OLTL Update Thursday 4/7/11

One Life to Live Update Thursday 4/7/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne

Nora holds Bo horrified and tells him this cannot be true. Their son could not kill anyone. But he tells her that they need to face up to the fact that Matthew shot Eddie Ford. And Clint helped him cover it up. And Matthew has admitted to it. She tells him they must do something or else their son’s life will be over.

James comes home with Deanna after telling her she can stay in his apartment with him if she is destitute for money. He calls to his brother and notices that nobody is there. She remarks that they have the place to themselves.

Blair discusses with Starr that she blames herself for failing to see the signs about Jack. That cute mischievous little boy has turned into a malicious bully. She knows that maybe she should worry about Shane and what has happened to him and what this is doing to Rex and Gigi. But she is worried that Jack feels no remorse and doesn’t get that what he did was wrong.

Gigi and Rex take Shane to the hospital ER . Gigi wonders if they should do this but Rex tells her that there are people who are trained to deal with kids who have gone through what Shane has.

Bo tells Nora that they mustn’t believe that their son’s life is over because of this. But she is worried.

Echo is at Rex and Gigi’s home on the phone attempting to find out if anybody has found Shane although she cannot get any answers. Right then, Viki enters and tells her that she found out from Charlie what has been going on behind her back. And she (Viki) and Charlie are done. Echo then asks Viki if she is there to slap her around more. Viki tells Echo no. She is there because she’s concerned about Shane. She wants to make sure that he is back home safe and Rex and Gigi are ok. And as soon as that happens, she wants Echo off her property.

Deanna tells James that he needs to know some stuff about why they broke up.

Bo tells Nora he wished he could go back in time and find out what happened to his son that made him do something like this. Right then, they hear a knock on their door. It’s Destiny asking if Matthew is there. She has been leaving messages for him but he has not called her back. Nora notices she’s been crying and asks if she is ok. She admits she does not know. Something just happened at school that is really, really bad. They then invite her to come inside and talk to them.

Blair attempts to call Gigi but only gets her voice mail.

Destiny informs Nora and Bo what has been happening to Shane. Nora asks how kids could be that cruel. Bo asks if she’s correct that Jack Manning has been doing this to Shane. She tells them that when all of it came out on MyFace, she suggested to Shane that he talk to a teacher or guidance counselor. But he wouldn’t listen to her. His parents came to the school looking for him. Bo asks where he was. She admits the scary part is he was on the rooftop standing over the ledge. Hearing that, Nora is shocked.

Outside the ER, Shane tells his dad maybe he should not be there. But Rex tells him he should not be afraid.

When Bo and Nora are talking to Destiny, Bo gets a call from Rex and she rushes off to be there for them.

A nurse comes out to talk to Gigi about why she is there. Gigi nervously attempts to find her insurance card. But the nurse only seems to want to know if there is an “injury”. Gigi tells her that there is no physical injury. But she needs to help her son. He is a beautiful wonderful kid. She breaks down crying when she admits that he tried to kill himself.

At the house, Starr shows Blair how to delete, remove and block everything from Jack’s MyFace account so that he can’t use it ever again and break the rules. Blair tells her daughter she is horrified that she did not know this. But Starr assures her mom that there is no way she could have known as parents usually don’t even have access to their kids’ MyFace accounts. She tells her that she (herself) did have access and could have done something about it but didn’t so she could easily be blamed for it also..

Jack’s friend reaches him by phone and asks him to meet him secretly outside the house.

Viki tells Echo she is a devious whore and she does not trust her and wants her out of town and out of the lives of people she knows and loves. Echo tells Viki she never intended to hurt her. What happened between herself and Charlie just happened. But Viki tells Echo she knows she did everything she could to worm her way into Viki’s home, her family and her life. She used her son, her grandson and her drinking in order to manipulate Charlie. She does not believe it “just happened”. It was very deliberate on Echo’s part. Yet again. And, she knows, Echo “got him”. And she grimly tells Echo congratulations.

James tells Deanna that although she says he does not understand, he is very clear about how things “were”. And she needs to be similarly clear that he and Starr are together.

Starr tells her mom that maybe Jack believes that this behavior is cool. But maybe he will have to learn by accepting the consequences the hard way and some day he will come around. She tells her mom she knows that she was forced to grow up at a young age. Hearing that, Blair tells her daughter she knows that Starr has grown up more than anybody. She is her beautiful little girl. Blair sobs remembering Starr’s history..

