OLTL Update Monday 4/4/11

One Life to Live Update Monday 4/4/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne

Viki goes to the Minuteman to find Echo. But when she walks in the door, she sees Charlie and Echo in bed together. They are startled when they see her.

Deanna goes to see James so relieved to find out that he does not have a baby and that Ryder is his brother’s child. She kisses him. At first, he does not stop her. But he pulls away and tells her he cannot do this. He is seeing someone.

Starr goes to see her parents at the hospital after finding out what Jack has been doing to Shane Morasco. She talks to Shaun not certain what to tell him about Jack. Inside Todd’s room, Blair tells an unconscious Todd that she wonders if Dani is correct that Jack is responsible for Shane losing his inhaler which could kill him. Is their son capable of that kind of cruelty?

At the high school, all the kids are joking when the see Shane on the internet naked after Jack and his friends have taken his clothes.

Rex and Gigi return home and are horrified to see that Shane is gone but he has “apologized” to them in a letter and might be planning suicide.

In the high school hallway, Destiny finds Matthew and asks him if he knows what Jack Manning has done to Shane Morasco. Does he not care? Is he going to ignore it? Matthew seems distracted and tells Destiny that he has things going on and Shane Morasco is the least important thing on his mind right now.

Clint informs Nora and Bo that he did not kill Eddie. He also knows that Nora could not have. They ask him who did, then. He informs them Matthew did.

Viki tells Charlie and Echo that she is not at the court hearing. She had to find out what is going on when Tess sent her a “picture”. She shows them the cell phone photo of the two of them kissing.

Bo and Nora tell Clint that it’s absurd for anybody to believe that Matthew would kill Eddie. Their son did not even know the man much less have motive to shoot him. A man enters to bring Clint a tape recorder of Matthew calling Clint, sounding frantic and telling his uncle he needs his help because he just shot Eddie Ford and that Eddie is dead.

In the high school hallway, Destiny asks Matthew why he doesn’t want to talk to her. He tells her that he’s sorry. He just wanted to find out what time his uncle is being arraigned. He knows that Clint is being charged with murdering Eddie Ford. Hearing that, she tells Matthew she is sorry as she knows that he was close to Clint. She calmly tells Matthew he can, at least, visit Clint at Statesville as it’s not far away. But Matthew snaps at her that he can’t let Clint go to prison for murder. He knows he did not do it. Hearing that, Destiny appears baffled as to how Matthew could say that.

Outside Todd’s room, Starr tells Shaun she is not certain what she should tell her parents about Jack. She then goes in to ask Blair what she is telling unconscious Todd about Jack. Blair tells her daughter that Dani “got the idea’ that Jack stole Shane Morasco’s inhaler. She knows that Jack would never do that, she tells Starr. She believes that Dani was mistaken. But Starr tells her mom there are things they have to face up to regarding Jack. She has proof that Dani is not making false accusations of Jack.

Rex and Gigi call and frantically try to reach their son on the phone but he is not answering.

Shane then goes to the high school to tell the kids he does not want them to interrupt all of their laughing because he just entered the room. He knows it’s hilarious for them to see him having his clothes taken and almost die without his inhaler, but he has something for them. He pulls out his inhaler and tells the kids they may have it. He does not need it.

Viki tells Echo that she is a low life to be wanting to sleep with a married man. Charlie then asks Viki to calm down. Echo tells Viki they never set out to hurt her. Viki furiously tells her of course that is what Echo did. She did set out to hurt Viki. That is what she did. And she hauls off and smacks Echo.

Destiny asks Matthew how he can say that the video of Clint leaving the scene of the crime with a murder weapon is “not what it looks like”, he does not know how to answer that. She asks why he has been avoiding her. Why can’t he talk to her? He has always confided in her before. He needs to realize that he must tell her what is going on.

After Bo and Nora hear what appears to be a tape recorded phone conversation of Matthew calling Clint to tell him he shot Eddie, they tell him they don’t believe it for a moment and bet Clint falsified it. If Clint knows that Matthew shot Eddie, then why didn’t Clint say something when Bo arrested him?

