OLTL Update Friday 4/8/11

One Life to Live Update Friday 4/8/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne

Langston notices Dorian and David coming back from their honeymoon in Hollywood and asks why they can’t come through the front door like “normal” people. They tell her that paparazzi is always watching them and since Dorian is the mayor, there are photographers everywhere. She tells them she did not know they were all around. Dorian tells her daughter she must have had her nose buried in her studies. David then observes Langston’s laptop and remarks that she has her “nose” buried somewhere else.

At Robert’s apartment, Tess tells him that he thinks he’s really hot and sexy and is really vane about his body. She knows that he does all of the “maintenance” with waxing and buffing and tweezing and doing what models do and thinks he’s so hot shortly and that women drool over his abs. But she wants a “real man”. He then grabs a hold of her and asks if she does not want him.


Cutter and Aubrey are alone in the steam room. He tells her that he is done with his running around and wants her to be done with Joey so that they can “be together”

Joey is at the gym on the phone to Natalie who is worried about baby Liam not having his dad whom she believes should be John. He tells her hat her baby has a family and he has Brody. She remarks that it’s true that Brody really has stepped up to the plate and has been great. Right then, he runs into Rama and asks her where Aubrey is. She tries to distract him from finding her, knowing Aubrey is “pre occupied”.

Natalie observes Brody up form sleeping and holding baby Liam. He holds the baby and is ready to feed him. But he gives him to Natalie and lets her be alone with the baby. But she tells him if he does not have to work until later, why doesn’t he stay?

Dorian and David observe that Langston is not over Robert Ford. She tells her daughter they were hoping that she closed the page of Robert Ford once and for all and has moved on. She tells her mom and new step dad that she just accidentally clicked on a site with Robert. But they know better. She asks them why they are not shooting this new video of David that they have been previous talking about. Dorian tells her daughter that they will be doing that soon. But she wants to hear about everything going on that she has missed. Langston then shows Dorian the front page of The Sun about Clint getting acquitted of all charges against him.

At the station, Kelly goes to see John and asks if he has not found a suspect in the murder investigation. But he does not want to talk about it and just wants to make out with her. right then, Marty appears and observes them and looks perplexed

When David and Dorian see that Bo and Nora have dropped all criminal charges against Clint, they are not happy. Dorian concludes that she is the mayor and if Bo and Nora only care about themselves, cover their own behinds and not about what Clint did to them (herself and David) and don’t want to protect society from Clint, she can fire them if they do not do their jobs. Langston suggest that it’s entirely possible that Clint did not kill Eddie. But Dorian tells her daughter it’s obvious he did. If he did not then who did?

Marty observes John with Kelly and remarks that since she has been away, she could never have never imagined the two of them together. She asks if Natalie knows about them. They do not answer.

Natalie holds the baby and talks to Brody about what the next plan of action should be regarding Tess and Robert Ford. He notices her breast feeding the baby and wants to separate himself from her. But tit appears that maybe they cannot tear themselves away from each other.

In the steam room, Cutter talks to Aubrey about what they should do regarding their original plan to get Joey’s money realizing it’s easier said than done.

Rama notices Cristian Vega at the gym lifting weights and smiles at him telling him that she heard about how he got into a fight and got arrested with a “lady friend” and heard about it on Access Llanview. She assumes that Cassandra is his girlfriend. But he clarifies that she is not. She’s a hottie, but too much trouble, he tells her. He tells her that he knows what has happened to her husband. But they must be in good hands with a “friend” like Joey Buchanan. She smiles and confirms that that is true.

Not far away, Joey goes looking for Aubrey who is nowhere to be found.

Cutter tells Aubrey that now that Clint is in the clear, they are practically back to square one. He knows it’s a lost cause for her to attempt to take the money when Clint is onto them and not going to prison. SO he wants to move on to a plan B.

Robert and Tess are in a “steamy scene” of kissing and ready to go at it.

Dorian tells David she assures him that Clint Buchanan is going to pay for everything he has done. And their first video is going to be Vickerman. In their movie, The “Clint man” is going to be portrayed by some nasty, ugly loser with a terrible comb over. Langston asks if they might not get in trouble for re-writing the story the way they want. She does not seem as enthused about their movie as they are. She tells them she assumes that Vicker Man will hit the theaters. But the have to tell her it’s not as simple as that.

Robert Ford and Tess are going at it on the kitchen counter.

Brody admits to Natalie that he is “distracted” watching her breastfeeding.

When Robert and Tess are going at it, she “surprises” him by biting him and causing him to back away from her. She finds it amusing but he does not.

Natalie tells Brody that she is going to be breast feeing and he’s not going anywhere. So they both need to “get used to it”. He laughs and tells her he knows that is true.

Robert pulls away form Tests and tells her that he is bleeding. She tells him her eyes “bleed” every time she sees him without a shirt on. He tells her he wants to be done with her forever as soon as the judge makes the ruling in the custody hearing of baby Ryder. She tells him the feeling is mutual. He leaves. She then observes that she has gotten a call on her phone.

In the steam room, Cutter tells Aubrey that they are not doing what they set out to do. They started out at the palace ready to take Joey’s money. Now they have exhausted their resource and forced to stay at the Minuteman Motel. She asks if he has another plan. He tells her yes. And it involves Tess. But she does not want him to pursue a lead with her husband’s whack job sister.