Nora talks to Destiny alone in the apartment and offers her something to eat or drink. Destiny tells Nora that she told Shane she knows what it’s like. Not long ago, kids made fun of her. The only classmate she had who was nice to her was Matthew. He was one of the good guys. Right then, she can see that Nora is not ok about something but Nora does not tell her the secret about Matthew.

The doctor goes to talk to Shane and his parents in a private room. She asks Shane if he can tell her why he is there.

Jack’s friend informs him that Shane’s parents came by and talked to Principal “St. Queer” threatening to sue the two of them or anyone who had anything to do with the video. He warns Jack that Shane’s dad is serious and he better beware. But Jack tells him he’s not afraid since he’s taken the video down and it can’t be traced to either of them. The kid also warns him that “density” Evans ratted them out to the principal. Jack tells him he could care less and is afraid of nothing. The kid then informs Jack that he may not know, but they found Shane on the roof. Hearing that, Jack asks what he was doing on the roof. The kid tells him he may take one guess. At that point, Jack appears a bit surprised and shocked.

Echo tells Viki when she first came to town, it was because of Rex. Not because of Charlie. She did not intend to fall in love with Charlie. IT just happened. Viki also did not intend to fall in love with Charlie but it just happened. And she reminds Viki that she did not have a lot of options and had to rebuild. She tells her that she and Charlie both felt like they had a new lease on life when they first bonded with Rex and believed he was their son. They both knew what it was like to lose a child. Hearing that, Viki furiously tells her she better not assume that Viki does not know what it’s like to lose a child. She lost a daughter. She died. Charlie lost Jared. He died. Echo never lost a child. She dumped Rex when he was a baby and could not deal with having a child and let him live to be an adult before even knowing him. So she better not tell Viki she knows anything about “losing” a child.

The doctor tells Shane she understands he may not feel like talking. She asks if she may talk to his parents for a moment and asks them what happened. Rex replies that Shane left them a note that got them scared. They then found Shane on the school rooftop ready to jump. She then asks Shane if that is accurate. He does not want to talk about it. She then asks if they can do a thorough exam to make sure he is physically alright. Gigi then tells her about Shane’s history with leukemia not long ago and with asthma and that he needs to use an inhaler. Rex then goes into the hallway and sees Bo. He tells him he did not have to come. Bo tells Rex he knows but wanted to be there for him.

Blair and Starr go looking for Jack but do not find him.

Jack then tells his friend he does not believe there’s any way that Shane would want to “off” himself. He’s too chicken. And they just need to “get their stories straight”. Right then, Blair comes out and demands to know what her son is doing out there when he’s grounded. She tells Jack’s friend if he had anything to do with what happened to Shane Morasco, he should be punished along with Jack and he better get out of her home. She did not invite him. Jack tells his mom that his friend chose to come by. Blair tells her son that it’s not over for him. Tomorrow he is going to get to school and apologize to Shane. Hearing that, Jack rolls his eyes at his mom.

Inside the private hospital room, the doctor asks Shane if he has any prior mental health issues, takes medication or smokes marijuana or drinks. He replies no. She then concludes that he doesn’t seem to have that many problems. Outside the door, Bo asks Rex how Shane is feeling and what is happening. Rex replies that his son just wants this all to go away and forget this all happened. He admits to Bo so does he. Bo tells him he understands but Rex needs to know that he has to face what happened. Otherwise, it will come back to bite him. Rex appears ready to cry when he tells Bo that his son was going to take his own life and he does not know what he would have done if his son died and it was too late. Bo tells Rex he should thank God that he and Gigi got there when they did. Rex cries and asks Bo what kinds of parents are they not to see this when it’s been going on for months. Bo tells Rex maybe Shane did not want to let them see it. Rex tells Bo he thinks about his son being by himself and trying to hold it together. And he knows he better pull himself together because he does not want Shane to see him like that. Bo hugs Rex and tells him he will be there for him and knows that Rex will be there for Shane. Bo tells Rex he needs to know that this didn’t just happen to Shane. It happened to all of them. Rex reflects that BO is still there for him even after what he did to David. Bo tells Rex it’s all over and forgiven. He tells Rex he needs to know he’s a strong man. He needs to be there for Shane and Bo is confident that he will be. And if there is anything Rex needs, he must let Bo know. Bo then leaves.

