OLTL Update Thursday 4/14/11

One Life to Live Update Thursday 4/14/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne

Blair takes Jack to Rex’s home and tells Rex that her son wants to make things right and apologize to Shane. But Rex furiously tells her no. Her son is not going to go anywhere near his son. She asks if Shane is ok. Rex tells her no. He tried to kill himself.

When Dorian sees Kelly, she notices that her niece is not very attentive toward her with any engagement about her honeymoon or and appears preoccupied about something. She then asks Kelly what is getting her so upset and preoccupied. Kelly replies Aubrey and Cutter.

Cutter and Aubrey “assess the damage” that has occurred from getting found out by Tess.

When Tess returns home and Robert is with baby Ryder, he asks his “wife” if she had fun with Cutter Wentworth at the gym.

Téa finds Tomás staring at an old picture of Todd from many years ago. She suspiciously demands to know what her brother is doing with that picture of her husband.

Clint goes to see Viki after his conversation with Echo where she tells him that Charlie is getting a divorce from Viki because he is in love with her (Echo). Viki confirms that it’s true. Charlie has chosen Echo and confirmed to her that he is in love with her.

Blair tells Rex “thank God Shane is not hurt”. But in response to that, he pulls out the letter that Shane wrote to his parents indicating that he wants to take his own life and furiously asks her if this looks to her like his kid is not “hurt”.

Tomás tells Téa that things have not changed much since they were children, remembering how she used to like to snoop through his stuff when they were growing up. But she demands to know why he did not answer her question of why he has this picture of Todd in his room. He smirks and tells her it’s Just a picture”. She reaches in the secret envelope and pulls out other pictures and old articles about Todd.

Tess tells Robert that she need not spend time with Cutter. She wishes she was. But in the steam room, they got “interrupted”. She seems content.

In response to Cutter telling Aubrey that she blew it for them kissing him in full view of Tess, she protests first he complained that she was not kissing him enough. Now she has a problem with her kissing him. He needs to make up his mind. He asks her what she expects of him. She tells him he needs to give up Tess. He’s tells her he’s more than willing to do that if she drops Joey.

Kelly asks Dorian what is going on with the movie she and David will be making. Dorian tells her niece that she is the new producer of The Vicker Man. Kelly tells her aunt that she wants more “news” about her and David. Dorian agrees to do that under the condition that Kelly gives her some full disclosure about her situation. Kelly then admits that she has found some damning information about Joey’s wife Aubrey. She is lying and making a fool of Joey.

Clint tells Viki that maybe he can persuade Charlie to come to his senses, get over Echo and get back with her. She then tells Clint that he needs to leave Charlie alone and not act like he cares. First he lies to Charlie about Rex being his son only to destroy the man and take his son from him. Clint tells Viki he just wants to make certain she is ok. She tells him of course she is. But he tells her he knows better. She then cries and Clint holds her in his arms while she cries on his shoulder.

Téa demands to know how Tomás could have gotten all of these articles and pictures from Todd’s distant past long before he ever met the man when he doesn’t know anything about Todd. He tells his sister that he has reason to be suspicious about Todd and has done some research. He has cause for concern when he heard that Todd impersonated Walker Laurence. In response to that, Téa tells her brother that he doesn’t know the whole story. He knows nothing about her husband. That happened long before he got there. He reminds his sister that she wasn’t anywhere near during that time either. She was half way across the world and not informed about all the things that Todd has been doing throughout the years. And didn’t it kind of concern her to come back and see Todd with a new face?

Robert is holding baby Ryder when he’s fussing. He tells Tess she may do whatever she wants as long as she does not get caught. He tells her that if anybody finds out that she is messing around with Cutter, they have ruined their custody case. But she tells him, confidently that there is only one other person who knows about her and Cutter. That would be Aubrey. He asks her if she is serious that Joey Buchanan’s wife knows but and Tess doesn’t think Aubrey will tell anyone. She tells him she knows how to motivate Aubrey not to dare to disclose her secret.

Aubrey tells Cutter that she cannot be “done” with Joey. They both know that “the plan” is to get his money. Hearing that, he asks her if it was “the plan” to marry Joey and try and fail all these times to get his family’s money. Was it the plan to have people believing he’s her brother when nobody in their right mind would believe that? Was it “the plan” for her to walk into the steam room and kiss him right in front of Tess who could ruin them with what she knows? She protests that she did not know that Tess was there when she did it. He reminds her that Tess was there and they have to realize what could happen. So he has no choice except to string Tess along just like Aubrey has to do with Joey. Otherwise, Tess can blow them out of the water.

Dorian tells Kelly couples who fight with each other in reckless abandonment can get back together. Kelly tells Dorian that she and Joey are not Dorian and David. She is done with Joey. But Dorian does not want her niece to give up on Joey. Kelly admits to her aunt that she did find out something about Aubrey yet she has no way to prove it. Aubrey and Cutter are not brother and sister. They are lovers.