Kelly tells John she needs to get to work. Alone with John, Marty asks him how long he and Kelly have been “seeing each other’. He tells her it might be best if they do not discuss his private life. She tells him of course. But sometimes it’s “unavoidable”. And she shows him all the latest in the Sun.

Joey is ready to walk into the steam room. But knowing that Aubrey is in there with Cutter, Rama attempts to distract him and enable them to get out of there before he sees them. Right then, Aubrey appears without having Joey know where she was or what she’s been doing.

At the station, John asks Marty what she’s got for him. She replies something he “really needs to see”. Right then, Natalie appears ready to work with John at her job. But she is stunned when she sees Marty in his office.

Cristian tells Brody he knows all too well what it’s like for someone’s life to be “affected” by Tess. He knows that Tess put his brother and Jessica through hell. Brody tells Cristian that he is losing time with his child when Tess is running around free, raising his child with Robert Ford. Yet there’s nothing he can do about it when she should be in St. Anne’s.

Marty tells Natalie that she had “something” for John toe see. Natalie asks her what she is waiting for and asks her to hand it over. Marty then reaches in her purse obviously hiding what she really intended to show John. And she tells him she wanted to confirm to him that she is getting the help she needs by out patient therapy at St. Anne’s. She tells John and Natalie that she saw baby Liam and wants to make certain he is safe. But Natalie does not buy that for a moment.

Tess calls Cutter when he’s alone in the steam room. She tells him she’s sorry she hasn’t been in contact with him but she’s had an “emergency”. She tells him she’d like to see him right away. He tells her it may not be the right time for it. Her bother and his sister are near by. She tells him the more the merrier and asks him to save her a seat. Robert then returns form the shower and asks Tess what her plans are. She tells him they should go out together so that they can appear to be the perfect happily married couple. He then agrees telling her that it’s better than letting her cause trouble by running amuck alone. She tells him that she is driving. And they go to the gym together.

Langston asks Dorian and David what it was that prevented them from shooting their video. He tells her that they had some creative differences. The writers did not do what they wanted. Langston then asks what Phyllis Rose will say about their decision on Access Llanview. Dorian then admits that David got fired from his acting role. Langston asks if he got fired form doing the movie about his life. He tells her that that was only “one” movie about his life. He tells her that The Vicker Man will live on. Dorian concludes that they can do their own movie. But Langston tells them that it’s highly unrealistic that they will be able to produce their own movie with as little experience as they have and asks who would want to work with them with as difficult as they both are? Dorian then tells her daughter that somebody with experience in film producing who understands and cares for them and who is ready to work with them. And she spells out to Langston that she wants her (Langston) to be their producer. Hearing that, Langston is speechless and appears stunned. She tells the two of them they have completely lost their minds. She cannot write a screenplay. She would have no idea what she was doing. Dorian tells Langston she wrote a brilliant story about Starr and Cole and their baby. But, Langston protests, that was in high school. She is now in college with a lot of classes and responsibilities. David tells her that maybe she can meet a lot of guys and have fun. Hearing that, Langston concludes that that is just a scheme on Dorian and David’s parts to keep her away from Robert Ford.

Tess goes to the gym and talks to Brody telling him he’s a loser and needs to go and sleep with Natalie. Joey sees her and hopes that Jessica has come back. But Tess tells him no such luck. Kelly goes and talks to Joey telling him that she is doing the story on Clint’s exoneration. She needs a quote from him. She knows he may not want this. But she is a reporter. It’s her job. So she needs to know if Clint might be covering for someone or if Bo or Nora found another suspect. Clint wont’ talk to her so she has to ask him. Hearing that, Joey tells her she needs to ask “her boyfriend” Overhearing that, Aubrey asks if Kelly has a boyfriend. He tells her yes. She’s with John McBain.

Rama finds Cristian at the gym and asks if he is still there. He tells her that he could not leave without apologizing. He knows of what she and her husband have gone through yet he had to put his foot in his mouth. He tells her he needs for her to know that it was not her fault that her husband went to jail. She tells him she believes it is her fault that Vimal went to jail.

Marty then stays at the station and stands outside John’s office while he’s inside with Natalie. She tells him she is not going anywhere. She does not trust anything that comes out of Marty’s mouth. He tells her he does not agree with that. She tells him that’s easy for him to say since he does not care if she comes after baby Liam. He tells her maybe she needs to leave Marty alone and he will make certain that Marty leaves her alone. But he does not seem to have any sensitivity for Natalie’s concerns.

At the gym, Aubrey observes that both Cutter and Joey are “concerned” about Kelly. And she appears jealous.

Robert goes to work out and Brody confronts him for what he and Tess are doing. Tess then ignores both of them and goes into the steam room to give Cutter a “show”.

Robert protests to Brody that he need not worry that Tess is “interested” in him (himself) But he is not going to let anybody take his baby boy from him.

Inside the steam room, Tess wants to seduce Cutter. He asks her if she’s not afraid that Jessica will come out. She smirks and tells him she likes to “live dangerously.”

Dorian tells Langston that maybe she should broaden her horizons. She must think of how uncomfortable she’s going to be running around town and running into Robert Ford and his “new wife”. So why not move to another town and direct a movie? She asks just who would want to work with her when she has no prior experience. They tell her that they have found a “new” prospect. She asks just who would be so desperate as to do what they want him to do with her. Dorian replies that Langston may see the answer. Langston then turns around to see “someone” (unseen) and is shocked.

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