OLTL Update Monday 4/18/11

One Life to Live Update Monday 4/18/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Tess turns on the television to see Phyllis on Access Llanview when Robert asks her why she’s interested. She tells him she wants to find out who really killed his daddy.

Matthew and Nora watch the show and are panicking wondering if Phyllis is going to reveal that he killed Eddie.

Bo tells Clint that he cannot disclose what he knows about Matthew until Bo and Nora are ready to. Clint asks his brother if he wanted to ruin his nephew’s life, wouldn’t he have already done it? Bo responds to that by telling his brother he never knows what to expect from him.

Destiny watches the show at Buenos Dias while Dorian stands beside her and heckles. Destiny tells Dorian if she doesn’t like it, she doesn’t have to watch it.

Charlie calls Rex and asks how Shane is. Rex graciously tells Charlie he’s getting therapy. Charlie humbly tells Rex that he realizes he is not Rex’s father nor Shane’s grandfather and maybe it’s not his business. But Rex assures Charlie that he’s always welcome to call and be a part of their family regardless.

Echo then plays the message Clint left on her phone telling her that he was tempted to tell Viki and Charlie that she lied about knowing Clint was Rex’s real father but did not.

Viki is in her kitchen observing Phyllis on television declaring that viewers will now feast on the biggest news in this town in years. She talks about Echo making out with Charlie. Viki watches and is distraught. Natalie then approaches her mom, not knowing the truth and tells her she needs to know that anybody could have falsified that cell phone photo that Phyllis is showing of Charlie and Echo and Viki must know that Charlie would never cheat on her with Echo. But Viki grimly tells her daughter that it’s true. And she and Charlie are through.

Tess gleefully watches the show and declares to Robert that Viki and Charlie no longer have any claim on baby Ryder. Compared to them, the two of them look like Mr. and Mrs. Parents of the years. Robert does not appear amused and protests that he knows that Viki is a good person and does not deserve this type of exposure. Tess asks if he knows anything about Viki. He tells her he knows out of all of the people in Jessica's family, Viki was the only one who was not willing to rail road him and prevent him from having custody of his son. It’s sick that this gossip is going around that Charlie is cheating on her. Tess tells him it’s true. She saw it with her own eyes. He tells her if that is happening, then Viki should not have to be publicly humiliated. But she tell him that anybody who would pimp out a little girl to a child molester is not a good person and deserves this and worse. Hearing that, he demands to know what Tess is talking about.

Viki declares to Natalie that Charlie did in fact cheat on her with Echo.

Charlie then goes to meet Echo and they are happily together realizing that Viki is aware of what they have been doing and they no longer have anything to be ashamed of.

At Buenos Dias, Dorian, who also hasn’t a clue about the reality regarding Charlie and Echo, exclaims to Destiny that that woman (Echo) is a sick and worthless snake to want people to believe that she is sleeping with Charlie and be publicly humiliating Viki.

Rex returns to Gigi and tells her that he does not know what to do with Clint.

Clint tells Bo that he loves Matthew and does not want to see him go down for killing Eddie. He loves and respects Matthew. That’s why he gave Matthew the job at B.E. He wants that boy safe. But Bo furiously tells his brother that he does not buy that.. Clint wanted to “buy” Matthew by offering him the job and only wanted to poison him against his parents making up vicious lies and he does not care about Matthew.

Matthew asks his mom if she believes that Phyllis would know the secret and who might have told her. Nora admits to her son that she does not know. And they both know who the only “source” could be (Clint). Phyllis tells viewers not to worry. She will soon reveal the Minuteman Motel killer that everybody is waiting to find out. She also talks about how D.A. Nora had a car accident the night in question, suffered a head trauma and was seen at the crime scene. And how odd it is that charges have been dropped against Clint? Do they know something about Nora? Could it be that Bo is covering for his bride?

Nora tells Matthew that now that she knows the truth, and they both know that he sat there and said nothing when Nate Salinger was ready to get sent up the river for a crime that Matthew knew he did not commit. She asks her son if he can tell her one thing. Was he going to let Nate take the rap??

Clint tells Bo that he may not have initially cared about Bo or his family. But he’s gotten to know Matthew with their time working together and has developed a relationship with his nephew. He is so impressed by how smart that kid is, really respects him and wants him to have a bright future. Bo tells Clint he does not trust his having Matthew working with him. He knows that Clint only used Matthew. Clint then protests to his brother if he does not trust Clint to employ Matthew, he at least needs to help Matthew find some type of job in the corporate world. Matthew has the talent and expertise for business and deserves to have his parents give him equal opportunity.

Rex informs Gigi that Clint came to see him and it wasn’t very cordial. But maybe some of the things Clint said were true. She asks what Clint said. He tells her Clint told him that if he’d (Rex) been a better father, Shane might not have had this happen to him. Gigi tells Rex he must never listen to a no good person like Clint.