Rex asks Gigi where she thinks Shane might go or who he might talk to. Rex then remembers that Shane does talk to Echo. So he’s going to call her.

When Echo’s phone rings when she is with Charlie after Viki has caught the two of them in bed together, she tells them she must get this and leaves the room with her phone. While Viki rips into Charlie for what he just did, Echo tells them she has to go. Rex just called to inform her that Shane is in trouble. He has been humiliated at school and needs her help. Rex can’t find him. Hearing that, Charlie seems to want to go with her. But Viki tells Echo if she thinks for one minute that her (Viki’s) husband is going to go with her, she has another thing coming.

Starr informs her mom for the first time, that Rex found proof that Jack has been sending death threats to Shane. There is also proof that Jack and his friends stole Shane’s inhaler which could have killed him. Blair does not want to believe that and tells Starr she must know that her brother may have issues but would not go that far. Starr tells her she walked right into the high school when Shane ran after the kids who stole his clothes. And Jack stole the money from the school booster program and put the money in Shane’s locker to get Shane falsely accused. Blair tells her daughter she can’t believe everything she hears. If Jack has been “teasing” Shane on the internet, she will talk to him but Starr should not be making these accusations of her brother. And Starr needs to know that “that man” (her unconscious father) is Jack’s hero. Maybe he’s just acting out because he’s worried that Todd won’t make it. But Starr tells her mom they need to face up to what has happened to Jack. It has nothing to do with Todd. He’s been doing this for months long before Todd got shot.

Shane goes to talk to the kids telling them that he no longer needs his inhaler. He tells Jack he may have it.

When Echo gets the call from Rex, she goes to the Carriage House and asks if they have found Shane. He admits no. She then looks at the letter he wrote to his parents and is worried what that might mean

In Todd’s room, Starr shows her mom proof online of what Jack has been doing for months. She is also horrified to find out that Jack has now posted the video of Shane being taunted by all the kids after they took his clothes. Starr remembers that Jack was going to delete it. But he actually went through with this. At that point, Blair is horrified and shocked.

Echo is similarly horrified when she sees proof of what the kids have done to Shane.

Matthew tells Destiny that there is something going on that he cannot tell anybody right now. She demands to know why and what is going on. He tells her that he has to get down to the courthouse and talk to his parents and get them to drop the charges against Clint. She asks if that is what he “wants”. Matthew firmly tells her no. This is not what he “wants”. But this is what has to be done.

Clint tells Bo and Nora that he did not want this to happen. But Rex Balsam had to go and get this video of him and deliver it to him. Had Rex not done that, this would not be happening. He tells them that he wants to protect Matthew. That is all he wanted, but now that is impossible. The judge enters and is ready to address the “murder in the first degree” charge against Clint. He asks Clint how he pleads. Clint does not respond. But the judge asks him,, yet again, how he pleads. When nobody says a word, the judge tells them he does not have all day. Matthew walks in. And at that point, Nora tells the judge that the commonwealth would like to drop its charges against Clint Buchanan. Hearing that, the judge asks why.

Echo asks Rex and Gigi if it’s Jack Manning, Todd’s son, who has been doing this to her grandson. She asks them where they can find Jack. Rex and Gigi tell her that it doesn’t really matter. They need to find Shane first.

Destiny goes to find Shane and tells him she is really sorry about what happened. She is his friend and understands. She informs him when she was a freshman, kids used to be mean to her because she was fat and called her density. But “things can change”, she assures him. She tells him she now has a lot of friends and people are good to her. And he can meet nice people who treat him good and the bullies won’t win in the end. But he tells her there is a video of him naked on the internet. That will never “go away”.

Jack goes to the hospital to be with his sister and mom while his dad remains unconscious. Starr rips into her brother telling him he is despicable. He asks her why she ratted him out to their mom. Blair tells her son there is no excuse for what he did. .. How would he like it if somebody did this to him? She then gets a call from Gigi asking her if Jack knows where Shane might have gone. She replies that her son is right there with her by Todd’s hospital bed. She gets off the phone and demands Jack tells her if he’s seen Shane.

