OLTL Update Friday 4/15/11

One Life to Live Update Friday 4/15/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne

Clint goes to Rex’s home. Rex stares coldly at him and tells him whatever he’s selling, Rex is not interested. Clint tells Rex he heard that Shane has been picked on and he is concerned and wants to make sure he is ok. Rex tells Clint what does he (Clint) care and closes the door on him.

At Buenos Dias, Destiny is engrossed in the television when Phyllis Rose Access Llanview comes on. Matthew stares at her while she engrosses in the television.

Rama is similarly engrossing in the show. She has Nigel bring her some popcorn while she obsesses over her favorite show.

Bo and Nora are frantically trying to find Matthew after he has revealed to them that he shot Eddie Ford. She’s worried about him going out in public. But Bo tells her that their son is better off not stuck inside their home. He tells her they cannot be panicking and afraid of Matthew running away. But they realize that after finding out that their son killed someone, they need to figure out what to do about it.

While Nigel is serving popcorn to Rama while she watches Access Llanview, Dorian comes by and tells Nigel she needs to find Joey. It’s urgent. She talks loud enough so that Rama cannot hear Phyllis on Access Llanview. Rama “shushes” Dorian and tells her that she needs to listen to her show. Dorian demands to know why she is watching that dreadful woman. Dorian tells Nigel she needs to find somebody.

Natalie is in her mom’s kitchen when Cristian comes by with a gift for her baby. She hugs him and thanks him. He tells her that he just needed and excuse to come over. He needs to give her a “heads up” about something. She asks what about. He replies Marty Saybrooke.

Right then, Marty goes to Buenos Dias and is sitting alone at a booth staring at what appears to be a document from Llanview hospital. John comes by and asks her how she is doing.

Natalie asks Cristian what Marty is up to now. He tells her it’s kind of weird. She tells him that nothing Marty does surprises her anymore. He then informs her that he gave “a friend” (Rama) a ride to Statesville and ran into Marty. She was there and appears to be still carrying around the results form the DNA test. And when she saw that he saw that she had it, she freaked.

John notices that Marty is nervous when he notices she has something in her purse that looks like a document from the hospital.

Cristian tells Natalie that Marty told him she kept the document so that she could remind herself of what she is capable of. Hearing that, Natalie admits that that is weird. He asks her if she has any idea why Marty is still carrying it around. Natalie tells Cristian it was obvious why she did when Natalie was pregnant and Marty found out that Brody was the father of her baby.. It was so that she could ruin Natalie’s relationship with John. But now it’s already ruined. So, Natalie admits to Cristian, she knows of no “motive” for Marty to be carrying it around still.

When Matthew sits by Destiny, she assumes that he expects an apology for accusing his uncle Clint of killing Eddie. She tells him she can clearly see that Bo and Nora dropped the charges against Clint, which they would not have done if Clint really did do it. She intently watches Phyllis on the television broaching that very subject. But Matthew tells her he does not want to talk about it, knowing that she is going to inquire who did in fact kill Eddie. Matthew then stares at the television while Phyllis asks if Clint did not kill Eddie, than who did. N. And they can only wonder who it would be.

Nora tells Bo that when Matthew shot Eddie, Matthew was distraught and upset band not thinking clearly before he even got to the motel. Clint provoked him into believing that Bo was sleeping with Inez. Then he went to the Minuteman and you can only imagine what kinds of things Eddie said to him, gloating about what Eddie did to Matthew’s mom. She concludes that Matthew is not a danger to anybody. But Clint is.

Rex notices that Clint has not left his door and tells him that he can charge him with trespassing. Clint tells Rex he is not going anywhere until he knows that Shane is alright. Rex asks since when did he care about Shane. Clint replies that Shane is his grandson and he . He tells Clint that he went to the drastic measures of having Vimal falsifying DNA because he didn’t want anybody to know that Rex was his son. So he signed away any rights he has to be a grandpa to Shane. Clint protests that he has no “argument” with Shane. Rex tells Clint he knows that Clint’s own family wants nothing to do with him and that is the only reason he’s there. And he doesn’t get to act like he’s part of Shane’s family. He tells Clint were it not for the crap he pulled. Shane might not be in this mess. Hearing that, Clint asks Rex if he blames him for what some school bullies are doing to Shane. Rex replies that that only the beginning of all the things he blames Clint for.

