OLTL Update Tuesday 4/12/11

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 4/12/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne

Starr returns home trying and failing to reach James on his phone. He returns home carrying grocery bags hearing his phone ringing on the table but is too late to pick it up inside the apartment when Deanna comes out of the bedroom clearly appearing like she wants him. Starr concludes that her message to James has gone to voice mail. She then goes into the living room and is pleasantly surprised to see Markko. She rushes to hug and welcome him and asks why he’s there. She sees he’s with Langston who is less happy.

Viki is alone in her home remembering when she first met Charlie, years ago when she waitressed at the Bon Jour Café in Paris, TX and Charlie was a customer.

Charlie goes to see Echo at her motel room.

Kelly goes to talk to Clint telling him that she just spoke to Joey and is angry at him.

Joey returns to Viki’s home and tells his mom that maybe he needs some “advice”. Hearing that, Viki asks her son what about. He tells her about his marriage.

Aubrey goes into the steam room, insanely jealous that Tess is making a move on Cutter. And she kisses him. Yet, she forgets that Tess and all others need to believe that Cutter is her brother. Tess remarks that she just saw Aubrey stick her tongue down her brother’s throat and asks Aubrey what Joey will say when she tells him.

Kelly tells Clint she needs to know about his court hearing and how it is that the D.A.'s office and the police department have dropped the charges against him. He tells her that he will tell her everything about it but not until she tells him about her and Joey. Hearing that, Kelly clarifies that there is no “Kelly and Joey”. Clint and everyone must know that Joey is married whether they like it or not.

In the steam room, Tess tells a startled Cutter and Aubrey that maybe she is mistaken to believe she saw Aubrey’s tongue down her “brother's” throat. She knows that he is not her brother.

Joey admits to Viki that she got into a brawl with John when she saw him with Kelly. He realizes that Kelly has the right to move on. But John was going to marry his sister and he thought John was out of line to dump Natalie, forget all about her and then want to mess around with Kelly hours after their wedding ended. But he remarks that Aubrey has told him that it appears that he is not over Kelly. Viki then tells her son that sometimes getting over someone takes longer than you realize. But, she clarifies to Joey, she is the last person to be giving marital advice to anyone. Hearing that, Joey asks his mom what she is talking about. Isn’t she happily married to Charlie? In response to that, Viki admits to her son not anymore.

Charlie informs Echo that right after Viki found them, they kind of had it out right in this room. She was very hurt and angry. And, he admits to Echo, he did not want Viki to find out about them this way. She asks if he has doubts about being with her. She asks if he wants to be with her or if he plans on going back to Viki. Charlie replies to that question by telling Echo both.

James brings food and groceries home knowing that Deanna needs to eat. She tells him she really appreciates his letting her stay there and hopes his girlfriend does not mind. Hearing that, James admits that he ahs not yet told Starr about her staying there.

Starr finds out that Dorian has asked Langston to produce Vicker Man for David and Markko is going to help her. Langston tells her that it will benefit both herself and Markko in their school credits and future career and give David a better opportunity than a hemorrhoid commercial. But Langston reveals to Starr that she is leaving Llanview. Markko tells the girls that he is going to go and check in with his parents. He tells Starr it was good to see her. He also informs her that Cole informed him that they broke up. He has been in touch with Cole. She tells Markko she is glad that Cole has a friend like him. Alone with Starr, Langston tells her the real reason Dorian wants her on the project is to get her away from Robert Ford. Starr asks Langston if she might still have feelings for Markko or if they can keep their working relationship strictly professional. Langston clarifies to Starr that Markko was her first love and she will always remember that.

Deanna admits to James that she is broke but does not want to cause an awkward situation between him and his girlfriend. He then recalls that he thought he knew her and demands to know what happened after he left Dayton. She then admits that he does not know the half of it.

