OLTL Update Monday 4/11/11

One Life to Live Update Monday 4/11/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne

At the gym, Robert tells Brody that maybe he (Brody) needs to concentrate on his “real” family and realize that Tess could care less about him and won’t let him near the baby. Hearing that, Brody appears defensive and ready to attack Robert. Robert assures Brody it’s not that Tess is “interested” in him (Robert) either. But Brody needs to know the reality that he slept with her sister and is the very reason Tess came out in the first place. Robert also informs Brody that Tess is messing around with Aubrey’s brother and there’s nothing anybody can do about it. Hearing that, Brody is furious and blames Robert.

Dorian and David tell Langston that she can be their film producer. They know that she can do it. And they only trust her to work with them. She tells them that she is not experienced and needs help. They tell her they know of the perfect person to work with her. And right then, Markko appears.

Rama is talking to Cristian Vega at the gym acting flirtation and concerned about her husband.

Right then, Vimal is in jail and is told by guards that he has a visitor. He assumes it’s Rama but is surprised to see Marty Saybrooke whom he doesn’t know or remember meeting. She tells him she is not Rama. She is Dr. Marty Saybrooke, a psychiatrist..

Right then, Natalie goes to find John and sees that he appears to have a picture of her and baby Liam when he believed that he was his child.

At the gym, Joey informs Kelly that she needs to know some things that are going on including Tess coming on to Cutter Wentworth. Hearing that, she is not ok nor ready to let it go.

In another corner, Robert tells Brody that he needs to face up to the fact that whether either of them like it or not, Tess is in control and calling all the shots without regard to what either of them want her to do or who she sees.

In the steam room, when Tess comes on to Cutter and he “responds” it appears that Jessica comes out and pulls away demanding to know what this guy is doing to her.

When Dorian and David bring Markko to the house to attempt to convince Langston to let him be her co-producer of their film, she wonders how that will work. David tells them about how he (himself) is the perfect figure to attract viewers. Both Langston and Markko are a bit skeptical. Dorian tells the two of them that it’s time for them to “commune” Hearing that, Langston tells her mom and new step dad that she can see what they are doing. This is a “set up”. They are pushing her and Markko together.

Robert tells Brody he better not accuse Robert of bringing out Jessica’s illness. Brody tells Robert it’s all too convenient for him (Robert) to have Tess “helping” him see baby Ryder and get his hands on the Buchanan money. Robert tells Brody he has no right to accuse him of that and he better realize that Ryder is his (Robert's) child and he (Robert) has the right to see his son.

When Jessica almost comes back, Tess is still in control and ready to sleep with Cutter.

At the gym, Cristian tells Rama that he had an experience with his fiancé where he had to accept the fact that she chose of her own free will to cheat on him. And she similarly needs to realize that her husband chose, of his own free will, to break the law. She then remembers telling Vimal that she is pregnant in an attempt to get him to reconsider taking the rap for Clint and going to prison.

When Marty goes to see Vimal it appears that she intended to visit her son. The guards ask who she is there to see. She replies Cole Thornhart. They tell her that he is in a different cell block and nowhere near where she is. But Vimal urges Marty to wait and tells her that he knows that she might have reason to talk to him. He knows that she found the test results that he altered and it affects both of their lives and they ran into each other and met on that very night regarding that very thing. And he tells her that maybe both of their “fates” are intertwined.

Natalie and John are at the station together when she tells him she has just discovered that she knows he still has the photo that he took when they were going to be the parents to baby Liam and he believed that he was the baby’s biological father. He tells her that whatever he thought or felt or did before finding out the truth is no longer relevant. He is done with her and Liam is not his. But she tells him she knows that his feelings for her and the baby have not gone away just because of biology.