Bo and Nora are wondering what to do about Matthew. He tells her that as much as they want to blame Clint for everything, the fact remains that Clint did not pull the trigger and shoot Eddie. Matthew did. They have to face that. And maybe they can get a hot shot lawyer to represent Matthew. They might be able to argue the very extenuating circumstances she spoke of for what he did. Matthew would be a first time offender and they might go easy on him. But Nora does not want to assume they can count on that.

At Buenos Dias, Destiny inquires to Matthew if Bo and Nora would not prosecute Clint just because he’s family or if there is another reason

At Buenos Dias, John tells Marty that he and Natalie are through.

At Viki’s, Cristian asks Natalie if she and John are really through. She tells him officially yes. He asks her what happened.

John admits to Marty that he has kept the sonogram of Natalie’s. But she tore it up and told him he can’t do that if he’s not going to be there for her or their baby.

Destiny tells Matthew she knows that something is going on with him and he needs to tell her. She asks if what is bothering him is that his dad covered for his uncle. He tells her no. It’s something completely different.

Nora tells Bo that very possibly Matthew will have to do prison time. And she can’t let that happen to her baby. He tells her that they have to face up to what he did. If they cover it up and lie about what they know, how could they live with themselves? She asks how could they live with themselves if Matthew has to go to prison.

Marty asks John, after all this time, and after finding out that Natalie’s baby was Brody’s, why was he still hanging on to the sonogram? He tells her that he kept it because Natalie gave it to him when he believed that Liam was his son.

Cristian asks Natalie why she ripped up the sonogram that John has. She tells him she did it because if John wants to see Liam, he can come over and visit him and forgive her which he refuses to do. She accepts that she and John are history. And if Marty thinks she can cause any more problems for them than they already have, good luck. Right then, the two of them see Phyllis on television revealing that Llanview’s famous hunk, Cristian Vega gave a Mrs. Rama Betel a ride to Statesville and ran into Marty Saybrooke.

Marty asks John if he would get back with Natalie if she were willing to take him back.

Nora cries with the thought that Matthew would be on trial for murder and she would have to prosecute him. But BO tells her that she has to think of how she would defend him if he were her client. She sobs and reminds Bo that Matthew is not her client. He’s her son. But Bo asks her what kind of a man Matthew will grow into if he does not accept the consequences for what he did. And they owe it to Eddie’s sons even if they don’t mourn his death. Lying about what happened goes against everything they believe. But she asks him if he could imagine convicting his own son. Dorian rings their doorbell, reminding them that she is their mayor, they work for her, and they need to talk about Eddie Ford’s killer.

Destiny asks Matthew if he is really certain that Clint did not kill Eddie and if that means that he knows who really did do it.

Rex tells Clint if he needs to know why Rex believes he is unworthy of going near Rex son, for starters there’s assault and battery, kidnapping, false imprisonment, extortion. And on top of that, there was playing fast and loose with a kid’s life. Clint protests that he never intended to hurt Shane. Rex asks if he knows how it traumatized his son to believe that Charlie was his grandfather and then lose that. Shane is fragile. Hearing that, Clint tells Rex that maybe if he wants to blame someone for his son being fragile, Rex may look in the mirror. Maybe if Rex was a real father to his son, he’d show him how to roll with the punches, be a man and not allow himself to be bullied. He tells Rex that if he (himself) had a little time with that boy, Shane would never be the victim of bullying again. In response to that, Rex tells Clint he won’t let him near his son. And he informs Clint that Shane tried to kill himself. Hearing that, Clint is in awe and protests that he does not have anything against Shane. Rex tells Clint that if he rejected him (Rex) then he has also rejected Shane. They are a package deal. Clint tells Rex he has good reason not to want Rex to be his son. Rex tells Clint he realizes when he first came to town, he was a low life gold digger. But that was a long time ago. He has changed for the better. Clint, on the other hand, has changed for the worse. With that, Rex closes the door in Clint’s face and dismisses him.