Charlie tells Echo that he needs to live with Viki and be there for her while she’s still in the custody battle for her grandson. He feels he owes Viki that much. She reflects that she might want to protect her grandson also. He assures Echo that she (Echo) is the one he wants to be with. But, she asks him, what he might have told Viki about them. He tells her that Viki did not take it well but he did admit to her that it all started right when Clint revealed that he was not Rex’s father. He is furious with Clint as is she and the thought that Clint might not have to pay for it. He tells Echo that the one thing that keeps him sane throughout all of this is her. He admits to Echo that he did tell Viki that he still loves Echo.

Viki tells Joey she thought that she and Charlie had something worth fighting for. But she asked him if he loved Echo and he did not answer. She cannot be married to someone who is in love with someone else.

Kelly asks Clint why he is suddenly giving his “new daughter-in-law” another choice. She knows how suspicious he was of Aubrey. And now he invites her to live in his home. He tells her that he has reasons to do what he is doing. And he tells her that maybe he has some reason to be suspicious of her. He admits to her that Natalie told him that Kelly is messing around with John McBain. It causes his daughter a lot of pain and he does not approve. She asks him why it was that she thought that he gave her a jump drive that would reveal the truth about Aubrey and Cutter. But she paid it for them and it appears that they really are brother and sister, lying about nothing and she is committed to Joey. Clint tells her that she must know that Cutter manufactured another jump drive and he has the “real” one that reveals what Aubrey and Cutter are really doing.

In the steam room, Cutter tells Aubrey she needs to realize that Tess is on to them. And she needs to figure out what she plans to do about it.

Starr tells Langston she cannot believe that Langston is really going and asks how long. Langston replies just a few months until the end of the school term. Unless they need her for post production. Right then, Starr cries and tells Langston it will be like a piece of her is missing. Langston admits to Starr that this is not a good time with Starr’s dad in the hospital. So maybe she can postpone it. Starr tells Langston she has to go. She knows how exciting it is for Langston and she wants it for her too. Langston reminds Starr that it’s not like she’s going to be all alone. She has James.

James reveals that he was once very committed to Deanna and it was she who dumped him for another guy. He tells her maybe it’s just as well he had to learn the hard way that she did not return the feelings he had for her. Now he’s met somebody who is just as interested in him as he is in her. Hearing that, Deanna clarifies that his feelings for her were not one sided. She loved him. Hearing that, James appears in awe.

Viki tells Charlie she is not going to cry on her son’s shoulder about her problems and wants to know about him. He tells her that he admitted that he may have feelings for Kelly and is not fully committed to his marriage with Aubrey.

Kelly tells Clint that she tried and failed too many times to get Joey back. He tells her that it’s just a matter of time before his son will know the truth about Aubrey. But she tells Clint that she does not ant Joey back just because he’s found out his wife is a lying little bitch. She only wants Joey back because he wants her. She then asks Clint what he captured on the jump drive. He tells her he found out that Aubrey and Cutter are absolutely not brother and sister.

Aubrey tells Tess that she is not intimidated by her. It’s not like Joey will believe a word she says. She is not Jessica. She is not even “real”. In response to that, Tess pulls Aubrey’s hair and she responds and Tess asks her if that is “real” for her. Tess tells Aubrey in all honesty she could care less if she is scamming Joey and sleeping with Cutter.

Clint tells Kelly that he saw on the jump drive that not only are Aubrey and Cutter not whom they say they are, having sex and scamming. They admit in their video that they plan to take Joey for every cent he has. But, he admits to her, without proof, he can’t go to Joey and inform him that. He knows his son is already angry at him and won’t believe a word he tells him. If he even attempts to tell that to Joey, he will only lose his son and won’t get through to him. But, he tells Kelly, maybe she can.

Tess tells Aubrey and Cutter that she won’t disclose their secret to anyone. But that is under the condition that they do one small “favor” for her.