Charlie and Echo go to Buenos Dias together when Dorian rips into Echo. They both declare to her that it won’t be long before they will be able to go out in public together and not have to worry or lie or sneak around. Hearing that, Dorian appears outraged.

Natalie finds out for the first time that her mom walked in on Echo and Charlie together. And that “picture” was sent to her cell phone the other day. Natalie demands to know who would send her that. Viki replies who else? Tess.

Robert asks Tess what she means about Viki Banks “pimping” a child to a child molester. How could she say such vicious things about Viki. From everything he’s heard, Viki is the role model mother.. She then tells him, for the first time that although “Viki” would not do that, Nikki Smith would. Nikki Smith (the “Tess” part of Viki) took young Jessica to a bar, and let her daughter get taken somewhere by a sicko. And that is where she (Tess) came out. Hearing that, Robert appears sensitive. She tells him that whenever Jessica can’t cope with something, she comes out. And that is why she is such a bitch. She tells Robert he better not touch her. But he tells her he just wants to help her. He had no idea that something like that happened to her when she was a child and that “Viki” did not protect her. She tells him it’s too late and there’s nothing anybody can do about it. Robert asks if he get “get” her anything. She replies yes. Some whiskey. But he won’t allow that will he? He asks if it ever occurred to her that he cares what happens to her and their baby. She tells him she does not need his sympathy and angrily goes out the door.

After Viki informs Natalie, for the first time, that Tess sent her the cell phone photo she of Charlie and Echo kissing, which is now featured on Phyllis’s show, Natalie is outraged. She tells her mom that she is so sick and tired of Tess going around making trouble and disrespecting Viki. Viki tells her daughter there’s nothing she can do about it and going to make trouble for Tess is not going to accomplish anything. But Natalie goes out the door telling her mom that she’s not just going to sit idly by and let Tess ruin peoples’ lives. She went too far sending that thing to Phyllis Rose.

When Dorian finds out that Charlie has chosen Echo over Viki, she tells them they are both trash. Any man who would dump a quality woman like Viki for a loser like Echo deserves what he gets. But they tell her that she has to accept the reality.

Inside Buenos Dias, Destiny gets on her phone to introduce herself to Phyllis or the producers of the show. She tells them that she thinks she knows who killed Eddie Ford.

Matthew protests to Nora that they cannot vilify uncle Clint. But she tells her son that his uncle has been manipulating and back stabbing and wreaking trouble for too long. She asks if he does not realize how much damage she and Bo have had to cause innocent people by falsely accusing Nate because of Clint’s lies and cover ups. And they could lose their jobs for that. Matthew then tells his mom that he understands if they have to turn him in. When his dad comes back, he will confess to the crime.

Bo tells Clint that he blackmailed Inez into seducing him, had Eddie kidnap Nora and Clint knew full well that Matthew would know about it. He might just as well have put a loaded gun in Matthew’s hand and pulled the trigger for him. Clint asks if Bo thinks that he (himself) should take the rap for Matthew. Bo asks his brother what makes him think that he intends to let Matthew go. Clint then tells Bo that maybe for the first time, BO and Nora need to put their jobs aside and care more about their family. He can’t ruin his son’s future. Matthew is going to run Buchanan Enterprises some day, Clint tells him. And he can’t have his parents ruining that for him.

When Natalie leaves and Viki is alone in her kitchen, Tess comes by to surprise Viki. She tells her that she knows Charlie is gone. Natalie is gone. And now she has Viki “all to herself”.

Charlie and Echo protest to Dorian that they did not intend to fall in love. It just happened. She tells them she does not know whether to laugh or to throw up with hearing that. She doesn’t believe a word of it. Charlie protests that when he suffered the devastating blow that Clint lied to him about Rex not being Charlie’s son, he could not turn to anybody but Echo. She is there for him. She is the one for him. But, at that point, Dorian declares to Charlie, for the first time, that she happens to know that Echo and Clint were in on this from the beginning to scam Charlie into falsely believing that Rex was his son. She just did it in order to get Charlie into bed and to believe that she was his hero.

Bo tells Clint that he is not going to give his son any special treatment and does not believe that it’s going to benefit his son to not accept the consequences of his actions just because he’s a Buchanan. Clint asks his brother why he wants to do this to his son. Bo tells Clint that if he does not, he’s afraid this his son is going to turn into his uncle Clint.

Nora asks Matthew what he was doing, thinking and feeling. Matthew appears to cry when he tells her that Eddie taunted him by saying disgusting things about what he was doing with Matthew’s mom. Matthew grabbed the gun and was in shock. And the next thing he knew, he pulled the trigger, Eddie fell to the floor and was dead in a pool of blood.