Dorian protests to Langston that this is not a “set up”. She and David looked for the two perfect people to work together on their film And she knows that Langston and Markko have the prefect “chemistry”. Hearing that, Langston assumes that she wants them to get back together. Dorian protests that she means that the two of them have professional talent and can work together already knowing each other. Yet she makes it clear that she wants more for her daughter and Markko than a merely professional relationship. Dorian and David leave Langston and Markko alone reminding them that she and David are going to have private romantic encounters together. Alone with Markko, Langston tells him that she believes that her mom has some crazy and unrealistic ideas and they need to know that this is not going to work.

At the jail, Marty tells Vimal she remembers meeting him and catching him at the hospital DNA lab. He tells her that when they met that night, under those circumstances, it kind of ruined both of their lives of professional excellence, honor and success. He knows that up until she broke into the DNA lab, she was a successful and brilliant doctor. But now she’s gotten in trouble and put in St. Anne’s. Similarly, he was a successful and honorable professional man. But his similarly dishonorable temptation to risk breaking the law in order to make money lead to his demise in a similarly manner.

At the gym, Robert and Brody argue about Tess.

Natalie tells John that the letter that he wrote to her means something. And he can’t ignore what they had and still have together. But he coldly tells her that they are not having this conversation. She then tears up the letter and sees that it appears John does not want her to do that.

At the gym, Kelly finds Aubrey and tells Joey he needs to know what is going on regarding Cutter and Tess.

Robert goes into the steam room and is ready to physically fight Cutter when he sees him with Tess. Tess asks him if he is jealous. He tells her she mustn’t flatter herself. Cutter asks him what his problem is. He replies that his “problem” is that he and Tess are right in the middle of a custody case. And it’s not going to go where he wants it to go if she’s in the steam room getting it on with another guy.

Dorian tells David that they need to convince Langston to travel with them and shoot their film. And if nothing else, she will be 3000 miles away from the vile influence of Robert Ford, Dorian rationalizes. As soon as David hears that, he reminds her that Robert Ford owes him money. They talk about how they should do their film and their hot steamy scenes together. He plays a role where he is there to do an audition with her and they are ready to go at it together.

In the other room, Markko tells Langston he knows that this is kind of a crazy project and that David and Dorian have already “burned a few bridges”. But this is a good opportunity for both of them to kick off their new careers. But she tells him it might not be a good idea for the two of them working together especially when he has a girlfriend. But right then, he informs her that he and Karen are not together anymore.

After Natalie tears up the letter and picture, John asks her why she did that. She tells him she did that because she won’t’ let him have it both ways. He wants to love the picture and the memory. But he has the real little boy at home. He tells her that he does not love her or the baby who is not his. She protests that baby Liam does not care about DNA. Nor does she. Nor should he. But he tells her every time he goes to see her, she is with Brody.

At the gym, Joey confronts Kelly for seeing John. She tells him it’s none of his business and asks what is wrong with that and why it’s any of his business. He tells her it’s wrong and his business because John used to be with Joey’s sister. Joey then reveals to Aubrey, for the first time, that Kelly and John got drunk and ended up in bed together right after what was going to be John’s wedding. That’s not cool.

Robert tells Cutter that Joey might like to know what his wife’s brother is doing with Joey’s mentally ill sister. Cutter tells Robert he might not want to tell Joey unless he wants to blow his custody case sky high. At that point, Robert asks Cutter what he’s talking about. Cutter tells Robert he happens to know that his marriage to Tess is totally fake. And he knows enough so that if he presented evidence to the judge, Robert will not win his case and never be able to see his baby ever again. He asks Cutter if he is just trying to get his hands on Tess’s trust fund. Why else would he mess around with her? Cutter asks Robert if that is what he (Robert) wants. Robert protests that he has a son and is willing to go through hell and high water to see him. But the three of them all realize that they need to keep their secrets so that they can all get what they want which might be a mutual and “common” interest.

At the station, John tells Natalie that maybe she needs to raise her baby with Brody. She tells him she won’t do that because Brody is in love with Jessica and she is still in love with him. But, she reminds John, he makes that impossible. He tells Natalie no. It is she who has made it impossible when she slept with Brody.

