OLTL Update Wednesday 4/6/11

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 4/6/11


Written by Lisa G.
Pictures by Suzanne

On the rooftop, Shane has one leg over the ledge railing. His parents are trying to talk him out of jumping. They are shouting encouraging things to him. Asthma can’t beat you. Cancer can’t beat you. Those jerks can’t beat you. If you really love us, you will come back to us. Rex has his hand out to him and as he slowly walks towards him, Shane takes his hand. They all crumble to the floor, crying uncontrollably. They stand to leave. Rex is looking over the edge of the rooftop, thinking what could have been. He turns back to Shane and Gigi. They walk towards the door with their arms wrapped around Shane.

The principal, Mr. St. Clair, approaches Destiny in the school hallway and asks her if she knows where the video came from. Brad is eavesdropping from his locker. The principal reminds Destiny how cruel the video was and it is his responsibility to make sure it doesn’t happen again. He tells her she has a responsibility to tell him what she knows. She tells him it was Jack and some of his friends. The principal turns to Brad and asks him if he had anything to do with it. He says he only saw the video and has no idea who would have done such a thing. Just then Shane and his parents come in to the hallway from the stairwell. He asks Shane if he is okay and then asks why they came in from the stairwell that leads to the rooftop. He asks Mr. Balsam again why and Shane looks at him with pleading eyes. Everyone is watching them. Rex angrily tells him to stop worrying about the stairwell and do something about his vicious students. Gigi tries to shush him saying let’s just go. The principal tells him that they are investigating. Rex is pissed and yells that it’s a little late. St. Clair promises to find the perpetrators of this little mishap. “MISHAP”, Rex shouts. Do you have any idea what happened? Shane says please dad and Gigi says to him that’s enough, let’s go. Destiny realizes what almost happened and appears visibly shaken. Rex goes on a tirade at the principal…what is wrong with this school. Why are the kids allowed to use cell phones and go on MyFace during school hours. St. Clair tries to calm him down and go to his office to discuss. Rex shouts at him that he is suing him, the school, the Mannings, and anyone else who had anything to do with this. Gigi tries again to get him to leave before he yells out what happened on the roof, but he does not want to go home yet. Gigi asks him why doesn’t he want to go home and he tells her they need to take Shane to the hospital to get checked out. Gigi asks why, he’s fine. Rex tells her that he isn’t fine. Rex tells them they need to talk to someone as a family. Shane said he doesn’t need to talk to a doctor. Rex insists, his life depends on it.

At the hospital, Viki opens the door to Todd’s room. She sees the room is empty and says Todd questioningly. Téa comes up behind her and she asks her what happened to Todd. She turns and asks Téa if he died. Téa assures her he is not dead and that he is getting a routine MRI. She breaks down and tells Téa that she found Charlie in bed with another woman. Téa can’t believe Charlie did that. She tells Téa about the photo of Echo and Charlie kissing and that she walked in on them together. Téa tries to say Charlie made a mistake and that they should be able to weather a meaningless affair. Viki is sobbing as she says that it is not meaningless. That’s the problem. She tells Téa that when Echo left she asked Charlie if it meant anything and he told her it did. Viki can’t believe how stupid she was to allow Echo to live in their house. She knew Echo was after him. Viki apologizes for bothering her with everything. Téa tries to comfort her and assure her that she is there for her, they are family. Viki is always there for her and her family. They offer to help each other. Téa jokes and tells her that it’s a good thing Todd is in a coma because he would kill Charlie for what he is doing to her. Téa tells her how much she and Todd love her. She deserves so much better than this. The women hug and console each other. Téa offers to drive her home, but Viki tells her she is okay, but angrier than she has ever been. After she leaves, Téa sits and waits for them to bring Todd back. Shaun comes in and gives her a juice box…she laughs, really. She needs something besides coffee. He asks her how she is…really.

At Llanfair, Natalie is tucking Liam into bed. Clint comes into the nursery behind her and tells her she is a natural mother. She asks what he is doing out of jail. He tells her that Nora dropped all the charges because he didn’t kill Eddie Ford. He tells her there is no evidence, no case so he is a free man. He says he is sick of talking about murder and Eddie. He wants to know about his grandson. Natalie can’t leave it alone and says that all the evidence pointed to him. So who killed him? Clint just tells her that Bo has another suspect. They both stand and admire the baby. Look how strong he is! Then Natalie asks him if he is going to go see his other grandsons. He can’t see Ryder yet. Then Nat asks what about Shane? Clint tells her he doesn’t count. Nat can’t believe he would say something like that. She says look how much you love Matthew and he is only your nephew. Shane is your grandson. He can’t help that, but he loves Matthew more than anything and would do anything for him. They continue to talk as they walk out of the nursery. She tries to say you are always trying to protect the family…he interrupts and asks how John is. She tells him he doesn’t speak to her and keeps jumping into bed with Kelly. Clint said he always thought Kelly would end up with Joey. Oh, wouldn’t that be fun! Clint muses that its funny how one minute you are a couple and then the next it’s all gone. She asks if he was trying to get back at Bo and Nora. He said he was trying to protect him. He thinks of the night Eddie was killed and what he did to try and protect all of them. Liam starts to cry and Clint picks him up. Why you crying baby. Your dry, your rich and you have the best mommy in the world.