Natalie asks Cristian if it’s true that he has become “friendly” to Rama Betel, the wife of the guy who falsified the DNA tests for her, Jessica and Rex and ruined their lives.

When Nigel watches Phyllis revealing that Cristian was seen with Rama, he asks her if she is “seeing” Cristian. She protests that they are just friends. But she realizes that her husband watches that show from Statesville and may not be “trusting” when he hears that.

Cristian protests to Natalie that Rama is having a hard time with her husband being in prison. Natalie tells him he may forgive her if she does not break out the violins. She asks if he and Rama are just friends as he needs to know she is a married woman. She doesn’t want to see Cristian getting burned again. He asks Natalie if she is giving him relationship advice

Destiny probes Matthew about who this mysterious person would be who killed Eddie Ford. It would have to be someone with means, motive and opportunity. He does not want to talk about it but she does.

Bo opens his door and tells Dorian this is not a “good time”. She tells him that can’t wait and demands to know if it’s true what Phyllis is implying, that Bo is letting Clint off the hook just because they are family. Is he going to let Clint get away with what he did to her husband and Bo’s son? He tells her no. They had reasons for letting Clint go. And, he concludes to Dorian that maybe she has the right to know what that reason is.

John tells Marty he ahs to get back to the station. She asks if they can be friends again. He smiles and tells her they are getting there.

Natalie admits to Cristian that she is a fine one to give anyone relationship advice. But, she tells him, if he wants to mess up his life after ending his engagement, hook up with somebody like Rama. But he tells her that it appeared Rama is pregnant.

Clint tells Rex that he (Rex) can tell himself over and over again that he has changed. But he knows that a leopard does not change his spots. Once a con man always a con man. Hearing that, Rex tells Clint he need not worry his grey little head that Rex has any interest in Clint’s money. And if Clint has any ideas of reaching out to Shane, he has another thing coming. Clint then agrees and turns to go out the door but tells Rex he better take care of that boy.

Dorian asks Bo how it is that they cannot convict Clint when he was seen on video at the crime scene with a murder weapon. Nora tells her that she had to drop the charges because she has no case. Dorian tells them if they have another suspect other than Clint, they need to find them or she can fire them both. She goes out the door. Alone with Bo, Nora tells him she was afraid, for a minute, that he was going to tell Dorian that Matthew killed Eddie. They both wonder what they are going to do.

At Buenos Dias, Destiny concludes to Matthew that it must have been Nora who killed Eddie. She has motive after he kidnapped her. And Nora was seen walking back to the crime scene right when Eddie got shot. So that must be the deep dark secret that Matthew is hiding. But he tells her no. It was not his mom. Right then, they see Phyllis, on the television telling viewers she knows they are all dying to find out who killed Eddie. And when will that happen? She tells them after the commercials, tune in and she will reveal who killed him. At that point, Matthew panics and rushes out the door while Destiny hasn’t a clue as to why.

Alone in his home, Rex hears Clint telling him if he (Rex) were a better father he might have taught Shane to roll with the punches. Maybe even stand up for himself and be a man.

Clint returns home and demands that Nigel and Rama turn “that garbage” (Access Llanview) off. She protests that Phyllis is on. But he shouts that they need to turn it off and let him have some peace in his home.

After Cristian leaves, Natalie is alone in the house wondering what Marty is up to.

Marty and John part outside of Buenos Dias when she tells him she’d like to invite him over for dinner after he helped her get out of St. Anne’s early. He tells her she need not thank him. It was her doctors and he’s not good company these days. But she tells him she would like the company now that Cole is gone.

Clint is on the phone calling a contact telling them he needs to know who ruffed up Shane Morasco. They ask why. He replies because Shane is his grandson. Right then, Bo enters. Clint asks his brother to what he owes this visit. Bo tells his brother he needs to know if Clint will keep his mouth shut with what he knows about Matthew since Clint is the only one who knows he did it.

After Matthew has rushed out of Buenos Dias, the waitress and John and Marty all notice how fast he bolted and asked Destiny what is up with that.

Matthew rushes home and tells his mom she needs to turn on the television to see if Phyllis will reveal that he killed Eddie. Hearing that, Nora is stunned and speechless.

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