Vimal tells Marty that he ruined his life by falsifying the DNA. She tells him he needs to stop torturing himself and realize what’s done is done. Right then, Rama enters to visit her husband. Marty goes to leave them alone. Rama asks who that woman is. He replies that she is the doctor who found him at the DNA genetics lab. And he indicates that he still believes that Rama is pregnant with his child.

Natalie tells John she knows she slept with Brody and lied. But some day, he will have to forgive her and get over it. She is beginning to realize that doesn’t look like he will ever do that. So, she tells him that maybe the only thing for them to do now is to move on. She appears ready to cry with the thought of that. And it appears that maybe John does not want that although he outwardly tells her otherwise.

While Dorian and David are in bed together, he tells her if she’s his producer, she has to make sure that none of their casting sessions end like this. And he tells her he knows that when they have precious few moments like this, he gets a little crazy. He asks her if she’s sure that she cannot go to Hollywood with him. She tells him no. She is the mayor of Llanview. But she knows how to multi-task. How difficult can producing and acting be? She tells him that maybe they could put an offer out to Angelina Jolie to play Dorian. But he tells her that Angelina is not as pretty as the real Dorian. She tells him that the only two other people who are going to make a profit off of their film are those two sweet kids downstairs.

Langston asks Markko if he really thinks he can work with her after all the things he did to her.

In the steam room, Robert asks Tess if she really wants to sleep with Cutter. She tells him yes. He tells her that personally, he could care less. But they better not get caught. He leaves. Alone with Tess, Cutter remarks that was a “no brainer”. She tells Cutter that is because Robert is an idiot. But she has a trick up her sleeve.

At the gym, Aubrey demands that Joey tells her why he never intended to tell her about his fight with John McBain over Kelly. He protests that he intended to but it’s complicated. She then asks if he is sorry he married her. He tells her of course not and asks why she would even say that.

Natalie tells John maybe she needs to realize that he’s moved on and intends to be with Kelly. But she asks him why he was holding a picture of her and the “future” he envisioned with baby Liam. But he does not answer.

Vimal asks Rama if Clint Buchanan is not taking care of her after all he has done for Clint. She assures him yes. She is living in the lap of luxury. He tells her he hates to think of her alone without her husband. She tells him not to worry. She has “friends”. IN fact one of them drove her there to see him. His name is Cristian Vega. Hearing that, he appears worried when he informs her that he saw, on the television, after getting laundry privileges in the jail, who Cristian Vega is. She tells him she does not want him to be jealous. Cristian is just a friend.

Marty runs into Cristian outside the jail. She tells him she is “well” now. But he questions why that would be if she is still carrying certain items in her purse.

Natalie concludes to John if they are nothing more than professional colleagues, then maybe they both need to face up to it and make plans accordingly. He is silent and indicating that maybe he does not want that any more than she does. She tells him that She then gives him back her ring reminding him that it does not belong to her. She remembers it’s his mom’s ring and so he needs to have it. She walks out the door crying. And right then, Brody appears asking if she is ok.

Marty tells Cristian that she is keeping some things is her purse jut to remind herself what she is capable of.

Markko tells Langston he realizes there was a time when he could not have worked with her. He was too angry and hurt and it would not have worked. But things have changed. She tells him that that may have been the case when he was in California but if they are in the same town, separating his feelings might be easier said than done. But he tells her at maybe they can work something out. She then agrees.

The guards tell Rama it’s time for her to leave. Vimal still believes that she is pregnant. Right then, Cristian appears at the door and Vimal is clearly jealous. Cristian asks her what Vimal said that indicated that he thought she was pregnant.

Kelly is punching a punching bag at the gym. Joey tells her maybe they should stay out of each other’s way for a while.

Aubrey goes to find Cutter knowing he is with Tess. And she kisses Cutter. Tess observes and tells her she knows that they are not brother and sister. Aubrey then turns to realize that she may have been “had”.

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