that he is on his knees and needs to know what her answer it.

Starr returns home with James and Deanna after taking them to dinner. Deanna admits that she has a lot of memories. She tells Starr and James that it’s getting late and she needs to get to bed. But Starr tells her she does not think so and declares that she does not want Deanna spending another night there.

Tomás goes to talk to John and demands to know why he is telling Téa and Blair that he (Tomás) is a killer.

Blair and Téa go to the Buenos Dias where Téa tells her it’s ridiculous for John to see her brother as a suspect in the shooting of Todd.

Outside Buenos Dias, when Dorian has left Eco and Charlie alone to talk, he tells her he knows that Dorian is falsely accusing her of keeping the secret that Rex was not his son. He does not believe that Echo would do that. He asks how “cruel” Dorian would think she is.

Clint falls over alone in his home and appears to be having a heart attack.

Tess taunts Viki when Viki falls over ready to have a heart attack. But right then, it appears that Niki Smith comes out.

Téa asks Blair if she believes that Tomás had something to do with Todd’s shooting. Blair tells her that it’s odd that Tomás just happened to have the same access to Europe that the shooter had. Blair tells her that John has a legitimate concern. Téa protests that tons of people travel to Europe and could be accused of the same crime. But Blair tells Téa that Tomás has means, motive and opportunity to shoot Todd.

John tells Tomás that he has reason to see him as a suspect in the shooting. He knows that Tomás does not like Todd and wants his sister to get rid of Todd. He kind of makes it clear that he wants Todd to disappear. Tomás tells John that Todd is a rapist and he would like him gone. But John cannot assume that means that he has shot or wanted to kill Todd.

When Clint is keeled over on the floor, Dorian comes by to taunt him. She asks if he is in pain and when it started and notices that he is pale and clammy and it’s definitely right that he is having a heart attack. He then demands that she does something.

Charlie tells Echo that it’s amazing that Dorian has always hated Viki but is now appearing to be her buddy and on her side against Echo. She tells him that she inspires a particular brand of rage in many people. She tells him that she is glad that Dorian is there for Viki and assumes that Viki could use a friend right now. He acknowledges that it must not be easy for his soon to be ex wife.

Right then, Niki comes out in Viki’s kitchen and admits to Tess that she would like a drink. She shoots off her mouth and does not seem to fear or care about anything.

Starr tells Deanna she believes it is really sweet that James wants to help her. But, she thinks it might be better for all involved if Deanna came and stayed with her.

Charlie admits to Echo that although he’s so happy to have finally found her, he hates how it hurts Viki. Access Llanview is a dreadful show. And he wonders who could have given the information to the show. And he knows the only person who knows about them besides Viki is Tess. And that girl would be cruel enough to give the information to Phyllis in order to have the whole town hear and know about it.

Tess reminds Niki of the despicable thing she did to young Jessica. Niki tells Tess that she did not want a kid tying her down when she had things to do in the bar. She had to find a man and have fun and get drunk. And that annoying kid had to wander off. Tess tells Niki she is trash. But Niki scoffs and tells Tess that maybe they should go out drinking together and work together.

Téa admits to Blair, for the first time, that she did find out that Tomás has been researching Todd online and went so far as to keep the things he found in an envelope. Blair tells her it’s one thing to read the stuff. But to actually download and print and keep a file is a bit weird. Téa tells Blair she does not want to talk about this. Tomás is her brother and she “knows” him. Blair asks if Téa assumes she ‘knows” Tomás like Blair assumed she “knew” Eli.

John agrees with Tomás that Todd has a shady history. But he has to investigate Todd getting shot because he’s a cop. Tomás then asks John what type of information he wants. Tomás tells him he can give him the Euros and let John search. But John won’t find anything.

Starr admits to Deanna that maybe it’s a bit too cramped for her to be staying with James and his brother and his brother’s crazy wife and the baby. Whereas, Starr’s aunt Dorian has a big house with tons of space and many spare rooms. But Deanna questions if Starr’s aunt would want her there and not be suspicious.

Dorian tells Clint that she could help him by giving him aspirin or calling 911. As she sees him lying helpless on the floor, she gloats telling Clint she doesn’t think she will do anything to help him. It’s pay back she concludes. And pay back is a “bitch”. She smiles and smirks at Clint.

Gigi tells Rex she knows he loves her. But look at the timing. Shane is in the middle of a huge crises. She knows it might look “Better” to his therapist if is parents are married. But they shouldn’t do it for that reason. He tells her that that is not the reason. He is committed to Shane and regrets not being there for him when this hideous thing has happened to him .She asks if he believes the reason Jack Manning bullied their son is because Shane’s parents are not married. He tells her that he wants them to be a family and to make her and Shane the most important things in his life. He asks her to let him do this. He wants to be her husband. And he asks her, again, if she will marry him.

Téa asks Blair if she thinks that Tomás shot Todd. Blair tells her she is not saying that. But they must both realize that they do not know much about Tomás. Where has he been and what has he been doing all these years? Aren’t there a lot of unanswered questions? She concludes to Téa that she is not going to stand in the way of John’s investigation of Téa’s brother. And she does not intend to date Tomás until she knows more about him. Téa tells her that’s fine with her. Her life is complicated enough as it is without her husband’s ex wife dating her brother.

John tells Tomás it’s a bit too coincidental that Tomás has been carrying around photos and articles of the man who suddenly gets shot right after Tomás comes to town and expresses his “opinions” about Todd. Tomás tells John that may be.