Aubrey admits to Cutter that she is just as jealous and discontented to see him with Tess as he is to see her with Joey. And she realizes she will just have to trust that he does not care about Tess just like he ahs to trust that she does not care about Joey. He tells her she need not worry. He will “handle” Tess. Joey comes inside the room to overhear and asks Cutter how he plans to “handle” Tess.

Clint tells Viki he knows that she is angry and hurting and with good reason. But maybe there is a way for her to “forgive” Charlie. Hearing that, she tells her ex husband that hearing Clint Buchanan of all people talking about forgiveness for infidelity, no less, is amazing. He then tells her he realizes he may not be one to talk. But he knows that in the end, she will regret not doing everything she could possibly do in order to salvage her marriage with Charlie and asks her if she really believes she’s done everything and that there is no hope. He reminds her that they got over his affair with Echo many years ago. But she tells him this is different and more complicated. It’s not a matter of her wanting Charlie back. He doesn’t want to come back. He’s in love with Echo and there’s nothing more she can do. Hasn’t Joey told Clint that? Clint admits that he has not spoken to Joey. Viki asks who else could have told him. He replies that Echo told him about her and Charlie.

When Blair finds out that Shane tried to kill himself because of what Jack did, she sincerely tells Rex she is so sorry and wishes there was something she could do. He asks her what anybody could do to make what happened to his son alright. He and Gigi had to see how miserable Shane was and how much he hated himself and wanted to die. And how he could not stand to live knowing there were people like Jack who lived to humiliate him. Hearing that, Jack says nothing and turns his head. Rex tells Blair that his son thought the only way not to make things better was to feel nothing and to take his own life. Does she know what it’s like to have to tell one’s son that you love him and will always be there but know that that is not enough? Does she know what it’s like to see how hurt he is and realize that his parents did not know and could not do anything to stop it before it was too late. He then asks Blair how it is that she can tell him she is “sorry” or what that means. She is silent with tears in her eyes. She stares coldly at her son who is silent and appears remorseless.

Kelly informs Dorian that Aubrey and Cutter have been sleeping together with a plan to scam Joey into marrying Aubrey so she can take his money yet Joey still hasn’t a clue. Hearing that, Dorian tells her niece it’s disgraceful that she’d do that to Joey who is one of the last decent men around. She tells Kelly that if Clint ever found out, there would be hell to pay. But Kelly tells her aunt that Clint knows all about it yet he can’t prove it.

Clint informs Viki that Echo informed him that Charlie declared he’s in love with her and not with Viki. She asks how Echo could have had the gall to tell him that. He then remembers Echo stating that her primary purpose for paying him a visit was to urge him not to tell Charlie that she helped Clint lie about not knowing that Rex was not really Charlie’s son. Viki notices Clint’s silence and asks him what he is not saying.,

Dorian asks Kelly if Clint really knows about Aubrey’s scheme with Cutter. Kelly tells her he’s known for months. Dorian asks why he hasn’t taken action if he’s known all this while. She then concludes that Clint is probably waiting until the perfect so that he can administer his famous slow and cruel torture like only Clint can do.. She tells Kelly she knows that she'd (Kelly) like to be the one to stick it to Aubrey and Cutter. But she must know that she could never master it the way Clint can.. Kelly then clarifies to her aunt that Clint has not planned anything and there is nothing to stop Aubrey and Cutter from carrying out their plan She tells Dorian she must know that nobody would believe a word out of Clint’s mouth even though he knows what he saw between Aubrey and Cutter. After what Clint has done to Rex and to Jessica, he’d be like the boy who cried wolf. probably cannot come from Clint, it could come from “someone else”.

Joey walks in on Aubrey’s and Cutters’ conversation. Cutter gets up to leave them alone. But Joey needs to know what he meant by saying that he will “handle” Tess. Cutter then replies that maybe he can find a way to get Jessica to come back.

Tess takes baby Ryder out of Robert’s arms and tells him she knows how to get him to sleep. She gets the baby to stop fussing by rocking him and chanting what she wants to accomplish. Ryder seems content and she knows she better not hold him longer or Jessica will come back.

Rex demands that Jack tells him what he has to say for himself for what he has done to Shane. Jack protests that he and his friends did not know that Shane was “that screwed up”. In response to that, Rex demands he repeats what he just said. Jack tells him they were just having fun and if they knew that Shane was “so crazy”, they would have left him alone. But, he knows that Shane didn’t jump. He didn’t mean it and was probably just trying to get attention. Rex grabs a hold of Jack and is ready to physically attack him.

Téa admits to Tomás that yes, she did find it jarring that Todd changed his entire appearance. But why is that grounds for divorce all these years later, as he suggests? He asks her if she ever questioned why a man would change his face so drastically that he is unrecognizable. She tells him she can see that he wants her to draw the conclusion that her husband is not Todd Manning. She tells him that there are DNA tests to prove his identify. He tells her they are not always fool proof. But she tells him she knows her husband. This is the same Todd she’s always known. He asks his sister if she ever had any doubts. She tells him she may have had some momentary doubt but believes she knows her husband and wonders if she can say the same thing about her brother.