When Destiny is on the phone to Phyllis’s show, a woman appears and asks her how she knows what she alleges about the murder of Eddie Ford. Destiny tells the woman she knows it was not Nora Buchanan. The woman asks her how she knows. Destiny tells her yes. Nora’s son Matthew told her and knows what he would talk about. But the woman tells Destiny instead of reporting the murder investigation news to Phyllis, Destiny needs to know that justice will not be served. There will just be gossip and character assassination of innocent people. Destiny needs, instead, to report what she knows to Blanca.

Robert is alone in his apartment wondering what to do with Tess and what he has just found out for the first time, what Viki did to young Jessica.

Tess tells Viki she can see that Viki has been crying over the loss of her husband. And Tess does not care nor have any sympathy for her. She tells Viki that she (Viki) is a hypocrite, having everybody believing she is such an honorable pillar of society and wife and mother. She tells Viki that she could do a lot worse than Phyllis does. At least she has the courtesy to come over and talk to Viki directly. Did she ever answer for what she did to young Jessica all those years ago? And if Viki is offended to see Tess’s revelation of how Viki has failed as a wife, it will be nothing compared to what Tess can do in revealing how she’s failed as a mother.

Rex and Gigi are wondering what to do with Shane and with Clint and the whole situation.

Dorian tells Charlie he needs to see what Echo is really made of. He protests that he does not believe for a minute that Echo would lie to him about Rex being his son. But she tells Charlie he needs to wake up.

Bo tells Clint that he (Clint) is one piece of work. He had Matthew falsely believing that his father was cheating on his mom when he was not. He put Eddie Ford up to kidnapping and almost raping Nora. He had David kidnapped and falsely imprisoned. And he is not going to get away with that even if he did not kill Eddie.

Nora asks Matthew if he thinks he can live with going on the record and admitting that he killed another human being. Matthew tells his mom he knows all too well. Eddie had three kids. Of course, he was not a good man. But he had no right to take the life of any human being and ruin other peoples’ lives in the process.

At Buenos Dias, the reporter, Blanca, asks Destiny if she really has faith in Matthew Buchanan and what he knows about the murder investigation. Destiny tells her that Matthew is her best friend. The woman asks Destiny if she and Matthew are really no more than friends. Destiny reveals that she does have feelings for Matthew beyond friendship.

Matthew declares to his mom that he can’t continue to walk around and not own responsibility for what he did. He can’t let Uncle Clint or anyone else take the rap for him nor let his parents break the law and jeopardize their jobs for him. So he may need to turn himself in.

Tess asks Viki if she (actually Viki’s alter Nikki Smith) remembers telling young Jessica she better not cry or “she” will give Jessica something to cry about? Hearing that, Viki cries and protests that that was not herself. That was Nikki. But Tess reminds her that “she” neglected her (Jessica) and didn’t seem to care that some sick pedophile put his filthy hands her own child. So maybe Viki needs to realize that her husband can dump her and her daughter can expose her for who she really is. Why is she more fit to raise a child and protect him than Tess is? She can let the judge know all about just how “responsible” Viki is with children. And Viki will never have any rights to baby Ryder or any other child ever again. At that point, it appears that Viki might be having another heart attack. And Tess is taunting her encouraging it to happen.

Natalie goes to find Tess at the apartment but Tess is gone and Robert is alone in the house. She tells him she is not going to let Tess ruin her mother’s life. But, after Robert has just heard what Viki did to young Jessica, he asks her why everybody is vilifying Tess. And why do they all think that Viki can do no wrong?

Tess right then stands beside Viki and asks if it’s going to be the same as when she left Jessica there to die.

Rex asks Gigi to marry him.

Echo tells Charlie that Dorian is just doing what she always does; making trouble for them. IF Charlie does not believe that, he may ask Clint. Dorian asks Charlie if he would believe a word Clint says. She leaves Charlie and Echo alone and he tells her he’s sorry she had to listen to that. He tells her he knows that she had to listen to the same falsified DNA results that she did and had no way of knowing that Rex was not his son. She then agrees.

Blanca tells Destiny she may call her and gives Destiny her card, knowing that Destiny is worried about what could be happening to her friend, Matthew.

Bo returns to Matthew and Nora, informing them that he just went and talked to Clint. Clint says he will not implicate Matthew. But Clint also won’t take any responsibility for what he did. Bo and Nora agree that Clint is not going to get away with all the despicable things he has done.

Clint is alone in his home and looking like he’s having a heart attack. He appears to be all alone without anyone to help him.

When Tess is taunting Viki telling her she hopes she dies of a heart attack, it appears that Nikki Smith has come out. She tells Tess she could care less about her and cackles.

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