Charlie admits to Echo that he did not really finalize everything with Viki. She tells him she does not want to pressure him right now. Just knowing that he wants to be with her is enough. But she asks what the “Madame Mayor” is going to say about this. He tells her that they have to just stay out of Dorian’s and Viki’s way. But Echo tells him that given that her son and grandson live on Viki’s property, it’s kind of hard to avoid Viki. She tells Charlie that all she wants is to be able to be with him. And when they finally have a relationship that is out in the open, then it wont’ matter who sees them or what they privately think or talk about. She then remembers when she revealed to Clint for the first time that he is Rex Balsams' father. She tells Charlie how encouraged she is but appears to have some reservations. He then tells her hat he has to get back to Viki’s home.

Viki tells Joey that what really upsets her is that Charlie did not come and tell her what was going on. She had to find it out from a cell phone photo that Tess sent her. Hearing that, Joey appears discontented knowing what Tess is willing and able to do.

Tess tells Cutter and Aubrey that they don’t want to argue with what she wants. She could easily get them thrown in prison for fraud if they don’t cut her in on the deal that they intend to put into motion with Joey. She tells the two of them that they all want the same thing. And so Aubrey and Cutter have to stop playing kissy face in public or they’ve blown it. She tells Aubrey that she has to go back to her husband. And Cutter has to “do something” and she smirks at him. Aubrey is clearly not ok with Tess and Cutter being interested in each other. But Tess tells Aubrey that she can do whatever she wants with Cutter and Aubrey doesn’t have much say in the matter.

Starr and Langston cry and talk about all that they have shared together and how much they will miss each other. Starr asks Langston if she remembers back in high school when they started hanging out and wrote their dreams and put them in a back pack. They relive their high school days. Starr tells Langston she wished they were a family and her wish came true. Langston tells her her wish came true too. Langston tells Starr she mustn’t get all weepy on her. They will be in touch with email, face chat and text. But Starr tells her that they will have different schedules and will be living in different time zones so that’s easier said than done. She has a hard enough time getting in touch with James who is right in town. Hearing that, Langston asks if everything is ok with Starr and James and encourages Starr to go and find James. They then cry and hug each other talking about how much they will miss each other.

Kelly tells Clint that she is not going to tell Joey anything more about his wife. She has already tried and failed to convince him what Aubrey is all about. It only makes Joey hate her. Hearing that, Clint tells her she must never believe that. She must know that Joey loves her. But he admits he was hoping that he was hoping that it would not take this long for Joey to see through his wife’s scam. But he needs to make it happen and asks Kelly to help him.

Aubrey makes it clear that she does not want Cutter seeing Tess. Tess does not care. But they all three conclude that they have common goals and need to be more discreet and not get caught with their secrets.

Joey leaves Viki alone to talk to Charlie when Charlie comes in the door. Viki stares at her husband coldly and he does not know what to say to her.

Alone in her room, Echo remembers Charlie telling her that he intends to be with her and for things to soon be out in the open.

Charlie tells Viki they need to talk. She tells him she knows. They did not finish their conversation last night. She remembers she asked him if he loved Echo but did not hear his answer. He then admits that the answer to that question is yes.

Kelly tells Clint that given their record, she does not believe they should work together. But he reminds her that neither of them can get into any trouble. It’s Aubrey and Cutter that are breaking the law and must be brought to justice. Right then, Joey enters appearing to wonder what has been discussed without his knowing and Kelly leaves. Joey asks his dad if Aubrey came home. Clint replies he has not seen her.

Tess comes out of the steam room and asks if Aubrey is not going home to her hubby. She tells them she’s really excited to start spending all the money they are going to make for her. When they believe they are alone, Aubrey asks Cutter if he thinks they can trust Tess. He tells her no. They kiss. Tess spies upon them unseen and smirks..

Markko observes Langston crying and asks her what is wrong. She tells him she is going to miss Starr so much. It’s going to be hard to leave her but at least she knows that Starr is going to be in “good hands”.

James tells Deanna that she must know that she broke up with him and broke his heart. And he is angry at her revealing that she was once very important to him. Starr is outside the door ringing the doorbell. They haven’t a clue what to do at that point.

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