In response to Cutter’s telling Joey that maybe if he spends time with Tess, he could enable Jessica to come out. Joey asks him if he thinks he can do that. Cutter tells him that maybe if he gets to know Tess, become “friends” with her, maybe she will trust him and Jessica might come back. And he remarks, where Joey does not argue, that it’s worth a try since nothing else has worked. Joey then agrees and Aubrey is in awe that Cutter got Joey to believe him.

Tess holds baby Ryder and gets him to fall asleep. She tells Robert she thinks very possibly they will both get what they want. He asks her how she can be so sure. She tells him she just ‘has a feeling”.

While talking to Viki, Clint silently remembers Echo urging him not to tell Charlie that she lied about Rex not being his son. She asks what Echo’s intent and purpose was for contacting him. He then admits to Viki that Echo informed him that Shane has been bullied in school.

Echo goes to Rex’s home and notices her son furious and ready to hurt Jack Manning. Blair tells Rex that her son will pay for what he did. But she screams at Rex that he better never lay a hand on her son again. They leave. Rex is sitting on the floor looking distraught and furious. Echo asks him what happened. He replies that Shane tried to kill himself.

Tomás tells Téa that he is the same person he’s always been and asks her when he’s given her reason to doubt him. She replies maybe the time he left their family and never came back or contacted them. He asks her if she believes John McBain that he shot Todd. She tells him that she believes the cops have good reason to suspect him. He asks if she believes that he shot her husband. She asks him if he did.

After Clint informs Viki that kids have bullied Shane and traumatized him and he indicates he’s going to make those kids pay, Viki asks if he really cares about Shane, recognizes him as his grandson since he’s made it clear that he could care less about Rex. Clint does not know what to say about that.

After Rex informs Echo that Shane tried to kill himself, she asks what they did. He tells her that he and Gigi took him to see a doctor. But he is very worried that he is a bad father who cannot keep his son happy or safe. He is just as bad a father as Clint. She tells him he must never blame himself. He tells her that maybe things were better when Gigi was raising Shane alone without knowing that he was his father. Maybe they should have never come to Llanview. She then firmly tells Rex that he is Shane’s father and the only father he has. She tells Rex she knows he’s scared and hurting. But that boy needs him. So is he going to abandon him like Clint abandoned Rex? Like she did? Rex tells his mom no. He wanted to kill Jack Manning for what he did to Shane She tells him she could see and is glad she was there to stop him.

Blair takes Jack home and asks him if anything has sunken in for him. That boy could have taken his own life because of Jack. Jack flippantly tells his mom he’d like her to get over it and asks what she expects him to do. Jump off a roof also? She furiously tells her son he needs to understand this is not a game. She tells him if a person anything to do with ending another person’s life, they don’t get to do it over again. He then tells her he’s sorry and did not know it would go that far. She then cries and holds her son in her arms.

Kelly tells Dorian that she had to see that it’s time to move on and get over Joey. Dorian tells her that if she had “moved on” with the same assumption that she needed to get over David, she would have missed out on the right man for her. Kelly tells her aunt that she and Joey are through. Dorian asks her niece if Joey came back and professed his love to her, would she turn him away?

Alone with Aubrey, Joey tells her he loves her. She is his wife. He meant it when he took those vows with her. He wants to make this marriage work and will do whatever it takes. She asks if he means that. He tells her yes. She tells him in that case, he needs to tell Kelly she’s not welcome there.

Cutter goes to see Tess. She kisses him and indicates that’s she is interested in him..

Clint tells Viki that no child deserves what happened to Shane, family or not. He gets up to go out the door. She asks where he is going. He tells her he has some things to do and since the charges have been dropped against him, he might have a chance of being able to raise baby Ryder with her.. If she will have him. Viki tells him she is not certain and will have to think about it. She thanks Clint for being civil. He goes out the door, gets on his phone and leaves a message for Echo informing her that he considered revealing to Viki that she lied to Charlie about knowing that Rex was not his son. But he did not do it. He adds, in his message to Echo, that she asked him to be a human being. And he is trying.

Echo leaves Rex and tells him that when Shane comes home, he needs to know that there are a million people who love him and who are there for him. Alone, Rex appears distraught.

Blair hugs her son and tells Jack that she hopes he can get his act together. But he tells her he thought she realized there is nothing wrong with him. He’s not the one who is ready to jump off a building and be a baby. Some people are just weak. His dad gets it. So why doesn’t she? He goes up the stairs and Blair is not ok.

Tomás tells Téa he may not like or trust Todd but he had nothing to do with the shooting. She then concludes that she believes him and goes up the stairs. Alone in his room, Tomás grabs the photos and articles of Todd and concludes that he believes his sister is still too trusting.

Kelly admits to Dorian she really doesn’t know what she would do if Joey did, in fact, do a 180. But she realizes she will never find out because it will not happen. Alone, Dorian concludes if Kelly is not going to tell Joey about Aubrey and Cutter, she will.

Cutter tells Tess she’s going to be seeing a lot more of her. Joey is on to him and believes that maybe he can enable Jessica to come out. She tells him that while they believe that, the two of them can take Joey and his family for everything they are worth.

Rex gets a knock on his door. He opens it and is stunned to see Clint at his door.

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