James asks Deanna why she would go this video and appear to be having sex with a stranger. She tells him he doesn’t need to be concerned about it. He then asks her if she is in trouble and informs her he knows she is having financial hardship. He also reveals to her that it was she who dumped him. So he has moved on. He tells her he just spoke to the motel manager who told him if she did not pay up, he’d have her out. But he gets a call from Starr who asks where he has been and why he has not returned her calls.

After Echo leaves Viki and Charlie alone at The Minuteman, Viki tells Charlie now she finally knows why he’s been away and hardly at home. And she now knows the reason he was late and rushed into the courtroom to tell the judge he wants to help his wife raise baby Ryder and that he loves her. He protests that he does want to help her with Ryder and with Jessica and he does love her. She tells him he has a pretty funny way of showing it. And she asks him just when this “started”. He then informs her that it happened, for the first time right after the wedding that did not happen. Right after Clint revealed that Rex is not his son and that it’s all been a lie. That was when he turned to Echo and when they started sleeping together.

When Starr calls James while he’s with Deanna, he tells her he’s been “in the middle of something”. She tells him that she’s been having some real issues with her brother and would like him to be there for her. He then returns to Deanna. But she defensively tells him he need not worry about her and can go back to his “new girlfriend”.

The judge tells Clint that he is free to go with the court’s apology. But he tells Bo and Nora that they have wasted the court’s time on two occasions by first falsely accusing Nate Salinger and now falsely accusing Clint. He tells them if they do this one more time, he will go public and both Nora and Bo can look for new jobs. He tells everybody they are free to go. Alone with Clint, Matthew asks his uncle of they have really dropped the charges.

Destiny tells Shane he must know that Jack Manning has no reason to have friends or be respected. All he knows how to do is spend his dad’s money. Shane should not be ashamed or intimidated by Jack and must take action. And she will help him. But he does not listen and walks away.

After Blair finds out what her son did to Shane, she tells Gigi she is so sorry and wishes there was something she could do and she had no idea. But Gigi cuts Blair off and rushes out the door with Rex to find their son.

Shane is alone in a parking garage.

Viki tells Charlie she remembers that he left the church that night, after the startling revelations. He was gone all night and most of the following day. She informs him that she left her heart broken daughters and two new born babies alone to go looking for him. She searched all of the bars and AA meetings. She asked Dorian to help her look for him. She searched the morgue and was so afraid he was hurt or drunk or dead yet was so relieved to find out he was not. She did not even think for a moment to look for him there with Echo. She could not believe that he would do that to her. He then reaches out to her. But she tells him he better not. He stinks of Echo, she tells him.

After the judge leaves the courtroom and Bo and Nora face Matthew after being informed by Clint that their son killed Eddie, he asks his parents what is going on. He asks if it is not “good” that Uncle Clint got acquitted. He appears to be the only person who does not believe Clint did it and who does not want him to get charged for it. Bo then asks his son if he has anything to tell them.

James tells Deanna if she does not have anywhere to go, she can stay with him. She asks if she would not be in the way. He tells her that he wont’ take no for an answer.

Starr talks to Shaun outside Todd’s room about how odd it was when she called James and it appeared he was in the middle of something. Inside the hospital room, Blair discovers that Jack has Shane’s inhaler in his pocket and demands to know how he could do that. Jack tells his mom that Shane “gave” it to him. She tells him there is no way Shane would do that when he has asthma and could die without it. He tells his mom he knows and told Shane the same thing but Shane said it didn’t matter.

Rex and Gigi go to the high school and run into Destiny who informs them that she spoke to Shane and said he should see a guidance counselor but he ran off and did not want to do what she suggested. He ran off but she is not certain where he went. Rex and Gigi then rush through the high school to find their son. Shane is on the rooftop looking like he’s going to jump.

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