Bob, Nora and Matthew come home. Matthew asks them what they wanted to talk to him about. Bo takes out the recorder and plays back his phone call telling Clint that he killed Eddie. Matthew turns around. Nora asks him if he made that call and he tells them he did. When Bo asks him if Clint made him do it, he tells his father that he didn’t. He killed Eddie Ford. Nora starts asking him questions and Bo tells her to let Matthew tell the story. Matthew tells Bo he was looking for him, but he found him with Inez and thought they were together. He continues saying how angry he was so he jumped in his car and started driving. He tried to call Uncle Clint, but couldn’t get him and then he almost hit another car. Nora jumps in remembering and says that was you. He then tells them that he was so freaked out so he just pulled over and it happened to be the motel. He wanted to calm down when he heard something that sounded like a gun shot. Again Nora interrupts thinking that he didn’t do it.

Matthew tells them that was just the beginning. Bo asks him what happened next. He flashes back to what happened. He tells them that he went to see if someone needed help. He bumps into Eddie outside the room. Eddie drops his phone. Matt asked him if heard that and he tells Matthew that it was his son. He ridicules his son saying he couldn’t even shoot me. Matthew picks up the phone and he realizes that it’s his mom’s phone and asks him why he has it. He backs in to the room as he realizes he was the one on the phone. He turns in to the room screaming mom and when she isn’t there he asks what he did to her. Matthew picks up a pouch on the table and dumps. Out fall the money and the gun. He picks up the gun and says I did hear a gunshot. He is pointing the gun at Eddie and screams at him to tell him where his mom is or he’s a dead man! Eddie is taunting him telling him how hot his mother is and why wouldn’t she try and get something on the side. After all, she ain’t getting anything at home since his dad is birding his ex. Matthew is still pointing the gun at him and he realizes he is Nate’s father. He believes that both his parents are sleeping around on each other. The taunting goes on…you think you are so special…high and mighty parents can get away with anything. Eddie then tells him to put the gun down, you’ll never shoot me. That’s when he shot him. He fell down and didn’t get back up. He went in to the bathroom and got sick. That’s when he called his Uncle Clint. Clint showed up at the motel and Matthew told him what happened. Clint sat him down and told him not to say anything to anyone. He will take care of everything. That’s when he got in his car and drove home. He never told anyone and just went on with his life, like he never killed anyone. He looked at his mom and said I killed someone. She jumped up and comforted him. Next he wants to know what is going to happen to him. Nora tells him they will worry about that tomorrow. Matthew goes to his room and Nora breaks down crying in Bo’s arms.

At La Boulaie, Blair tells Jack to sit down, open the laptop to your MyFace page. She wants the video down now. Starr walks in and tells her to not bother because everyone has already seen it. It won’t do any good to take it down now. Blair wants it down because it will do her good. She then demands that Jack shutdown his MyFace page. Jack stands up and wants to know why. As he tells her it’s not fair. Blair asks him if it was fair to turn the whole school against Shane. As he argues, she tells him she should send him to military school or jail! He deletes the video and says to his mother, you happy, it’s deleted. Do you still want to send me to jail? He’s being a real smart mouth. Starr tells him to stop being jerk. He tells his sister he doesn’t need any help from little miss perfect. Oh wait, didn’t you get knocked up in high school? Starr can’t believe he just said that. Blair yells at him to leave Starr alone. She has nothing to do with this. It’s all on him and his little thugs in training. He walks away lamenting how long will I have to listen to this. He goes to his computer and Blair tells him to leave it alone, but he just wants to send one little email out. He wants to tell his friends that she annihilated his MyFace account. Oh no, you are never touching a computer again unless I am standing over your shoulder and watching you. She opens the desk and takes out a pencil. As she is holding it up she tells him to learn how to use it cuz he’ll need it. Hilarious mom, what you want me to do, go out and look for him or stay home so she can hit him again. Jack leaves the room and Starr asks if it’s true, did she hit him. Blair said she feels awful because she swore she would never hit her kids, but Jack had said something terrible. She tells Starr that Jack said Shane deserved to be bullied, like Marty deserved to be raped. She is afraid that Jack is turning into a version of Todd and she lost it.

Destiny goes to the hospital to see her brother. She tells him everything that happened to Shane. She doesn’t know what happened on the roof, but is praying that he is okay.

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