James tells Starr he is all for helping out Deanna. But he asks Starr why she is making this her problem. She tells him that she knows that Deanna has been in James’ life long before she met him. They have probably had sex a million times. Having her staying in James’ home when Starr does not live there is a bit too much for her to deal with.

Clint tells Dorian if she is a doctor, it’s her responsibility to do something when he is suffering a heart attack. She tells Clint, in order to prove that she is not “completely heartless”, she will leave the aspirin right there for him. Clint yells that she better help him. But she contently walks out the door to leave Clint to fend for himself.

Niki goes and finds clothes that “suit” her and remarks what a dweeb Viki is to have so much money and not buy any of the clothes that she wants. But Tess tells Niki that it’s time for her to “collect” from Niki.

James assures Starr that he and Deanna were over a long time ago. She will only be there temporarily. She tells him she realizes she may be overreacting ever since Hannah went after Cole. He tells her that Deanna is nothing like Hannah. Hannah was a whack job. She tells James that they have just started dating and haven’t even slept together yet. He tells her that they have not tried. His apartment is insane. She admits that she is in school and has a kid and they are both busy. He tells her that they will wait until the right time. She tells him she cannot imagine them spending the night together. He tells her she need not worry about Deanna. She is not going to prevent them from moving forward.

Tomás admits to John that they may have gotten off on the wrong foot. He knows that both his sister and Blair respect him (John) and he’s just trying to do his job. But if he’s looking for the right man who shot Todd Manning, he (himself) is not the one.

Téa and Blair argue about what it would be like if Blair would date Téa’s brother. Blair tells Téa that it’s obvious that she does not really know anything about her brother including whether or not he’s Blair’s type or what would happen if they were to date.

Echo tells Charlie now that they have “gone public”, what now? She is not certain what will happen involving telling Rex and Shane and all the family she has.

Rex and Gigi agree that they will get married. He wants to get some Champaign and goes out the door. She asks where he is going. He tells her he sees a light on at Viki’s home and knows that she must have some Champaign for them.

In Viki’s kitchen, Tess tells Niki that she could inform Natalie or Charlie or Joey that she has come out and Niki will get sent to the loony bin. But she won’t do it if Niki enables her to have full custody of baby Ryder and gets his trust fund.

Dorian tells a gasping and helpless Clint that she needs some information from him. It’s regarding Echo DiSavoy. She asks Clint when she found out that Rex was his son and not Charlie’s. He asks her why. Dorian replies that she thinks that Echo is lying that she did not know until recently that Clint was her son’s father. But she does not buy that. He then admits to Dorian that Echo knew all along. Dorian then concludes that she “knew it”. She tells him that she believes that that is true. But what is to stop her from denying that when he “gets better”. She then pulls out a tape recorder and plays the conversation between Clint and Echo where she tells him she needs him to keep his mouth shut to Charlie and to Rex that he (Clint) is her son’s father.

Echo tells Charlie that she knows that others will forgive them in time.

Gigi concludes to Rex that they do not need Champaign. He tells her that there are “other” ways to celebrate. Right then, they kiss and fall on the couch.

Tomás goes to Buenos Dias to see Téa and Blair and greets them. He asks Blair how things are with her son. She admits that Jack is on total lock down. Blair tells Tomás that she would like to get out more and his sister has told her she spends too much time alone. So, she asks Tomás, if he would like to go out on a date with her.

Dorian plays, for Clint the conversation where Echo tells Clint that he is a no good person who wants to lie to Charlie and to Rex and to deny that Rex is his (Clint’s). And he tells her that she was more than willing to go along with the lie because she wants Charlie. Dorian smirks and tells Clint it’s beyond her how Charlie could fall for that two bit low life liar and Viki is many times the woman she is. Clint is helpless and wincing in pain.

Tess ask Niki if they have a “deal” where she (Niki) will play Viki and help Tess get what she wants. Niki replies yes. They have a deal.

Deanna collects all of her stuff and gets ready to leave with Starr who remarks that Deanna has very little stuff to carry with her. Alone with James, Deanna tells him this is a little weird. But he tells her that she needs a place to stay.

At Buenos Dias, when Blair announces to Tomás and to Téa that she wants to date Tomás, she tells him that his sister is an awesome lawyer who has convinced her to move forward. She leaves them alone to talk. Tomás tells Téa that he hopes that she does not suspect him. She tells him if course she believes what he says. But not far away Blair glares at him and tells Tomás she will find out whatever it is he has to hide.

Rex tells Gigi the next time, they need to “celebrate right” with champagne. And now they declare that they are fiancés.

Niki tells Tess they need to go and get a drink and toast to their totally awesome future. But Tess reminds her that she cannot drink until the custody case is over. Right then, they both get calls where Tess knows how to be “Jessica Brennan” and Niki does the “Victoria Banks” conversation. They both know that if they play their respective “hosts”, nobody will know who they really both are. Niki tells Tess she knows how to pull strings if people believe she is Viki. And before too long, she tells Tess, Tess will have “that little snot ball” all to herself. And Niki cackles.

Charlie declares to Echo that everybody knows everything they need to know.\

Dorian calls after Clint has passed out and tells someone that the mayor needs to report that Clint Buchanan has had a heart attack and somebody needs to do something about it. She is very confident and smug.

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