Viki tells Echo it’s so easy for Echo to “re-write” her family. Echo tells Viki she knows that she (herself) is flawed. And so is Charlie. And that may be the very reason why he chose her. Not everybody is as perfect as Viki is, Echo tells her.

At the apartment, Deanna tells James that she can always sleep on the couch realizing that there is limited space and sleeping accommodations. But James admits to her that that is where Robert is sleeping. She asks how Robert could be sleeping on the couch and not with his wife. James tells her she need not ask and admits it’s complicated. And they conclude that this might mean the only place for her to sleep is with him.

Blair returns inside and informs Starr that she just saw Jack talking to his friend Brad as if nothing had happened. He just doesn’t have any remorse or conscience or any conception of what he did wrong. Starr tells her mom just like she said; you have to give it some time. Blair admits that she wishes so much that their dad was there. She knows that Todd had a special connection to Jack and might get through to him the way neither of them can. She admits to Starr she cannot do this by herself. All she wants is for Jack to grow up into a decent man but doesn’t know how that can happen.

Nora tells Destiny she really appreciates what a great friend she has been to Matthew and asks if Destiny might have noticed anything different about him. Destiny admits to Nora that Matthew has been pretty quiet but she knows he’s been worried about his parents and uncle. And she asks Nora why she asked. Nora replies no reason. She’s just glad to have somebody in her son’s corner. Right then, Bo returns and Destiny and Nora asks how Shane is. Bo tells them that he talked to Rex. Destiny tells them she needs to get home. Nora hugs her and tells her she is welcome to come and visit any time. Alone with Nora, Bo tells her that it appears that Shane is getting some help and will hopefully be ok. He just hopes that Matthew will be also. Nora puts her arms around Bo.

Before the doctor releases Shane, she tells him she’d like to see him again but does not believe there’s any reason for hospitalization or in patient treatment. She tells Rex and Gigi they need to help their son and not ignore him and warns Shane that they won’t leave him alone. And she tells them they may go home as long as they don’t have fire arms or anything he could use to endanger himself

Nora then admits to Bo that for the first time, she remembers what happened the night that Eddie was murdered.

Viki tells Echo she may collect all of her stuff and get out of the carriage house and stay out. She never wants to see Echo’s lying face anywhere near her property again

Deanna tells James it wouldn’t be the “first time” they slept in the same bed together. He tells her she may take the bed and he will sleep on the floor.

Blair tells Starr she has been a bad parent. Starr demands that she stops saying that. But Blair tells her daughter that she has been completely selfish, getting mixed up with the wrong men and making bad choices and neglecting her kids. But Starr tells her mom she remembers her telling Starr that the best thing she can give Hope is love. So she knows who is a great mother and Blair has given her all the love she needs. Blair cries and hugs her daughter.

Nora tells Bo that she saw Matthew sitting on the floor in the motel room next to Eddie’s dead body. He must have been waiting for Clint. She could see it clear as day. She saw the look on his face. He looked so lost. He probably couldn’t even see her. But Bo remembers she said that the door was locked when Clint got there so that means that Matthew must have locked it. And she concludes that she left her son alone there in pain. What kind of a mother abandons her own child when he needs her the most?

Rex returns to the carriage house and Echo asks her son if her grandson is alright. Rex seems worried and tells her hopefully but this might taken a while. She leaves and tells Rex he must know they will get through this as a family and she urges Rex to call her. Gigi comes down the stairs. He asks her if Shane is in bed. She shows Rex a big plastic bag of all the stuff in the bathroom and medicine cabinet that Shane could potentially use to O.D. on. She tells him they need to lock it up so he does not have access to it. She cries and asks Rex how she could not see this happening to her son. He holds her and promises that they will get through this together.

Bo tells Nora she is a great mother. She tells him she thinks Matthew would disagree with him right now. He tells her it’s not Matthew’s or her fault that Matthew did what he did. It was Clint’s fault. But, she reminds Bo, she left Matthew there. He reminds her that she was in a car accident, suffered a head injury and was confused. And does she think it’s Rex or Gigi’s fault that Shane wound up on the rooftop and does she blame them? She tells Bo of course not. He tells her good. Because that’s not what Shane needs. And this is not what Matthew needs right now. She tells Bo she wishes she knew what Matthew needs right now. He tells her that they love their son just like Rex and Gigi love Shane. And that is what is going to get them all through this right now.

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